Double Climax Massage

February 22, 2011

That's what we said to Thea when she had to return to Germany. Little did we know then that she would make a special trip back just to make this movie. And we certainly did not know that she would take us so literally about coming.

There is no doubt about Thea's feverish passion. In the dim light of the spa her heavy breathing turns to gasps of pleasure. Then her cries of exquisite pleasure echo. Not once, or even twice but three times.

The masseuse will take her pleasure too. She knows that Thea has more to give. And she knows exactly how to tease it out of her.

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Members' Comments

I love these massage videos. However, nothing ignites the flames like a woman's eyes. So if she were to opens her eyes for a bit.................
still the BEST BIG O EVER
Still #1 orgasm ever; she keeps coming and coming and coming and coming and coming!
Thea .. (who else)!
What an absolutely stunning video. Thea`s gorgeous body and her reaction to the massage is just breathtaking. One of the most genuine sounding orgasms I`ve seen on H`Art. I`d dearly love to see her go again .. this time in HD and with more coverage of her lovely face as she looses herself in the delicious touch of the masseuse.
Sensual... But...
There is always a fine balance between fitness and weight. Many of the Hegre models tend to air on the thinner side as they are actively in front of cameras which exacerbate mass. That said, given Thea's height, her weight is . She is unquestionably gorgeous but at what cost to her health even accepting a strict no-carb diet, which is not healthy long-term. She'd be just as gorgeous with 5 more kilos on her, easily. And I wouldn't have to worry about her as I admire her.
Thea Oh Thea
Can we see her again? Can you brnig her back? This is still the most erotic video we'v e seen on this web site? We want to see her and hear her come again & again & again.....!!!!!!!!!!
Still the best
Still the best orgasm (s) on the net! MORE OF THEA PLEASE!!!
Red String
I noticed in this video that Thea wears what looks like a red string on her left wrist. I wonder, is that's a Red String of Rachel she's wearing? Could she be a Kabbalah Centre student like me?
The best video so far - are there any more of Thea. Quite breathtaking. I could watch this all night. Superb.
Double Climas Massage
These two women are by far the bet yet. There is so much passion in that room, these two are a match made in heven. The Client could not get enought, neither could I. Love these two. Hope to see more of them. Love to both of them Rusty_hp
Thea still is way ahead in first place when it comes to coming!
Of all of Thegre's videos, thia ia the only one I have difficulty running. My internet connection is fast enough that I usually stream the video uninterrupted. This one always (everytime I have tried it) gives me problems.
Beautiful. Both women are absolutely stunning
Beautiful Masseuse
Who is the masseuse? She is gorgeous!!
I would actually call it a triple climax rather than a double. But what a pleasure she must be to make love to - no doubt about when you are pleasing her; and the sighs and cries are obviously genuine. Once again: a naked masseuse would increase the pleasure of the viewer, if not of the lady herself.
RE: Hot
I was so excited that my earlier comment was filled with errors. I love watching her climax, and her natural response to touch is wonderful. I can watch this over and over again it is so hot !
thea's massage
A stunning young woman who has made me a member for life. It is to bad that most women can not enjoy the pleasure that their body can bring them; they should all watch Thea and see ( and hear ) the bliss, power and desire they control, if they would only do so. Thea has done this and we thank her. More please!
Beautiful naked Thea
WOW Thea is a beautiful and loving sexual naked body I would love to massage her inter part of her vagina too, beautiful breast with nice pink nipples her clean smooth vagina lips is so beautiful on her naked body very nice watch her get a massage.
Thea is magnificent. The masseuse played her body like a fine instrument and she reacted like a real woman - so much more engaging than many of the stone-like models in past films. The audio made it even more spectacular. Please more like this - real women, real orgasms, and audio that puts you in the room.
This a hot massage, very little music and we hear her enjoyable and the sounds of sex. Please more of this, I could have watched for another 1hour or so, dam that was excitied.
OMG. My partner has very long slender fingers but i am still not sure that I could stand it if she did three at a time like this girl. Hmmmmm... Take Care, Jenn.
Thea triple
I have thought Thea and her adorable freckles were pretty sensational from the first moment I laid eyes on her, but this video takes her to an entirely new level. Just proves the adage that you can't judge a book by its cover--at least I did not suspect she could be so open, natural and hot, hot, hot! This video raises Petter's massage section to the stratosphere.
Wat kan deze vrouw hier van genieten! +/- 40 Minuten dan heb je een goede masseuse, die je 3 keer laat komen. Geweldig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tony.
Thea explodes
Well. this has to be the best thing ever on Hegre from a model I really miss and regret she no longer seems to be involved in photo shoots. This is an excellent video bilding up to 3 wonderful orgasms, the second one being really intense and she is clearly loving every minute. This is excellent stuff Petter, you and Thea have set a new standard that other models will now be judged by. I am sure you are tired of my repeated comments but I say again get Thea back to photo shoots and get her to do a joint set with Valerie who is quite definately in the same league as Thea. Top stuff, thanks to both
Beautyfull done so nice and easy.only Herge can.my complement for your job.Thea is lovely.the masseuse is great.Hope to see more of this.
Thanks Thea you are looking and great and it was wonderful of you to share 3 orgasms....WOW. Dominica C let loose too on her two massages but his is now my favourite !
I have fallen in love...
... with the masseuse, In dispair because I know I'll never see a movie or photoshoot of her - or?
Nice reactions
At last, a girl who soundly shows how much she likes to have her yoni massaged! And why shouldn't she? With those skills of the masseuse, it has felt akward that the girls (and men) have remained silent in the videos before this. So, thanks, and continue to show us more of the girl's reactions on the wonderful massage in the upcoming vidoes please, I of course mean not that pornmovie exaggorated shouting but this kind of realistic panting. Still, I long for natural hairy girls getting worked over, and I hope for that... taste differs you know! :-) And, as I've written before, why not combine bondage and massage? I do that in my woman sometimes every now and then and I can tell you, it excites her even more than it excites me! :-) And, please show the male orgasm when there is massage performed on a man. You show the female orgasm, why not the male?
Thea massage
wow, best massage yet! Great work diminishing the music volume so we could here every moan and pant. I cant't remember ever wanting to BE the model...
Wow! She looks so much better now.
Looking better ...
Thea has put on a bit of weight and looks much better for it!
Double Massage
Very nice & exciting, I like. Regards
Magnificent Thea - I'd love to know how the masseuse felt too!
Fantastic Massage
Finaly, now are we talking ! More frequently films of this good quality, please !
I don't believe I've ever seen anything as lovely as Thea's mons venus. It is an objet d'art.
wonderful movie,thea is spectacular.
This was truly magnificent--no two ways about it. Thanks Thea for allowing us to share in your open and uninhibited enjoyment.
I'm Gonna Need a Bigger Hard Drive
Wow - amazing. Love these videos. Learning great techinques to share with my wife.
They should call this TRIPLE CLIMAX! If my addition is correct... this beauty orgasm-ed three incredible times. This video was every bit of amazing. She is one of the few girls that completely let her self go... and REALLY enjoyed her massage. Perfection.
Vive la difference!
All this is what I love about you pretty women
The real deal
Gimme more Thea
Hang on in there fellas
I was beginning to wonder where all this was going at first but it sure as hell makes the wait worth it.
Go Thea Go
I could play this all night
3 Times a Lady
This is what I've been waiting for. Thea is firing on all cylinders. Now I am I think.
more orgasms please!!
I love the massage genre, and especially the sessions, male or female, that end in palpable orgasm, such as Double Climax Massage and Penis Massage. My only suggestion would be to let your models be more openly expressive (not acting, of course, but real emotion). As is, many of these incredibly beautiful creatures seem rather ambivalent about the magic touches being so expertly and lovingly applied. I'd also love to see your therapists' faces occasionally, and their naked bodies. But all in all, I'm counting my blessings here. These are gorgeous, erotic scenes. The massages alone are worth my membership.