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Coxy et Mike Dans les coulisses... | Sep 04, 2012

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Durée : 5:46 Minutes

Commentaires des Membres

Mike - orgasm
Please have Mikes massaged to a "happy ending" with a post orgasm massage - then have Mike return the favor with multiple orgasms
beautiful interracial
I think Hegre-Art is one of the few "erotic" art sights in the world exploring interracial, and particularly black male/white female themed interracial. All I can say is please continue to explore this beautiful and incredibly exciting direction. Rhis is why I come to your site. You have many beautiful, young women to team with black men. Mike is perfect. And of course increasingly explicit photo sets and video are in order. Keep up the good work - but give us more and more explicit interracial.
Now if we can see a mutual massage with these two
Great, more explicit interracial!
Its sooo nice to see that Herge-Art finaly put this beautiful white females together with some real black men. The scenes are some of the best interracials out there with alot higher quality than most sites that only has interracial. Herge-Art has the better woman and Coxy is supersexy climing around on Mike or even better when he lifts up or when she is sitting on his lap. I like when Mikes is holding his legs around her ass. I agree with other commentators that you could do a little more explicit poses. If there are other black men you can involve that would be great as well. I like the real very dark african looking ones. Coxy should hold or stroke his cock so he gets rock hard. Something other sexy stuff you could do is to let black men put the woman around in different poses. Lifting them, spreading their legs and stretching them. These young females seems flexible so you should take advantage of that. I will renew this membership for sure if you produce more black men / white woman material for sure! Keep up the good work. Thanks for letting us see behind the scenes as well!
Really good fun!
Looks great
I think it looks great.
Flora & Mike...
- it's already in post production.... and it is very hot and "hands on" ;)
Sumply Perfect
Really enjoyed this. How about more of the same, including some outdoor pics, films and galleries ?
cool stuffs! thanks for the BTS look!
How about a video with Flora and Mike, she seems to like Mike's body :)
RE: Coxy and Mike -- Behind the Scenes
I agree - I think the more they stay together on the site, while making this photos, they would be much more easy with each other and the shoots would be warmer, closer and more intimate in my opinion.
The Art
The art is in telling the story, not necessarily making it.
Coxy and Mike -- Behind the Scenes
This M/F interaction film is a promising start that could well merit further development, perhaps with the photographer less prominent. It is obvious that such scenes have to be carefully directed and choreographed, but the ideal -- as in a movie -- would be for the models to appear to act as naturally and spontaneously as in real life.
Re: More explicit
Be patient. They only just met. They’ll get it on later with any luck.
Hoping for more
Mike looks like he is not as excited as you might expect. I am hoping for more from him.
More explicit
There are lots more poses and positions that they could have done that would have been sexier than these. How about something from them that is more explicit?
I reckon they would have been a big hit in the gymnast events at the Olympics.
Great partnership
If this is anything to go by Coxy and Mike have a great partnership ahead of them. Let’s see more of them soon.
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Piste sauvage

Joignez l'action en coulisses. Voyez comment tout prend son essor.

Coxy et Mike sont comme cul et chemise. Tout prend son envol avec la verve et l'excitement qu'ils ressentent. Il est évident qu'ils sont à fond avec ce qu'ils vivent. L'appareil est là pour capturer l'excitement qui monte. Tout glisse d'une pose à l'autre. Ils sont au meilleur de leur fome et jouent le jeu pour de bon.

Est venu le moment de créer quelque chose de mémorable et savoureux. De figé dans le temps.

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