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Massage Sensuel | Jul 15, 2014

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Durée : 30:22 Minutes

Commentaires des Membres

RE: Oh Charlotta!
dont forget the breasts
Good Grief! You may as well put all the other masturbation videos in the bin (Sorry Flora, Emily etc.!) as this one is just extraordinary, very special. No fakery here, just a wonderfully sensuous woman repeatedly going all the way. I bet the girls love it too. When does she get massaged by Mike? When? WHEN??!!
Charlotta's Wand
In my preceding comments I meant to reference freestyle550, not Wheeler550. Sorry for the error.
RE: Charlotta's Wand
I agree with Wheeler 550 that mechanical aids are not really part of the Bodywork and Massages Video Section. Along with other accessories - bondage materials, exercise balls, weights, etc - and subjects like dancing, 'makings of', etc, they should be placed in the Films and Galleries Sections, where I would be more than happy to watch them. Like some other Members, however, I am studying Therapeutic and Sensual Massage techniques for a Professional Masseur Qualification Certificate, so I want to see as many experienced masseurs and masseuses as possible demonstrating their 'hands on' skills and methods whilst I also observe the effects upon the recipient of the various strokes and touches employed on different parts of the body. I am not insensible to the aesthetico-erotic aspects of massage - with or without aids - but my primary objective is to learn from expert practitioners how to improve my own practical 'hands on' massage skills.
Oh Charlotta!
I love this quivering, moaning, groaning, whimpering, muttering, murmuring, whining, blissful, euphoric, rapturous, intoxicating, joyous, mound of full-bodied female flesh. She has good teeth too.
I love Charlotta,she is sensual and beautiful but I have to say I don't enjoy watching toys being used in the massage section of this site...it is far removed from the massages of the past which I most enjoy watching. I really hope in the future Charlotta is covered in oil and massaged to orgasm by another female. If i had watched this in the films section I would have enjoyed it but don't think this constitutes a massage..at least not for me:)
Again, I don't know where or how you find these goddess alien women from another planet, but thank you. Charlotta, thank you for sharing so much of yourself. It's obvious why your a therapist and maybe in a nother life I could be so lucky as to be client. Some wonderful moments and images and again Peter your the one we love to hate since you somehow have managed to make a stellar career from shooting the moments the rest of us wish you had the opportunity. Charlotta, again, I hope you continue to find project you enjoy working on with Peter and he makes it worth your while. Peter when your ready to retire, let me know. Kudos to you both, Longtime fan.
Self Loving Massage
Charlotte is to be congratulated for this highly erotic demonstration of female multi-orgasmic capability. I counted 6 orgasms, but there may have been one or two more, because they occurred at increasingly short intervals. (The only thing missing was a 'squirt'). I was also pleased that - at least for the first 7 or 8 minutes - we were able to see how manually to arouse a woman sexually without immediate recourse to the awesome orgasm-inducing power of the Hitachi Wand or some other mechanical device. That first sequence was very instructive for male viewers to observe. For me, the colour-contrast between the table top and the model's body certainly enhanced the images significantly and could, perhaps, be adopted more generally for future massage videos/films.
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Masturbation chef d'oeuvre

La fascination de l'amour propre

A un certain point la première femme a mis sa main entre ses jambes et découvert quelque chose de magique, son clitoris. Depuis dix millions de femmes ont trouvé le plaisir de l'amour propre. Ce film est l'apogée de cette histoire, une chef d'oeuvre de la masturbation féminine.

La musique et les mouvements rythmiques de son corps vous mettront en transe. Charlotte succombe à son propre charme. Des orgasmes intenses la prennent par surprise (elle a la baguette magique !) Et bon sang, lorsqu'elle lèche ses doigts... ouah ! C'est comme si elle avait faim d'elle. C'est de l'amour propre de haut de gamme.

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