Evi Body Pump | Mar 13, 2007

Playing Time: 5:03 Minutes
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superb movements, many thanks petter hegre...
Evi Body Pump
A beautiful woman with a beautiful body doing a great work out!
Evi & Petter
Hey Petter and Evi! Dont know what it is but you guys seem to inspire each other. Evi being very expressive with her body specially here, but also "On sheets" trick you off, Peter to do really interesting pans, zoomz and generally being very organic in your camerawork. Plus inventive! Thanks a lot for such sensual movies!
So that is how those women look the way they do!
She has a wonderful body that is so sculpted. She is so professional on the equipment that she must work out all the ime. She is nicely tanned all all over her delicious body. She is so fantastically thin from strenusous dieting and exercising.
Gym is good for you :)
Hey, if there's anyone out there who thinks a girl working out cannot be that sexy - you should see this beauty getting it on with a muscle machine. Her smoldering in-cam looks will make more than just your muscles ache ;)
Great video, Evi is a goddess. Keep up the good work.
evi is spectacular,she is just one beautiful young woman.
Wow!! What a sensuous video! Love this one. Evi is just one of those beauties that can make a gymn session worth the work-out. Go Evi! Pump it up!
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Burn Baby Burn

Evi knows just how important it is to keep in shape and in this exclusive new film you get the privilege of watching her work out that tight, toned body!

Yes here's your opportunity to act as Evi's personal trainer and encourage her on as she works her gorgeous naked curves! Evi is sure to inspire you to renew your gym membership as she pulls and blows, pushing her body to the limit and experiencing the pleasure and pain a good work out brings!

So get yourself down to Evi's gym and enjoy the ultimate nude work out!

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