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Isabella en Espagne | Nov 06, 2007

Durée : 6:05 Minutes
Commentaires des Membres

Excellent video... really great pussy closeups.
This is great! Love all the closeups, especially when she plays with her pussy lips.
too many close ups
Why didnt the man with the camera back up and take shots of her from a distance?All of those close ups take away from a nice model.What a waste.Close are fine for one or two shots,however,not a the whole video...
Very sexy girl with amazing breasts, but I wish that the camera could have lingered lomger on her beautiful ass. You could have made a film on just that. Thanks
Isabella film
Wow this film is by far one of the hottest. She is beautiful. Very nice breasts and love the way she rubbed he pussy.More more more of Isabella on film.
Have to agree with some of the other comments, this is the best film on this site. Would have loved to see more of a 360 degree perspective.
Love the explicit nature of this film, best I've seen here so far. I hope to see more explicit films featuring other Hegre babes.
Quite possibly the hottest film here
Very very erotic. I like the closups on her shaven privates. It makes me wish I was there to eat her.
The sun kinda got in the way in a few spots. But, overall, a really sexy video!!!
Watching you carressing your breast and your pussy is a great pleasure. Thank you very much Isabella.
A girl with an awesome body, who is truly at ease in front of the camera and totaly ininhibited. A really beautiful girl!I hope we see more videos of her!
Very beautiful woman!!!! Love seeing other films and galleries of Isabella
Stunning film, gorgeous girl with an awesome body.
Luscious Latina
Isabella is a very beautiful. Love seeing another hot latina.
isabella is a very sexy woman with a great body.
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Ravissante et alléchante Latine

Ravissante beauté au teint mat, Isabella fait son entrée dans ce film pour et croyez-nous ça en vaut le détour !

Observez bien les seins généreux d’Isabella qui se trouve sur une falaise espagnole, entourée d’un paysage idyllique, de la mer bleue en d’une belle journée ensoleillée. La chaleur du jour n’a d’égal que dans l’intense chaleur de l’âme latino d’Isabella. Vous vous émerveillerez devant cette fille libre comme l’air qui donne carte blanche à ses désirs passionnels, ce qui fera battre la chamade à votre coeur !

Tel que l’a dit Cole Porter : Bon sang ce qu’il fait chaud ! Prenez-vous au jeu !

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