Sinnliche Massage | Sep 25, 2012

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Black and white
As usual, a very beautifully filmed episode - and the clarity of the picture, showing the traces of oil on the skin, is fine. The white hands working on the black skin, specially the jet-black ski of her beautifully shaped cunt, is visually superb and highly erotic - it would of course be much more so if the masseuse had been naked. I don't quite understand the prejudge against this: is it that the masseuses themselves are shy about it? Considering the intimacy of their actions this doesn't seem likely. Incidentally, for what it's worth, I think that Valerie does orgasm, and more than once. Her movements, when she's lying on he back - the lifting of the loins, and belly movement, the facial expression - seem pretty clear to me. And finally, what a very beautiful body she has.
massage oil
what do they use for massage oil? looks like olive oil?
Yes, I don't think she had an orgasm. However, I think women can have orgasms without a lot of writhing and such. Since I am not a woman, I am somewhat clueless about what really happened with her body and how much sexual pleasure she may have gotten.
It is reassuring not to see screaming orgasms in every film. I hope to keep believing that all sensations shown in films on this site are real. It's nice to see she's happy with her body; she will have orgasms with the right partner and when the time comes.
Superbe vidéo, je tiens franchement à félicité Valérie et son amie pour cette belle prestation, le plaisir est au rendez-vous.... merçi Shania6969
To me, Valerie is like a little pleasure-factory: mostly extrovert, sometimes introvert. But always set to experience the full range of sensations her young and lithe body is so carefully designed to channel into her.
I love all of Valerie's massages. My favorite one is the Mauritian Tropical Massage. I'm just starting to dislike how Zana does her massages. Half the time you really can't see what she is doing. Her hand always seems to be in the way. The masseuse with the big breasts is by far the best. IMHO
Coe to bed
Hallo Valerie, herrlich dein braunes Pfläumchen mit deinem geilen Saft. Weiter sooo!
I absolutely adore Valerie and would LOVE to see her and Mike doing hardcore. Yes, I know that Hegre does not go in that direction but I'm just recommending. Just imagine what those two could do together athletically and sexually? No doubt some mind-blowing sex!
I like the way that Zana uses her fingers between Valerie’s inner and outer lips. It is great to watch and now I am going to do it more that way myself.
Re: Not excited
I like the way her ass cheeks tremble and clench like at about 10;55 and then a bit after that. It shows that she is getting excited.
Not excited
Valerie seems to me to be not as excited as you would think seeing what a long workout her pussy is getting.
Great to meet
My GF and me just love watching Valerie. We both want to have her stunning figure. It would be great to meet her.
You are as fantastic like always Valerie. I think you are perfect.
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Komm ins Bett

Das ist eine Einladung, der niemand widerstehen kann. Kommen Sie mit Valerie in ihr Schlafgemach.

Sie ist bereit und kann es kaum erwarten.Zuerst streckt sie ihre superben Beine weit übers ganze Bett. Sie muß nicht lange warten bis es losgeht. Sie öffnet sich den festen Liebkosungen. Schon sehr bald richtet sich die Aufmerksamkeit ganz auf ihren perfekten Arsch und ihre Pussy. Ihre Lippen öffnen sich in leiser Ergebenheit.

Als die Erregung intensiver wird, zeigt ihr Körper die Gefühle, die sie durchfluten. Der exquisite Genuss steigert und steigert sich.

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