Penis Massage

September 1, 2010

A new dimension for Hegre-Art. There has never been such an arousing yet tender massage of a man on film as this.

As she starts with a slow, slow oiling of his body - legs, thighs and beyond - his manhood responds to her caresses. The more he is fondled by the enchanted masseuse, the more the film reveals each stage of his arousal.

You'll wonder how long he can hold back his excitement - and how long you can - before the explosive eruption.

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Members' Comments

Wish there is more pussy shots...
Definitely one of the best. Very erotic. Enjoyed the erotic enthusiasm of the masseuse.
it really looked like she was holding herself back, i wish she would have just orally pleasured him sucking up his cock and balls repeatedly...
probably my favorite video so far. amazing massage. toyed with some great camera angles that could have been used more. I also enjoyed the traditional technique the model used to stroke him off. great cumshots , would have been great to see it on reply in different camera angels.
Any other videos of this masseuse?
Will we ever see this masseuse in another video?
just amazing!
in one word: WOW!! I would like to be bondaged this way... great shots, amazing body to body massage ... I just want more
I like to see women do handjobs and best is when the guy ejaculate are there any women who like this too
M/F Massages
Since the subjects of Hegré Massages and Films are clearly signalled in advance, those who don't like certain aspects of them are under no obligation to watch or to make disparaging comments. I am a 'straight' male and find nothing 'ugly' about a penis, whether or not it is circumcised. I also think that female genitals are the most beautifully designed elements of the human body. That's my personal aesthetic; though others may think differently. Being 'straight', however, I do not particularly want to watch men massaging men's genitals, (so I probably wouldn't watch that, except out of idle curiosity), but I do enjoy watching men massaging women's genitals, women massaging men's genitals and even women massaging women's genitals. As several members have said, a lot of practical, useful techniques can be learned from observing such activities and then put into beneficial practice in one's own personal relationships. I also prefer to see 'naked reciprocity' in action. That is, if one partner in a sexual context is naked then, (in principle), so should the other be. It's a matter for me, (as a nudist), not only of aesthetic pleasure but also of natural equality because, if one of the partners is clothed that represents a situation of psychological superiority over the unclothed one. In sexual contexts, equality should be a fundamental principle. So I would prefer all the participants to be naked. I do recognise, however, that some masseuses (or masseurs), might not want to be naked in front of the cameras and, if so, their wishes should be respected.
Penis Massage
The masseuse demonstrated admirable skills in keeping her partner aroused for more than 30 minutes before provoking the anticipated ejaculatory release. Superb to watch and, I'm sure, even better to experience.
penis massage
i enjoyed both gender massages keep them COMING.
Penis Massage
This is a revealing and erotic film on several levels and teases the viewer. Firstly, the masseuse is enticingly dressed. The viewer is invited to visually undress her and imagine the firm shape of her breasts. Her face is never revealed for the viewer again is invited to imagine. The focus is, rightly, upon her hands and upon his penis. Like the man on the table, the viewer is teased by the gentle use of her hands, and the viewer can also feel the massaging of his own penis as if she was uniquely caressing it. But the masseuse continues to tease the man, allowing him to rise to an erection on several occasions yet gently letting him down before he reaches his climax. Of course, her can't hold out for ever and he eventually ejaculates with all he has. If this is lingam massage, I'm for it.
RE: penis massage
wow! can you imagine if that huge cock got hard properly!!!!
penis massage
These images are off course a great pleasure. Every man receiving so much skill full attention of wonderful fingers is to result in this explosive ending. Rather then focusing all attention to just the one important body part I prefer to see images of beatiful completely naked male female couples using their whole body to please each other in exactly the same way as shown in this film
Penis massage
A lovely, truly beautiful film. A girl massaging a man and ending with her jerking him off to a (no doubt?) very pleasurable orgasm. More of this kind of thing please. Let's also have the masseur using her mouth and tongue and nipples to pleasure the recipient to a climax.
Not for me at all. Love Petter Hegre's awesome work, but the site of a man's body... does nothing for me.
RE: magnificent
I agree. I live in Darwin and would love for a couples massage of the same eroticism.
what shes wearing
What is she wearing.....stupid question I know
Now that's impressive! Never seen a man cum so much, ever. Would have loved to have seen his face just before he came though!
penis massage
Nice penis massage
Its' great to see his ejaculation. I counted about 7 spurts a couple of which were ropes. He has a beautiful cock. I would love to have it in my mouth, lol.
magnificent to watch his orgasm ... a beautiful capturing of the wonderful surge of cum ... very well done
nicely done
As has already been intimated, the line between smut and sexy is so thin. I'm really enjoying all the beautiful models on your site, especially Patricia, but keeping wanting more from them - maybe a prostate massage, maybe a blow job, but i guess you've crossed the line at that point All good though - especially for someone who can appreciate flesh in all forms ;-)
RE: WOW!!!
agreed! so sexy - shame we couldn't see her face; i bet she was smiling at the end I am bi so I suppose I'm bias ;-) But the simplicity of natural quality of this are so attractive on the eye
WOW!!! I am not gay nor do I watch male centered videos like this. But this is extremely HOT!!! I find myself very turned on by this massage and especially the ending! His orgasm at the end is astonishing and the sheer volume leaves me jaw dropped. While making me very jealous of his great dick and super orgasm, this video leaves me to do only one thing...
RE: RE: Penis massage
Bonjour Eloise depuis Bordeaux, Je suis trouve comme vous tres belle cette video, notamment par la lenteur des gestes, ce qui fait tout l'art et le plaisir du tantra, qu'il s'agisse de masser le lingam ou le yoni. Bien à vous Eric
Penis Massage
This is an art form I have never seen. It is fantastic. I see, as is my pleasure many women being brought to Cimax. This is the only one I have seen where a man is allowed to reach his goal at the end of the session. American women have know idea how this is done. My GF and I have been studing this artristry togather, I hope she will learn to have the parience to do this for me. Certinly wee both have been studing the Double Climax Massage I have learned quite a lot from that video. Thank you so much for bring this to the for front. We hope to see more of the same Lave Rusty_hp & Gf
Absolutely great! I want see many video like this!
I'll agree with the others on here. That is probably one of the most explosive orgasms I've ever seen. By far one of my favorite videos on the site, and I love this site! Good to finally see some completion.
RE: RE: Penis massage
Bonjour Eloise, C'est un bon massage, on se demande comment fait-il pour résister si longtemps. On aimerait bien être à sa place. C'est dommage qu'on ne voit pas mieux la masseuse.
Wow! What a fantastic ending! I'm sure that was a satisfying release.
penis massage
GREAT!!! only thing to make it better would be prostate massage!!!!
I'm just overcome with jealousy on so many levels watching this.
Wow - the ending!
Great video, but especially the ending! She really knows what she's doing!
Who is the Masseuse
This massage was by far the best on the site.. Who is the masseuse? Would love to see the face responsible for providing such pleasure..
What a fantastic spurt of come at the end of this video. While I'm not gay, I would have been very interested to feel that huge thing twitching and spasming in my hand before the explosion. Wow Hegre!
Movies and pictures
I agree, movies end pictures with no long parts seing faces and whole bodies miss smthg very important ! Details are nice but eyes, faces are the utmost.
Finally, an actual ejaculation is shown. Hopefully, next time it will include a nude woman. What would be even better would be a woman ejaculating, but not in that fake-looking porno way.
Excellent video..probably you best. I was about to cancel my subscription but will keep it going as long as you keep this complete story telling developing. Finally, thanks.
is this zana ????????????
Pleasure during Penis Massage
I totally enjoy your Penis Massage video clip. However, it would be great if we could see both man and woman naked during this video. It would make the massage much more erotic. Just to watch the 'nipples' of the female become hard and even touch his penis with them would be an added attraction. Why not give us what we really want; Thank You Tommy
penis massage
Time to weigh in after watching all of the massage films, both female and male at least twice. I am strongly in the camp of those who appreciate both genders. I have no hang-ups about seeing a beautiful woman bring a guy such pleasure. It is so very easy to visualize myself in his place. However, I simply do not understand how a guy can get massaged in such a manner for anything over 30 minutes at the outside without a completion and maintain both an erection and his composure. At some point in time it becomes cruel and unusual punishment. I have enjoyed many such massages in my life and must enjoy mutual touching to make it truly pleasurable, to say nothing of not leaving the table painfully frustrated. I frankly think it is time to take the next steps in these films--completion to orgasm whenever possible, all parties nude and some level of mutual touching. That is the prescription that is most natural and happens in the real world.
A Step Forward
this answers the requests on the other penis masturbation videos for a male orgasm. The erotic impact would be greatly enhanced if the giver were topless, or at least wearing a MUCH more revealing top.
Love the Massage Videos w/ orgasm
Outstanding. Wow. If only the masseuese was naked. How fabulous would that be to see the incredible build up and intense orgasm with the beautiful ladies' amazing tits and soft skin in the background ? As wonderful as this was, that would approach perfection, in my opinion. The art of penis honoring with the model naked, was AMAZING, as well. the only thing missing there was the incredible climax from this one. The bottom line is that these massage videos are, by far, the best of all of the fabulous videos in your library. I love the female ones tremendously, but the diversification of these penis massage videos sets them apart. Please just take the next step and perfect with masseuse nudity AND intense orgasm. Again, WOW ! Thanks Petre.
RE: Penis massage
I agree with the Native sound... It's verry nice and a must for the sense. Everything's fine here, but maybe a little touch of mixing console will do the job by rising the volume progressively (native)aproching the end. Maybe just a drop of native here & there ...
Finally, a proper Pampering for one of these guys. This video is really an inspiration to couples who wanna spice things up. As a girl this video was a real turn on, watching a guy with a beautiful body and penis getting slowly oiled and Pampered, and finally all climaxing to a well deserved cumshot, and what a shot it was. A real confident guy holding on for so long and then cumming on cam for our enjoyment. I hope to see alot more of the same.
RE: nice
I agree. I think seeing a guy cum is a beautiful thing. I am not gay but gould be persuaded to massage such a beautiful cock. I may try a few of her moves on myself as it looks realy good.
How beautiful is the sight of a man cumming? I am straight but could be tempted to experience massing a cock as beautiful as this one. I just love to see the cum shoot out, is it as big a turn on for a girl? Just wondering,
So you finally show a man cumming to orgasm? See it wasn't shameful or dirty at all. Lucky man! And all this time only the girls got to cum. How sexist is that? This was great in many respects not the least of which the poor guy got to relieve his blue balls and my girlfriend got to see the techniques used much to my enjoyment even though it isn't anything we didn't already know. The best so far. I think the others should have had an orgasm. My girl feels sorry for them!
I agree with the first comment made! I am not gay, but find this whole thing sensual and arrousing1 I love him first on his back and seeing his buttocks, then the head of his very beautiful penis stick out from under was quite enligtning to see, followed by him turning over and seeing his manhood in its entire glory was the best! It got even better when the cumshot took place and could see and know this guy felt so much pleasure during his climax!
I agree im also straight and find this video extremely sensual and erotic.
I'm definately straight but still love to watch a penis being massaged. This is done beautifully here but the video is probably 15mins too long.
Penis massage
Wonderful! May we know something about this dexterous young masseuse? Is she one of your models or a specialist? Those lovely, natural squeezy, squelchy, squishy sounds from the masturbation would be more audible and enjoyable without the background music.
if the lady showed her face this would be so much more erotic. if she wore white, almost see through garments this would be the best video on the site
We love this piece! ...really exquisite work. It's great to see such a beautiful body and such a beautiful organ be honored and aroused... with such an gorgeous climax as well. We love the natural penis. PLEASE continue to use a majority of male models with foreskins, it is really much much more sexy (and of course it is the standard for most of the world). We both would love to see the masseuse naked as well. It adds to the eros... but this video convinced us to join your site. Congratulations!
RE: penis massage
The uncircumcised penis is the most natural and it provides the option to play "peek-a-boo" with the knob during the massage. No such option with no foreskin.
wow, amazing...thats a truley amazing penis and a great massage
Wish it were me!
I just wish it were me....the film would have been only 10 minutes or so lol...I don't know why some are turned off..it is ART..the reason I suppose some of the massuse-massages are clothed is to put the light on the recipient of the massage, to feel how they are feeling, what they are feeling and as for if it bothers me to see a man nude, no, I love seeing the woman nude of course but we guys should have some orgasms too..lol
Would've preferred the man massaging the masseuse's cunt, not her massaging his genitals.
penis massage
i agree with some of the others. a woman massaging a man's penis like that is very erotic. can we have more like that?
RE: Bill
you sure you're on the right site?
penis massage
It was good but isnt the uncircumcised penis SO ugly, especially compared to the wondrous beauty of the female form we are so used to on this great site.
Where can I book an appointment?
geez.....i would have enjoyed giving that hand job
great I love it. I try once in Macau. Fabulous! I love penis massage more than have sex.
Penis Massage
I'm a straight male and that was great to watch. I have no problem admitting that the male orgasm is an incredible thing...especially the one that occurs in this video. More please.
Could Use Some Tweaking
I love the concept of a sensual massage/hand-job video, which is basically what this boils down to. But I also think the formula shown here could use some tweaking. First, I think we need to pull the camera out a bit further, include the body of the female masseuse a great deal more, and definitely get rid of the body wrap hiding her beautiful figure. Secondly, a greater level of variety in both body positions and technique would have made this video a much more enticing affair. Videos like the "Lingam Massage" included methods that would have been excellent here. The action was almost too straight-forward and repetitive, to the point that both the male performer (and the audience, to be honest) had a difficult time maintaining enthusiasm. Otherwise, I love the shorter length of the video, the inclusion of full completion at the end, and the basic premise. Please, keep going in this direction. Good stuff!
RE: sublime
actually, I do have a problem with "hj porn"...always prefered the all girl stuff, myself. but, hey! whatever floats your boat! :)
of course, if she was naked too...just a thought!
As mcm said, if you're a straight guy, all you have to do is imagine yourself in his place. There's a lot of hj porn that is not sensual at all, and straight males have no problem watching that. My only disappointment was that she could have been more creative in the last few minutes. Such tedious and common technique should be a last resort. She didn't seem to try anything else. There is an Austrian woman who goes by klixen with some videos floating around that are not nearly as sensual, but her technique is better.
Not very keen on this. But hey Im not the only one this website is for. If thats your thing then cool
Nice to see something for us bi/curious
Im using it as a training manual for my girl friend. Lets see Volume 2 soon
What a great idea. The whole thing about erotica is to get rid of taboos. Showing erect cocks is still mostly taboo. Lets get rid of that one as well.
Yeah. Well. Ihad my doubts about clicking on to it. Didn't find it exciting at all. But then ithought if I love the female body so much its not very sensible to be so uptight about the male one
RE: Penis massage
Bonjour de Paris... I am a woman and I enjoyed very much this video. It's simple, sweet and very erotic. It's not just men on Hegre-Art:)
Penis massage
Thanks. It's about time. Great video. I'm a straight male; love everything there is about the female essence and body, but I appreciate the aethetics and sexuality of my own body, and therefore I can appreciate the aesthetics and sexuality of other males too. If a male watching this video can't put himself in the place of the male in the video, then his imagination is severely damaged or totally missing. I applaud hegre-art for finally including males in their videos, and would love to see much more of them in the future. Btw: I don't see anywhere on hegre-art that says it is exclusively for male subscribers, and anyone who thinks they are paying to see women "only", should go join an all-male club and watch their rather tasteless stag films. Hegre-art is all about the art of "human" sexuality - male and female - at least it is for me, and I love it that it's finally come of age to include the beauty of male sexuality as well. -- As, someone said; if you don't want to see it - don't click on it. It's just that simple. And, leave it be for the rest of us.
Those who found it distastful
Like so much else that is out there, one simply doesn't click on that which turns them off.
Here again there will be dispute amongst us us about this video. I am 100% with Cowboy on this, I too am straight, but appreciated the beauty of this nude guy. (C'mon..he was a gorgeous human being) My wife watched it with me and we both agreed that this WAS NOT a wank session, but a caring, gentle massage with a well performed release. My wife and I were both amazed at how beautiful this was, including the release and yet caring as opposed to pure sexual. I would love to see more like this...WAY TO GO!!
i think i am correct in saying that the majority of the members are straight males.i think i am correct in saying that straight males do not pay 30 $ a month too see a naked guy getting massaged. this is a great film , just does not belong on this website.
Hi - and puzzled by one of the posts . . .? Why is it ok to show a woman having a normal orgasm, but not a guy?? We just express the same pleasureable event in different ways. A thoughtful, respectful, serious, and thorough massage on a guy is no more pornographic than the same on a lovely woman. Thanks for sharing these with the same respectful quality that you have with the women.
Getting a massage like this for almost three quarters of an hour and not even letting out a sound when coming??? (and that counts for the previous massage film as well - with the girl). Please have someone who really appreciates the treatment, and who sounds like they do enjoy it!!
At long last!
I can't say this enough. FINALLY!!!
i am as straight as they come and loved this... showing in to my gf as a "how to"... i'd have the girl nude next...
RE: Reply to gcm747
I absolutely agree with gcm747. This is no place for this. I am repulsed by it.
Ok, so some may appreciate this but it's not why I'm here. At the end of the day, call it a 'massage' if you will but after 40-odd minutes the end result is the model or whatever is simply jerked off resulting in the inevitable! I can go to any of a million porn sites for that. The only site I subscribe to is Hegre because of the quality of the photography and the fact that in the past (and still does for the most part to this day) this site celebrated the beauty of the (non-male) nude. Whilst I accept that Petter is attempting to appeal to a greater audience, the question has to be asked if it's really necessary given I would imagine he has a fairly loyal following based on years of beautiful, artistic, natural photography of naturally beautiful women. I'll be interested to see where this leads. If you want to be known as a site that captures the beauty of the natural nude then please skip the wanking sessions!
Awesome & overdue
Nice to see a guy pampered to completion like several of the women. Hard to understand why this highly competent therapist wasn't also disrobed--they almost always are for this kind of a massage. And no mutual touching? This guy has a lot more self control than I ever would.
Very nice and erotic video....Thank you for sharing! xxx Penthe
not my style...oh well...to each their own
That felt good, I don't think I would have lasted quite that long....
Who is this woman and how much is the fee? I'll pay double for half of what this guy got.
Wow, again
I gotta show this to my girlfriend, she needs to learn from this masseuse. And if she can't, then I'd like to have this masseuse give me the same treatment. Great video, great idea, nice one Mr. Hegre!
RE: more!!
he he I'd do anything to take HIS place...
This is great treat and highly sexual. Thanks for the new standard.
Very interesting and so hot... I love :)
pure pleasure
This masseuse really know everything about how to pleasure.
mr lucky!
Aint never seen anythin like this guy before. He really has it all.
I waited long time to find movie this good. Thank you.
I've watched this 3 times now the movie is brilliant it picks up everything
Wow this dude is awesome. I'd give anything to take her place. More of this PLEEEEASE