Masaje Sensual | Jul 19, 2011

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Duración: 22:39 Minutos

Comentarios de los Miembros

RE: Hot... but need more updaets
In my opinion I disagree with what was said about F/F being geared to Lesbians. Women know what a another women want. I have a female friends who agree. They don't think of themselves as Lesbians. They just love to see the bond between to women. One of them just seems to get more pleasure than the other. It is a massage that bonds to people together. Its good to see women can do that. Its beautiful.
RE: Yoko
Are you M or f ? A lot of what you said I agree with. Men want to get to the climax, women do not, it is the journey for them. Like you I liked the suble moves of the girl and such a wonderful pussy. WOW. Allan in Sydney Australia
Men want more penetration, women want more teasing. What a lovely body and cunt, it opens to reveal all. I love it. BOTH should be naked.
Both women are absolutely beautiful, but this masseuse seems to have the softest touch. I would love to see more of her in action although it looks like she has done 2 other videos sessions.
Peter, these massage videos are so incredibly sensual and unbelievably erotic. I very much prefer the way you have done these videos. I like the lady being massaged to not touch or interact with the masseuse. Part of the eroticism is watching the lady doing her best not to react, but ultimately becoming helpless to the beautiful sensations of the masseuse's fingers stimulating her vagina. This subdued reaction is much more erotic than artificial moaning, screaming, and exaggerated body motions.
missed opportunity
a beautiful girl in see through white massaging another.... Yoko's right hand could easily have moved to reciprocate the pleasure. That would be perfect
Yoko Yoni
Asian girls are fantastic. More F/F and less M/F please. Even more interaction between the masseuse and the girl being massaged would also be nice.
Hot... but need more updaets
All of these vids are great, but there needs to be more massage vids uploaded more frequently. I'd also like to see more M/F vids less F/F vids. The F/F vids are more geared towards lesbian porn whereas the M/F vids are more sensual. I would also like both the masseur and the recipient to be completely naked - there's nothing sensual about it when one of the two is either partially or fully dressed. It's not relevant to this vid (others have posted comments against the m/f vids), but I agree that sensual penetration and ejaculation are artistic. Hardcore porn has a different focus, is filmed differently and is rarely, if ever, sensual or artistic.
If she would share her moment of pleasure with us by letting us know when sne comes is a turn on. Also if her cunt discharge is shown as it oozes out would be nice
Lovely Video lovely girls but would be nice if she had some expression and was more vocal it would add greatly to the experience . Would Love Japanese model especilly those with lots of Pubic Hair Expression and Sound of Joy please
This video should be entitles luscious nipples. Yoko's are beautiful and the lovely masseuse's are a serious bonus. Three cheers for her new "work outfit" that finally shows us a tiny tease-peek of the attributes we have all recognized and admired for a long time.
@Gary: Yoko is vietnamese.
Just love the way these Japanese girls do submission. They say that it’s what they are brought up to but I think they get a whole lot of kicks from it.
A star
I think this is the same girl giving the massage that I’ve seen in other films as well. She is a star too. The way she gives all that attention to Yoko is a big turn on for me.
to quiet
Yoko is a lovely looking girl but she takes all this a bit too quietly for my liking. How about a bit more response from her? But getting near the end her nipples do show she’s on her way. That’s nice, liked it.
so exiting
Gary I agree. It’s the way she lies there so still just lets the masseur do whatever thats what makes it so exciting. Lets have more like this and maybe masseur going in more.
Great combination
Good to see Yoko back again. The thing about her is that she looks so small and demure but she is real well developed down below and that’s a great combination.
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Lost in sensation

El masaje oriental celebra los placeres del cuerpo. Las delicadas caricias exploran todos los placeres que una chica joven puede experimentar.

Yoko se rinde ante las expertas caricias que pronto recibirá. Cada parte de su cuerpo espera la tierna atención de la masajista. Nosotros vemos en detalle lo íntimo del placer que recibe Yoko.

Para alcanzar nuevas cimas de placer, Yoko está tendida y espera abiertamente más caricias. Sus pliegues secretos están abiertos, está decidida a llegar al clímax y es ahí hacia donde es llevada.

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