Orgasmic Massage

July 1, 2010

This breathtaking film features French model Amandine receiving an intimate pussy massage.

Watch as Amandine is taken on a journey of ecstasy by a topless masseuse, experiencing an involuntary and very real orgasm!

After the massage, Amandine frankly discusses the experience of receiving an orgasm from another female.

She chats about her own sex life and, unable to contain herself, masturbates to orgasm again!

  • Runtime: 49:11 Minutes
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Members' Comments

Andy, India
The girl getting massage is OK. But, I love the girl who is giving the massage!!! Though, it is soooo artificial...when one is aroused sexually, how can you stay their lying as if nothing is happening...it is like fingering dead body!!! No emotion...love & sex are emotions and that is how we enjoy...Why don't you try where both girls enjoy...giving & taking!!! Thanks for listening...
I like Amandine and this format. One of my favorites.
simply amazing absolutly
Lovely. Amandine likes the massage. Perhaps her ultra light touch sprinkles are not exactly what a man would do. Maybe that's why she felt the need to finish herself, even though the massage was very nice. I've seen that scenario before.
I love watching a massage like this and then putting it into practice. The women I know love it too. Keep up the great videos.
Intense Orgasms Vs those we do not see that response was it any less enjoyable?
It is great she explains HER RESPONSE so we understand all women are not the same but she may enjoy it just as much demonstrated by the milky substance we saw produced by her bodies response to the stimulation we learn something from all your films that help enhance our love making skills so we can please women the way they want to be pleased is that not what life is about wanting to please the one you are with?
Rose Bud/Analingus/G Spot Massage
How about a rose bud massage starting out followed by analingus where she sucks back against the sphincter while she thrusts her tongue in deeper along with a G Spot massage preformed at the same time to give her a super orgasm.
This is a wonderfully erotic film, with a very beautiful woman, so relaxed in her nudity and sexual enjoyment, it is one of the best things on the whole website, by far. Her self-debriefing afterwards, followed by her own masturbation and climax, is something special, so stop reading this and watch it!! Again....
Amandine is perfect...body, face, personality and french accent top it off! I would love to give her the doggy style she loves!!
Love looking at her milky liquid after Orgasm #1. Wish we could see a model on here squirt. Those are very intense orgasms when squirting. Love to see women squirt! Surely, one of them can?
RE: Squirter
Would love to see a model on here that can have the really intense orgasms, to the point of squirting. I love watching a woman have the big "O", and squirt everwhere!
Absolutely beautiful model. She seemed to really be enjoying the massage. It was evident from her natural lubrication (I don't think it was a lubricant cream).
Very genuine I think. You can tell the masseuse is doing a good "job". Amandine telling secrets at the end just made the atmosphere so intense and intimate. Showing us how to quickly orgasm - what a bonus.
Add a little variety
I really enjoy your massage section.However, could you please find a black model to give a pussy massage to.Thanks. Dan U.S.A
i also think you should show more anal massaging
I loved the way the masseuse rubbed Amandine's anus. I hope there will be more films focusing on that part even it is not aimed to be erotic. It would have been so nice if the massages filmed in Asia had contained more casual touches to those very secret areas. Anyway this film was one of the greatest.
Gorgeous and Sensual
Very erotic and sensual, but those are the quietest and gentlest female orgasms I've ever seen. I didn't realize she had an orgasm until she said she did. -- In my sexual experiences, females slowly rise to a crescendo, her body tighens, especially her abdominal muscles, then she goes into a second of frozen silence before she explodes into a writhing moaning screaming orgasm. But, each to their own pleasure. She is so gorgeous, I could look at her naked body forever, regardless of anything else.
Could you please persuade Amandine to massage one of the other women just the way she was treated and have her interviewed afterwards about touching an other women?
Can't wait...
Like CGC, I had basically given up on Hegre - sure the site is full of beautiful girls, but the photosets (and films) were starting to all look the same. Then I discovered this new section devoted to erotic massage. Now I am addicted again! I am downloading this film now, and I can hardly wait as I've no doubt it will blow my mind...
Just when I was giving up on Hegré - along comes the massage part of the site. If the videos are all as good as this my subscription's guaranteed for a little while longer. Amadine is stunning!
Amadine has long been my favorite. I miss that she is not a regular anymore, but this film is fantastic.
Amandine is Beautiful! No other way to describe her!
This film is just a must for every man ! This is the miracle of the 'touch only a woman knows how and where'. It's a question of time and of knowing the womans body and you can bring every woman to an orgasm with such an massage ! Perhaps the most erotic scene I've ever seen ! Believe me men: Every woman loves massage.. and when you get them to this point.. they will be yours... it's just my strategy ! wonderful film and just an wonderful actress! I love her perfect body ! And the orgasm (men typically mostly not realise). Be careful touching theirs clit ! Congratulation David
really beautiful
OH MY!!!
OMG!!! How hot was that? First when Amandine receives that thorough pussy massage and then when she starts talking about sex and her favorite position at the end. OMG!!! OMG!!! That was almost TOO hot!
So Hot
What a great film, gorgeous Amandine an her hot body, the topless masseuse, the orgasm, the pussy close ups. Can we get more films like this please?!
Unexpected Climax
I just had an unexpected climax watching this film ;-)
That was quite literally unbelievable. Hot hot hot!!!
Orgasmic Massage
Well what a treat that was? Amandine is really cute when she speaks at the end and so completely sexy. She really enjoyed the experience didn’t she? This is a really great film not something you get to see often, really cool that you have this footage and so good to see a ‘real’ orgasm not something ‘faked.’