Sensual Massage | Feb 01, 2010

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Playing Time: 37:41 Minutes

Members' Comments

Muriel is another sexy young lady. Kinda seems like that's all there are around here. But that's why I like it here.
Hell, Muriel is a fucking hot goddess!
Muriel is a Goddess. Another simply beautiful experience to watch.
Hot Stuff
Hot hot hot and not just the Spanish sun. A lovely film all round, well done.
Spanish Sun
Looks pretty perfect to me, and Muriel has a great pair of breasts that deserve a good massage I think!
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Massage Under The Spanish Sun

Filmed under the Spanish sunshine Muriel receives an expert oil massage designed to soothe and relax.

You can almost imagine the sensation of the warm sun and gentle breeze brushing across her skin, the scent of fresh air and flowers in season as the masseuse works all the tension out of Muriel’s muscles.

Beautiful, natural and peaceful – life doesn’t get much better than this!

Models in this massage: