Marène Spectacle érotique | Sep 29, 2009

Durée : 13:05 Minutes
Commentaires des Membres

sexiest women ever seen
WOW! I need to catch my breath. First I must preface this comment by saying that I have a major weakness for petite redheads...This woman put on an amazing show. The tease, the looks, the body dressing, stripping, dressing and then the body moves fluid like the sexiest dancer I have ever seen. I felt that I was in for the private show for a lifetime and will never forget all the incredibly hot moments, the turn ons, the waiting with baited breathe for what she would do next THANK YOU MARLENE...I will watch this again and again when I need a fix... now off to see if you have any more films!
Great show.
Marlene knows how to use clothing in ways I never imagined. And I love what she does with her fingers! This is a really, really great video.
Magnificent Marlene!
I want to have a party and invite Marlene along. What a cabaret! My eyes feast on the way she bumps and ginds thpse hips and moves her pussy so rhythmically. She's having fun when her panties pulll in tight too. What a dancer - and a nice change from some of the 'girl in bed' videos too.
MARLENE; As nimble as she Is, I'll bet that the bed that she makes love on would look like a skud hit when she was done. I gave her video a big 10, because of the way that she was moving around. I just loved the way that she was rubbing her kitten. She Is ultra hot, and she looked like she was really enjoying herself In her video.
Marlene is a true earth goddess and I did not want the video to end. Many thanks to you. Paul Mcg
Teasingly Erotic
Marlene mesmerising as she weaves her sensual magic ~ brilliant.
Little Frog has left me breathless with her stunning and gorgeously erotic performance. This girl is so sensuous and sexually creative she must be insatiable. Sumptuous ~ simply sensational!
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Diva désirable

Installez-vous confortablement sur un fauteuil et détendez-vous car Marlène la Geisha Gothique vous a conconté un spectacle érotique étonnant rien que pour votre plaisir !

Grande adoratrice de la mode et de la lingerie fine, Marlène va vous faire voyager au sein de sa garde-robe pleine de vêtements sexy ! Des collants résille roses, des bas transparents en dentelle, des corsets en soie moulant – Marlène est le genre de nana qui aime s’habiller pour aguicher !

Vous pourrez vous rincer l’oeil alors qu’elle s’habille et se déshabille, faisant montre du début à la fin de son corps menu et parfait sans aucune retenue...

Sensuelle, charmeuse et ultra-chaude – passez un bon moment intimiste avec Marlène !

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