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Sinnliche Massage | Apr 23, 2013

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Spieldauer: 26:50 Minuten


She needs some male companionship.
I haven't seen this yet, I'm downloading it at the moment, but Valerie cums in every massage I've seen with her, so whatever she isn't "feeling" is completely absolved by that fact from my perspective.
Time for ANAL sweet Valerie
I wasn't feeling this at all, looking for other girls that are emotionally connected to touch and emotion. Innocent looking girls that can actually feel the pleasure of touch... we can connect with.
I totally agree to "Fenna has the most beautiful breasts shown on Hegre Art in years..." wow, what a woman! Therefore you can forget Valerie who's too slim and not really moving to the gently care of Fenna......
I love this stuff
Valerie is amazing and I love this video. I love her nipples. There are a few moments where the chest is rubbed and the nipples spring back into position like they are spring loaded. doiyoiyoiyoing! Great!!!
Have more frequent updates for massages. Its very erotic!
Erotic Reiki Massage
I thought this was rather disappointing. There seemed to be a lack of personal chemistry between the giver and the receiver. Perhaps that impression was induced by Valerie not giving any overt responses to Fenna's efforts. or perhaps Fenna was too clinically detached and in a world of her own.
ass fingering
When will it be Valerie's turn to get her ads fingered. Kiki did it so had Fiona
Reiki massage
Fenna has the most beautiful breasts shown on Hegre Art in years m
RE: Clothes on?
The clue is in the title. It says “Erotic”. It’s not likely that it would be so erotic if she stayed fully clothed.
Clothes on?
I thought that Reiki was done with the clothes on? However in Valerie’s case I am prepared to make an exception.
Beautiful body
Valerie I always enjoy see all your beautiful body. Please keep doing massages.
I am trying to decide just how aroused Valerie gets. There are signs of it but I like it to be made a lot plainer.
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Heilende Hände

Valerie hat schon länger nach einem Weg gesucht ihre aufgestauten Energien zu erlösen. Jetzt hat sie die intime Berührung von Fenna für sich entdeckt.

Das ganze beginnt mit einer sanften Ölung der sensitiven Körperstellen. Das ist der Beginn der achtsamen, nachklingenden Berührungen, die Reiki ausmachen. Fenna spürt in welchem Bereich ihre Aufmerksamkeit besonders gebraucht wird. Sie wird zu den Quellen von Valeries Sexualkraft geführt.

Die rituellen Liebkosungen tragen sie beide in einen anderen Bewußtseinszustand. Die beiden befinden sich nun in perfekter Harmonie.

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