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Stasha Orgasmos Originales | Jul 06, 2010

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Comentarios de los Miembros

Seeing her cuddle with that pillow (or was it some sheets) made me wish I could take its place. She is not just stunningly beautiful, in that moment, she was adorable. All I wanted to do was hug her.
This was very candid, revealing, and intimate of her to share. I hope she knows about ejaculation, so that she knows it is normal, and not just peeing, and a bit advanced, because it takes true relaxation in her body. Very sweet.
...a great intimate moment shared with us members...fantastic..nice to know these little secrets ...very erotic and exciting. Thank you for sharing.....
Please give me back my breath...
Stasha is such an incredibly magically beautiful woman of an irresistible attraction who knows how to maintain the playfulness of a young girl, despite to her undeniable femininity in all facets of her being. You, are a real treat. I'm breathless...
Thank you Stasha I have enjoyed your performers. I love your spontanious behaviour, thank you!
orgasmus.. so cute how she sais it.. Nice movie: verry openharted
Stasha's Orgasms
This is so intimate and personal. I found this really touching and real. Thanks You Stasha.
similar experiences
I used to do something similar by crossing my legs sitting up. It was refreshing to hear her say that she used to do this at school - I remember doing it during a test when I was 8 years old and also in a public library! I get the same way when I get nervous too or have to be somewhere soon - it's much easier. Despite being a straight woman, I love watching other women do this. Sexuality is not a straightforward thing... thanks for the videos.
Wauw! Unique girl, so beautiful inside and outside
Stasha es la chica mas linda de todas en internet. Es tan dulce, como un bombón. Que daría por contactarla.
Stasha is one of the most sweetest and adorable girls I have maybe ever seen. She is by far my favorite model. Its totally worth being a member just to watch her.
Unhibited and passionate .... What a beauty who is in touch with her senses!
Stasha vidéo
Incredibly intimate. I learned more about women and orgasms. I had no idea! She is sweet, real, stunningly beautiful and natural. Outstanding work, the best really. I have never seen anything like this. This alone is worth the entire year subscription.
Nothing sexier than seeing a girl in her natural element. No posing or performing. I love to see how a woman is when nobody is watching. This is a very real video. Makes me feel like a fly on the wall observing.
I love these kind of videos
I love these kinds of videos. It's always a pleasure to get to hear the girls talk about themselves. She's very open, and very adorable and beautiful. I love her cute accent. She seemed kind of embarrassed at the end though.
It has been a curious and arousing moment watching you, with my girl friend! And the funny thing is that I do something similar too (you're right, man can do that too :p ). But I want to teach this to her, thanks to you ;) Thousands of this movies... and good luck for the future!
Thank you Stasha for this intimate film. Thank you for sharing your secret with us. You are so natural and cute. I hope to see more of your films here. And thank you Petter as well. Give us more of these confessios. What about having a confession-film every week or at least once a month.
Stasha's cousin is the Johnny Appleseed of this technique, bless that kid. I particularly love these interview-type films for their intimate and often humorous candor. This one is very much no exception. Stasha is so open but every now and then she gets a bout of shyness that's just too precious. Great job on the editing too.
So beautiful and so totally sexy!
Thank you!
Thank you Stasha, for sharing this with us! So honest and fresh! However, I think you should learn to switch between legs or you might wear out your hip... sex is kinda dangerous that way ;o) /E
Brilliant! That technique has got to come in useful during boring meetings, flights etc!
well, that was ...uuummm... different!!!lol lovely lady!
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