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Photo of Linda L


Photo of Linda L
Name: Linda L
Country: Hungary
Weight: 55kg
Height: 174cm
Age: 21
Occupation: Model

Veteran Model

An experienced model from Hungary, Linda L has been walking the fashion catwalks since the tender age of thirteen.

Linda holds a university degree in History and Literature. She tells us her interests include house music and clubbing and describes herself as a high-maintenance kind of girl. You've been warned!

In addition to her career as a fashion model Linda has also been posing nude since she was eighteen and is a former winner of the Miss Internet title. She tells us she is most well-known for her fabulous breasts!

Linda told Petter that she intends to stop posing nude and go back to her fashion work so this could your last opportunity to appreciate her fine form!

Linda L Galleries

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Linda L Galleries COMMENTS

Linda L dripping wet | December 13th, 2008
Linda L dripping wet
imola Japan

Here comes Linda L,again!! Always gorgeous! Always sexy! She is worth paying for this site. Lots more of her,please!

Paul United Kingdom

Linda L - dripping wet Petter - I have been subscribing to your site for quite a while now. I am not so keen on the way it is going towards the all-shaven 'faceless' looking pussies, even though they are stunning models.....I guess the younger guys prefer it all. But I tell you what - if you keep photographing Linda and to this quality, then I will keep my membership up just for her.....especially the last shot. Magic. Thank you........and a Happy Christmas to you, Luba, the girls and all the team.

Rob United Kingdom

This girl has the most beautiful vulva

Dave United States

Perfect Pussy Thank God for Linda and her perfect unshaved pussy. SO much sexier than the "baby butts." Please give us more like her.

Voyeur United States

The lovely Linda L is the one I wait patiently for. Her classic beauty and perfect body make the wait worthwhile.

don United States

Linda has a magnificent figure. The smooth look which see presents in some shoots is preferred however!

Jer United States

Fantastic Always great to see Linda!

Magoo4 United States

Lovely Linda Linda is so nice to have with us. Such beauty and grace for all of us. Thank you so much Petter. Magoo4

Robt United States

Linda L How can one girl be sooo hot! Nice to see the extra hair.

California dude United States

Mmm... I love Linda's slender waist...and in these pictures, I feel like I could reach out and touch it. She comes across in these pictures as a strong, "real" woman.

JP United States

One of LInda's Best Luscious wet breasts and juicy soaked pussy hair. Unbelievable!! I want a part 2!

Adam United States


rue United States

What a woman. I salivate every time I see a Linda set.

Jeff Daniels United States

The Sexiest Beautiful body, great boobs, nice ass. One of the nicest pussies on the site, and not afraid to show it. Thanks Linda!

Laurie United Kingdom

Fantasy island DVD Very enjoyable viewing. Magic moment, Linda on the verandah in the rain. Beautiful. I think I have overlooked her galleries, quite remiss, because she is sensational with her exquisite bone structure and delicious vulva. Stunning girl.

TasteTester United States

Que Linda! "What Beauty'...Indeed! This photo set,..."MIRROR", and "NAUGHTY" are three examples of why I'm a MEMBER: LINDA...LINDA,...LINDA! She demonstrates everything of what I look for in a woman...a sense of ART TASTE, and BEAUTY, and the desire to be EROTIC. THANK YOU Petter, for presenting the essence of 'Eve' thru your lens!

tontonyvan France

Linda's breasts definitely crazy about her breats: love to come all over them!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Linda L dripping wet Extraordinarily SEXY. How does Laurie know she drives a 'Vulva'?

denoboggs United States

Linda L this is an awesome... girl fantastic body with big labia !!! would like to see her photographed more aggressively... more shots in bed with better view of that incredible labia.

Linda L mirror | November 9th, 2008
Linda L mirror
wheeler United States

Lovely Linda L!!! This is as artistic as I have seen here in a while!Very nicely done!

Magoo4 United States

Petter, you are getting better at this good stuff. Linda is sooo beautiful and so graceful to look at. I think she could have smiles a little bit more, but that's me. Thanks so much. magoo4

pow United States

Que Linda Luminous! Fantastic tits too

robert United States

sad linda Please smile! You are beautiful!

ST United Kingdom

Petter I know some of your members complain when the girls aren't posing explicitly but please once in a while can we have a gallery like this. Beautiful composition, colours and beautiful model. Really beautiful.

Sandy United Kingdom

lost your steam I remember a very erotic series with you. Please arouse me again with your exquisite shaved pussy, preferably aroused.

faucondargen Spain

Congratulations Do you know, dear Peter you have made a great work!!!

Linda L thai home | October 25th, 2008
Linda L thai home
walle73 Germany

Wow! Linda L shaved! Please a whole week with that look!

dave murray United States

linda l linda l thai home is an absolutely unbelieveable gallery! captures her amazing beauty and her alluring smile. words cannot describe her beauty!! thanks for doing such a great job photographing her!

Michael Canada

Linda L Awesome body-delicious.

Magoo4 United States

Beautiful Linda Linda is by far one of the top five on the site. It is so nice to see such a beautiful and graceful woman is she. Guys, thanks so much. magoo4

JP United States

Beautiful I love how playful Linda L. is in this gallery. Loved the image of her smiling showing her braces and covering her pussy with the napkin. Just wish we had some shots of her big delicious pussy meat.

Voyeur United States

A beautiful, sensual, sexual woman that always has a great shoot.

alexx Czech Republic

Site without Linda If she is not on this site it would be for me like a life without a wine....... Thanks for this amazining galery. I love her body and Petter's style of her portraits.

jeff United States

Love Linda More of Linda, she is the best!

hp Taiwan, Province of China

Good! What a sexy model! Please give me more Linda's photoes in whole figure.

Allen United States

Linda L Linda is so stunningly gorgeous - a perfect 10!

Laurie United Kingdom

Enchanting Unbelievable ~ just unbelievably beautiful. Where to start, exquisite cheek bones, delightful ears and the body of a divine goddess.Perfect plus. And just to be naughty, quite the most deliciously fleshy pudendum.

Jeff United States

Yummy! Great body!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Linda L thai home Can't spot a bad angle to this lovely lady but give me a couple of days alone with her for close inspection and I will see what I can find. (in the interest of research, you understand).

Linda L sunset | October 10th, 2008
Linda L sunset
Crozzers United Kingdom

Linda Sunset Magnificent. What fantastic photography and light. Linda looks as sultry as ever, she is all woman. Divine. Happy Friday!

walle73 Germany

Very nice to see her bald again. Now she really looks divine.

Voyeur United States

Linda's classic beauty and fabulous body are always a treat. It is nice to see her shaved again.

Jeff United States

The BEST Linda has to be one of the best, amazing features!

MAGOO4 United States

Lovely Linda Linda is quite lovely and very beautiful. She is a big hit. Thanks guys. magoo4

alexx2 Czech Republic

Linda's week Please Linda's WEEK or at least twice in a month, please, please. Her tits are middle of the Universe.

Paul United Kingdom

Linda L - sunset So so good to see Linda again.......but Petter, please......not shaven! There have been no wonderful tufts, no fabulous furriness for days and days now. There is a limit to 'pre-pubescant girls' .......isn't there?! There are many of us who like to see a woman look like a woman. Great pics, as ever.

Allen United States

Linda L Pure classic beauty and L is for lovely...

hp Taiwan, Province of China

Good! The second best of this month. Please give me more Linda's photoes in whole body!

Linda L red red | July 17th, 2008
Linda L red red
Larry T Japan

With this gallerie, Linda confirms she is still my favorite... until I see a gallerie with Muriel ! As usual, strong presence in front of the camera, no inhibition and a Body... wow ! Any chance for her to pose again for Peter or she has defintely stopped this kind of pictures ?

Paul United Kingdom

Linda L - red Oh - my - goodness! Petter, I was amazed by your Luba swimsuit the other day, magnificant - stunning - the photography and Luba. It is always a real treat when Linda comes around, and this is a wonderful, wonderful set of pics. Congratulations to you and her.

JP United States

Best Breasts and Ass Linda L. has still got the hottest breasts and the cutest ass of any Hegre model!

Dave United States

Awesome!!! She is just ridiculously hot and her pubic hair just makes her SO much hotter. Damn!

Voyeur United States

Linda your beautiful and your sets are always a treat. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Bob United States

Linda L Linda is all woman, so beautiful.

freequnt flyer United States

Linda Yes, but did you notice the braces? :-0

alex United Kingdom

linda l outstanding

Kevin from London United Kingdom

I can't be bothered going through every single photo to find the one where she has a brace. Why complain about it. My 12 year old daughter (who thinks she's 20) has a brace. So, our future models won't have braces by they are Linda's age because their teeth are super because they had a brace at aged 12, so surely this is a good thing. What photo(s)do you think spoil these super photos of Linda ? They all look super to me.

daniel eaves United States

Linda has a nice ass! Linda has a nice ass sitting down I gave her a `10'!

Jim United States

Linda L Yup. Who cares if she's wearing braces? She is a lovely woman with an incredible body, and she really knows how to pose.

Pete United Kingdom

Linda Ridicoulsly pretty, great body but overall I prefer your more petite models

Allen United States

Timeless beauty.... I'm one who has traveled extensively, and known many a beautiful woman, and I can say that Linda is one of the most beautiful women in the entire world for all time. Her beauty - top to toe - clean clear through in mind body and soul is beyond words to truly express.

Diehard Singapore

That face... With Linda, you get distracted by the beautiful breasts, the lovely ass and the shapely legs. But what I really want to say is that she has the most hautingly beautiful face. She has IMHO the most gorgeous face here.

wheels United States

Does anyone else notice she's just not as.. oomphy as she used to be? I hope she is not trying to lose weight. It would be a shame. You've stunned me again though. Beautiful range of tawny browns in this set.

Robert United States

Hegre's Best... I do believe that Linda L. is Hegre's BEST Model. She has more quality pictures then any other model and she continues to look amazing every time!

Jeff United States

Great spread In some of these shots she's seems to be as happy to see her pussy as I am.

TasteSavor United States

Que Linda! These photographs are what brought me back to HEGRE-ART! Undoubtedly, they represent Linda's finest work before saying 'farewell' to her (younger...freshly shaven) gallery-mates.'RED RED' pays homage to the more serene ART of portrait photography...and is a tribute to a mature, confident,...EXTRAORDINARILY BEAUTIFUL WOMAN. 'Mucho gracias'...LINDA, and KUDOS to PETTER!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Linda L red red I'm trying to think of a word that will say Linda is superb but I can't, so I'll just say LINDA IS SUPERB.

feddy United States

cute lil butt

Linda L entrance | June 6th, 2008
Linda L entrance
JP United States

Hot Gallery but, no shots of Linda's succulent meaty pussy? Still, has the best breasts along with Anna S.

Paul United Kingdom

Linda L - entrance Gentlemen.........I am sorry, but after the last few days of shaved girls, what a wonderful real, real woman!!

Ortis United Kingdom

Beautiful as always.

terminus_h Slovenia

in many aspects, queen of the site

Linda L. tropical | May 17th, 2008
Linda L. tropical
JP United States

Love those Breasts I especially like the side view of her breasts on the last two pages. I never get tired of Linda L's luscious big breasts. You could give me a 20 page gallery of just her breasts and I would be completely satisfied. Maybe when Linda L. gets her braces off, we'll be able to see her wonderful smile.

alex United Kingdom

linda l simply an outstandingly beautiful woman.

milhouse73 Germany

She looks so beautiful with the shaved look.Thats divine! Will we get more?

J-Dog United States

Please tell me... that there is a Part 2! This is only the tip of the iceberg as far as what can be done with this set.

Gareth United States

Oh, the things I would give... to wake up next to Linda! Ethereal, surreal.

Luclaf Canada

Linda beauty Linda really impressed me with all her variable poses. This allowed us to admire all angles of her beauty. High score.

Larry T Japan

Beautiful, as always. I am never bored with her pictures. More !

Rob United Kingdom

wow! no 44 where she's touching her cl*t and smiling sexily is incredible! Fabulous set!

Voyeur United States

Lovely, as always

Paul United Kingdom

Linda L tropical She is a wonderful woman, in every sense. So good to see in this set, some of her character and life coming from her face. I still don't get this shaved bit - esp with's like shaving eyebrows off....... Petter, well done again - Linda is proving to be an absolute stunner in more ways than one.

sirstefanofb Australia

A wonderful 'set'... pictures are very good also!... I particularly like pic 47 (photo 15 on P3).... it shows Linda reclining, eyes closed with all her womanly beauty revealed... and I can imaging her just waiting to be 'touched' by an unseen stranger, who may happen to pass by... this I find very erotic.

Mauro Italy

Great series linda is absolutely stunning and very hot and erotic... I wish I could grab a few shot personally... Love!

daniel eaves United States

Linda L. shaved pussy and nice ass makes her sexy!

sirstefanofb Australia

Quote from Paul Posted at 19th May 2008 0:49 – "I still don't get this shaved bit" ... Paul. Please Paul, let me try to explain... it is perhaps an 'aquired taste'... I am a product from the middle of the last century... and over the years my interest in Woman has 'evolved'... what maybe 'turned me on' when I was 14 years old no longer may turn me on today... my 'tastes' have evolved along with my maturity... For me personally a fully shaved woman will 'draw me to action'... whilst an unshaven woman won't. I have been most fortunate to have enjoyed many Women in my life... all of them younger than me and mostly very attractive... I know find that I cannot 'sleep' with a woman unless she is smoothly shaven... Today I have two Women living with me, one a Belgian and the other an East German Woman.... Both are fully shaven... Now this may be just a 'fetish' that I have developed...but if either of those Women were not smoothly shaven, then they would not be sharing my bed... I accept that shaven women do not appeal to all men... but to some they do and that is a matter of personal choice... like 'Different Strokes... for different Folks'

Ken Simpson Australia

Linda L.tropical One could not take advantage of this beautiful lady. She's in charge of every aspect of her life and could charm anyone to death if she wished.

Linda L thai girl | May 2nd, 2008
Linda L thai girl
Crozzers United Kingdom

Crikey - what a bloody amazing gallery!!! One of those ones where you click through all the pictures individually instead of choosing images from the thumbnails. It just gets better as you go along!! Can't wait for tomorrow though - I think a lot of people's prayers have been answered.........Alleluhia!!!!

Scott Salbo United States

Linda L thai girl Oh my. She's too beautiful. It hurts my heart.

imola Japan

Incredible This photo set should have the Part 2,including the cover photo of the video "Linda L pool". I am longing for it!

JP United States

Future galleries Petter, now that we are losing Yanna, I am worried that Linda L. may be next. If so, could you just start taking a ton of photos of Linda L. and put them in storage so that I can get my Linda L. fix once or twice a month for the next 20-30 years. They don't even have to be elaborate photoshoots. Galleries as simple as "Linda L. brushing her teeth" or "Linda L. reading a book" will suffice. She so hot that she can turn the everyday mundane into an erotic event.

Jim United States

Linda L - Thai Girl Amazing set. Truly amazing.

alex United Kingdom

linda l majestic

spike Canada

Wow. Incredible set of photos (and breasts, and ass and...)

J-Dog United States

Perfect There's just something so erotic about a woman on all fours looking right at you, and Lida L does it as well as any woman ever has.

Rob United Kingdom

Oh WOW!!! This is the best set for a long while! Fantastic combination of erotic athleticism and gymnastics, and good old intimate details... yummy!

Luclaf Canada

Linda beauty Yep... I agree, she's really cute :)

daniel eaves United States

Linda L looks hot and sexy!

sirstefanofb Australia

I find this set to be very 'touching'

Tre United Kingdom

this must be heaven on earth !!! linda look even more hot than usual in these pictures

Voyeur United States

The lovely Linda L, always a treat - she's one of my favorites. Sexy & sensual. And now I learn, she's playful. What a treat.

JP United States

Hungarian Honey Linda L. appears in what is likely her best gallery yet. Stunning breasts again, this time from may angles. Loved the shots on the last two pages with her lifting her pussy into the air. I love that beautiful bush and big meaty pussy.

sillyrab United States

thai Girl Love the voyeuristic aspect of this shoot. Almost a candid quality which I would love to see more of.

traque Germany

I think it's her best set, too. unique & awesome body

Blackman Germany


hp Taiwan, Province of China

Thai Tour Best set of May 2008. If Linda lives in Thailand, I'll tour there to visit her as soon as possible!

EtherealShot Italy

Delicacy and sympathy Sensual, but also playful, Linda in this gallery, let the clothes to model, and back for a few moments a girl who loves to play. Beautiful shot, congratulations.

Linda L. lush green | April 21st, 2008
Linda L. lush green
JP United States

Voluptuous No offense to Ira's gallery yesterday, but to me nothing beats a great pair of full, succulent breasts and Linda L. has the greatest of them all.

JP United States

Streak Evi, Anna S., Ira, Linda L. this all-star week at Hegre? Who's next? Marketa? Mirta? I hope!

Jim United States

Linda L Such an amazing body. A nice touch with the clothes, and never getting fully nude. Still wicked sexy.

sirstefanofb Australia

Linda.... A statuesque beauty with sensational breasts.. and great 'everything'... and oh such a tease!

Tdonna United States

Linda L. Linda L. is one of your "tops." The underwear DID need to come off though! Thanks,

Dan from Texas United States

Beautiful .... Linda is fabulous. The photos are extraordinary! Color saturation is magnificant and sharp as a tack! Excellent work with the most beautiful of models, Linda L. Praise is in order and given freely. Thanks.

Larry T Japan

Number one model ! As usual, a wonderful set with Linda L. As Jim says, the clothes are a wondeful addition which underlines her magnificient body. I guess there will be a sequel to this series... and I do keep on dreaming that like Yanna or Sian, she will return to Hegre for a new series of pictures. She deserves it !

Bobby B United States

Linda shaved! Linda shaving is extremely hot! Thank you- you are a goddess.

Rob United Kingdom

how wonderful to see plenty of panty for a change. I love the sight of pussy meat bulging in white fabric...

sirstefanofb Australia

Agreed Bobby B.... for me, the 'fuzz-less' Linda is infinately more pleasing.

Voyeur United States

Poised, beautiful, sexy. I always love Linda L - my dream woman.

Allen United States

So gorgeous Such beautiful eyes, face, body, and on and on. Linda is the epitemy of femininity. Always looking forward to seeing her the next again.

Paul United Kingdom

Linda L - lush green Stunning set of pics......stunning woman. But please please, can we have the fuzz back on me, she would look the woman she is, and not like a pre-pubescent girl!!

Linda L. high key | April 7th, 2008
Linda L. high key
Jeff United States

Amazing Linda Utterly amazing, the contours, the looks, the view, picture 32 has to be the best, she is the best!!

Alexx2 Czech Republic

Amazing She is a piece of art again ....thanks Linda and thanks Petter. Her ass is amazing here more than ever.

Jesse Australia

angle Wow, the angle, the angel, perspective, perfection. beautiful work, thankyou.

Paul United Kingdom

Linda - high key Oh Petter! Truly stunning. The sequence 16-22.....the light/shade across hip bones, thigh, stomach muscles and furry mound......just exquisite. Body-beautiful. Great pictures, thank you.

Voyeur United States

Pure hotness.

Jim United States

LindaL I just signed up for another tour. This is why!! Beautiful lighting. She looks like a goddess. Nice job.

JP United States

Hot Ass Linda L. has the best breasts and also probably the best ass on

AJ Davis United States

Linda L Beautiful!

alex United Kingdom

linda l hot real hot

alexx2 Czech Republic

Skin ... I can smell Linda's skin through your photographs...never stop photographing her, please

sirstefanofb Australia

Linda L is a 'knockout' and totally uninhibited... willing to freely display her most attractive and generously proportioned Labia Minora... would love to see Linda without the bush.

Larry T Japan

More ! Please Petter, just like you did with Yanna, have a second and even a third session with Linda ! She us just awesome !!!

cams United Kingdom

Mmm That little pink hole in no 32 - oh for some vaseline!

tontonyvan France

She has lovely breasts, but also a fabulous ass, yes that's right: that little pink hole! love also to lick it!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Linda L high key Front or back Linda is delightful.

ftdrag_vrtt Australia

About the title There is an extra dimension here making an unmistakable statement about why Linda L is so beautiful. It is happening in a crescendo of feminine action when the body meets the soul.

Linda L. caps and sunglasses | December 13th, 2007
Linda L. caps and sunglasses
JP United States

Best Breasts Period!! Hands down, Linda L has the most beautiful breasts in the world. I'll certainly miss them when she decides to stop modelling. Until then, I'll savor every photo shoot she is in.

STACY United States

Perfect Legs I would like to see more of Linda L.s beautful legs, wow shes sexy - every curve every angle - simply magnificent

PK United States

Thank God she finally shaved!

Dan from Texas United States

Linda L Magnificent woman! She is truly gifted with looks, sex appeal, and apparently a sense of humor! The photos are hot!

Dave Canada

Linda L. hmmm, 13 more pics to would have been great!

Linda L floating | January 1st, 2008
Linda L floating
imola Japan

Linda L again! Wow! Beautiful Linda L again! She is so fantastic. I hope more of her gallaries,especialy including the top photo of "Linda L pool" video,please.

specimens United States

she is so fantastic and revealing...great poser!

Ted United Kingdom

Linda L I love the outdoor setting, the colours , the sensuality and movement of the water in this series. Oh and Linda's perfect breasts too!

Voyeur United States

Ah, Linda L, the days are too long between the times you share your natural beauty. She is well proportioned, beautiful and sensual. Another great gallery.

alex United Kingdom

linda l so natural,so beautiful.

jim chaney United States

Error vote Sorry, I pushed the wrong button on the vote. Should have pushed 9. Jim

JP United States

Sensual Breasts Linda L continues to display the best breasts on the site. They are so luscious and full and perfectly shaped.

mcm United States

Classic Beauty... Linda has a classical gorgeous beauty that is ageless, from head to toe; the kind that lives on in your memory forever and ever. I can't get enough of looking at her incredibly perfect body, but her beautiful face simply mesmerizes me - I love close-ups of her face, and want to just stare at her succulent lips and stare into her wonderous eyes forever.

Robert United States

The Queen My new favorite Linda series.

Olivier France

Just GREAT ! A marvellous gallery of LINDA L ! Congratulations Peter and Linda ! HAVE AN HAPPY NEW YEAR ! OLIVIER

sirstefanofb Australia

Linda L gains great flotation from her magnificent breasts... if I were shipwrecked I would discard my life jacket and hold onto Linda

Linda L. home girl | March 16th, 2008
Linda L. home girl
Eric United Kingdom

LInda L What a delight! The hairy mound of venus was the tops! And made the sight of the shaven pussy a joy to behold. The real treat was page 7 no 5. Thanks Linda your genitals were such a delight and the beauty of your breasts and nipples have made my day. [Petter - more please!]

alex United Kingdom

linda l breathtaking,linda is an outstanding beauty.

JP United States

So Voluptuous and sexy I'd just like to hug Linda L. and feel her warm, supple breasts caress me! I get excited everytime I see her in the "Tomorrow" section.

Voyeur United States

Anytime Linda graces your site it is wonderful. Shaved or unshaved she is beautiful and sensual. Her confidence radiates in every portfolio.

Jeff United States

Linda is the best!! It his her eyes and the soft expression with a hint of smile, the best. More intimate ones of her please.

Jim United States

LindaL Smoldering. She's so comfortable in front of the camera. She's loving it. So am I!

Curt United States

Perfection L - is so close to being the perfect woman that it defies description. Curves where they should be, uninhibited personality, striking natural beauty, and I LOVE the manicured buff down below, is she really this GREAT in real life ? Why not an all Linda layout once a week !!

Luclaf Canada

Linda beauty Cute model and I liked her armpit shaving, and Peter, this simple set of pics contains great poses, simple but perfect piece of work.

Sam United States

Bravo Linda. This is my new favorite Linda gallery because it is so different form the rest. In the other series Linda looks as though she is trying to seduce the camera in a staged setting. In this series she just seems so soft and natural as if the camera caught her lounging about her room. She is the only reason I subscribed to Hegre-Art.

sirstefanofb Australia

Linda sure 'sizzles-my-cigar'... and Petter your camers craft is superb... don't know how you can hold it so steady... Linda rates 77.3% on the 'Roissy Meter' that being 116/150... tho she would have scored 126/150 were it not for the 'steel wool' on her lower abdomen...which would have taken her to a very creditable 84%

JP United States

One track mind Sirstefanofb, dude you got to give you're "clean shaven" obsession a rest. Every comment you make goes along the lines of "(insert name) is hot, but she would be even hotter if she had shaven." Why not appreciate the models just as they are. If you really need to see shaven girls just to get off, then why don't you visit some of these "barely-legal websites."

Michael Canada

Image 94 does it for me. Ow!

JP United States

Image 94 Wow, would I love to see the reverse angle of image #94!

Paul United Kingdom

Linda L - home girl The shaven v not-shaven debate is interesting. I am in the not-shaven camp.......I long for pics of Linda to come around, and here she is again, a true woman.....not like some of the 'bald' girls in some other sets. But hey, we are all different.....would be boring and lots of fights if we all liked the same! Petter - keep them all coming, they are all great pics. For me one of your best ever is Katheryn-Zebra, pic 02.......truly masterful.

sirstefanofb Australia

Thank you Paul, for your very sensible and balanced comment.

John United States

Perfection! Perfect head to toe (including rare hairy puss on Hegre) with great positions and angles.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Linda L home girl DYNAMITE! But Linda certainly does. YOU might say 'Home Girl' but I have to say 'Down boy'.

will United States

Linda L What a great set of a lovely woman so fully exposed... #112 what a glorious view!

Joey United Kingdom

nice boobs n vagina

Linda L. horizon | February 1st, 2008
Linda L. horizon
Crozzers United Kingdom

Linda L. Horizon Ding Dong! I say! What's the story? Mine is Morning Glory!! Corr, phew - this is too much at this time in the morning! I can't take it!! Fab!! Crozzers.

Ortis United Kingdom

Linda L Linda never fails to deliver. What a girl.

Jim United States

Linda L Sweet! I'm jealous of the bright warm sun. It's cold here!

JP United States

All hail the Queen Linda L. displays her perfect breasts in this set. Especially liked the closeups with the water droplets clinging to her supple mammaries.

Bill United States

Linda L. Horizon Thank you Linda. You are hotter than donut grease!!!!! Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful.

GT United States

Wow, she really does have just about the perfect body. Not the only one on this site, of course, but still, Linda L is amazing! Do wish she'd smile a bit more, though.

Voyeur United States

Perfect body, beutiful face, lovely hands, great pussy and red hair besides. Linda we only need your great smile.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Linda L horizon If I could spell delicious, that's what I'd say but I'll have to settle for 'Tasty,tasty, very, very tasty' and hope you'll know what I mean.

Linda L. pool side | January 20th, 2008
Linda L. pool side
JP United States

Linda L, the best breasts period. I loved the last few shots of Linda L clutching her supple, perfectly shaped breasts. Also loved the fact that she didn't shave below, which I would have found out of place in a woman of her maturity.

alex United Kingdom

linda l a delicious treat as always.

Elvis United States

Linda Poolside I can never get enough of this girl. Among other things, I just love her bedroom eyes.

Jim United States

Linda Hot as a pistol!

Dan from Texas United States

Linda Poolside ..... Linda is hot, sexy, and beautiful. I really enjoy and look forward to Petter's photos of this vision of Venus.

imola Japan

Here comes Linda L I am loonging for "Linda L,poolside 2" and "3" and more!!

SBBoom United States

Linda I really wish she would shave.

Linda United States

I'm really so glad she doesn't shave!

Kevin from London United Kingdom

If you want to see her shaved, look at the superb pictures at Linda L Naughty. What a beautiful pussy.

Voyeur United States

Linda L, shaved or not shaved, is a truely beautiful and sensual model. I look forward to her sessions always. I loved the droplets of water cascading down her lovely body - nice touch Petter.

Badga United Kingdom

Linda L, Lively Lovely and Luscious This is a another gorgeous set from Linda, her body is so stunning to look at, its almost impossible to look away. She's an absolute treasure. Badga

Olivier France

Just nice ! Linda, beautifull body ! Petter, some photos with smile please ! thanks.

jk United States

This has been my second annual subscription with Petter. It expires today. Many wonderful images and memories. Truly inspired. Thanks for all of your talent and hard work. Perhaps some day I will rejoin. One way or another, Linda's photos are a wonderful way to part company. Best of luck to you, to Luba, and your team.

gareth United States

linda, tropics, wetness.. WINNER!

Jeff Daniels United States

My Favorite Things Lind L is defenitely one of my favs. Top 5 for sure.

Linda L. white bikini | November 23rd, 2007
Linda L. white bikini
alex United Kingdom

linda l simply amazing,linda l is just an incredibly beautiful woman.

STACY B United States

REQUEST I really like your site and especially the extreme clear quality of images, I have a request, really would like to see more of the models' "bare legs", often they arn't in focus either - debth of field

john p United States

Linda l One of your best photo shoots! Linda is an incredibly beautiful woman. more...more...

DP United States

she's soooo fine she is one of my favorite models and deserves a great shoot like this one. watch out though for anything that distracts from such fine beauty. #37,38,40

Robert United States

Nice The only thing wrong in this photo shoot is that the bikini is not smaller.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Linda L white bikini This lady is PURE CLASS.

Linda L. tennis | November 12th, 2007
Linda L. tennis
Paul United Kingdom

Linda L - tennis Petter -superb pics, superb model. .....would that you could repeat same with a short white tennis skirt and white knickers please!!

sirstefanofb Australia

All I can say Petter is.... 'Thanks for the Mamarries'... I think Linda L has 'succulent breasts'..... well done

Jim United States

Hi Llinda L Nice to have you back. Sure hope there is a part two to this one. It feels like it needs it, don't ya think?? :-)

Dan from Texas United States

Linda There is something about the beautiful and graceful Linda L. that brings out the best in Petter's creativity. I remember Linda in the Garden, in the Indian Ocean, Linda Naughty, and my all time favorite - Linda Lazy Days (the shots at the window still spark my imagination and are some of Petter's best ever). Linda seems to understand her allure in a way that few models can. She doesn't act - she is just herself. And Petter's camera seems to catch those fleeting moments forever. Bravo Linda and bravo Petter. Thanks.

JP United States

Love-15 Linda L. can be my doubles partner anytime!!

Bob United States

Advantage Linda This young lady is super. I can't get enough.

[revo] Silent United States

Great job! The set truly captures the words "sex appeal" in a nut shell. However it does seem to be missing something... I think we all know what I am talking about here ;) Furthermore, I love the fact that it is somewhat close too... I usually do not look at the outdoor sets of most models.

Rob United States

Love Linda You know I always wanted to see Linda in a bikini because I always she her naked and I wondered what she looked like with clothes on.

Linda L. waking up | October 7th, 2007
Linda L. waking up
zoneblanche France

superbe & 1000 & 1

Paul United Kingdom

Linda L - waking up Stunning and in such a natural womanly way.......that dash of pubic hair makes so much difference.....if only it could have been there for her Lazy Days sequence too. Congratulations on a great set of pics!

akis13 Greece

excellent beauty

Dave United States

Good Lord! Incredibly sexy!

alexx2 Czech Republic

More and more of Linda More of Linda!!! I subscribe only because of her beauty....again 10!

Artur Brazil

the last one Dear friend, I'm so glad to meet you and your work! Today, is the last day with you and your site. I say, once more time, God bless your work. So long!

John United States

Great Girl Even wakes up stripping.

alex United Kingdom

linda l linda l is an exceptional woman,such beauty.

Curt United States

No Words To Describe thank you thank you thank you - L is just smokin hot in the morning ! ! ! The tantalizing "mask" of her womanhood is most pleasing and frames the true treasure within . . .

Brian United States

Wow! To wake up next to Linda every morning...One couldn't fantasize for anything better in life!

don United States

A very shapely young woman. I prefered her when she was a smoothy though. Nothing like a shaved pussy!

sirstefanofb Australia

Yes, me too.... prefer her all soft and smooth


just awesome....the best model on hegre-art

Mr. M United States

Home Run Every time I see another Linda gallery I think this one is my favorite but this series has just set the bar for all other Linda galleries. Can't wait to see more.

John United States

Beautiful!!! Perfect from head to toe! Awesome poses. Hegre-Art, she's a keeper, don't let her go!

Mark United States

I am blown away Petter,thank you so much.Finally a gorgeous model with natural appearance.Her pubic hair so hot.Please more models like that. Alya and Olga D look hot too. Please,please more of this kind of nudity

Olivier France

The best gallery ! Linda L is very beautifull ! I love ! Thanks Peper, OLIVIER

Justin United States

Phenominal This is what I've been waiting to see from her. This series tells a story and let's the imagination run wild. If only I could wake up and see that ONCE, I'd die happy.

olivier France

Just one word : perfect.

elciel United Kingdom

Linda Linda L is beautiful, but it would be nice if she were not quite so disdainful. But the camera's affection for her is evident, and the idea of the gallery, 'her waking up', gives shape and sequence .

Murph United Kingdom

God Almighty!!!

JP United States

Luscious Breasts Linda L has the best, shapliest breasts on the site!!

myke United States

Back for More I can't stop returning to view all Linda L shoots. Aside from her beauty, the way she touches herself really makes me stand up and take notice. Thank you, Linda L. Don't change a thing!

Jeff Daniels United States

Definetley a favorite of mine. Incredible body, and not shy about showing it all! I just love those lips... if you know what I mean.

linda fan Singapore

linda u make me wake UP UP UP.......

tontonyvan France

wake-up I'd love to wake-up with her and carress her tits, kiss them, lick them suck her nipples and...

Jeff United States

100 Best tits on the planet!

Linda L. sandy | September 7th, 2007
Linda L. sandy
Auriele India

Shes Awesome....I dont know why did the pictures need that rope...

Rob United Kingdom

Deliciously meaty pussy

Mr. M United States

It's nice to see Linda on her back but would love to see her spending time with the camera with her titties sitting up.

Linda L. naughty | May 10th, 2007
Linda L. naughty
alex United Kingdom

Linda L linda l fantastic body,spectacular breasts,an all round beautiful woman.

imola Japan

Linda L This is THE GALLERY I've been longIng for!! More Linda L,Please!

Pascal United States

OMFG this is one of the best series i've seen so far since i joined :) all i can say say is give us more like this and videos too :)

Artur Brazil

Linda L. Uau! A new way of focusing a girl! Very, very nice and luxurious. I want more and more!

Lou United States

Plese don't let us wait this long for another Linda gallery again. I was starting to go through withdrawl. She has one of, if not the best body on this site. It is utterly ridiculous not to have more galleries with her each month. She also needs more videos she has the type of body one needs to see in motion.

al United Kingdom

awesome linda is perhaps the ultimate woman,incredible from head to toe.

Dave Grenada

Linda L. I agree with imola! Please give us more of this terribly sexy girl!!! 11 out of 10!

Scott Salbo United States

Linda L. naughty the pictures are starting to go somewhere very nice.

cookin United States

Linda L. Naughty Thank you, Petter for an image series of unparelled eroticism. You have returned to your roots, and your fans are eternally grateful

jtarockstar United States

Linda L Thank God!

talsa Australia

hot this is what we want - beautiful women showing their vagina and anus and really exposed like this....this is hot - she is gorgeous.

Ralph United States

WOW That was intense.

Lequivy Australia

Linda L. naughty!! Naughty indeed!! In fact much naughtier that usual and on top of that Linda is an absolute stunner! I look forward to the upcoming movie as well. Yes she has boobs to die for, oh yes.

Joseph United States

Naughty, Naughty, Wonderful! Outstanding! Please do more of these!

Andrew Cayman Islands

I'll have what she's having

michael allen United States


sandy United Kingdom

Linda-----Lovely Your best set yet, absolutely stunningly erotic, More, more more!!!! Quite a shock as some of your sets recently have become very tame and the models reluctant to show their vaginas. Please can Yanna to do a similar set

Jen United States

YES, YES, YES I have never posted before and never planned to because I don't want to play favorites but I am compelled to now. PLEASE OH PLEASE put up more galleries and videos of Linda, one a month is not enough. She has the best body on this site I am pretty sure one of the best in the world.

way jose United States

pretty much the hottest thing i've ever seen

David United States

What is passion I have always wondered exactly what the nature of passion is? What evokes these stirrings that are more than a rumble in the groin, but in the chest as well. A longing, an ache, a desire for more, perhaps a caress, a soft word, a touch. These and more flood over me when I gaze at Linda L. Passion certainly. Can a look at a woman so open and vulnerable generate something more than mere passion? And what exactly is that? If I knew, all my dreams and hopes would have been fulfilled long ago.

chefe Germany

Linda L That`s what I want to see.

Ken Simpson Australia

Linda L.naughty I wish Linda would play her naughty games with me.

Linda L lazy days | July 19th, 2007
Linda L lazy days
Dan from Texas United States

Linda L Lazy Days Magnificant photos of a classic beauty. This is some of the best work I've ever seen!

Dave United States

Amazing! Absolutely spectacular! Maybe the best gallery ever. Beautiful woman, beautiful setting, marvelous photography! Very erotic.

george Canada

Linda L lazy days Oh my God gorgeous! Amazing photography

Chief Thunder Germany

Oh my god! Her body is absolutely fantastic! What a tremendous woman!!!

Auriele India

This is one of the best shoots ever....i would like to rate it 20/10...Congrats Peter!~

salvador rios Mexico

great congratulation, it´s magnific your photos and your model looks better, thank you for this.

fyrissian United States

I always look forward to another set featuring Linda L. This one was just as pleasing as its predecessors.

Michael Canada

LindaL Lazy days indeed! These are very beautiful pictures but they still convey a lazy (not sultry) mood-that is until you walk into the room.

Bob United States

Linda L. "The Magnificent" What a fortunate man you are, to have opportunity to work with such a beauty.

Black Italy

Linda She is the one and only. A Goddess. For her wars been fought, men died... Absolutely the greatest.

Andrew Cayman Islands

This enriching visual symphony is what Hegre-Art is all about. The location, lighting, and subject are all perfectly in tune.

heinrich Ireland

the sculptural body makes the fleshy pussy so touchable

hp Taiwan, Province of China

lazy & busy Best set of July 2007. Linda lazily lies on the bed, but I busily look at her fabulously sexy body!

Jeff Daniels United States

Incredibly beautiful I've never really been a breast man, but I may have to rethink that position after viewing this gallery. When I see Linda L's name my expectations sore. This did not dissapoint! I think I've even seen her smile for the first time in one of these shots!

Jeff Daniels United States

Doggy Style No need for further explanation.

Jim United States

lighting This really is a beautiful set of photos. The lighting, in particular, is striking.

Linda L. Indian ocean | August 11th, 2007
Linda L. Indian ocean
Ben Spain

her face look like she ate something very acid for breakfast

Lequivy Australia

Can't deny .... Can't deny the stunning body (as always) with Linda ... but the standard of this set compared to previous could be raised a bit. Fab tits, nice smile when she does and lovely arse and pussy - not enough photos of the latter items though on this occasion. Oh well, as long as we get her again I'll be happy!!

sirstefanofb Australia

Tho not fully shaven I must admit to finding Linda L's pussy very inviting and she is to be congratulated for displaying it so unashameably.... Thank you Linda.... Sir Stefan

Dave United States

Wonderful... Very nice to see her with a little hair. She's a genuine beauty and looks best more natural.

alex United Kingdom

linda l linda is so beautiful it is hard to find the adequate words to describe her,just fantastic.

jtarockstar United States

Luckiest bubble know what I'm talking about

Fredie Germany

Linda I must admit that Linda is one of the most beautiful woman on your site. The contrast of beeing half natural and half shaved makes it even more irresistable and provocative.


Where the walk . . . The only missing is the walk on the beach. When a beautiful woman stands, walks, nude this allow gravity to pull every ounce of beauty out of her body. Oh, to see Ms. Linda to walk and let gravity pull on those buns and boobs, what a treat. Great set, she just needs to get out of the water some time.

Linda L. green garden | August 24th, 2007
Linda L. green garden
curt United States

Linda L This confirms it - Linda is so FRIGGIN hot it melts the screen and I 4 1 LUV the new lower do yul brenner has nothing on her . . .

GuessWho United States

Linda Just what I've been waiting for.

Erwin Netherlands

What a beautiful erotic photo's. Linda is oustanding.

Dan from Texas United States

Linda L green garden Wow. I'm stunned and speechless. Perfect body with beautiful face.

Lina L. Fan United States

Linda Linda in my opinion, is the hottest model recently. Not only is she beautiful, but she not bashful in front of the camera. She allows her entire body to be photographed the way I (as a member) want to see it. I only wish I knew how to work the camera!

alex United Kingdom

linda l linda l is an incredible natural beauty.

Bob United Kingdom

Linda's breasts are stupendous!

Lootgieter France

Hello I am not surely the only one to enjoy before these Linda's pictures. Notably because the quality of the photographs (number 47....) are somewhat better than in the others sets. Please, we are waiting for perfection for her, very good and fine portraits of her so nice face and body. Friendly, Yann Lootgieter.

goober United States

It's hard to imagine a more beautiful, more uninhibited woman than Linda L. She is positively, unbelievably sexy and gorgeous. You have really outdone yourself with this pictorial Thank you very, very much and bring her back for so many more.

Lequivy Australia

Linda a benchmark If Linda were said to be the current benchmark for the classy nude chick on this site, then I'd say without a doubt she is!! Yep, awesome tits, lovely pussy and she's not camera shy. Maybe it's better to appreciate her rare smiles in context with what she gives overall to the camera (and to us!!!). More Linda please.

JDUB United States

Nice I love the new pictures. Would love to see more just like this set.

JP United States

Linda has the most amazing breasts!

sirstefanofb Australia

I love Linda's 'puffy' nipples and most 'generous' genitalia... but would prefer to see her smoothly shaven

the Professor United States

Clean shaven is becoming the norm on this site. Let Linda's more "natural" look serve as a reminder. Glorious.

jean-philippe piter France

linda l please more more of Linda

Eric United States

Linda does not have the most attractive face (or some other parts of the body). But she has fantastic breasts. They are big and firm, just... fantastic. And she sure knows how to work the camera, she is naturally sexy. This series was a very good job on the part of the photographer as well. Especially the low angle photos which emphasize the breasts were great. Thank you Hegre, and thank you Linda.

JP United States

#1 Breasts Linda L. has got the best breasts on the site. Petter could you ask her if she needs a Mr. Right?

Hannes Germany

Linda L. Linda L. is one of the prettiest model in the scene! Had see her on other sites,pics and movies.She had a wonderful smile and is very lovely:-) Thanks Linda:-) and Petter for this great job.

linda fan Singapore

pussy lips r very nicely rosed..nice shot!!

Jeff United States

Nice Lips In every sense of the word. Especially that pussy!

tontonyvan France

Linda's tits I love her tits! so exciting. LOve her ass too.

Linda L. beach life | June 10th, 2007
Linda L. beach life
Hugh Jackson United States

It's too bad that somebody didn't have the sense enough to wipe the sand off her beautiful bottom.

Harald Greulich Germany

one of the best models

g man United States

Linda L. Easily has one of the top 3 bodies on this site. Maybe even the best overall figure. She is hott!

Justin Observer United States

Summer is on Definitely superb! I am amazed at the skin texture (and the sand and water too). I'm guess it isnt hot there... Totally beautiful! She has such beautiful 'coloration' - the subtle colors of the flesh.

Justin Observer United States

light the wonderful play of the sunlight around her! magnificent!

Justin Observer United States

art life She definitely shows all her arts on this page. Best poses, total beauty

Justin Observer United States

such definition in all of these. the subtleness and intricacy of her nipples, and even more, the lovely area. All the nuances of the skin, the flesh and colors. one gets a sense of the textures of all her skin.

Vitus Germany

Ja, sie gehört auch zu meinen TOP-10 Models von Hegre. Weiß jemand wie sie mit vollem Namen heißt?

Misty United States

All She Needs is Fins Am I the only one who thought of Disney's The Little Mermaid when I saw this gallery? Very nice serie,s but I would've liked to see more of her out of the water.

Dex Italy

a Goddess? Maybe Petter's purpose was to let us ignore the awfull background... well, u got that. Linda is pure sex powa, she is nearly not human, definitely close to be a goddess. I like her, she is the best, almost better than Luba hihihi

gareth United States

WOW, I wouldn't mind strolling along the beach and finding linda rolling around in the surf 8)~ YUMMY

Garry Australia

Linda is a goddess Linda's beauty and her keenness to share it with the subscribers on this site is an absolute wonder. Her beauty is beyond compare. Peter where do you find these wonderful creatures.

alex United Kingdom

LINDA L linda is perhaps the most complete woman on this site,she just radiates health and beauty.

Lequivy Australia

Aphrodite A goddess in many ways ... Linda is truly photogenic and has a wondrous body she is not a prude about showing off. Must be a dream to work with behind the camera I have no doubt!!

Nicky Spain

Linda has a nice fine body but something about her face I just don't like...maybe her lips that always go slightly down, like she is always unhappy about something....make me think that she must be quite handful in real life

Cams United Kingdom

The definition is fantastic. In 58 you can see the grains of sand causht in her anus!

Badga United Kingdom

Lovely Linda Absolutely Stunning. Linda IS SEX from head to toe. Her eyes will seduce a man to a standstill, once you are in her vision you will not be able to get away, you will be rendered too weak to walk away, I would'nt want to anyway, would any of you? Linda you are amazing.

Nicole & Bobby United States

Linda is drop dead gorgeous! totally one of our favorite galleries on your site. She is an angel sent from above .. every inch if her body is delightful!

hp Taiwan, Province of China

Fabulously sexy body Best set of June 2007. Wherever Linda is, you won't see the scenery. In fact, you'll stare at her fabulously sexy body!

Linda L. fashion girl | March 28th, 2007
Linda L. fashion girl
Raglanlad Australia

What amazing guns.

Dave France

Nice to see Linda L. in her own gallery. I thought she looked good in "Anna S., Angelica, Linda L. and Paulina lined up" but all the same she seemed a little cold and unhappy on that day. In this studio setting she really comes out. Simply beautiful!

Werner Sweden

Amazing girl - with a strong personality! Love to see her undress slowly - a true model!

Andrew Cayman Islands

Intergalactic body - would love a set with a smile

Lisa United States

Simply Wonderful To be quite honest the only reason or maybe one of the primary reasons I subscribed to this site was Linda L. her body is mesmerizing, I just keep coming back for more.

Jerry United States

Peter more of these fashion model type sets please; it helps to appreciate the female beauty even more

russ United States

Linda L rocking with Sexy.

russ United States

Linda L pics 48 and 49 great coochie shots

Jeff United States

Incredible Body! She's a bit overdressed in this gallery but I've seen what she's hiding. What an awesome pair of tits!

Linda L. lace | March 11th, 2007
Linda L. lace
Werner Sweden

lacy Linda Linda really combines style, natural beauty and elegance. Love those shots and cannot wait to see more. Impressive make-up, too. Great series: phantastic photo and superb model!

Curt Sedwick United States

Oh my God She's perfect.


Wonderful Linda L, but please stop teasing us! Show us more next time. Wonderful pics.

Anna S., Angelica, Paulina and Linda L. nude Wimbledon | February 21st, 2007
Anna S., Angelica, Paulina and Linda L. nude Wimbledon
Mr Snob United Kingdom

The best ever!!!

Norman Hull United States

Nude Wimbledon Excellent series. Would like to see more of each especially the young lady in the black cap with the very long hair. Thanks for sharing

Rod Laver United States

I'm not sure who the one in the white hat is, but you need to shoot a lot more of her.

thomas Hutereau Belgium


Davek United States

Gret concept! How about a golf course next? Very well done...

Adam United States

Beautiful Angel This series is beautiful! The slim girl on the far left with blond hair is EXTREMElY beautiful!! They are all beautiful, but she is a 15 out of 10 in my book! I hope you do a series with her in it :-) :-) She is an Angel!

Andrew Cayman Islands

These are pictures of my happy place.

Jorge Murguia Mexico

wimbledon Excellent a different type of photos, congratulations the inivation is the blood of a businnes

Julian United States

The photos in this shoot are as good as it gets. The women are beautiful, the scenery and lighting were perfect. Can't wait to see more photos from this shoot. Excellent choice in titles as well. Please let there be a video for this one.

g man United States

All the women are beautiful in this series, the gal in the white cap is outrageously hot!

Jay MMW Portugal

4 gorgeous girls.. aiaiaiai, would do anything to spend some time with these gorgeous girls on a exotic island. As i am a big fan of sport and adore the female, i love this set. Great shots, beautiful colors and nice and bright! Way to go, thanks again.. Forca Hegre-team!

Pete United Kingdom

Red Shoes As everybody is picking out their favourite. mines the one in the red shoes. Great body and very pretty

martina United Kingdom

they were never this hot in my day...

Peter Byrne Australia

Nude Wimbledon I Have these lovely ladies adorning my desktop & screensaver already they are all stunnners. I look forward to seeing more of these ladies in solo & together shoots because they are all new to your site.

nje2000 Germany

More of Anna S.! Please give us much more fotos from Anna S. (the red sneaker girl). She seems to be one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen!! Please more!

Dan Israel

Superb gallery This gallery is extraordinary. I wish it was longer. My only other wish is that the girls were barefooted.

MrMan United States

Barefoot This is a wonderful series of photos,however,it would have been nice to see them barefoot.All of your models should go barefoot.I would like to also see more women of colour in your photo shoots...

sirstefanofb Australia

WOW... REAL HOT CHICKS.......I've just signed up for Tenns lessons and with a bit of luck I might make it ti Wimbledon, before these girls are grannies!!!!

terminus_h Slovenia

another hot series: in this one, the legs are clearly determining the winner - Angelica and her runner up - Anna S; Paulina is yet again not far behind. Gorgeous Linda L seems uninspired in this one, so the fourth place is reserved for her.

DANIEL United States


HEH313 Germany

ANNA who else From forum to forum all spectators say, "Oh, wow, how beautiful these girls are, but who is the blonde with the red shoes? Anna stands out between a score of beauty queens; and that makes her unique.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Anna S etc. nude Wimbledon. Wimbledon has changed unarguably for the better with the 'Wombles' ousted as No1 residents.

durai India

anna complete anna the great beauty queen

Anna S., Angelica, Linda L. and Paulina lined up | March 9th, 2007
Anna S., Angelica, Linda L. and Paulina lined up
baudolino73 Germany

Wow! 4 beautiful shaven mermaids! Very simple idea, but very effective! I love this set!!!

Jake Canada

Four lovely young ladies This is part of the never ending work of art that is nude photography of the female form. Each lady is uniquely beautiful.

randy United States

What an incredible tribute to the female form in all its glory! Thank you for the beauty of the full figure!

gareth United States

WOW STUNNING SIRENS! splish splash in the water... gosh, i wanna play! :)

Dave France

This type of gallery where several models pose together invites comparison but in the best possible sense of the word. Each is beautiful in her own right but the beauty of each is heightened by the difference with those that stand beside her. All are perfect but all are different. Perfection has many forms!

Charlie Colombia

This has got to be empirical proof of God's work, doesn't get any more perfect than this

terminus_h Slovenia

Beuatiful women, indeed. My personal favorite is Linda L, with Anna S coming close second, but neither Angelica nor Paulina are far behind.

terminus_h Slovenia

somewhat more analytical approach with different outcome: this is an incredible set of gorgeous girls and it is tough to decide who is "the fairest of them all." Judging the legs, Angelica is a clear winner, with Anna S, Linda L and Paulina following. The part above legs, however is a different matter: Linda L is quite the strongest, with Paulina right behind her, Anna S and Angelica are third and fourth. Overall: Linda L the first, Paulina the second, Anna S the third and Angelica the fourth. Paulina truly radiates some exquisite sensuality.

prospero United Kingdom

Great collection for butt-men. Paulina bum comes first then Linda, Angelica and Anna S.

DANIEL United States


HEH313 Germany

Anna who else Everyone has their own preferences. To me even among these four beauties Anna stands out.

JMHthe3rd United States

I'd sure love to be in a fivesome with them. God they're beautiful. I can't really say which one is my favorite, though Anna S stands out, and Linda L has the best breasts. It's a pity Angelica, Linda, and Pauline haven't had a new set in several months. Any chance of them returning?

Linda L Films COMMENTS

Midnight Pool Party | April 15th, 2008
Midnight Pool Party
Mauro Italy

Extremely hot clip! Still dreaming to dance in the middle of their cicle... More, please!

JP United States

Anna S. and Linda L. I nearly lost it when Anna S. and Linda L. began fondling each others' breasts.

MAGOO4 United States

POOL PARTY Now that's my kind of party. Thanks Petter. Magoo4

terminus_h Slovenia

Paulina again steals the show and outshines them all. How does she do it?

HEH313 Germany

Pool Party What comes to my mind on this one? Three angels and one goddess. Does anyone guess who I mean?

SR. S Mexico


Petrus Poland

Beautifull film Very good. Nude girls in motion is always great pleasure to see.

cyberspace United States

Multiple nude girls dancing in the water to Euro disco music. Simple but excellent.

nat_pavitt United States

Just breath taking... I just wish the "film" was longer

Hinvictus Peru

¿Cuál es mejor? Primer puesto empate Anna y Paulina, diosas, buena Hegre!!!

Jorgen Denmark

Midnight Pool Party Wish I could be there

Linda L Thailand | December 25th, 2007
Linda L Thailand
alex United Kingdom

linda l perhaps the most complete woman i have ever seen,everything about linda is just exceptional.

alexx2 Czech Republic

Thanks for the DAY Thanks for the Day when Linda was born and thanks Petter for the day when he found her....she is the biggest star his heaven....

Dan from Texas United States

Linda Thailand Excellent video. Beautiful Linda. Exotic, erotic, every bit one of Petter's best videos, ever.

stork32533 United States

Linda L Beautiful face and body. Sensuous movements.

Marc United States

Linda L What a fantastic video. The girl was gorgeous. Her moves were sensuous. The scene was simple and beautiful. The filming and editing were superb. The music added so much to the feel of it all. This is one of my favorites!


Strolin' on the beach, somewere in Thailand and suddenly I encounter such a scene......!! The wish of every man!!

Walt7000 United States

What a pretty lady,its about time you showed a model with genital hair.Thats nice...

Laurie United Kingdom

Brilliant Film ~ Brilliant Quality ~ Brilliant Eroticism Definately one of the most sensuous films I have seen on this site. It was such an enticing tease leaving you craving for more. Gorgeous ~ such a beautiful girl.

Laurie United Kingdom

Super Sensualism Very evocative ~ seductively teases the senses ~ engaging realism. The taste of the sea on her skin and the heady sensual fragrance of her divine femininity is emotionally touching.

Mark United States

Linda Linda looks absolutely fabulous naked! What a goddess!! Lovely and sensual film watching her rythmically move that gorgeous body. Love the music as it adds to the eroticism of watching this beautiful woman share her beauty with us.

Linda L Indian Ocean | August 28th, 2007
Linda L Indian Ocean
Will United States

Oh my God! I'm a 40 year old man and I've seen and been with many women, so it is really amazing to me when a woman can be so beautiful that she literally makes me forget to breath.

greg hamilton Australia

unbelievable is Linda,perfection, truly a goddess, she is blessed

daf United States

In love with LL Completely unabashed and uninhibited, this beauty is a rare find. Lucky us!

Dan from Texas United States

Linda L Indian Ocean Awesome video. Awesome girl. Over and over again I'll watch this video.

Jared Canada

Linda is the reason i got a membership! Linda has the most perfect body, and it's those breasts which are just amazing! The water glistens against here smooth curves so heavenly. 5 out of 5!

alex United Kingdom

Linda linda is just spectacular,and she has the most incredible breasts,a beautiful woman with fantastic curves.

Mr. M United States

Wonderful Has the Herge staff been reading my mind? This is exactly what I wanted in a Linda video. More like this, please.

Eric United States

This is a very erotic film. The composition is great and she has fantastic breasts.

david United States

Linda- Indian Ocean Mermaid Linda is a very beautiful girl, with an exquisite body and face. The combination of the music and setting complement her beauty well. Highly erotic. Thank you.

maetae Mexico

Linda L. Indian Ocean Thank you, Linda, for sharing your immense beauty and grace and also your intimacy with us, and congratulations to Petter Hegre for presenting this crown jewel of creation in his new masterpiece of art.

John United States

Linda L is a 10+ Perfect in every regard! Face, hair, breast, hairy puss, ass, skin ... you name it! You need more like Linda L and less of your other skinny, flat chested, pale shaven puss models you've been using a lot of lately.

ti United States

Linda L If you look like that, you have an obligation to take your close off in a public way.

terminus_h Slovenia

a clear proof why Linda L is one of the top (the top?) models of this site.

Nude Wimbledon | June 12th, 2007
Nude Wimbledon
calgree United States

A Grand Slam! Tennis is my new favourite sport...

Andrew Cayman Islands

Thank God you got this on film!

Giuseppe Italy

I love tennis!!! Can I teach how to play tennis to these nymphs?

Andy United Kingdom

Sporty models Sexy, but clumbsy I feel... I think what would make this film ultimately sexy, is, watching one of these (or any other) girls play a sport they can actually play well.. An idea possibly?

Joakim Sweden

Good but not great There is nothing like watching beautiful girls just playing around totally nude. But the movie was to short. And some close-ups and slow motion would have been nice.

Dragon India

Hot n Funny A HDV video of four seriously hot and sexy girls playing lawn tennis totally nude ; this oficially the best video I ever downloaded of the net. No doubt I had expected that my jaw will hit the floor, but Team Hegre went further , as usual :). The girls are not only incredibly hot , sexy and stunningly beautiful , they are also very very funny. I like girls who smile , laugh and make others laugh rather than have a cold stone face , like one girl over here . On a scale of 1 to 10, I will rate the video a 20 and the girls definitely a 100. Thanks to the four girls, Petter and his team a million times. By the way Petter , the two girls who lost most certainly deserve a rematch. So please give them a rematch and don't forget your HD cam.

Mark United States

I didn't whether to laugh or get turned on.

terminus_h Slovenia

there is a new sport in town: chick-tennis, with probably a lot of giggling on top. And who is the hotest? Anna S, then Angelica and Paulina. Linda L is just like in a still series unmotivated to do anything extra.

prospero United Kingdom

Fabulous! Best bum : Paulina. Best tits : Linda Best face : Angelica . Slimmest :Anna S.

Petrus Poland

Great. What could be better the four young, beautifull, happy , sporty girls having great time naked. Please more and more movies like this one.

aao25490 Japan

Wonderful but,too short I want see more. Please make Part 2.

smuuthie United States

Let's play Ball! Enough of the pouting, and posturing, we want to see them moving and bouncing!

Elephant United Kingdom

Please longer vids like this I know this is quite a old movie now and they tend to be longer these days thankfully but would love to see a video like this done with 4 or 5 models done with having a fun day playing sport, you could have them do, swimming, ballet then they strip off, nude bareback horse riding, tennis, then finish off with a nude yoga or workout lesson on the lawn. Love to see something like that and make it either a series or large long 40mins-1 hour movie.

Linda L Monsoon Rain | May 15th, 2007
Linda L Monsoon Rain
Vick United States

What a Sight to See!! A fantastic film of Linda, the only downside is that it was not longer. I can't wait to see the photos from this shoot. Hands down the best body on this site.

alex United Kingdom

linda l linda is just an incredibly sexy woman,and her breasts are just spectacular.

wheeler United States

Wanting more INDEED!!! I hope you had waterproof equipment Petter! LOL!!! Beautiful Job! I bet it wasn't hard with such a beautiful girl!!!

TLOC United States

Two thumbs wayyyyyyy up!!! brilliant!!!!!!!

Toronto Joe Canada

Best Film The lovely model, the sensual rain, the way she moved and the mood music. This is absolutely your best film ever!

Jesus Venezuela

WOW!! O sea, que mujer tan sexy!!.. Linda.. quieres ser mi novia???...

Lou United States

Gravity Defying is Right I have nothing to say, the film speaks for its self.

Steve United States

Breathtaking Amazing! Could we have about 25 more films starring Linda L?

Herona Switzerland

Soundtrack Video is awesome. Sound also. What about having the soundtrack posted somewhere ?

Nick United States

Linda L is HOT Wow Linda has a super nice body wow! Lets see more!

FastEddie United States

looks better in film than her shoots so far

Tim K United States

Perfection Dear God, Linda L is perfect, and this video is incredible. That rain was having all the fun. 10 isn't nearly high enough. This was more like a billion...

Ray United States

This is the best film I have seen on this site. The music, quality, screen size, and the content were all a ten, not to mention Linda L's body. Why can't you do more video's like this?

JP United States

Best Breasts Period!! Linda L. has the best breasts on the site. They are so full and shapely with perfect nipples.

Stister Norway

NICE! Please more of her :-) The most perfect body and the prettiest girl ever. Well done!

Diehard Singapore

I'd rate her breasts right up there together with Ekaterina as being the most scrumptuous.

Oscar Spain

Simply the Best. Nobody like Linda.

Laurie United Kingdom

Sublime Linda These very aesthetically erotic films have to ~ in my humble opinion ~ represent some of your finest creations in cinematography on this site Hegre. Of course it must be very inspirational having such a beautiful sensuous model to work with. I am only to aware of the importance of this influence on creativity.

Nude Night Disco | April 24th, 2007
Nude Night Disco
Lou United States

The other girls were okay, but Linda and Paulina were the best. The very last couple of minutes at the end was hot. Lets just have more films of Linda jumping and boucing around, Thanks.

gozo United States

looked like fun

Bob United Kingdom

Nude Night Disco Hot hot hot !

eric United States

Very erotic without becoming cheap pornography. It gets me excited every time I watch. Excellent.

Hap United States

Nude Disco Brought reminder of the parties in Pt.Richmond, CA in the 70's. 35 to 40 people of all ages naked and dancing. Not much sex;people having too much fun.

Dragon India

Nude Night Disco Four extremely hot girls dancing naked and it is presented in HDV format. Things can't get any better. When I saw the cover of this film in the "Coming Attractions " , I was pretty sure Petter and his team will make my jaw drop to my keyboard. Well , after watching the film , my jaw did not drop on my keyboard. It dropped all the way down to the floor, and it dropped with a THUD. So thanks a million for the beautiful film and dropping my jaw to floor and please continue to do so . :) Dragon PS : Seriously looking forward to the Nude Lawn Tennis Match

Pedro Italy

Fantastic words to describe their beauty !

terminus_h Slovenia

great film - Paulina and Linda L shine the brightest...

MAGOO4 United States

DISCO Now that is my kind of Disco party. Good job to you Petter. Thanks. Magoo4

carlos saldaña Mexico

yo las quisiera para disco en mi casa y exactamente asi desnudas se ven sabrosisimas

Linda L Pool | March 6th, 2007
Linda L Pool
jeremy France

happiness pure happiness !!! linda is more than beautiful. love, love, love please more films, more photos ! a linda l week !

alex United Kingdom

linda l knockout! a beautiful woman from every angle.

Julian United States

Excellent film, Linda is very beautiful. Her breasts are awesome. Whoever says more than a handful is wasted, have not seen her. Don't make us wait to long for the photos from this one.

Gujo Belgium

Beautiful breast, but nothing compared to Luba.

Werner Sweden

Lovely Linda Linda's film blew my head off. Love her curves, love the way she moves. So natural, very erotic. Incredible girl, I just want more, more, more.

greg lamb United States

this girl is spectacular!

Ron United States

Linda She has one of the best bodies on here in my opinion.

Ralph United States

Excellent Linda has not impressed me in her photo galleries, but this film was excellent, and one of the best I have seen on this site. Great work. As for Linda, no doubt in my mind that she wins the "best breast" contest amongst the Hegre models.

CrumbleTumble United States

Wawahweewah!! This could possibly be the best video on this site. Linda is definately in my top 3 Herge models with the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen. More Linda Please!! b

FtLMale United States

So many comment on Linda's breast, but please there is so much more. Her perfectly shaped rear should be recognized, as her long slender legs leading to Heaven just to mention her most obvious attributes. Add to that a contrast seeing such a serious face on such a delicious body and you have someone to make mami and papa both happy (and envious) of you>

Bruce United States

Most of your girls are flat chested and when you see tits like lindaslooks like superwoman she has the nicest nipples i have ever seen. Perfect ass and i love the amount of hair she left around her pussy much sexier then the bald look.

imola Japan

Incredible!! I want to see her high quality photo gallary in this situation,please!

Mark Poland

Linda L's boobs are nothing short of amazing - and I love the hip thrust action in this video. A bit too much detachment for my taste though - I prefer it when the model connects to the camera more.

Misty United States

There Are No Words Petter I am going to harass you until you give us more Linda especially in films like this. Like Bruce said it is so rare to see a girl with curves on this site and when you do see it and it's potrayed like this well...there are no words. This is one of the top three films on this site next to Mirta Oily and Parisan Nights.

Laurie United Kingdom

So fucking Sexy Shame about the quality of the film because Linda is exquisitly erotic.


ANGEL ON EARTH Linda I hope you didn't hurt yourself when you fell to earth?. Because I think that you are an angel. I loved every minute of her video, I gave It a perfect 10. I just love the way that her breasts don't pancake when she lays down. I would love to gIve her a full-body massage and get Into all those Intimate spots. Thank you for a great video.

Linda L Massage COMMENTS

Thai Oil Massage | January 1st, 2010
Thai Oil Massage
Karl Germany

Can I join In? Thailand? Four hot models? Naked massage session. It’s a no brainer, how do I join in?

Andy United Kingdom

Great film Good stuff. Can almost feel the sun on my skin and smell the jasmine flowers. Can’t beat an outdoors massage in exotic surroundings, it’s the ultimate in relaxation.

John F Norway

Cool Film Hot Models Awesome stuff these girls are so sexy!

Jame United Kingdom

RE: Can I join In? four stunning models. <= Who are they ? :)

The girls are : Canada

RE: RE: Can I join In? Angelica Anna S Linda L Paulina

addict Canada

The girls are : 1st : Angelica 2nd : Paulina 3rd : Anna S 4th : Linda L

cg United States

Thai Oil I love that the models are all natural women. No fake anything. Just beauty of all kinds for all people.

Secrets ZeeD Thailand

Hi there are a beautiful place in thailand !! Hi I live in thailand and need to show you that there more than a beautiful place to combine your shoot and the model !!!

rohan India

RE: Hi there are a beautiful place in thailand !! hi, i would love to visit those nice exotic places in thailand which are better than the normal places avail,endure, mutually offer & enjoy similar massages.please guide me . i strongly believe that the purpose of attaining adulthood is to be sensualized by opposite sex leading towards tantra,bliss,enlightenment.