Luba BB Stripes

March 22, 2005
A New Look

Luba has gone dotty for stripes. It must be the light over Paris? The elegant lines of the Eiffel Tower?

Or maybe stripes are just so cool! Whatever it is, in Luba BB Stripes Petter Hegre captures her every graceful move as she dances, teases and flirts with the camera.

You'll see stripes before your very eyes as Luba brings us a glimpse of the City of Light all in stripes.

  • Runtime: 3:11 Minutes
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Members' Comments

Love Luba! Really prefer the older fun upbeat music from the older version of this video.
Goddess amongst goddesses, Luba is almost too beautiful to be true, loved this video from the first viewing to the last, beauty, personality, and a body that the most talented sculptor would struggle to imagine and create. Luba you will always be my ultimate fantasy female xxx
luba Mover
Everything about Luba is about physical perfection - Eve before the apple! I just think she is marvellous at videos because she moves so beautifully - Sexuality and grace without vulgarity or crudity. She is not in anyway pornographic in anything I have seen so far - but is sophisticated, sexy, erotic and 'the Ultimate woman.' She is made for love for you, Petter, but for us, for dreams and for fantasy! Love you, Luba XX!
Best Luba film yet!
This film has really utilized the full potential of Luba, with the elements of lighting, music, and expressions added to perfection. Please give us more of this magnificent beauty.
gorgeous girl
you are the best !!!!! When are you coming to England? I'll be waiting for you. You have got a figure to die for.
Sweet Sexy Luba
Sweet Sexy Luba
Luba you are amazing!
Loba: to see you in stripes is like seeing an angel zebra coming down to earth. If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin, and the feel of your heart beating with mine... Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you.
Sweet Sexy Luba
Best Luba video since Bikini Babe, and I think this new video handily surpasses that one, at least according to my chubbometer. Nice work Petter, fantastic job Luba! What a great way to greet the spring season--I think you've brought all the bears out of hibernation with this one. Thanks. (And Encore!)
Luba equals perfection
always better
you're getting good in making movies :-)) and Luba is always more beautiful !
Lovely Luba
As always, the First Lady of Hegre. There are not enough good words to describe you, Luba. So I'll just stay with lovely. Nice work Petter.
Hi Petter, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your new film: Luba BB Stripes It was brilliant of you and Luba to come with this. Bravo, it has become my favorite of all the films I've seen. thank you warmly, Louis
I have not seen the film.
I do have to say that as an artist though if I was to be given the chance to paint,sketch,or sculpt yourself Luba I would be honored. Why Because you are perfect what gets my attention the most is your eyes and smile.
what a beautiful, elegant lady! not everything is about boobs, she has wonderful eyes, a cute smile as well as stunning legs. we have all been truly blessed to have such an icon of femininity wandering amongst us mere mortals!
Ipod format please ?!
This is one of the ultimate Luba videos. please convert it to iPod for a member like me so I can take it traveling and show my friends!