South African Sunshine Massage

May 1, 2010

Shot outdoors in sunny South Africa this stunning film demonstrates the extra power of massage when combined with beautiful natural surroundings.

Sian is the perfect model for this – a natural, outdoorsy beauty with gorgeous golden skin.

Watching the masseuse’s hands sliding up and down Sian’s stunning naked body is almost as soothing as receiving the real thing!

  • Runtime: 37:30 Minutes
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Members' Comments

Sian 's Massage
sorry, a real no go for me, there is no appeal ,in this massage.I f this is Sensual.there should be some,intense moment to bring out the beauty of the massage.
Maybe the best of all of the massage videos so far. More like this please.
As nature intended
Great to see a beautiful girl in all her naked glory relaxing and receiving pleasure!
Natural Beauty
Can’t beat the feeling of sun on your naked skin! Great film very erotic. Sian is lovely and the masseuse ain’t too bad either ;-)