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Foto von Hana


Foto von Hana
Name: Hana
Land: Tschechien
Gewicht: 52Kg
Größe: 176cm
Alter: 22
Beruf: Tänzerin

Humorvoll und Verspielt

Falls sie uns jemals dabei ertappen, Hana als verückt zu bezeichnen, dann seien sie sich sicher, dass wir das mit größter Zuneigung tun.

Hana hat einen verspielten Charakter und liebt es, vor der Kamera herumzualbern. Wenn sie beim fotografiert werden eine Gummimaske aufsetzt, um die selbst Jimmy Carrey neidisch wäre, ist es schon nicht leicht, ernst bei der Sache zu bleiben. Letztendlich ist dieser schwarze Humor aber, was einen Teil ihres Charmes ausmacht und der Grund dafür, das die Leute sie immer wieder wollen.

Hana arbeitet als Tänzerin im Cabaret und hat dadurch eine Reihe von fantastischen und beeindruckenden Körperbewegungen drauf. Es wird schnell offensichtlich, dass sie ihre körperlichen Vorzüge gerne zur Schau stellt. Diese Vorzüge sind unter anderem ein hochgewachsener, schlanker Körper, braungebrannte Haut und ein Lächeln, das nicht nur humorvoll, sondern auch sinnlich ist. Sie ist auch eine wahre Künstlerin, was das Gebiet des Flirtens betrifft. Hana vergeudet aber keine Zeit zu sagen, dass sie von festen Beziehungen erstmal genug hat.

Letztendlich ist ein Mädchen wie Hana dafür geboren, ihre Freiheit zu genießen!

Hana Galerien KOMMENTARE

Hana Quadbike | November 21st, 2007
Hana Quadbike
sirstefanofb Australien

In Australia we use girls to ride quad bikes around the thousands of kilometres of fence lines, on our huge farming properties, inspecting the gates, fences, animals and water troughs, we call them 'Jillaroos'... They wear boots, just like Hana, they ride quad bikes, just like Hana and the're young, just like Hana.... but if they look anything like Hana, with their clothes off then I'm going out here to marry one...right away!

drummer boy Vereinigte Staaten

This is one of few galleries that caused a model to flex some muscles, I like it.

Hana in Italien | November 4th, 2007
Hana in Italien
sirstefanofb Australien

Wonderful... Hana stands like a Godess!

rkay Indien

She is absolute beauty. want more of her

tim Vereinigtes Königreich

Hana in italy 52-56 remind me very much of the work of Ferdinand Preiss. Google him if you dare

Jason Kanada

Hana In Italy Petter, Hana is one of your sexiest models... She just oozes sexuality. Definitely need to see more of her... Is she single? I am a very attractive, young, wealthy male that would just love to make funny faces with her! Seriously. Jason

Trump Schweden

The best model on the site. I hope every member have checked out her video "Dancing Queen". A true masterpiece!! More Hana Please.

jailpastor Vereinigte Staaten

FINALLY, A GREAT ONE! Thank you! You finally found a model with legs and feet showing. No butchery in this past 2 sets.

sirstefanofb Australien

Oh what thoughts pervade my mind as I imagine Hana, upon the alter, as the sacrificial virgin.


Observacione Dolce Vita, Fare niente! Where can on buy such an exotic growth for my gardenpot?? Straordinaria...! The one and only thing is a bit of a shame: Why did she dye her hair? And that white parasol is disturbing for my illusion!

hp Taiwan, Chinesische Provinz

Unforgettable Best set of November 2007. Hana's stunning, sexy body is so unforgettable, just like her playful facial expression.

russ Vereinigte Staaten


Hana LKW Fahrerin | September 29th, 2007
Hana LKW Fahrerin
Mike Deutschland

disappointing Since a long time I really enjoy Hegre-art for its high-quality art photography, but frequently Petter Hegre seems to have a bad day. It's not that Hana isn't a beautiful girl, but a series of a naked girl as a truck driver is simply what you can expect on any adult site in the internet. The photo arrangement is simple, boring, and seems to be made just for very basic sexual amusement. Very disappointing, and I am looking forward to the next series with a much higher standard, which will soon come for sure. And that's why I really enjoy Hegre's photography.

sirstefanofb Australien

Not the best Hana series... but good to see her fabulous body once more.

don Vereinigte Staaten

gorgeous women, beautiful pussy

ted Dänemark

Very interesting! As a new user of hegre-art, I must comment on this wonderful gallerie. A beautiful girl, and this time in an exciting surrounding! Not that studio sessions are not nice, but you have just created so many of those allready. This is nicely different. Furthermore good detail with the muddy boots.

Wally Kanada

Dirty Truck Being a truck driver myself, I got a good chuckle out of this series. However, I think this girl would look much better in a shiny show truck, instead of this old muddy thing.

ray Vereinigte Staaten

This girl has character. Almost comical. Champion boots! Good fun!

Blake Krosse Vereinigtes Königreich

Hot I like her figure, and I like the pictures, nothing wrong with a bit of mud.

Will Vereinigtes Königreich

Can't agree with Mike. This is a welcome return to the outdoors shoots Hegre does so well. Hana is as awesome as always.

Hana Himmel | September 13th, 2007
Hana Himmel
sirstefanofb Australien

Hana is simply stunning... sensational brest profile with a hint of puffieness, long luxurious hair, balanced limbs and an absolutely mouth-watering 'shaven-haven'...

alex Vereinigtes Königreich

hana absolute heaven.

geof Vereinigte Staaten

Hana Heaven Beautiful setting, beautiful poses, super hot model, but a bit too much shadow.

Dan from Texas Vereinigte Staaten

Hana Heaven Dear Petter; Sometimes you produce erotica. Sometimes you produce photos of naked women. Sometimes you produce beautiful photos. Sometimes you produce art. With these photos of Hana you have produced all of the above. Every photo in this gallery can stand on it's own as classic photographic art. The scene is simple and beautiful; Hana is spectacular; the lighting is superb, and the images hit hard with great lines, seething sex, and emotion. These photo are not just great; they are high Art.

Blake Krosse Vereinigtes Königreich

THE 1200 are massive Hana has a Heavenly body the 1200 are like jupiter the 6000 must be the sun

Hansen Tsang Vereinigte Staaten

Hana Hana Everytime I see a Hana gallery my heart skip a beat!

Alex Wilhelm Vereinigte Staaten

Hana Heaven creme de la creme, si vous comprenez

Alexx Tschechische Republik

Hana'sHeaven it just can't be possible that such beauty exists on Earth...., she is masterpiece of life!!!

Jwat Vereinigte Staaten

WOW... Where has she been my whole subscription?

Hana im türkischen Bad | January 25th, 2007
Hana im türkischen Bad
bruno Spanien

fantastic gallery. she's incredibly gorgeous. how did Petter manage to keep his camera free from fog?

alex Vereinigtes Königreich

hana hana is fantastic,i love this sexy/erotic woman.

Glenn Vereinigte Staaten

Hana Turkish bath What a beauty !

Bruce Vereinigte Staaten


Dan Vereinigte Staaten

Hanna Turkish bath These images are beautiful to behold. These images stir passion and desire! Hanna is perfect from her head to her toes. Great job, great shots, beautiful Hanna.

Norman Hull Vereinigte Staaten

Hana Turkish bath Absolutely fabulous model. Thanks for sharing

wolfgang Deutschland

Hana turkish bath Hi, this is one of the best sets on this site, this is nude art at it's best. Wolfgang

Juan Vereinigte Staaten

The gallery is excelent.Hana is fantastic

alexx Tschechische Republik

SHE IS APHRODITE OF THE NEW AGE! I can't believe that such beauty exists! Petter, does she exists? or do you created her??...

Ralph Vereinigte Staaten

Hana Although not one of my favorite Hegre models, I have to admit that 147 photos of Hana completely nude in a Turkish bath is quite appealing.

vincy Deutschland

there´s nothing to add...

Bernie Deutschland

Hana One of te best i have seen!!!

Barbi Polen

Looking at her - I am proud to be a woman. She is beautiful and sexy!!!

sirstefanofb Australien

Oh that soooooooo smoooooooooth shaven body leaves me standing breathless (or should I say breathless and erect?)

mike Irland

smooth cheeks and alluring clit what a show

laurie goodison Vereinigtes Königreich

Parfait Hana I'm on my third glass of Pinot Noir having just finished a genorous portion of paella. Keith Jarrett is on in the background and its a beautiful evening. And I'm infatuated. What an absolute corker you are Hana. Laurie

hp Taiwan, Chinesische Provinz

Good Works Best set of January 2007. Hana clarifies why Turkish bath is so wellknown and welcomed.

Hana Sauna | March 16th, 2007
Hana Sauna
jake Kanada

hana sauna It's pretty darn hot in that sauna. Whew!

Hana Eisenbett | February 24th, 2007
Hana Eisenbett
llcoolg Vereinigte Staaten

LOVE the grassy sun-bathing! Awesome smooth shaven, too :)~

Thor Vereinigte Staaten

Hanna is simply beautiful. A great series Petter, let's see more of her.

sirstefanofb Australien

Another fine specimen of the female form with a beautiful 'peach' like Pussy.

Hana kleines Schwarzes | September 1st, 2006
Hana kleines Schwarzes
Robert Vereinigtes Königreich

Hana Hana's long raven hair and her figure blow me away... from her alluring face to her flawless feet! Thanks again, Petter!

al Vereinigtes Königreich

hana hana is a work of art,she is sexy,seductive,fantastic,more of hana please.

Dan from Texas Vereinigte Staaten

Hana I have to agree .... Hana knocks me out! Beauty, style, flawless from head to toe. It seems that unlike some young models Hana takes care of herself and her body. In that respect, she reminds me of Luba. I like the attention she pays to detail. The photos are wonderful, intimate, and perfect!

ben Vereinigte Staaten

I have given her an indian name Hana little crow

tom Irland

hana tiny black I love Hana's fleshy labia. The lip escaping the tiny black container is so exciting; what a lovely twat andthanks for the vision.

Hana Sonnenschein | October 19th, 2006
Hana Sonnenschein
Dan from Texas Vereinigte Staaten

Hanna Sunshine Hana is absolutely beautiful. The set is absolutely beautiful. The photos are absolutely beautiful. Hana's sets always please me. She is always perfect. The photos here are intimate and private. I feel privileged to even view them.

Ralph Vereinigte Staaten

Very Nice Beautiful display of the female form. Excellent photo series with Hana.

Snoopy Schweden

Great gallery, please post more of this model!!

emacs Vereinigte Staaten

Photos of Hana never disappoint. Thanks! :-)



Blaine Vereinigte Staaten

hana sunsine These are some of the most beautiful portraits that I have ever seen. The one with Hana's legs outstretched is particularly nice.

AZ1 Vereinigtes Königreich

I love Hana's hairless pussy - it's so inviting! A perfect cameltoe!! :-)

Hana Panty-Sammlung | July 9th, 2006
Hana Panty-Sammlung
ben Vereinigte Staaten

white laced panties something about white laced panties !!!!!

Jake Vereinigte Staaten

Hanna Something about a perfect pussy!

Hana im Rampenlicht | July 29th, 2006
Hana im Rampenlicht
Eddie Vereinigte Staaten

beautiful what a body!

sm45acp Vereinigte Staaten

hana she is just awesome, she is a stand alone work of art

baudolino73 Deutschland

Whoa! She is amazing! What a face, what a perfect body and a perfectly hairless pussy! Why isn´t she in the top 20?

sirstefanofb Australien

I could spend all night 'licking' her perfect body...from head to toe... and everywhere in between!

Hana lustig und sexy | June 15th, 2006
Hana lustig und sexy
alex Vereinigtes Königreich

sexy hana hana is good enough to eat,need i say more.

Sean C Winnington Vereinigte Staaten

Hana Kudos to Hana and Petter! This is a great set of photos. IMHO this set is the best I've seen in ages. Hana is obviously having a blast, and that fun is infectious. Absolutely LOVE the pic of her flipping the bird, "the beauty is the beast" is my title for that one :) Great work Petter

jerry Schweiz

Hana update Hi there ! What a fantastic set ! Unbelievable setting, lighting and close-ups ;-) I enjoyed it so much ! Cheers

scott Vereinigte Staaten

hana hana is the most beautiful and erotic woman on the planet i look foward to every photo

Rick L. Vereinigte Staaten

Hanna funny and sexy Funny and sexy. Goofy and sexy is more like it. Almost a photographic oxymoron...but you and she pulled it off! Delightfully different. Does she mime?

Bill F (UK) Vereinigtes Königreich

Hanna funny and sexy I love the way you have captured the excitement - nice and creamy. More please

Pedro Niederlande

Fun This set just oozes fun in so many ways...

rcpatoking Vereinigte Staaten

slippery on a dry summer day she is wet and sexy, i would love to run my tounge on her cheeks!!!!!!

Jake Vereinigte Staaten

Hanna - Wow! An amazing set of shots with some goofy, funny poses at first and then some serious eroticism on the last twenty pictures or so. Hanna obviously enjoys the shoot and shows a little cream pie - very high class work! Some of your models are cold and aloof - not Hanna - she's hot and it shows.

luv_yanna Vereinigte Staaten

Long, thick, straight, jet black hair. Gorgeous. Perfect breasts. Frequently puffy nipples. Perfect ass. Perfect, plump, wet pussy. Can't get much sexier than that. Another 10 from my third favorite model on the site.

Hana Tuch | April 23rd, 2006
Hana Tuch
andreson Vereinigtes Königreich

hana draperies very very nice (great curves)look forward to seeing more of her, nice colour theme too

Rick Vereinigte Staaten

Hana draperies Technically you are the best. No one else comes close to you in delivering intimate, razor-sharp, closeup images. I'm not looking for my comments to be published. I just want you to know that most of us middle age guys who spend money on these sites prefer sharp, clear, explicit images (Yanna) to the so-called "artistic" stuff.

Jimmy - Florida Vereinigte Staaten

Awesome photography in this set. Hana is gorgeous. Love the poses and the focus on her incredible ass.

Gregorio Vereinigte Staaten

Hana Draperies Great gallery Petter. The 6000 resolution is quite incredible. Hana has a beautiful body and photographs perfectly well

emacs Kanada

fantastic this images are fantastic. i love the 6000 pixel image sets. great work everyone!

alex Vereinigtes Königreich

sexy hana these pictures of hana are very tasteful,and very sexy,more galleries of hana please.

mike Kanada

Great Gallery

MrD Vereinigtes Königreich

Too Much Detail Great work and Hana is lovely but image=24&size=6000 left me feeling a little ill - it maybe has too much detail, I think she needs a wash.

rapha Vereinigtes Königreich

what can y say, i like this photoset it's very nice soft and sexy thank's

Gigi Kanada

The greatest I browsed almost all this web site and, for sure, I can say without any doubt ...THIS PHOTO SHOOT IS THE GREATEST AND THE MOST PROFESSIONAL I'VE EVER SEEN. Take the time to look at all the energy of every photo'll be amazed !

Karl Larsson Schweden

Hana I have known Hana under many names, all I can say: You are Heavenly, Dear ;-)

Marc Israel

great details !!! I don't agree a all with the "too much detail" message. The more details is the best, the most intimate photos are what I like. More like these !

Phil Schweden

HANA Absolutely great, incredibly juicy, makes hot and looking forward to more and more and MORE of HANA!!

abillyt Kanada

Creamed I love it that you creamed for us in this shoot

GERBOU Frankreich

Wonderful gallery. A nice looking girl, a nice setting. A girl spreading wide, showing us all intimate parts, seen from the front or from the back: All what we like and want to see. The shots of her ass and pussy are really very erotic, very hot. More, more, .......

Benson Vereinigte Staaten

Hana You are a lucky guy to be able to work with such an amazing beauty as Hana!

Andreas Deutschland

Touched - thank you I am really touched, by you, Hana for showing yourself in this way, Thank you!

Paul Vereinigte Staaten

No angle was left un-revealed in this set --- very Kama Sutra.

luv_yanna Vereinigte Staaten

61 & 62 Very nice to see her opening herself a bit & revealing her copious lubrication. What a beautiful and sexy woman. She's a 10, the set's a 10.

Hana auf einer Kiste | May 8th, 2006
Hana auf einer Kiste
scot Vereinigte Staaten

hana lose me in that black mane!

Jorge Murguia Mexiko

hana ona abox I am and ass lover, this is and excelent set.

al Vereinigtes Königreich

hana hana`s galleries just get better and better,she looks fantastic,i look forward to seeing more of her.

Mike Kanada

Awesome gallery, absolutley awesome

brad Vereinigte Staaten

hana has the most incredible feet i have ever seen! long toes, pink and unwrinkled soles, and the rest of her is quite nice, too. more like these, petter

Jake Vereinigte Staaten

Hanna A simple prop and a model who oozes sexuality. The rear shots are daring and sensual.

sirstefanofb Australien

Simply the best I thought Yanna was the 'wettest' Girl you had shot.... but this demonstration of Hana lubricating is simply the best... fantastic!

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

Hana Hana has an absolutely incredible ass! Love the way it is shown off in this set. She also has perfect, silky smooth soft golden tan skin that is beautiful to look at. What a beauty!

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Photo number 31 Hell yeah! Now that is the way you study a great ass!


Hana Schlüpfer-Party | April 8th, 2008
Hana Schlüpfer-Party
milhouse73 Deutschland

Pure 10 I allways wonder, why she isn´t in the poll list. Has she ever been at the top 20 Modell section? She is my personal Nr.3 behind Orsi and Lezhan. What a perfect female entity. She is pure eroticism.

Jay Australien

Hana Hana again delights and graces us with her pure femininty. Her awesome body and movements define what a truly beautiful woman is. Hana sets a new benchmark again.

Ortis Vereinigtes Königreich

Hana Hana is under-rated , this is very hot. What a tease!

alex Vereinigtes Königreich

hana stunning body,fantastic woman,hana is always a pleasure.

frank Vereinigte Staaten

I had missed Hana so much thank you for this video Peter give her some more camera time she is such a pleasent view to be seen.

Mitch Vereinigte Staaten

Hana Have yet to see the film but this model is a work of art. I would love to see her with another lass.

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Wicked. Sinfully Wicked. Laurie

Tseng Taiwan, Chinesische Provinz

Great body

Hana - Dancing Queen | July 11th, 2006
Hana - Dancing Queen
Putgaz Brasilien

It could be better, like her photos... but I liked very much.

Faustin Frankreich

About Hana Dancing Queen Video Incredible sexy body, tremendous dancer and definitely one of my favorite video ! Please more dancing video !!

Mario Japan

The Muse Gorgeous but sympatique.I encountered the Muse.

bobslave Italien

the bet dancer sure the best dancer girl wher she danceing ? it is possible see her in cabaret true?

Paul Vereinigte Staaten

She can move She really has a way about her movements. The lamps were casting shadows in all the right places.

Jay Australien

The best This the best dancing movie I have ever seen. Hana is perfect in the way she moves and the lights tastefuly show off her female form. This is what I have gladly paid my money for. More Hana movies and more dancing please.