Olena O Tocándose | Feb 17, 2009

Duración: 5:27 Minutos
Comentarios de los Miembros

I'm sorry, but after watching about 5 girls "supposedly" coming to orgasn without ever once slipping a finger inside their pussy, I have to wonder how real this is. I agree that this is wonerfully erotic, and beautifully shot, but if your going to bill this as a real "release", than maybe it should actually be? not a posed for the camera shoot. just my 2 cents.
You abuse close ups. Do you realize that you almost never show the model from head to tow.
Sensual and Erotic
The most erotic film I have ever seen at this website. Olena reveals that most intimate moment of moments with herself and I am absolutely spellbound. Gary
Cutting room floor
Just a suspicion, because it would be an erotic treat to see her fingers intimately pleasuring herself.
Best Film Ever
Both sight and SOUND make this film the best on Hegre.com. Get aroused every time I hear Olena O. start moaning and writhing when she turn on her belly for the last 30 seconds of pleasure.
Feminine Arousal
The beautiful erotic mystery of transudation and the profound effect on the voyeur.
That was simply, Wonderful in every way. Thanks for letting us see in that way Olena. Thanks Hegre
Exquisite Ecstasy
I dream of the tight embrace of her sweet musky anus.
Explcit Wild Beauty
Beautiful film, beautiful girl. And the most divinely exquisite anus I have an insatiable desire to ravish.
Never seen anything more heart-shocking than this in all my life - pure sexy, I'm impressed, really...
Olena O Touching
What a wonderful, beautiful, sweet woman. It was a joy to see Olena receiving the kind of pleasure she deserves. I love her modest, perky breasts. Olena has an incredibly attractive pussy, which she lovingly displays, but there is more. Her pussy is nestled between the most beautiful thighs... the most lovely, slender legs I have ever seen. When Olena tends to her vagina and clitoris, she squirms with pleasure, displaying those beautiful legs from every angle. It was awe inspiring to watch Olena's thigh muscles tighten up as she has her orgasm. I cannot fail to mention what lovely, feminine hands Olena has. Her hands look amazing as she caresses her adorable pussy. What a privilege it was to watch this hot, hot display of beauty and pleasure. I want to fuck deep inside Olena.
whew, that was the fastest 5 1/2 minutes ever! i could watch her do that all day. this might just be the most erotic film yet. very, very good. one question though. were the moans real, or added in? it's a little sketchy in some parts. Olena looks very different from her old rocker look. almost like a completely different woman, still an absolute beauty. amazing physique. love the barely there eyebrows. this lady takes care of herself! great nail polish, i'm a sucker for a woman who has a great looking manicure!
Perfect Perineum
It would be pure ecstacy to be on intimate terms with her delectable anus.
The science of heavenly bodies.
Very erotic, loved Olena's moans but it definatley could have been longer she still seems to want to give more at the end.
petter, what I want to know is how you could not have her after that. in all seriousness. how.
Olena O is hot!
This is the hottest Hegre video I have ever seen. Thanks Petter and thank you Olena. Whew!
Real Wild Child
Is this a first? Orgasm, that is?
Very sexy, Olena is a wicked girl. Forgive me for finding fault in a film so nearly perfect; it could have been longer. While Olena was able to satisfy herself in only 5 minutes, I am an old man and it takes me much longer. I had to watch it three times.
Delicious with sauce on top.
Very playful. Nice moaning soundtrack. More of these!
Breakfast in Bed
Oats, fruit and lashings of honey and cream.
Divinely Dirty
Loose and juicy - Tight and musky.
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Niña Salvaje de Verdad

No carente de un cierto exhibicionismo, la poco convencional Olena O es una de esas chicas que no se reprimen. Y ahora, para deleite de todos, la chica salvaje regresa con otro film erótico de gran calidad.

Concentrada exclusivamente en su propio placer, sin ningún tipo de pudor, Olena sale sin miedo a explorar su cuerpo y satisfacer sus deseos más íntimos. ¡Para nuestra gran suerte, Petter Hegre ha capturado con su cámara uno de estos momentos de tan extrema intimidad!

Mira y admira a Olena mientras se entrega a sus deseos apasionados, arqueando el cuerpo y gimiendo de placer, completamente indiferente a la cámara y dejándose llevar por este momento altamente cargado de placer.

Increíblemente sexy. ¡No pierdas la oportunidad de dejarte impactar por la actuación espontánea e irreprimida de Olena!

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