Massage Yoni - Volume 1

May 1, 2010
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Zana, la Déesse du Trantrique, effectue un massage Yoni intime et érotique sur Silvie.

Le massage du Yoni (chatte) permet à une femme d'atteindre des états d'éveil sexuel plus important et de retisser les liens avec son pouvoir féminin sacré.

Zana, la pro du Tantra, effectue ce massage nue et donne beaucoup de plaisir, jamais atteint jusque-là, à Silvie.

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Commentaires des Membres

yogni message
I wonder how the women can remain still after her yogni be messaged for 1 hour
Very loving--excellent. The recipient--one of the most beautiful women I have even seen--had to feel wonderful to be goosed so gently for so long.
Yoni Massage - Volume 1
Wow!!! I'm nearly speechless!
vary moving
this is vary harmonious an spiritual it bring me joy in my heart it is vary moving yes I am a gentleman I was moved
this is the best place I fond this my first time I feel peace in my heart I like to find this kind of massage I recommend this to anyone you take this at heart
A phenomenal video! I regret that I wasn't aware of the tantric experience when I was younger. Zana would have had to wear hearing protectors
EXCELLENT video........ Ridiculously instructive........the Tantrika has amazing techniques. Watch and learn.
omg... Zana needs to come to the states and show us Americans how it's done! I would kill for this hot chick to pleasure me. Not only because she's beautiful but because I know the experience will be one that will never be forgotten!
I become so stimulated from this video that I have to watch at least 4 times a week. I am addicted to Silvie and Zana.
I find this is the best massage, and the reason that I am a member. Please many more massages, like this one long in duration, where I can observe Zana taken control of Silvie. I am addicted to Zana touch of women, please more, I want to stay a member, but more massages.
Volume 2?
Is there a volume 2 to this video? When can we expect to see it?
Yoni Massage
It was really great and gave me some very important information on how to really please a woman by using the massage technics used in this video. It look like the massage therapist was going to give Silvie another orgasm but the video ended. Was there more orgasm to be veiwed and if so how can I get the extended version? I would really like to see the whole uncut version.
very nice
very nice movie, all these water hoses when prepping them and cleansing, maybe a water orgasm in a film? an ex gf did that a few times and was very stimulating seeing her orgasm with the shower massage..keep up the great work I think we all enjoy the films no matter what ...
Tantric Temple
I think it's about time for Luba to be the subject of a tantra massage. Do others share my desire?
Is it possible that Silvie had decided to have her pubic hair completely shaved off before getting the tantra massage for having higher sensitivity on her intimate parts ? In fer first massage she still has a full bush. I would nice to see a massage video where the masseuse is also completely shorn at her pubic area
perhaps the one giving the massage is also receiving pleasure. whenever i give pleasure to my lady, and bring her to orgasm, i breathe harder also, because it is a turn-on to give pleasure.
I agree the subject should be doing the heaviest breathing it makes the entire performance more erotic.
Tantra Massage
Maybe I like these massages because every one is nude. I would like to see Zana get a mssage by another massues. Silvie is always beautiful in anything she does. I hope she grows her hair back that makes her even more sexy for me. I hope you show more Tantra Massages on both men and women they are really great.
Great, but...
I really enjoyed this massage, and thought it was shot with better angles than most of the other massages, but I had just one issue: the masseuse Zana. While she performed a great massage, her breathing was far too distracting, and really took away from the pleasure Silvie was receiving. Again, a great massage, but I believe the one giving the pleasure probably shouldn't be breathing several times louder than the one receiving...
The penetration pushes the eroticism of this video way off the charts! Well done.
Twice as nice
Two beautiful naked women sharing pleasure. What could be better?! Nice stuff.
Tantric Massage
This is a very beautiful film showing the intimacy and beauty of this massage technique. Thank you all involved for sharing and helping to spread the beautiful world of Tantra.