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Photo of Sofie


Photo of Sofie
Name: Sofie
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 52kg
Height: 174cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Works in a real estate investment company

Tall, Slender, and Graceful

There are some women who can just walk into a room and you know right away that you’d like to get to know them better.

Sofie is one of those women. Always walking around in a pair of high heels, a business suit, and a short skirt; she works in a real estate investment company and commands a great deal of respect among he clients and fellow employees. Tall and slender with a very feminine physique, some might make the mistake of calling Sofie a bit fragile when they first gaze upon her naked body. Take a closer look however and it’s plain to see that she is not at all shy about her body.

Quite the opposite in fact, as Sofie is incredibly proud to show off her youth to the camera while she still can. A true subtle beauty, she is everything anyone could ever want in a woman and a whole lot more.

Sofie Galleries COMMENTS

Sofie bed session | February 19th, 2008
Sofie bed session
JP United States

Good TIme Sofie seems to be enjoying herself during the past few photos. Playful and sexy. Such a beautiful girl.

alex United Kingdom

sofie beautiful as always.

Jim United States

Sophie What a beauty. Yum. Her pic series just keep getting better. I hope she has a long career with Hegre-Art.

Dan from Texas United States

Sofie I love this set of photos! Sofie is hot, sexy, and oh so beautiful!

Luclaf Canada

Sofie Peter... very good set of pics, congratulations. Sofie... go get your armpits shaved. Sorry low score just for that negligence.

way United States

Don't mind Luclaf. In my opinion, too manicured and it's obvious you've got nothing better to do. The hint of armpit fuzz, the dark hair all fussed in the sheets, the frankness, the spontaneity.. THANK YOU for reminding me why I am still a member.

htm Egypt

bellydancing she's out of this world. i beg you peter to make one of those beautiful brunette models of yours to do a strip bellydancing in one of your films, or at least a bellydancing outfit strip in a photo gallery thanks

sirstefanofb Australia

Sofhie has Great Breasts with fabulous nipples and an 'oh so sweet' pussy.....I just wish she would loose that 'landing strip' and take a little more care when shaving...

andrew Cayman Islands

Sophie's natural beauty and charisma really resonate in this shoot - well done, please keep her galleries coming!

luv_yanna United States

Great set Hegre has found another amazing beauty. How does he do it? He and Sofie really did a great job in this set, she "presents" lustily while somehow seeming demure in the process. Mind blowing!

Sofie on display | January 26th, 2008
Sofie on display
alex United Kingdom

sofie sofie is a fantastic specimen of womanhood.

Voyeur United States

I'm ashamed of myself - how have I missed this beautiful model in the past. A definite 10.

Luclaf Canada

Sofie beauty No doubt... she's a real beauty, but... another one that would need shaving courses. Sorry, I prefer meat to salad. Just my opinion.

ST United Kingdom

Shaving Luciaf have you any idea how hard it is to get a perfect close shave? Particularly for brunettes. The ingrowing hairs that shaving causes? The sheer, eye-watering PAIN of waxing. The expense of laser hair removal. It's an endless battle! My God do girls suffer to be beautiful! Cut the model some slack why don't you?!!!!

Dragon India

I agree with Mr Luclaf on the " prefer to meat to salad " thing

cookymonsta Australia

sofie on display couldn't see anything wrong with the shaving effort personally. the 6000px photos reveal fine detail and I think you're being picky. In real life (rather than photo) I'm sure it would look as smooth as silk.

Sofie sexy in bed | November 7th, 2007
Sofie sexy in bed
fotoman United States

Incredible!!! More please!

Russell Bramlett United States

What a beauty. Soo sexy! More Sofie please!

Ortis United Kingdom

Sofie Luscious. I hadn't paid much attention to her previous galleries but I have now! Her full lips, shiny hair, glowing skin, perfect figure, I could go on and on mmmmm!

Jim United States

Excellent pics Sexy panties! Even sexier when they came off. She is truly a babe.

eric United Kingdom

sofie Thye last but one shot in this gallery is the tops! What a lovely shot of her vagina!

Luclaf Canada

Sofie in bed Very nice poses. Cute model, but gee... could someone shows her how to shave. I quote her LOW just because of this !

Kevin from London United Kingdom

Sofie At least she hasn't got a full bush of hair. I don't mind seeing a model with a 'landing strip'. But a shaved vagina is the nicest.

Sofie softness | April 20th, 2007
Sofie softness
Dan from Texas United States

Sofie .... These photos of the lovely Sofie are beautiful and very sexy. I love her smile and everything about her.

alex United Kingdom

sofie very sexy set of pictures,with a very very sexy sofie.

Blake Krosse United Kingdom

brilliant flashes Sofie grows more attractive the more I look. She grows in radience.

gozo United States

sophie omg sofie a beauty that could commany armies. a smile that could drive your soul. she is a diamond brightly shinning...

steve United States


kantundcunt United States

smile, tits and cunt What more could you ask for? Gorgeous body.

gman United States

Sofie beautiful..simply beautiful!

sirstefanofb Australia

Simply fantastic breasts and the face of an angel... Wow!!!! Sir Stefan of Burswood.

paul United States

Sofie This womans beautiful face and sexy body are almost overwelming. Love those close ups of her amazing ass. Thanks Sofie and Peter.

Sofie breakfast time | May 30th, 2007
Sofie breakfast time
fasteddie United States

sofie ahhh yes and for breakfast I'll have a slice of sofie with i little whipped cream on top. She has the cutest lil butt !!! ditto alex ditto

alex United Kingdom

sofie sofie is a very playful/sexy woman,more galleries of her please.

Hawkeye United States

Sofie Breakfast Time Nice buffet. Toe Crumpets and Fanny Cakes garnished with Legs of Lovely. I'll have two please...

Sofie reflections | February 2nd, 2007
Sofie reflections
alex United Kingdom

sofie very sexy set of pictures,sofie is delicious.

Joe United States

sofie A combination of her puffy lips and her puffy breast casts a mood that is believably real and romantic

Ralph United States

Very nice Nice idea for a photo gallery, and beautifully executed by both model and photographer.

mike Canada

great face and wow beautifully tits. keep smiling sofie

Sofie sunshine | September 14th, 2006
Sofie sunshine
ben United States

This is an exhibit; combining sofie's intimate sensuality , natural beauty with inspired work that presents a sexy and captivating subject. In short, yummy yummy yummy. Sofie is both beautiful and sexy.

Dan from Texas United States

Some of your BEST work! The beautiful and sensuous Sofie with great quality light and your camera are the ingredients for a stunning gallery! These photos stir the imagination and stimulate the senses. And the 6000px make it seems as if we are there with you! Thanks!

GD United States

Incredible, one of Petter's best yet. Sofie is absolutely gorgeous!! Petter can we get you to photograph Luba in the same provocative way? I would like to see Luba photographed just the same way you photographed Sofie. Nice work Sofie and Petter. United States

sofie is the most beautiful woman you have introduced..lets see more of her!!!


After this gallery no one can ignore the intimate beauty of Sofie. Wonderful pussy and pussy lips shots!

Jim United States

Sophie is just beautiful Great great use of light and shadows, Petter. Wow. Hot pics.

Sofie naked chef | July 17th, 2006
Sofie naked chef
jason chang United States

Picture 37 Hope to see more of Sofie. Even with so closeup of the face, her face and eyes are very beautiful. Picture 37 show great closeup of the arm and I love that.

jason chang United States

Picture7 Forgot to mention, I love Picture 7, because it shows her back and spine.

turkalp Turkey

this girl this girl has an excellent face(a little bit aria giovanni)and nice face please more of sofie

Sofie kitchen story | May 11th, 2006
Sofie kitchen story
Rick United States

Sofie Kitchen Story Absolutely gorgeous. On the same level of beauty as Alya and Yanna. Hopefully more of her soon.

Sofie Films COMMENTS

Sofie Hotel Bed | January 15th, 2008
Sofie Hotel Bed
Tre United Kingdom

Sofie Sofie is gorgeous and this film is hot.

alex United Kingdom

sofie sofie is an incredibly sexy woman.

Ortis United Kingdom

Good to see more of Sofie , she has a great face as well as a smoking hot body.

SE United States

Great film and great music. Any chance of finding out who sings the song so I can buy it on iTunes?

Øyvind Norway

music There is a music credit in the end of the film :)

terminus_h Slovenia

great film, great music, and not unimportantly, great model. She is one of the top models in the teen group on this site. Just a curiosity: note that she exhibits quite a bit of an armpit hair.

ned United States

Strong! What a torso, gorgeous thighs and hips. I hope with all that strength she's a fabulous fuck.

Sofie Naked in The Kitchen | September 12th, 2006
Sofie Naked in The Kitchen
Robert United Kingdom

Sofie Just the sight of Sofie strolling naked into the kitchen in the opening scene makes you want to see the rest of the film! United States


ben United States

very sexy and delicate too yummmmmy

David Japan

Sofie Simple, Seductive, Stunning, Sofie!

paul h crosby Canada

model the girls are too thin. thin is not sexey. a little more " rubenesque" may be something to consider

ben United States

how can you top this? sofie for queen of the world

Olavski Netherlands

Sofie is a natural and very beautiful girl. Maybe a little to thin, but her lovely face and her nice breasts make me want her.

Laurie United Kingdom

Hmmmmm. Gorgeous.

Laurie United Kingdom

Hmmmmm. Still gorgeous 2nd time round.