Sinnliche Massage | Feb 28, 2012

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Beautiful film
Marvelously intimate film of two beautiful women. Would loved to have seen some penetration or at least an orgasm at the end - after all isn't that the goal of all of this wonderful foreplay. Loved the shower scene. A film of two women in sexual play in the shower would be fun.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that this was a real thorough massage and every part was done with care and concentration. I have enjoyed the other massage films, but this one just went to number 1. Great work!
Best of all massages
The range and the quality of the shots, the beauty of the girls and the scenery (specially the shower room) make this massage the best of all. One big and excellent work ; a delight. Bravo, Petter. Two remarks, by the way: Even if she is not (yet) a professional, sweet Tigra seems to have a gift not only for actual massages but for mesmeric passes. Is she healer, fairy, witch/wiccian or something like that? Corollary: would she be interesting for/interested by Tantra? I didn’t see any fetishism in this movie since every part of both bodies is very well filmed. But inserting feet shots and close-ups adds a touch of unusual sensuality because women’s feet are not only often nice and sweet (like hands) but very sensitive, hidden and full of curves parts of the body.
Engelie and Tigra are sensual and hot
This is one of my favorite massage, Engelie and Tigra are wonderful, it's sensual, erotic, i like Engelie, i like the way Tigra caress Engelie, they are different but both sensual. And the sower after massage. Please Petter, more set of Englie, more set of Engelie with Tigra. Because Engelie is just too hot. Gy
Love the massage! Who are the models? I think I recognise the faces but cant put names to them.
I agree with you Jed even though feet are not my thing particularly. There are a huge number of fetish and speciality tastes just waiting to be catered for in these movies.
Foot and toe
Great foot and toe action from time to time, like @25:40. How about much much more of that, like a whole movie concentrating on feet?
Just massage
If you guys have your own specialities that is fine with me. I am sure that there are plenty of websites out there that will satisfy your every whim. But when I log on for a massage movie that and only that is what I am expecting to see. IMHO there’s nothing better than a well-oiled babe.
What are they saying?
The ending is a bonus with them showering and washing each other. I wish we could hear what they are saying to each other.
Sexy smile
I love the way you look straight at me with such a sexy sort of smile.
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Privates Paradies

Stellen Sie sich ein schönes Mädchen vor. Stellen Sie sich nun dessen Körper als einen Spielplatz vor - exklusiv für Sie.

Das ist die Art von Paradies, welches nun vor ihr liegt. Ihre Freundin streckt sich auf dem Bett aus, willig und devot. Nun kann die lange, langsame Massage beginnen und sie darf jedes Detail des eingeölten Körpers ihrer Freundin erkunden.

Die Hände reichen nicht aus, um die Stärke ihres Verlangen füreinander auszudücken. Es fühlt sich einfach soo viel besser an die Brüste für die sanften Massagestriche zu benutzen.

Ihre liebevolle Begegnung offenbart die Geheimnisse der Intimität zwischen jungen Frauen.

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