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Polya y Yulia Sentimientos | Feb 13, 2007

Duración: 4:17 Minutos
Comentarios de los Miembros

Polya & Yulia
this is exactly why this site is in most beautiful art. Polya and Yulia are twins in excellence. Their free movement in dance and touch is a well captured experience to remember. Truly a good basis to continue
very good figure body, love the twin
Polya and Yulia
Polya and Yulia are sensational! They truly understand how beautiful it is to be nude. Their sensuousness, emotion, enjoyment and playfulness really show in this film. They are comfortable and happy in their own skin. It is so wonderfull to see. They get the true art of the nude.
Polya & Yulia are gorgeous, any man's dream Is to have two beautiful women together. I have a twin brother so I know about the world of twins. I gave this video a 10 because they are amazing ladies.
Beautiful Ladies!!
Polya & Yulia are amazing! The dance was incredible and they really looked liked they were enjoying what they were doing and having some fun! Petter the way you capture these women is fantastic! Thank you!
I love Hegre style...
Hegre style lets the women have more freedom, smiles and a non stress enviorment for the girls. Kind of like organic foods, if you know what i mean. I like it... natural!
best movie ever
Please Please make more of these. Polya and Yulia are amazing, and there aren't enough movies of multiple girls. Some of the ones you do have (i.e. of girls jumping on the bed) move so fast that it gets choppy in my media player. When I die and go to heaven, I'll be the third dancer in this film. thanks peter- more of these, please.
I have died and gone to Heaven
Was waiting for a film of these twins for a long ,long time and the film was most definitely worth the wait. After seeing the cover in the "Coming Attractions" , I had some expectations about the film. But never thought it would be this good. WOW the film is a million times better than I expected And why not, it is Hegre Art Film after all :)
Polya_and_Yulia_Emotions.html THE MUSIC
I really enjpyed the music in this film (Polya_and_Yulia_Emotions.html), who is it? I hope you can help. Nice lighting... Thanks - Steven
twice as nice
nice is right!!
double the pleasure
very sensual movie,two very sexy women.
Mesmerizing! Beautiful! They are having so much fun!
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Doblemente Buena

¿Hay algo más divertido que una hermosa morena desnuda para el día de San Valentín? Así es, lo has adivinado: ¡dos morenazas desnudas!

Y es justamente lo que te ofrecemos en esta sensual película: una doble diversión. Aquí tendrás el placer de conocer a la figura femenina perfecta, elegante y ligera, con unos ojos que invitan y prometen aun más, ¡y no sólo una vez, sino dos! Tráete una silla, ponte cómodo mientras miras a las chicas realizando su baile privado.

Sensuales, seductoras y tremendamente sexys, deja que Polya y Yulia dupliquen tu placer.

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