Extreme Stimulation Massage

November 8, 2011

Dominika is already smouldering. Soon she is on fire.

From the moment that Dominika arches her body over the towel there is only one way to go. Her legendary lips are the first to receive a fondling from exploring fingers. Her ass is ready and waiting. She won’t be disappointed there. Her stiff nipples are the proof of that. The spark has been lit. All her most intimate parts become a rich deep red as her hot blood pumps faster.

Then the flames of desire swallow her up.

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Members' Comments

The whole movie is extremely sexy and the end is so sympathic: smiling, drinking, saying "thanks!" and the telling of the feeling ... Great! Good luck, girl!
she is on chat too
I prefer the tits of the masseuse
I have long been a fan of well done erotic massage videos. Good taste, and reality are the key factors I look for. My background is pretty small. I am a 25 yr old virgin guy from Canada. I have been actively involved in watching tasteful erotic videos since I was 18. My preference is girl-girl, and massage. I love watching long, slow videos of true sensual quality, with real, powerful orgasms at the end. Although I may be a virgin, I have extreme desired for a life partner. I absolutely want to be able to do what I have learned through watching videos like this one, in a real love-making situation. Just the raw passion and beauty is phenomenal. I would like to see more small-chested models and therapists. Including some oral in the massages would bring a small flare. Finally, please have some nude therapists. The more, the better for eroticism, and sensuality. Dominika is absolutely gorgeous. I love her beauty. Her orgasm was awesome and awe-inspiring. Kudos to the massage therapist in this video. Her stamina is amazing.
i love your show and i love your voice kisses
This lady is amazingand a true gem. I do not know were you found her but please if you find anymore like her please send one my way. Her lips are trully the most amazing I have ever seen and I find it very hard to watch any of the other beautiful ladies videos because I keep coming back to her.
Would love to webcam with a beautiful woman while watching Dominka get massaged like this! Unbelivalbly erotic!
female enjoyment
I have to confess that I ordered the membership, because I was a healthy, horny male with no current girlfriend. So, basically a man with normal instincts and natural interests. However after watching several of these films I have learned a lot about female sexuality, how a slow caressing and taking time can eventually lead to a big enjoyment. I have also learned how to better please my next girlfriend. These woman are amazing since they totally surrender into it in front of the cameras. One can see they want to be women and enjoy every part of it no matter what the traditional social norms or views might be. Go girls, go!
lost my self again canot belive how pretty dominicka,s lips are
Bonjour Adele, I do agree with you. Le massage tantrique est tout sauf une masturbation, même si l'orgasme peut y être invité si la kundalini est très bien éveillée dans tout le corps. Je suis bordelais et pasionné de massage tantrique tant comme massé que masseur. Bien cordialement Eric
I too am a girl and in public I would never say this but since know one knows who I am here I can honestly say that the Pleasure Doctor is right. When I am on the tabe I want a three piece meal ie. vaginal, oral and anal. I am not sure why the vast MINORITY always wants to control things such as removing flags and prayers from schools and Manger Scenes from the front of City Halls and public buildings. Now their trying to ruin sex!
Female's prospective/Doctor feel good
Expanding our emotions and our sexuality, is the very theme that we are here for. The good Doctor is the one who "nailed it." I am a strong willed woman in long term marri age and for me to experiance what (total) release we all need to maintain sexual health, I have to make consessions. Succumbing to anal that I know I would not permit if I knew it was coming plays with my humility as dose the insisted surprised tasting of my own juices that I would never permit by request. In essence, These actions have to be played. All I can say is, if you want earth shattering climaxes and the hope of going multiple, submitt. Otherwise please do not ruin it for the rest. It is time for the next level and beyond. Who knows, you could use it as a training film!
Dispute: Anal/No Anal
The Anal dispute is over; I am a doctor who specializes in women's health and sex therapy. I have been in this practice for over twenty years. Anal vs no Anal seems to be at issue when it comes to these massages. I subscribed to stay up with what I notice as non acting real pleasurable technique. The purpose is to pass the moves on to husbands and or partners so pleasure can be given in domestic situations where women need this release for health reasons. Let's get to Anal stim. The answer is (sorry faint at heart) a resounding "yes"! It should be administered TOTALLY by surprize and timing is essential. The female anis is full of nerve endings. The massage recipient (model) should be taken totally by surprise as a major portion of this therapy is psychological. Humility and compromised humility add volume to the orgasmic rush. You think you've seen afterglow now, introduce Anal in the "don't ask don't tell" action and the glow will be ten fold. The act of placing the vagilally wet or glistening fingers in the subjects mouth as she throws her head back and gasps for air during her final orgasm, also plays on the humility in a sexually charged positive manner. As she is compelled to taste herself the animal sences kick in, each and every time.More times than not the fingers are sucked clean. In the event that the recipient (or model) was to know ahead of time that either the Anal or the Tasting of herself were coming, the required spontaneity would be compromised and the outcome would be ruined. So, before you act squeamish or say no to something you do not understand, do your reseach and experiance this first hand yourself.
female point of view...
so i'm a girl and i love it. i'm going to watch it again with my partner tonight...
I agree with anal, i am long time viewer and i love dominica i will pay whatever to see her do anal massage or massage by male...
I do agree with Adele
YES, and I mean YES
Adele, we want anal, whether you do or not, we want it. It is what it will add to the massage films and give both the model and the viewer satisfaction. Before you so mindlessly and harshly judge, why don't you go experiance it for your self and report back to us? Or is that far to open for a narrow mind?
Clenched Cheeks
Not sure Dominika like the finger in her ass at 13:27 or if she was just caught off guard because she clenched her cheeks and jumbed a bit. Either way it was great for me ;)
Long time viewer, first time to comment: Do the anal."A massage is a massage" was quoted and most all of them show vaginal entry and we LOVE it. Anal (when done well) will take us to the next level. Don't ask, don't tell is the right way to introduce it. When the model is at the top of her emotion it should be introduced. The juiced up finger in the model's mouth as she throws bak her head in orgasm will take us not only to the next level but over the top. A happy ending is just that, a happy ending.
It's All About Anal !!
The squeanish have commented enough! It is past time for anal entry, period! I fear that we have the tail wagging the dog with comments from Adele and the other prudish wimps. Sirdurv was right on the money when he said that Peter nailed it. PETER DID NAIL IT! We have seen hints of it now and then, But. . .to truly take us to the top, anal is in order. I am also with Peter when he wrote that it should be spontaineous and unannounced. The modle need not know. It should be introduced at the hight of the first pleasure wave, brutally worked and withdrawn S L O W L Y at the hight of the final orgasm. I also Agree that the masseuse shouldn't waste the shimmering white pussy juice from her fingers each and every time. It would be nice to see her place those fingers in the models mouth as she throws her head back breathing through her mouth from the rush of an orgasm.
Completely delicious. I can replay this one over and over and over. Everything was right-on-point, including the anal tease and brief nipple caressing. The massues' beautiful black hair, awesome clevage, and juicy cameltoe makes you want to throw her on the table too. Very, very hot.
Extreme Stimulation
The film was and is quite beautiful. I am not sure if "Anal use of the fingers would not distract what was the whole idea of this session. So it is Yes and No. I did notice that when Dominika tried to insert her finger in to this beautiful womens anal passage, she seemed to jerck as those she was sending a message to Dominika that she was not into going inside her there rather the massage around the opening was well received Thank you for a lovely film. I do good oral, but I want to learn more of the hand movements to bring my GF to a very intense orgasim just for a nice change. After all it is not just me I want pleased, I want more to please her Love Rusty_hp
Love Dominika! this was one of the hottest things i've ever seen!
You Hit The Nail On The Head!
Peterswifttt naile it, well done, well written Peter! This one cried out for the same anal action we are starving for. All this rederic about the Model wants this or don't want that, is in reality Crap! During the heavy breathing and wimpering the finger introduced into the anal opening would be welcomed by all. In fact, I would like to see a film where the model gets worked up vaginally and a finger (or two) lubed with her own juices is strategically advanced deep into her bottom. Think about the excitement she will experience as another two more fingers are slipped inside the vaginal vault. I am with you Peter, the above is what's required to take these massge films, (though beautiful) to the next level.
I totally agree!
Breast workout
I agree with Rick. Pussy is great but it’s not the whole story. There must be some of the girls who would really turned by a breast workout.
More breast
When are we going to see a massage that really concentrates on breasts? Sure it is great watching Dominika being stroked like this but in all the massage movies I have seen the breasts do not get the full treatment. How about it?
For real?
Are those colours for real? Dominika’s lips and ass look so luscious red. Did you use some kind of filter or something? If she is really like that it gives me hope that I will find a woman just the same as Dominika.
NO to all those who want more anal stimulation in the massage movies. Massage is massage and it has nothing to do with what some other people want to see. Don’t get me wrong. I am no prude and if that is part of other films it is OK by me but when I watch a massage movie it is massage that I expect.
Next step
James - you have put your finger on it if you will pardon the expression. It is the obvious next step so let’s take it.
Bring it on
You are right on the money there James with all your comments about anal. We have had had plenty of teases in that way from various massage movies. Now it’s time to bring it on.
Massage in General
Was the concept of having the masseur topless lost after ENGELIE? PLEASE don't tell me it was, because this one has some enormously gorgeous and dark breast! Can we PLEASE HAVE MORE! PLEASE! And not just her but ALL OTHERS TO FOLLOW! I feel that that taste of the fruit with ENGELIE was a touch of BRILLIANCE, GENIUS even! PLEASE give us MORE. It was the single reason I joined for another month and it was worth every penny for every second! PLEASE don't stop with that one!
why don't we see the faces of masseuses
These massages are steadily improving. Dominica C has always been in my top 5, and has that seriously naughty image that makes her very credible for a ripping, overt orgasm. I could watch her all day. And, yes, the anus is amazingly receptive to stimulation, so making it an integral part of an erotic massage is entirely consistent and provocative. I find women all over the map on anal play, so penetration may come when the model is one who craves it. Absolutely lovely.
missing in action
This was very good, but what happened to Caprice on the purple towel massage which was the "coming attraction" ad for the next massage?
I can never seem to get enough of Dominika. I love large labia and find them a big turn on. I enjoyed watching the Vulva massage and her climax. Beautiful. Very Beautiful
Tickling that rosebud anus and those lips!
The next level, you almost had it!
This was as close as you came, though beautiful, yet again, failure to launch. Regardless of what light weights like Alex and Groblet have to offer up in their "slim minority oppinion poll", the vast (and more sensible) MAJORITY have begged for digital anal stiulation. As the masseuse started entry, Dominika winced, not in rejection, but was setting her self for this most pleasuable act a woman can receive from a well oiled finger at that point in her sexual arousal. This is where our beautiful, hard working masseuse should have buried her index finger to the palm! When Dominika was on her back and about to explode for the final time, the pinkie should have been worked in to that waiting anal bud and ever so slowly withdrawn as Dominika reached her final crescendo. Art, we're looking for art. The surpise of the forbidden, the un-knowing that it is going to happen, the spontaneous extreme pleasure it provides leads me to one question: "What Are We Waiting For"? Alex, Groblet ant the other faint at heart can watch massages on YouTube. Leave the real art to the mature.
Dominika C gets it
I believe that this masseuse loves Dominika about as much as I do. In her own sweet way, the masseuse gives Dominika a beautiful pounding until DC gives up and can't take any more. Of course, the big difference is that when the masseuse shows us all the sticky labours of her efforts at the end of the film, if instead it had been me doing the pounding, there would be a tell-tale flood of cream pouring out of that most delightful pussy. How I would love to fire every neuron in that amazing woman's brain by reaching inside her with my stiff trigger and stroking her like that masseuse just did. Better yet, perhaps masseuse and I could go tag-team on poor DC!
locely surprize to hear Ms C talk at the end
Absolutely delightful video. BUT... when will the masseuse be allowed, at long last, to be nude, too, as was the case in the "BODY BODY MASSAGE' video???
Enjoying it
How can you say that? It is Dominika who is the star. There is no question of that just like there is no question that she was enjoying every minute of it
wow what a great massage ... Dominika and maseur girl are so nice
She is a hard-working girl that masseur. Did you catch the shots of her about 23 minutes in when she is really going at it? IMHO she deserves more credit than Dominika for getting the show on the road.
Great to see you
It’s great to see you back again Dominika. Where you been all this time? You are still the queen in my book
Close ups
I’m loving those close-ups at 10:20 and forward and when she gets four fingers in WOW!
Thanks Dominika
I had to thank you Dominika cos you show my B/F the way. Quite often we watch these movies together. He has improved lots since I told him that he ought to look at them as something with a lot to teach him. That is just what he has done. I think as well that he got turned on by me telling him in detail what does it for me