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Luba Profile

Name: Luba
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 48kg
Height: 171cm
Age: 28
Occupation: Model, designer, photographer

Full-figured and petite!

Fashion model. Nude model. Model de choix of Bohemian Paris. Home town beauty queen.

LUBA SHUMEYKO reigns supreme as the First Lady of Hegre-Art.com. There are a lot of models. There are a lot of photographs. But only Luba makes the unique link to master photographer Petter Hegre through the golden band of a wedding ring. They are the golden couple, the happening people of Generation N - the New Nude Age. To be here is to be a part of it.

Shy, proud, ultra-feminine from her bow-shaped lips to her little pink toes, "she was born wearing high heels," as Petter Hegre puts it. And if it's not a miracle having one Luba, there happens to be two: a mirror image. Luba and Nadya are the supertwins from the Ukraine, the bread basket of old Mother Russia and producers now of the most vital crop on Planet Earth: beautiful girls.

Oh, yeah, Luba Means Love. What else?

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Luba freestyle Yoga October 5th, 2014
Beautiful Luba
Extremely beautiful Luba and she has kept herself beautiful. Somebody said that it was a shame she was kept for only one man (or something similar). Well, the truth is Luba and Petter have shared her beauty with all of us and we should thank them both. Luba (and Petter, I consider you one), you have become even more beautiful with age and (although you were a wonderfully delicious and naive model at the beginning) you have gained a maturity and presence that is so incredibly enchanting...more enchanting than ever before. Petter/Luba...please more Luba! :)
Absolute perfection !
I was disappointed that Luba did not do a yoga sequence on film. Sun salutation or the like. I do appreciate that Luba is not getting younger and that makes her more appealing to me.I am not getting younger .
Finally the super star returns, brighter than ever and in every way. Thank you Luba and thank you Petter. What can I say ? How about MORE, MORE, MORE PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE !!!
Luba !
She's just the perfection !! Too much time to wait Luba !
Luba yoga
Another Hegre-art masterpiece.
Oh yeah, oh yeah, we all so need much much more of the perfect Luba!!!!!!
Petter's masterpiece. Many of these are gallery quality.
It's very nice to see the lovely Luba again!!!
Lissome Luba
By every stretch of the imagination, an exceptionally elegant beauty!
I wish she were nude in all the pics. But still love the photo shoot and her body is the bomb.
I wish she were nude in all the pics. But love the pics and her body is stunning.
Luba freestyle Yoga
I like Luba, but 58 of 67 Images dressed, that is not what I expect at this site. And there is no reason for Luba to hide her body. Best wishes.
Luba, freestyle yoga
Dear Petter! Congratulation! Many, many years I admire your pictures, from the beginning so many pictures from Luba and I must confess, Luba looks always still beautiful as ever. Thank you very much for your work
Welcome back Luba
It is really great to see the queen of hegre-art back where she belongs keep the photographs coming!! ;-)
To keep us, your oldest members, without new pictures of Luba for 20 months is irresponsible, Petter. Luba was the main reason a lot of us subscribed more than 10 years ago and she is (and always will be) the greatest model on this website; leaving all competition far behind her. Congratulations Luba, you look better than ever and you just turned this day into a gorgeous Sunday.
so nice to see the queen again! who knew she was so flexible?
Luba no1 for 11 years by Alya February 3rd, 2013
She always makes me feel like a teenager. What a goddess! Please do some more- you have so many adoring fans xxx
Perfect as always. More please!!
RE: Luba
Ageless Luba, Is she comeing back ? She's a beautiful model, one of very few that has graste the web. Please come back...
11 yrs and you are still #1. never stop posing!
When are we ever going to see more of Luba?
Always been a fan of Luba's. Wish she had more recent galleries and especially a video.
chef d œuvre!!! en Français merveille!!!!!!!!
Luba - you should have been mine!
Since finding this most precious and delicious creature, I have been in awe of her. I wish she was around in the eighties, because I would have had posters of her all over my bedroom wall. My wife would think it odd now, of course ! Please keep posing for another thirty years. Oh, and if you get bored with Petter, drop me a line xxx ;)
De très loin votre plus beau model, un fantasme .....
Amazing - Drop the props
Although older, Luba is slimmer and better toned now than a decade back. Could we drop the props and clothes, and have some full on luba in a beautiful setting and move back to the New Nude. So many recent galleries are sex or staged glamour. Some amazing work is still coming through, especially on trips. My all time favourite was Luba trying on Bikinis. Can we get back to the simple, real life stuff, with full nude Luba.
Yoga Film
I would really like to see Luba do a Flow series Yoga Film. I have her pictures and besides Being beautiful her poster is great and I can see the strength as well as precision .Even this viewing shows her alignment and strength.
RE: Luba!!
Got that right!
Luba: The One and Only
The queen, the goddess is back! So nice to see this beautiful set. Luba looks as gorgeous as ever! She is the reason I joined Hegre. I hope to see more of the one and only Luba. She is amazing!
YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES Luba!!!!!! Always awesome and need to see MUCH MUCH more!!!!!!!!
Creo que la mayoría de los miembros de esta comunidad espera ver como Zana masajea a Luba para ofrecernos un orgasmo grabado en video. Tendría una audiencia estratosférica. Ahí queda la idea. Se hará realidad este sueño, Hegre? Saludos.
She is hotter than the photo floods! Maybe for Valentines Day Peter can give her a massage and let us watch!
Luba by Alya
Luba may be a modern-day work of art but Botecelli's Birth of Venus is much more impressive and sexy too!!! When will we see Luba closeup and personal? If history is any measure, probably never!!!
Alya shooting Luba
Hmm after this wonderful photo session, now I want to see the making-off video, Alya shooting Luba :)
Statuesque beauty
Luba is a modern-day work of art. Thank you!
Where have you been hiding this beauty
Love her beautiful firm huge breasts.....very suckable.....we need to see her on the massage table
About time!! I love the models here but Luba's the reason I signed up in the first place.
Business proposal
Give us at least one new series of Luba every week and double the annual subscription fee. Luba continues to be top of the bill, the queen of Hegre, the standard of beauty; now even more than 11 years ago.
Luba Nr.1
The most beautiful Luba I have ever seen! Thank You!
Indeed she is amazing, but there´s ne girl Im waiting for months to debut in photo sessions: Jessy from hegre cam.
She is still absolutely, stunningly beautiful..
Eleven years of a dream: female beauty at its best. Thanks Petter for all these years of hard work, for bringing us all this beauty we couldn't have been able to taste otherwise.
#1 now and forever!!!
What great present. You make my day. Welcome back Luba. You are number one.
Luba yoga guru December 11th, 2011
A beautiful woman+yoga= a masterpiece for the senses!
Oui, Constantin: Michelangelo ou... Praxitèle?!
Naked Yoga in many ways is highly attractive for images as seen with Luba in these 2 sets. I feel it may bring some exiting movies also. There are so many poses and exercises to perform individually or in synchronizing duo's or groups.
Luba yoga guru
Nobody is perfect. Luba is not very far. Thanks. Jean Paul. Personne n'est parfait. Luba n'en est pas loin. Merci. Jean Paul.
Constantin is right. Michelangelo would have loved her. She is utter perfection. Absolutely drop dead gorgeous.
Mit ihrem perfekten Körper wäre sie ein ideales Model für Michelangelo gewesen.
Luba is missed.
Love love love this model. My one and only complaint about this whole site is that there's not a new Luba gallery every day.
Peter: From the archives to now, Luba has grown into women.The discipline she has shown with her yoga practice is to be admired .More than a pretty face Luba must have a beautiful mind. Thank you
Marvelous example
Best set of December 2011. Luba is unquestionably the top gun of body art. She sets a marvelous example to all nude models, again.
Beautiful. Close to perfection.
please play it again
This was the best Christmas present ever; there must be plenty of other shots from this shoot to make the perfect New Years present for your members!
Simply Amazing
Petter Luba is truly a superior woman. You have chosen wisely and are surely luck!! I'm amazed these are some pretty advance poses. Does she instruct classes? Thank you [and Luba] for showing us this beautiful set!
Lucky man
Petter, you are one very lucky man!!
FINALLY a new set from Luba!!!!!!
You learn something new every day
Everyone knows Luba, yet I think we learn something new about her today. This is no beginner stuff. Amazing!
you are one lady with a pefect body that is so flexible and seems that you have control over it as to how you want to move around amazing. can i be your student.
Wauw! BEAUTIFUL! A woman with a perfect body who perfectly controls that georgious body. The simple background with the perfect, natural body of this Godess makes this a very interesting gallery. Lots of respect to Luba and Hegre. Again: Wauw!
This is a spectacular display. It’s time to give Luba the scope to show what she can do all over again.
There are some women who keep every bit of their beauty and their charisma all the way through. I’d say that Luba has joined that select band.
Nude Yoga
How about Luba doing a sort of “how to” film on Yoga? She would be just right for it. Nude Yoga is sure to be a winner.
More to come
There is loads of scope for more Yoga galleries and/or movies with all the positions etc that Luba has not covered yet. I hope that there will be many more to come.
You say that she has had a baby? Wow! I’m going to show my girlfriend these shots. She has been getting very down because she thinks she will never get her figure back she had before. Now I hope I can cheer her up and show her that it is possible.
There have been a lot of models over the years that have been memorable but the one that comes straight to mind as totally outstanding is Luba.
Welcome back
You’ve still got it Luba. Welcome back. You have been away far too long.
Are we going to see massage movies with Luba? That will really be something else. Please please please.
Perfectly judged
This is a terrific collection of pics. It does not matter whether you take it as guide to yoga positions without boring leotards or as shots of a beautiful woman. It’s perfect both ways.
Setting the standard
I hope this is just the start of a whole lot more films and galleries with her. I still look at the ones she has done before. They set the standard IMHO
So glad to see you again Luba. Girls come and girls go but some of them stick in your mind and are unforgettable. That’s you.
If this is what yoga can do for you sign me up for some straight away. You are an inspiration to me Luba.
my dream
Luba, I'm your nr 1 fan :) i have been with this site since it started 10 years ago and viewed all your galleries and films over and over again. I was afraid that you had left us but now that i read the news article telling that you have given birth to a baby boy i totally understand that you have been busy. You look even more amazing than ever after becoming a mother!!! Only dream i have for the future would be to see you in a massage movie :)
Eternal document of beauty
There are more than one woman who worked hard for a flexible and toned body. There is more than one woman who is gifted to have feminine curves. There are a few women who are as beautiful as Luba is (although not many ;) ). There are a few world class fine art photographers. And there are a few women who can perform the poses shown here. Everything combined though, it is a unique manifest of unseen beauty and like no other I am aware of. It is an iconic and eternal document of beauty!
Our Queen
Thank you very very much Luba. I wouldn't say that you "still look good": you look even more ravishing than 7-8 years ago. You must be one of the most beautiful women on this globe. The only way you can make us more happy is by giving us a new series at least once a month. Your body is truly a work of art.
Luba's Yoga
Petter, you are one very fortunate SOB!
Thank you,thank you, thank you; our Christmas present came early this year. We miss Luba and her perfect body head to toe. I'm spoiled, so I wish she was facing the camera in some of the shots. I bet you can figure out which ones! Luba is truly outstanding in every way. Thanks again.
Luba yoga teacher
Brava Luba! Thanks for sharing this stunning series.
The nearest thing to perfection that possibly exists. Luba has the perfect body. More please
Crazy. Unbelievable. Awesome. Beatiful. Adorable... I need to learn yoga with hear as coach.
Awesome asana's, girl. I can just sense the Universe flowing through you. No wonder you always look so great!
She is back :-)
Bravo, Luba is still the most beautiful of all your models. Thank you for giving us this series, it is simply stunning!
Simply incredible with what she can do with her body!!! And what a FINE body she has as well! Excellebt job done here!!
Luba has such a beautifull and expressive face, why hide it most of the time :( I was so happy to see a set from her again. Not happy.
Yoga Luba
Great stuff! Any chance of some pictures of her standing from behind?
Given LUBA's flexibility in this photo series, one can conjecture that she had been transformed by a kindly wizard from a serpent to a woman.
The yoga poses coupled with the perfect body just look beautiful
Perfect as always!!! We need to see lots more of this perfect woman!
Luba, yoga guru
Dear Petter, these pictures are a unique document from your most beautiful wife. Thank you very much.
Luba and yoga
What's so great about Luba is how amazing she STILL looks and how good her yoga practice is. Well, I guess her body shows!!!
YES! Finally a Luba Gallery again! Now I hope that Luba gets a Massage!
Simply amazing. There aren't words.
Luba: Yoga
The queen is back and looking as incredible as ever! Luba's body is an absolute work of art that is exquisitely exhibited as such in this set. Yoga is an excellent medium in which to show the amazing beauty of Luba's nude form. Bravo! I second the first comment that we must see a video.
Who better for the 10th Anniversary?! Luba, where have you been? We've missed you.
a true body art :) I'm interested to see her interview video where she talks about her approach to yoga.
That's amazing, brilliantly posed = super woman
Achrobatic pose
Wonderful set! She's very very nice, and my compliments for her fantastic pose!
OMG!!!OMG!!!OMG!!!video PLEEEEEASE!!!!
Luba leather chair January 3rd, 2011
Always Marvelous
RE: Photo number 16
Dont forget us Long time no see
It would be nice to see Luba get a massage. Her beautiful body being touched and caressed to multiple heights of pleasure by a beautiful masseuse.
Dying to see a new Luba set!
Luba is out of this world in any pose, setting or light; she can be or do any mood, action or activity and ends with us wanting more. She always brightens my day.Thanks!
mist war schon immer mist
dear Peter, thank you so much, that you share the beauty of your wife with your member community
Luba is a beautiful woman great tits nice arse yum
RE: Meh
...boring? ;o) what is hidden is much more interesting - that also the fact with you. And mind you - everyone has the right to decide what to do - if she has shown more in the past is she (or anyone) obliged to do more in the future?!?!? Of course not. Hmm...posing nude means she does not have principles? Funny thing is that from the Middle Ages people started to see other people through clothes they wear. Why? I understand you are of the opinion that someone who does not pose nude = has principles. What argument do you have to support that?
RE: Sensational
lol maybe it's HIM that needs to tell HER???
I know she is Petter's wife and mean no disrespect. She has done a great job of keeping that smoking hot body but if her sets are going to continue to be this conservative I'd prefer a sets of models who are willing to be more revealing. Wheeler, principles? really? she's posing nude. She's shown more in the past. She, (or Petter) has just gotten more conservative about what she will show us. More like boring.
RE: Photo number 11
I think photo 11 is the very best!
Beautiful as ever,Luba is always most elegant. Please pursuade her to pose more often.
Luba è sempre la più bella di tutte!! Peter è l'uomo più fortunato del mondo...
I think Petter is entirely too selfish with his magnificent wife. Luba is simply too sensational to keep in the background the way he does, to be used only as an occasional tease. Luba--please tell your husband that your fans are hungry for much, much more.
Such a relief to see our Luba back and with recent pictures. Luba dear, time does have its effect on you: it makes you even more beautiful. The 18-19-20-... year old kids we are used to see here can not compete with you. More new series please! We love you.
It's always great to see Luba on this site - she is still setting standards for body perfection. But what about the slippers on the first two pictures? Still a great set of photographs!
Thank you for finally treating us to some Luba, but I don't understand why you tease us with such a small set.
lol Rob..."shy" is NOT a word hat comes to mind whn I see lovely Luba! She has principles! I respect that! You are wonderful, Luba!
The best by far. Luba, darling, you are our Princess. Please show us a little more of yourself...don't be shy...we all adore you. We worship you... xxx
Still the best ! More pictures please.
short but sweet!
so nice to see the queen again!
Luba glamorous October 16th, 2010
She is perfection in all her beauty.Hot Hot
She is just a perfect Model in every way. Very strong artistic poses and high energy. Its like being taken to a very lively contemporary museum. What I really like is it expands the entire concept and elevates it and educates the viewer to strive for ultimate quality in their approach to anything really. Absolutely impressive how healthy and fantastic shape she keeps herself in. Inspirational.
Hottest woman alive still
Oh Luba!
Thank you Luba this is just what the doctor orderd what a super pick me up you are many thanks!
Luba, Luba, Luba...
Luba is the most goreous model that Herge has.
The woman still has it.
OMG!!! So damn HOT!!!
always nice to see the gorgeous Luba!