The Naked Masseur

October 1, 2010

This is a first! The masseur steps naked into the limelight to give himself and his client a shudderingly thrilling experience.

So who is the star of the show? You decide. He is totally in control. He moves with professional skill from the slow oiling and rubbing all over to the ever more intimate stroking of lips and clitoris - and beyond. We can see the proof that he is moved by their experience.

Finally she must reach the longed-for climax and hold back no longer. Her triumphant smile says it all.

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Members' Comments

RE: naked massages
From all the responses and comments it is clear the naked male female massages do bring exciting attractions. You have moved on in this line making the scenes more explicit. Off course your dedication to the female body is obvious. Beautiful naked women are a mans best attraction ever. Is there any change we can see Silvie and Leo in a full tantra massage together under guidance of Fabi? I feel there should be great viewing pleasure in a full length movie of this couple exciting each other completely.
Naked Masseur
I feel we got roped in as there was too much effort to show the masseur's equipment. But, for very brief glimpses, couldnt prove he was naked, or not. Disappointing.
This is certainly one of the best massage films on the site. I agree that it's a little disappoint to be left wondering whether the lady actually had an orgasm - some women seem shy of giving way entirely to their feelings. But the long, slow massage is beautiful - and it's excellent that we see the guy has a hard-on: why wouldn't he? - and why wouldn't you show it?
Naked Masseur
I just love Silvie, her figure is really athletic and her sensuality seems to come through everything she does! Great shots of her pussy and her orgasm..... It was great getting glimpses of the masseur's erection but some more shots of his enjoyment at the task would have been really good, and would have added to the erotic nature of the session.
naked massages
In my viewing perspective all massages should be in complete nakedness. It shows all, with nothing to hide. Of course best massages to see are those of male and female combinations.
I am in total agreement with the above comment on leaving pubic hair on her body.
Naked Masseur
I'm an epilation fan myself because the fermale genitals are amongst the most beautifully designed parts of the human body. The masseur may be a 'clit-rubber', but he seemed to get a good response from his partner, so I don't think she would have complained. Though I'm a confirmed hetero, it would have been interesting to see more of his physical reaction to her responses. Was he as aroused as she seemed to be?.
I must admit that I have grown very obsessed with completely shaved women. It is so open and smooth. This woman is lovely though regardless of my preferences and what seems to be important , ie smooth labia.
Love the pubic hair!!!! Women should start to grow it again such a turn on!!! :)
Naked amateur
First of all. Nice setup, very nice bodies - both of them. Like her pubic hair - this should be the trend again. Very sexy. All women, don't be scared of growing your pubic hair, most men likes it. The Masseur has a nice body - but what dissapointing hands. He is not a professional, but a clit rubbing amateur. Sorry to say it. Judge for your self. Compare this man's clit focus and constant rubbing, with the sensual touch in some of the other beautiful videos. I don't think this was a pleasure for the beautiful women. Where is the sensual touch, where is the intimate delicate feeling. Sorry to say it - I am disapointed.
Instead of all the new age music I sure would like to hear this guy's encouraging comments and the squish of his finger's pumping her pussy and the wetness of this amazing girl's cunt.
More masseur
Excellent video. It would have been nice to see more of the masseur, penis and all.
Très belle Vidéo très sensuelle mais la musique pourrait laisser plus de place aux bruits respirations , soupirs... D'un point de vue personnel et technique, je trouve que le masseur hors massage Yoni va trop vite, perd souvent le contact avec la dame et qu'il manque de souplesse dans les mains et les poignets....
RE: Intrigued by your comment
I find this intriguing. My wife says she's had massages in LA where the male masseur is ready to go the extra mile. Are you saying that's what you and your friends would like? How do I say this: But would you really? I just recently crossed that barrier with a female masseur (with my wife's permission)...
Um, am i the only one who thinks he stopped before she even had an orgasm? compared to the female masseuses, this guy seemed to hone in on the clitoris and give up on the massage, and then leave her hanging in the end. pretty out of touch if you ask me...
I would prefer natural sound, but I love watching Silvie over and over.
It would be good if the masseuse/masseur was always naked - the clothing simply gets in the way - viz. in the most recent 'petite mort' video - it just looks clumsy.
La confirmation qu'il n'y a rien de plus excitant qu'une femme qui jouit sous les doigts d'un homme...
I was aroursed by this
This video confirmed the cost-benefit ration of joining Hegre-Art.com. The models are beautiful with trim bodies, the resolution is clear and intimate, and the slow pace on close ups shows more of the target areas. His erection was solid evidence this was produced and directed to be erotic rather than just raunchy. (Yes, I know they are paid, and there is a producer dictating the content of the finish product, a director that decides what is show and how it is shown, a cameraman aligning the shots and keeping the promised land in focus, and who knows what other unseen but contributing personnel. I like pubic hair as showing an actual sexually mature woman and not a juvenile fantasy. I agree that a delightful next step is more man-woman reciprocation, mutual genital caressing and ejaculation.
It would be nice and add to the excitment if she would grab his penis during the intense part of the massage.
Naked Massage
Close ups of the pussy are a little too anatomical for my taste. I like watching that beautiful nude body in the throes of orgasm.
very sensual and erotic, nothing needs to be improved looks as if both enjoyed and she has a wonderful body, I almost had a hands free without touching her, he is in control...
RE: the naked masseur
reaaly erotic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is it.
The Naked Masseur
Very nice idea "Sensual Massage" ... inusual & very sexy, I like it. To be continued, Hegre!
Bush Back
Looks like Silvie is growing the bush back. Neither a complaint or an endorsement of approval. Just an observation.
the naked masseur
ab-soul-utely divine. keep up the fantastic work hegre, p.s this video played continuously, that made viewing it all the more....................................... again - DIVINE
Traditional Thai message
A Traditional Thai message in the nude would be fascinating
Silvie is amazing. i love you
Silvie Massage
I hate to say it, but I have such a crush on Silvie that I expected a much hotter ending to this film. She just seems like a hidden tigress to me, so I expected a pretty violent orgasm. I also massage a select few very attractive women, and I cannot imagine this massage with either party clothed, so I am pleased to see the progress in massage films. We are nearing the real world where all parties are nude for erotic massage. Hopefully the next advance will be some mutual touching. Nice!
Beautiful movie, but PLEASE can we dispense with the cheesy elevator music in these films? It would be much more erotic to hear the soft sighing and panting and the soft sounds of moist hands on flesh...
Some reflections of mine on Naked masseur
Beautiful film, highly erotic and highly exciting, but in the some very relaxing time.The first halves the film is beautiful, with beautiful shots in close up from behind of the pussies but the second halves the film and the last quarter, is especially priceless, with shots in close frontal up of the pussy that wonderfull (who knows as she must be beautiful in reality) appears in his soft, elastic and pulpy meat: If in Full Pussy massagge and in Explosive Orgasmic massage the massage can appear at times some aggressive, some violent, some intrusive, here the massage is more dessert, slower, more studied, softer, more contemplated and it exalts the sofficity, the tenderness, the elasticity of the meat of the pussy of the fotomodella. I owe nevertheless to signal that I see these filmses as you go off, frame for frame, at times two or three frames together; I don't succeed in seeing the film as an only continuum, as if it were one loose to flow of water for which I don't fully taste the film as I think they should be in reality.Does it perhaps depend on my sofware?Certainly if I saw these films as in a cinema room, they would be different and certainly more godibilis. However Petter compliments!!! Another masterpiece.!!!!
The content is revolutionary!
Hegre is working HARD to keep our membership dollars flowing in. We haven't seen this level of experimentation and creative here ever. We are witnessing history as far as this site is concerned. I hope everyone is enjoying themselves because I certainly am.
The Naked Masseur
Good vid...We needed to see more of the masseur's erection in order to give substance to the video's concept. Maybe she could have brushed her hand idly against it or something. Also, please... no more hairy bushes!
RE: Naked Masseur
This was anything BUT overly sexual. It was no more so than the other massage videos on this site. In fact, I think more could have been done to "eroticize" it. We needed more shots of his erection to show his joy at giving her such pleasure.
Too overly sexual. I prefer more subtle massages like the Maya massage. They look more professional and I like the tension that is created when the line between professional massage and sex is ambiguous.
the nached masseur
Very good but i prefere the happy ending for both.
nice, but...
This is one of the better massage videos, but if I may nitpick a moment... Compare what he does with what the masseuse in Involuntary Orgasm or Zana in Erotic Massage vol 2 do. It's almost a cliché that we males tend to focus too much on a woman's genitals and clit.
What a fantastic climax and I don't just mean her cumming. The expression on her face at the end there's no faking that
This guy has all the moves figured out. Ive appointed him my teacher and my girlfriend is showing her appreciation.
Its good to see masseur getting credit he deserves. Too much they stay out of sight. They are only human too as we see. No doubt!!
At last a film that shows what Im really thinking when I have my weekly massage. I bet thats what most of us do. All my friends anyhow
I need a new job
Wow! How can I get this guy's job? I promise I would work eight days a week for nothing