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Suzana Suzana | Apr 01, 2004

Playing Time: 4:38 Minutes
Members' Comments

What a great looking body! Excellent views of her pussy and asshole.
Lovely Suzana
Beautiful! Please do more photoshoots of Suzana. She is lovely!
Super Girl !!!!!
She's my girl you know !!?? ja, ja.
Exquisite Suzana
An exceptionally beautiful and sexy young woman. Looking forward to many more photosets and films of this amazingly hot girl!
Suzana, love you!
Hot, hot, hot
Adds a dimension missing from other Hegre films.
Very provocative and well shot. Challenges the limits of Hegre & subscribers.
what an artist! she does wonderful things with her instrument.
yes, what happened to her. she is amazing.
what ever happened to Suzanna?
This woman is absolutely gorgeous. Why is there no more of her in your gallery?
About the video
My profesional opinion as an amateur photographer: The video is probably the best so far. Why? Because the girl look really natural and performs most of everiday stuff that people do in their everiday lives -- they talk, smoke, laugh, lay in bed.And they do not look into the camera!! She didn't look into the camera!!! WooW!! At last we got some independet, good looking PERSON that does those forgotten but so erotic moments that we yust don't care for.She isn't yust some BIMBO, she behaves like a PERSON, like a WOMAN.Giwe us those forgotten nerotic moment's! It's too much erotic that look yust like porn on the net.
Ah..Czech girls..what is it whith them..they are all so hot and beautiful. Please get more Czech models!
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A Visual Feast

Like a finely sculpted figure or an architectural wonder, Suzanna receives and refracts the light around her, sending back exquisite angle and shapes to be consumed by the camera.

There is something sylph-like, almost supernatural, about her shifting, sexy form, as if she were delicately balanced on the strings of an all-powerful, and all-enchanted, puppeteer. But at the heart of it all, she is immaculate flesh, posing with her pillow, emulating sensuous acts for our ocular delight.

O sweet Suzanna!

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