Oily Lingam Massage

July 23, 2013

Discover the wonderful sensation of a Lingam massage.

Filmed in high definition so you feel everything. One hand grips you tightly, the other plays. Feel your powerful sexual energy controlled by the hands of another. Slowly the rhythm builds, your heart rate quickens, until a final shudder of pure pleasure. At that moment the world doesn’t exist – just a state of nirvana.

When next asked what you want for your birthday, you now have the answer: a Lingam Massage – just relax and let yourself go.

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Members' Comments

Finally a woman on here that REALLY rings my bell
I love the photography but wish there were MORE women over 30. It's on my bucket list to get treated like this once in my life. Wonderful, can totally imagine this lucky guy's nerves and ego getting stroked like this
Happy Ending
Some Tantra practitioners feel that its better to stop before ejaculation so that the body retains sexual energy. What kind of BS is that ? I can't imagine what guy would be dialed in for that. Anyway this girl knows what has to be done and she does it right.
I love how she is completely unfazed by his come getting on her hands. She ignores it and keeps her focus where it should be, on his sensations and pleasure. Beautiful.
Made me cum
Wonderful view and nice sensual massage of the penis, nice penis too while it looks above average and nice thickness it's not anything unrealistic for the average couple to see....more like this...
Who doesn't love a good cumshot!
RE: Lingam massage
I aggre the cumshot is amazing, I have looked at it plenty of time more close-up of handjob cumshots would make me happy and randy
Lingam massage
absolutely amazing cum shot!
wow.... the cum shot is absolutely amazing! love it!
RE: oily lingam
Couldn't agree with you more... the cum shot is absolutely amazing!
I am so happy to see the man ejaculate it is so nice the white sperm, more handjobs from dressed women like this and the cumshot in close-up and the cumshot a second time in slow motion
Something I've never understood is how guys can stand to have their testicles squeezed and twisted like this masseuse did to this guy. Just watching it made me winch in pain. -- If she did that to my sack, a totally involuntary kick response would have unfortunately knocked her into next week. Also; only going from the tip to the base of the penis during orgasm - like she did - and not up and down in a rhythmic pumping motion - like the natural motion inside a vagina, is quite anticlimactically problematic; an interrupted or incomplete male orgasm can actually be painful, and do it enough and it will cause damage to the prostate. Love to watch a good massage with a happy ending, but I'm not sure about letting this masseuse handle my package.... regardless of how "expert" she is "supposed" to be or "thinks" she is at it....
This site is just the best!
Great short film. The perspective absolutely makes you feel it's you getting this great message. There is so much variety and all of it so well done on this site. Hegre is just the best. There's no one in second place. Keep up the great work.
RE: Oily lingam massage
Faby is such a beautiful person with a great body so very attractive and sensual in ever movie we see. I agree we should see her completely naked in more videos to come. Like in the earlier extended massage video's Faby should be using here entire body rather then just her wonderful skilled hands only.
Man on man
My wife asked why you have not had a man on man massage.....she said that would turn her on and perhaps other women.
oily lingam
Great love the finish. All films must have a happy ending.
This is truly beautiful and sensual. Christian religion always has had hangups about masturbation and manipulation, going back to beliefs held thousands of years ago. But some religions, such as Hinduism, celebrates sexuality as a sacred ritual. I hope we will become more open to this view also in the western world. Will we have a yoni massage session coming up in the near future as well?
Not bad!
Good detailed angle. My wife and I use these videos in the bedroom to perform on each other and I agree with some of the others that it would be nice to see some full body massages for the men from nude women (similar to japanese penis honoring). I subscribe so that we can have some variety.. also thank you for not using a male who makes normal men look like we're in the 'small' category. Thanks!
Super erotic, amazing lingham massage
Very, very erotic. I love penis worship , even if I'm not the lucky one receiving it at the moment. This gals has the touch and makes the connection.
Oily lingam massage
Wow, yes, loved this video, really sensual, a great turn-on; I would have liked some more variety in camera angles however. Contrary to some others' views, I would really like to see more female on male massage scenes, even better if both nude, like some of your earlier massage videos.
RE: Lingam Massage
A tantric massage is a different thing. Too many people believe that any type of massage that involves touching the genitals is a tantric massage. For example, this is a lingham massage or penis massage, and the aim is (pretty much) to achieve ejaculation, as is the case here. But no, any old massage that ends in a hand job is not a tantric massage. Tantric massage is a broad, holistic approach to a sensual massage, NOT a simple lingham massage - and there's nothing wrong with the latter!
hmm.... fair enough! it's not my thing
RE: What the ?
Then, hit the bricks pal and beat it.
Oily Linjgam Massage
Awesome! Exciting! Thank you. This offering is a very nice step toward a balanced gender menu.
Oily Lingam Massage
I is obvious both that Fabi really enjoys her work and that the recipients thoroughly appreciate the sensational effects of her techniques.
Lingam Massage
I've had the privilege of a few of these style massages over the years and they're EVERY bit as good as they look. The breathing is key as is the delayed gratification. In fact, in a few tantric sessions I've had, I didn't even ejaculate. They rate as the best of all of them - totally intense full body orgasm. Different to ejaculation but really good. Do yourself a favour and find a tantric massage or introduce your partner to it.
RE: learn
yes, sir, I did! :o)
Would have been better if she was naked too.
What the ?
Sorry, I did not pay this site to watch a guy getting jerk off. They probably will filter out this comment.
... the Penis
Hallo, Phantastisch wie dieser Scwanz in allen Facetten verwöhnt wird. Dies sollte eine Lehrstunde für Frauen werden.
RE: Awesome
I am always highly impressed by the skills of the masseuses. They really make massage an erotic art-form.
That's what I mean..
Yep, a great vid. I just lervv to see a guy brought to climax by a female pair of hands. Watching it I'm transfixed; I can believe it's me... More please! And one day, what about the ultimate...
This is amazing! I wish a girl would do that to me...
That was excellent service. nice simple movie, great hands. :-)
What a massage ... excellent !!!! Girls watch those hands working ;)
To all the girls out there.... look and learn ;-) Beautiful film!
Oily Lingam Massage
Although this film is rather too short, the advantage of this point of view is that it allows men to imagine themselves as the recipients of the massage. This makes the experience, whilst it lasts, seem more personal and therefore more intense.