Tropical Touch Massage

December 4, 2012

Trim, toned and tantalising – that’s what a traditional Thai treatment does for her.

The setting is a languid tropical beachside. But the massage is far from languid. She gets a thorough and insistent workout over her entire body. She is stretched and stroked all the way from the soles of her feet to the crown of her head, not forgetting her breasts. That’s how she keeps the hot glow and aura of her beauty.

The reward is deep-down satisfaction and the perfection of her form.

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Members' Comments

this brings back some very nice memories for me, only problem is, Thai massages are very addictive...... like the women !
RE: Sounds
I completely agree, I LOVE the sound of hands sliding over skin. I really wish they'd do that more, it makes the video much better!
RE: Tropical Touch Massage
RE: visit to koh samui for massage
hi Bangkok dog,i plan to visit koh samui for a weeks time in march.please suggest me places for similar massages.
Visit Koh (island) Samui for the best Thai Massage on the beach under coconut trees. When you are on your stomach the massage lady sometimes will "test" you with "accidental" strokes to see if you might like more than a simple massage. She will get the answer after she whispers into your ear "please turn over sir". But remember, every massage is different. It is like a box of chocolates.
Massage videos
I agree...more frequent massage videos would be appreciated. Indeed it is the reason why I have maintained a membership here. These videos are genuine in their capture of sensuality...there is nothing else like them anywhere on the internet.
This is very good massage.MASSAGE IS ENJOYABLE
Tropical Touch Massage
Who is the Young lady who got the massage?
RE: Massage Frequency
I agree with Jax. Once a week would be ideal for me.
RE: Different
Yes ;)
You should really consider increasing the update frequency of massage videos. I join specially to watch these hot videos :)
Thanks! I like this massage and I want moore of this!
RE: Still waiting
She used her knees from a sitting position instead.
Sensual Massage
The masseuse seemed a bit semi-detached, as if she was looking for instructions from somebody out of camera-shot. But perjaps she was just bored.
Me and my room mate are both studying Sports Science so we decided to we use this movie to massage each other. It turned out different from what we expected. Need I say more?
RE: Still waiting
Why are you so bothered about this detail? Thai massage is also often done wearing loose clothing as well. Surely you do not want that?
Did anyone else see all that rippling in her thigh muscles just after minute 11? It is delicious.
Still waiting
I am still waiting for the walking up and down the back. I thought that is the main feature of Thai style massage.
Good memories
I have had many holidays in Thailand. This brought back many good memories.
This one is pretty good, certainly better than the last few(I'm not counting the last one as I didn't watch it, only interested in F/F massage). The thing that brought it down though for me was the fact that all we had was the sound of waves. I really like hearing the sound of the massage itself, the rubbing of the skin, etc. The set also seemed overly white and was straining my eyes a bit. There are a few videos of yours which only have music without sound and I just can't get into them, shame...Still, a good one, just not Great for me.