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Flora Douces Vibrations | Sep 18, 2012

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Durée : 8:19 Minutes

Commentaires des Membres

Flora`s sweet vibrations
This has to be one of my very fave P H films. You really get to gaze upon the most incredible parts of Flora`s amazing long body ... her eyes, that mouth, her lovely long neck, her perfect breasts. And to me that fantastic stomach moving is just epic!! Thank you.
Awesome stuff
I can't imagine there's a sexier woman on the planet than Flora! Totally terrific film!
beyond sex
Erotic photography alone may not do justice to this girl nor can the word "beauty"... Artists and poets need to see faces like hers in order to function... I hope she breaks a lot of hearts and looks for her own...
I'll have what she's having please.
Fount it!
That vibe is a Feblosoom Heat - you see early on where she says 'warmer and warmer and warmer"... Awesome video, Flora is the best!
RE: Flora Sweet Vibrations
That vide is a "Femblossom Heat" - They are not difficult to find.
I don't know what to say...maybe thank you Flora for one of the most amazing and intimate orgasms I have witnessed on this site? Yes, THANK YOU Flora for one of the most amazing and intimate orgasms I have witnessed on this site.
Love her Accent, & Beautifully Hot Body that Knows How to Come***
This is a sexy. ornery looking young lady. She is a good actress and has a nice clit.
She's even better in the chat.
Please, can you tell, where I can buy this kind of Vibrator in Europe (France) or Online? Thanks
I was to see Flora in an orgasmic massage video. This video is incredible.
It seems a bit odd to be envious of a machine. After watching Flora with the vibrator, I am enviuos of the vibrator. How sweet it would be; to be able to bring ecstasy to Flora as that vibrator did, in person!
Watching this is a delightful experience. I love the perfect view of Flora's beautifully lean stomach muscles and torso getting a "workout"...this is what "fit" looks like! It also occured to me that the vast majority of women in this world would never have the guts to show off such a thing for everyone to a million thanks to you, Flora! You are a treasure and a delight.
Please, can you tell, where i can buy this kind of Vibrator in Germany or Online? Thanks
The vibrator in this video looks very much like a high end designer vibe by UK product designer Tom Dixon to me. Flora puts it to great use in this video. Amazing.
Flora's vibrations
Love this video and find it very erotic to watch. And I especially like Flora's facial expressions - she has a beautifully taught and sexy body too! Now let us see Flora being massaged to the point of orgasm and beyond by a male masseur please, with her giving eye contact to the camera...?
well, it worked for me!
RE: A Sex Toy?
Girls with toys are very interesting to me; especially how each girl enjoys herself differently. This little white toy is cute in a way that it doesn't go inside girl's body. A perfect foreplay for my fuck buddies! :)
One or two orgasms for Flora ? And when Flora for an intimate massage ?
A Sex Toy?
Never in my wildest imagination had I anticipated this development, I skipped through the film in seconds and saw nothing to excite. Yes I can understand her sexual thrill but it was not an erotic experience for the voyeur...
Flora's lean muscular body is so beautiful. Her abs are perfect. She made all the right noises and the shuddering body as she climaxed is exactly what I want. Thank you for this. The only thing lacking from this video was sweat. I love to see a girl sweat. Apart from that, just fantastic.x
RE: RE: Orgasmic Vibrations
time to invent a male Sybian machine...with that i might not be here anymore :)
RE: Orgasmic Vibrations
I think you'll find that 95% of the people on here will be familiar in one way or another with the Sybian machine ;-)
Here is a beautiful, sexy Latina unabashed in her pursuit of self-pleasure. VIVA FLORA!
Orgasmic Vibrations
For rapid, whole-body orgasms try using a Sybian. This is a large, electric, powerful machine -- with variable speed and intensity vibrating dido and clit-pad -- upon which one sits astride. It usually induces a strong orgasm within 2 minutes. If the sitter has enough strength of will to stay on it, she can have multiple orgasms in rapid succession. I have seen the Sybian in action several times; the users look as if they are euphoric and -- when they've recovered from the experience! -- invariably express lavish praise. It is more noisy than the discreet little orgasmer in this film, but the pleasurable benefits it delivers are said to far exceed this problem because, after the first few seconds, the machine's noise is 'blanked out' by the user's intense physical sensations.
I love videos of the model FLORA.I would like to see the Flora be massaged in a new video. I would like to see also the Flora flexing her muscles, specially arms muscles!!!...please!
Getting a Buzz
She should try a Sybian. It's noisy but very effective.
What is the name of this toy?
Progressing to a beautiful orgasm
A really hot video. Flora knows she is putting on a show, but at the same time is experiencing increasing arousal and progression to a nice orgasm, no doubt helped along by the knowledge that she will be inspiring others to follow a similar path. The video is especially arousing from about the 7:00 point, as her hips start pumping, her moaning increases in frequency and intensity and she grabs the back of her chair for support, with it all culminating as her orgasm ripples through her cunt, followed by several spasms and the afterglow and recovery.
just delightful
Kinsey would have been proud. Delicious.
Re: Want one
About Gina’s point I’d like to say that the noise was the only drawback to this film. I thought it was a distraction from what is going on.
Xmas present
This has solved my problem about what Xmas present to give my girlfriend. Thanks.
Want one
I want to know where I can get one of these. I have never seen one before like this. But can I get a silent one please?
Terrific show
Flora you are fantastic. It’s so good to see a real woman making no secret of her pleasure. Thanks for a terrific show.
Sexy thing
This you just have to see. Catch the way her lips quiver at 7:58. It is the sexiest thing I have seen in a long time.
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Prendre son pied

Flora a une nouvelle meilleure amie. Elle est impatiente de passer du bon temps avec elle.

Elles ont accroché dès leur rencontre. Flora savait qu'elles s'entendraient bien. Elle sait qu'elle peut partager les choses les plus intimes. Son amie ne la laisse pas tomber. Dès le début elle s'éclate et devient plus excitée au fil du temps. Elle laisse son corps s'exprimer avec des cris d'extase. Flora se laisse totalement aller.

Ce sera sans aucun doute le commencement d'une grande amitié.


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