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Jaqui Profile

Name: Jaqui
Country: Argentina
Weight: 52kg
Height: 174cm
Age: 18

Soft and Slender

As an up and coming model in Argentina, Jaqui understands that it is important to do a little bit of everything.

SHE LIVES in a flat with several other girls, working for painters and sculptures to pay the bills. Having recently participated in her first catwalk performance she has also enjoyed some prominent features in fashion magazines. Not bad at all for a girl from a small South American town. When Jaqui arrived at an open casting, Petter Hegre knew right away that she would make an amazing subject.

Maybe it was the spark in Jaqui’s eye? Or perhaps her slender body complimenting her milk white skin? Whatever the reason Petter was right and Jaqui acted like a true model; she was proud to show off her naked body to the camera and happily endured a long day of shooting on the streets of Buenos Aires.

You can count on seeing a lot more of Jaqui in the world very soon.

Jaqui no bush August 7th, 2007
Jaqui no bush
Surprisingly, I managed to grab a look at her face and Jaqui is very, very pretty. Where is she now?
It could be worse... (photo, not the man lol)
Oh lighten up, he should have been depicted in a clown suit or with puppet strings attached to him and held by Cheney...
I am not here to learn about your political views, so how about leaving it out of the photographs......
I thought 'Jaqui no bush' (note the spelling of bush is with a lower case 'b') Was a very polite way of drawing attention to the fact that the lovely jaqui was 'smooth'... But apart form that just check out her magnificent breast side profile... Wow!
NO BUSH! :)~
bush or not
would like to see more of her bush or where it isnt
...and clearly she has no bush :-) This is not politics, it's a fact.
Come on, let's leave politics out of the session. Please!
LMAO!!! That's an insult to Mickey Mouse!!!Smokin hot girl though!!!
Jaqui Mirror July 3rd, 2007
What a great pair of black pumps! Exactly the kind to wear when you're nude! Jaqui looks so beautiful!
excellent bootie!! nicely lit ps: I prefer mine shaved but will take any way they come....Gary
On the contrary lucababy, I personally prefer a smooth FULLY shaven woman in my bed, othewise they are not invited!... Each to his/her own I guess?... SirStefan
Unfortunately, shaving is awfull !
I like her smile, her eyes and everything else she shows us
Jaqui Mirror
Mirror Mirror on the wall ! Ain't Jaqui hottest of all !!
cute lil round rosy butt
jaqui is just an incredibly sexy/playful/erotic woman,she is so natural in front of the camera,excellent.
Once more Jacqui proves that she knows how to pose and how to flirt with the camera, it's stunning. Petter, please keep this model on your list for more shootings!
Jaqui Buenos Aires loft June 5th, 2007
Lovely Girl... with exquisite nipples and delightful pussy.... more, more, more... PLEASE!
Jaqui behind bars May 22nd, 2007
Oh Petter, have you any idea what delight I enjoy in seeing those 'puffed-up' nipples, pressing against those prison bars... and me, the only man in this world with the KEY!... SirStefan
Petter, In THIS series you have depicted what I have devoted my life to... keeping beautiful girls, naked, shaven and behind bars!.... Well done.. Sir Stefan
Jaqui top model April 16th, 2007
jaqui has so much character a real card need more work !!! get closer nice gallery
Jaqui top model
Much too thin for my rapt interest but I will say that jaqui projects a soft sweetness of character through her eyes and facial expressions. She appears genuinely comfortable which is the mark of a good photographer and set crew.
jaqui is so natural,and in these shots she`s on fire.