Masaje Orgasmo de Chocolate

July 5, 2011
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La escenografía consiste en flores tropicales. Fresco rocío las cubre completamente. Lo mismo que a las preciosas chicas que están a punto de convertirse en el centro de atención.

Cuando Lynn se recuesta sobre el camastro se rinde a las caricias de Valerie. El placer es obvio cuando se tocan mutuamente. Valerie ha aprendido mucho sobre el masaje y es una aprendiz dedicada. Aprovecha su instinto de mujer para saber cómo dar placer a otra. Sus largas presiones con los dedos exploran y acarician.

Valerie no se toma ni una pausa. Su único deseo es conquistar la satisfacción total de Lynn.

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Comentarios de los Miembros

new idea
i learn so much from your massages you make me an expert on massages thank you Now it is time to go further develop a session on love making the real deal with penetration ( coit) please make me an expert in love making thx
i envy your skin colour compare to my white pale see through skin tone I wish I have your chocolate golden colour it is more natural BLACK is BEAUTIFUL we all envy you
valerie vids
Hooray. No ghastly music. Also a bit of action. Nice if they massaged each other, or would that be porn?
I am jalous and I envy black color is so beautiful powerful and sexy I wish I can change my dull white color for that color black is just beautiful natural and strong
To me there is nothing hotter then two women giving each other a sensual massages using their tongue, lips, fingers or all three during the massage.
RE: Chocolate Massage
I'm sure she could!. And Valerie too. I expect they've already done so privately. It only needed a little more pressure. But I expect the 'rules' of the shoot were that they shouldn't go that far.
nut brown women r the best, i could love them all. what part of the world was this filmed? ps: i would love to lick the girl goo off valeries fingers, yummy!
Chocolate orgasm massage
Very erotic movie of 2 very pretty women. Both have a superb body with beautiful breasts and lovely nipples. A rare exception compared to the vulgar movies on most porn sites My compliments.
please why not a little anal play
One of the best
Wow! These must be the most spectacular pairs of nipples ever to come in close proximity. A beautiful video. Some anal penetration with the fingers would have made it even nicer.
Her inner labias are just huge like her clitoral erections....amazing
Valerie is so hot! Any chance to see Valerie giving a massage to Dominika in future? What a pair would be!
great massage
This girly team we have to see more of.. THey fit perfect together. I wonder if she can take a full fist.. seems like Valerie really like to try dig deeper... That would be hot to see... Hope to see more from them.
Chocolate Orgasm Massage
This is definitely one of the hottest, most sensual massage videos I've ever seen. It is art! Both women are stunning, and the interplay between them is delicious to watch. Congratulations!
More nipples massage please......so EROTIC. It really turns me on. It is really hot when the girl has sensitive large/long nipples being rubbed and stroked again and again.
Fantastic. Both girls have superb nipples. And I love the way Valerie plays with the other girl's anus, just running her finger over it. The whole massage was just so, so sensuous. More!
All my favourite ones
Putting Valerie and Lynn together again is a great idea. It could be a long-running partnership. Hope so.
Can’t get enough
They are exactly like the way I am when I get into chocolate. I don’t want to stop either until the very end.
A new direction
Valerie is full of surprises. She’s a very talented girl and could do very well for herself massaging. She’s got some neat techniques.
Soft centres
This is the kind of chocolate I could gorge myself on all day and night
Delicious combination
These two work so well together. A perfect blend you might call them.