Linda L Pluie torrentielle | May 15, 2007

Durée : 5:04 Minutes
Commentaires des Membres

Sublime Linda
These very aesthetically erotic films have to ~ in my humble opinion ~ represent some of your finest creations in cinematography on this site Hegre. Of course it must be very inspirational having such a beautiful sensuous model to work with. I am only to aware of the importance of this influence on creativity.
Simply the Best. Nobody like Linda.
I'd rate her breasts right up there together with Ekaterina as being the most scrumptuous.
Please more of her :-) The most perfect body and the prettiest girl ever. Well done!
Best Breasts Period!!
Linda L. has the best breasts on the site. They are so full and shapely with perfect nipples.
This is the best film I have seen on this site. The music, quality, screen size, and the content were all a ten, not to mention Linda L's body. Why can't you do more video's like this?
Dear God, Linda L is perfect, and this video is incredible. That rain was having all the fun. 10 isn't nearly high enough. This was more like a billion...
looks better in film than her shoots so far
Linda L is HOT
Wow Linda has a super nice body wow! Lets see more!
Video is awesome. Sound also. What about having the soundtrack posted somewhere ?
Amazing! Could we have about 25 more films starring Linda L?
Gravity Defying is Right
I have nothing to say, the film speaks for its self.
O sea, que mujer tan sexy!!.. Linda.. quieres ser mi novia???...
Best Film
The lovely model, the sensual rain, the way she moved and the mood music. This is absolutely your best film ever!
Two thumbs wayyyyyyy up!!!
What a Sight to See!!
A fantastic film of Linda, the only downside is that it was not longer. I can't wait to see the photos from this shoot. Hands down the best body on this site.
Wanting more INDEED!!!
I hope you had waterproof equipment Petter! LOL!!! Beautiful Job! I bet it wasn't hard with such a beautiful girl!!!
linda l
linda is just an incredibly sexy woman,and her breasts are just spectacular.
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Nue sous la pluie

La délicieuse Linda L fait son retour dans un nouveau film chaud et sexy. Elle y montre une fois encore son sublime corps - le corps dont nos membres ne pourront jamais se sevrer !

Dans une ambiance tropicale et de mousson humide la scène prend place alors que la caméra s’aventure sur les formes magiques de Linda. La pluie ruissellant sur sa douce peau, contemplez Linda qui caresse ses seins généreux à en rester coi. Ce film fera certainement des remous vaporeux !

Exotique, belle et sensuelle - vous tomberez sous le charme de Linda et vous en redemanderez !

Mannequins dans ce film:


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