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Sinnliche Massage | Feb 08, 2011

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Spieldauer: 36:07 Minuten


Valerie is so beautiful and I would be at the place of the masseuse; please more scènes of Valerie
Please more Valerie, wow
The possibilities with this site are almost limitless.....perhaps in the near future y'all can consider having live WEB-CAM sessions. Just a thought =) I don't think live massages have been done yet....y'all would be the first that I'm aware of... =)
I would absolutely love to see another massage session with Valerie. Whoever thought of this sight and the massages is a freaking GENIUS!!! As a person who loves to give massages as well as erotic ones, this site and I are new best friends!!!
Please, more massage videos! They are the reason I subscribed and will be a member as long as you keep putting them out. A few requests: please make some videos where a girl is massaged to orgasm with visible contractions. Plus please show the aroused clitoris more in the videos.
Beautiful and erotic. Valerie is a delight!
tantra massage
Please more tantric massage videos , i,love it.
Mesmerizing - beautiful model
Love these massage videos. Best thing on the website as far as I'm concerned. The one thing I continue to be puzzled at is how much it takes to get most of these models aroused and how little or tame the response is. I know when I play with my wife's pussy for twenty minutes I thankfully get a lot more response than this. Would love to see some models with a more human, less stoic response. Other than that, wonderful to watch.
RE: RE: Coulered magic
Say no more brother. At long last, some chocolate delight.Halleluya.
Sa huitre
Je veux manger sa huître.
I want to see the luscious big voluptuous breasts of the masseuse please!
This video is hot, hot, hot--perhaps the hottest one yet. I agree with everyone else that Valerie has a body that won't quit. In fact, there is something about her that just screams hotness. It would seem that no matter how often we all request topless or nude therapists, Petter just isn't going to come across. He must have his reasons. So how about just losing the hard-shell bras? How about some nice definition inside some thin, low-cut tops? And by the way, I love the wedge and what it does to an already spectacular butt!
oh wow
This movie is realy a coulered magic and in every respect. My concratulation to both.
I agree, I'd love to see more of the masseuse...such a diverse array of models on this site, fantastic.
Valerie Massage
WOW!!! Fantastic. I loved the way she was enjoying the massage. Her body movements and everything that goes with it. There is so much that can be said about Valerie. However, just in short, Valerie has got a great body and such beautiful stand up hard errect nipples. I would love to see this particular massue at least do the massage topless at time, as she has a fantastic looking body. Maybe to do a body to body massage at times. Now that would be great.
RE: Valerie
Agreed !!
wonderful. Wow. Pretty woman.
I think we should see more of the masseuse in these films. She does an awesome job and deserves more credit. And she's so good looking too.
By the time this finished my own nipples were as rock hard as hers. Great!!!
more more more!
Let's have more of Valerie. Until then this is great to be going on with.
I could watch this babe all day. She's just perfect and the way the oil covers her skin is extra special.
Love that arse.
What a fantastic start. Those closeups of Valerie's arse really got me going. Her too I reckon.
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Schwarze Ekstase

Kann die Kamera neben Bildern auch Berührungen einfangen? Bei Valerie können wir jede einzelne ihrer Erregungsstufen nachvollziehen. Das warme Öl bringt alles zum Vorschein: Der Po ist hochgestreckt und die Beine sind auseinander gespreizt. Jede Rundung, jede Pore ist zu sehen.

Wenn Valerie sich umdreht, sehen wir, welch gute Arbeit die Maseurin geleistet hat. Diese Brustwarzen und das schwere Atmen sprechen für sich. Ebenso die auseinander gehenden Lippen, und zwar oben und unten.

Valerie nähert sich einem gewaltigen Höhepunkt und versucht immer wieder, diesen hinaus zu zögern. Aber Widerstand ist zwecklos, denn das Verlangen ist unkontrollierbar.

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