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Helena Karel - Rolling In Bed | Feb 28, 2006

Playing Time: 5:18 Minutes
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RE: Most beautiful woman in the world
You are quiet welcome to her.Its a good job we have different tastes
Most beautiful woman in the world
I love this model and EVERYTHING about her. Every square inch. I do wish the movie was much higher resolution. Too undersized. Petter can't you give us better resolution?
Hey Peter, Jeff the trainer in New York here. Just my two cents but Helena is still one of the most beautiful women in the world. I haven't seen her on your site in a while and am wondering if I'll ever get another peek at this TANTALIZING TREAT!!
could you develop a longer version of this say 20 - 50 minutes with more close ups. If I were to vote for the most beautiful woman in the world award, in my opinion, anyone would be hard pressed to come up with a more captivating physical specimen!!!
This girl Just doesnt do it for me!Cool idea for a video, though!
I sent you a comment to the coresponding foto session. I guess it had been to frankly, so you censored it. So I try it again in a more tame way: SUPERSEXY, this video of Helena is one of your 5 best ever. This woman is the culminating peak of sensous beauty! More films like this one Petter! Thank you!
helena goddess
i just love helena,she is beautiful,sensual,sexy,i will never tire of watching her.
just spellbinding
very very sexy
Haelena Karel
Simply the most exotic beauty in the world... nobody comes close even.
h karel
the best film i have seen on your site repeat her often thanks
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The Sensuous Touch

Helena Karel is a woman that literally drips with sensuality. Every move she makes is a calculated form of seduction with one simple goal - to drive her audience wild.

Take a sneak peek into Helena Karel’s inner champers as she rolls around her bed; making sure to leave no inch of her body untouched. After all, she is not the newest magazine sensation in France for just any reason. Helena Karel will capture you, mesmerize you, and ultimately leave you wanting more.

Be warned however, this is one film that is sure to drive the temperature up a few notches!

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