Massage Sensuel | Aug 01, 2009

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Durée : 16:38 Minutes

Commentaires des Membres

The placement of the lighting is just dumb. It's a turn off watching half part of the screen in shadow and no fault of the girls. They were wonderful.
Body to Body
I liked it. The young model was very beautiful, and the masseuse had a great rack on her. And then the masseuse really knew how to finger the young model's pussy. Very nice indeed.
body body massage
Can you get the blonde woman to have a massage. A nice film,pitty the lighting was poor
Body Body Massage... Wow!
Wow. That is all that can be said about this video. There are many beautiful films here but this has just become my favorite. Good job!
Body-body massage
This is one of the most beautiful videos I have seen! It was breathtaking. Clearly the therapist and the client were both enjoying themselves as they should. My own level of pleasure, intense as it was, probably came no where near what they experienced together.
Dit is degeilste massage die ik hier ooit heb gezien.
Oh My
This film was just plain yummy. Well done.
Body Body Massage with Iriska
Really one of the best massage videos. Iriska and also the masseuse are very fine !
Beautiful and....
This was simply gorgeous... as were the last couple. Wonderful women, and so sexy!! Now its time for another guy. Uncircumcised (our taste) and finishing with his climax, yes please?
Great clip! Finally some massage action... Would have been nice to have some kissing and 69 action....Both seemed to enjoy each other. Also need better light... All in all, best massage clip yet as it is not "passive" as all previous. Well done!
Body to Body Massage
The lighting could have been better. You are finnally getting down to the nitty gritty. There are so many different thing you can do with just this massage movies. Please continue along this line and I will be a life time member. It would be nice to have a big stud doing the same thing to one of your beautiful models. Keep going you are really getting my attention.
brilliant. simply brilliant.
IRISKA and The Masseuse - Role Reversal
What a delightful tableau! Two women (au naturel) enraptured in a sensual massage. I trust that more videos of this genre will be forthcoming.
Real deal
I wonder if I can get this masseuse down at my gym. I can dream can't I?
Party girls
Maybe it was a real massage maybe it wasn't. Who cares? It sure was fun for them both.
Way to go
Go girl go. This is the future of massage for me.
Quite a party
I don't blame the masseuse for getting carried away. I know I was.
At last.
This is what I've been waiting for. At last the masseuse joins in.
Technically not your best work, as already mentioned. Nice to see the therapist naked, but since Iriska is so responsive, why not treat her (and us) to the ministrations of your regular therapist.. or Zana. Both are at a much higher level
Very dissapointing
Looks like I'm disagreeing with most her but i think we've lost a lot of the eroticism amongst all the requests for both parties to be naked, active and involved. This isn't really a tantric massage anymore, it's a hurried series amateur rubs and lacks the tease and slow build up of previous ones. This isn't a complaint because I know we all like different things and I have loved some of the previous massages that haven't involved climax for example. I just thnk this feels rushed. The excitemnt is in the exploration for me and there isn't enough here.
First of all, it was very short and very artificial, overall a drop in quality of the other massage films. I loved the blond woman's body, but it was not was not very good. I can watch something just as noninspiring on a soft porn station.
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Chambre double

Voici le film qui donnera une toute nouvelle signification à la phrase "massage corporel des pieds à la tête" !

Dès le début, la masseuse blonde et nue va au-delà des limites en massant Iriska. Elle donne tout, utilise son propre corps pour frayer un chemin à la jouissance de Iriska. Y arrive-t-ell ? Laissons Iriska en juger. Les frottements bien huilée sont magiques et ne peuvent que mener à bien.

En un rien de temps elle n'en peut plus. Elle veut renverser les rôles et donner du plaisir. Alors, elles prennent toutes les deux leurs pieds.

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