Forced Orgasm Massage

January 15, 2013

There is no getting out of this one. Leyla must submit. That’s exactly what she yearns for.

The sight of the broad strong leather straps excites her. Eagerly she lets herself be tightly bound by them then blindfolded. As soon as her arms are forced behind her back the massage can begin. Her pussy and ass are ruthlessly exposed and probed. There is only one thing Leyla can do.

She can let herself be carried along on a wave of desire as orgasms sweep through her body.

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Members' Comments

wow, love the brown eye probing!
oh my goodness, i loved the brown eye probing in this video! mmhhmmm Lyndsay
Really liked the restraint idea. Please more of this :)
RE: Too comfortable
Perhaps because Leyla -- and/or the director -- didn't want to do it, the ideal situation for a full (wrist deep) fisting was not followed through.
forced orgasm massage
You should do another of these forced masturbatory shoots with Leyla, only this time the table should be longer so that her arms can be drawn back to full extension. Also, the bottom of the table should be wider so that her legs can be drawn farther apart. Finally, the masseuse should continue serious rubbing and stroking an additional ten seconds, so that Leyla could really feel the full effect of the restraints a she responds to a prolonged orgasm. Please give us similar films of other women also.
Wish the Therapist will show little more. Like upskirt with no panties or nipples...
I would love another video just like this. The blindfold is very erotic.
Leyla Bondage
Hallo Leyla, Herrlich wie du gefesselt und Allem ausgeliefert einen herrlichen Orgasmus erleben darfst . zeige uns doch noch mehr von deinen Lieblingsbondagen - suber wäre mit rasierter Muschi. Danke -und weiter so!
Bondage Sex
This isn't just the representation of a male fantasy. Many women enjoy the idea -- and even the reality -- of being sexually played with and brought to orgasm whilst temporarily under the inescapable control of somebody whom they trust. Some males are also happy to submit under similar circumstances.
Forced Orgasm Massage
First stage of a fisting here. Second stage (completion), under similar restraints, eventually?. Properly done, fisting is safe and can induce full-body orgasms. Hence the desirability for restraints.
Japanese Penis Honoring
This was one of the best massages on this site, it shouldve been about a minute longer with her pulling at the cuffs and squirming in pleasure with beautiful sounds of screams from her as she explodes. But I still think the Japanese Penis Honoring is still ranked number one to me, its just so good watching her sit on top of his big dick and rubing her pussy on it and still massaging him. What would be great as i have said before would be have a four hand women massage, i had this done atleast once a month while in Europe, its the best massage ever....
30 seconds more
This was a super session in every way. It would have been a SUPER session if the masseuse had kept on going for 30 seconds more after Leyla thought she was finished coming! Make it a full minute more and you would see or hear how stronge the cuffs and leyla's screams of bliss can be.
RE: RE: Too comfortable
Hi Andreas - I agree entirely to your words. It is like art and artisan.
Forced Orgasm Massage
I think that this sort of shoot should be shewn in the Films section. I recognise that it is form of massage, but its intention is less educationally therapeutic than hypererotic and intensely masturbatory. Nothing wrong with that, in my opinion, but I feel it should be separate from the more 'normal' sexual massages. As far as I'm concerned, it's a matter of degree rather than principle.
Massage orgasme forcée
Très bon massage avec toujours des jolies modèle. Vraiment joussif. A quand un massage avec Yara?
RE: Too comfortable
I’m sure there are plenty of sites where you can get that if you want it. But the whole point about the erotic is that it is not extreme anything. It is about suggestion and hinting at things. That’s much more sexy.
Too comfortable
I want to see more extreme sorts of bondage. I think this movie is going in the right direction but it is too comfortable for her.
Great bush
Those close ups of her pussy and sweet little ass are superb. You have a great bush Leyla.
Explore them all
Way to go. There’s a whole world of styles of sex out there. Why not explore them all?
My dreams
This is the one I have been wanting to see. When she is tied hand and foot by those straps she is the girl of my dreams.