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Foto de Gabriella


Foto de Gabriella
Nombre: Gabriella
Peso: 53kg
Altura: 171cm
Edad: 24
Ocupación: Modelo

Fogosa y Divertida

Con esos pechos que desafían a la ley de la gravedad, seguro que Gabriella estaba destinada a ser una modelo de desnudo. Gabriella, una chica cien por ciento natural, nos ha dicho que sus increíbles atributos los heredó de su madre. ¡Aunque dicen por ahí que los de mami son el doble de gandes!

Esta beldad brasileña es de lo más apasionada y temperamental, y sabe mucho de la vida para tratarse de una chica de su edad. Le encanta bailar, sabe mezclar los mejores cocteles ¡y al final de un largo día le gusta relajarse fumándose un buen puro! Al parecer, la única queja de Gabriella es que tiene mala suerte en el amor...

Aunque es una modelo popular y aclamada que aparece en exhibiciones de coches en todo el mundo, esta es la primera vez que se desnuda de cuerpo entero. Pero Gabriella se lo ha tomado con mucha calma ¡compruébalo tú mismo!

No te pierdas sus videos: cuando la cámara empieza a grabar, Gabriella se convierte en una felina salvaje en época primaveral.

Gabriella Galerías

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Gabriella Galerías COMENTARIOS

Marlene masaje a Gabriella | July 11th, 2010
Marlene masaje a Gabriella
Rob Reino Unido

BRAVO!! Wonderful work Petter (and girls!). Superbly erotic. Gabriella looks like she's enjoying it too, judging by her physiological reaction... ;-)

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

O...M...G!!! 'Nuff sed!!!

Tuco Reino Unido

Wonderful! The massage sets are always very enjoyable! It is so sensual to see the beautiful naked female form so prone and relaxed. Having a beautiful masseur like Marlene is the icing on the cake! It would be fantastic to see a behind the scenes video! Thank you!

CGC Reino Unido

One word Movie! Let's hope this is only the first part!

impressed1 Estados Unidos de América

I wish... ...there were many more shots from the end of the table, as is the case with most, if not all, the other massage sets. This side angle does not provide the viewer with as much...information...as one would like.

gert mauersberger Alemania

Marlene Massaging Gabriella Herrlicher Mösensaft.

Pete Reino Unido

Old favourite Whilst there are alor of new models around at the moment Marlene is one of the old favouites who never fails to disappoint

peter Reino Unido

marlene massaging Gabriella please please can we see a video of this

Carne Asana Estados Unidos de América

Marlene is just too hot. She moves like a cat, like a serpent, like a dream.

Frederico21 Reino Unido

Marlene massaging Gabriella Wonderful to see Gabriella enjoying herself so much.

Jade Estados Unidos de América

Erotic. There are several massaging galleries. Where are the HD videos?

Gabriella and Marlene cautiverio | March 11th, 2010
Gabriella and Marlene cautiverio
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

O...M...G!!! yet another MUST for a video!

Egrise Estados Unidos de América

Gabriella and Marlene Two of my favorite models, and interesting poses but not at all convincing. Neither of them seem to be enjoying themselves (or one another), and are just mugging for the camera. No remote sign of real arousal in either case.

fotoman Estados Unidos de América

Incredibly sexy! One of your best!!!

Laurie Reino Unido

Lacks Sizzle As her fingertips lightly fluttered on her luscious lips ~ slightly agape ~ pink tip poised to savour her own muskiness.

ED BYRNE Reino Unido

You can do better! Nice but not the best at least have to two girls rolling around in a big bed this just isn't hot enough. 5/10

Carne Asana Estados Unidos de América

A key reason Marlene is a wonderful model is her s-shaped body positioning. It never looks obviously posed or amateurish. Pure class. Photo 9, for example, the shrugged and forward shoulder, the pulled in abdomen and turned out tailbone, everything meant to be captured. And it is!

Paul Mcg Estados Unidos de América

Petter, your getting very good at this good stuff. They look so nice together and having such a good time. Would like to be in the middle of that action. Thanks much, see ya. Paul Mcg

Ray Estados Unidos de América

Gabriella and Marlene bondage Silk scarves might serve better than that ratty-looking twine. I hope her wrists survived without too much wear and tear.

DANIEL Estados Unidos de América


Laurie Reino Unido

Silk Scarves Brilliant Ray, wish I had thought of that. It would have added a sensuous touch. Bravo!

intoit Estados Unidos de América

Beyond a 10 Two of the sexiest women on the planet in a terrific shoot. Keep them coming.

Gabriella masaje a Marlene | February 13th, 2010
Gabriella masaje a Marlene
Carne Asana Estados Unidos de América

Marlene is so hot! My favorite photo is the last one because of her smile of course.

longtimefan Estados Unidos de América

excellent Nice lighting, gorgeous girls and just the right amount of sexual tension. really beautiful; thank you: Gabriella, Marlene and Petter for putting this together.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

you know what I'm gonna say... VIDEO PLEASE!!!

KOMET (aus der U.S.A.) Estados Unidos de América

GABRIELLA e MARLENE GABRIELLA - que mulher sexy e gostosa!!! (Muito obrigado, Brasil, por esta mulher linda.) Both her and Marlene provide a stunning bas relief brought to life of 2 hotly and subtly erotic women.

Robt Estados Unidos de América

Now that is a hot, hot shoot...very nice..

CGC Reino Unido

Disappointment Am I alone in thinking that this was an exquisite idea which promised so much and yet delivered so little?

Paul Mcg Estados Unidos de América

They look so nice together. Thanks. Paul Mcg

francesco Italia

Am I wrong, or Gabriella now is shaved ??!!!

Carne Asana Estados Unidos de América

You're not wrong, francesco, but if you go to Gabi's profile page you'll see that she's completely shaved in about half her galleries.

Kevin Reino Unido

Hi Carne Asana. Which galleries is she shaved in. I can't see any. Is it me. Thanks for your time. Kevin.

Pete Reino Unido

CGC I am wiht you on this one, Marlene has such chemistry that to have her just lying on her front and back for all but 2 pictures in the set is a waste. The last 2 are great though. I dont think Gabriella is the right partner for Marlene, what about Olena, Thea, or Anna S?

Carne Asana Estados Unidos de América

Kevin Kevin, these are the galleries I see: March 8, 21, 28; April 4, 16, 25; May 18, 22; June 24; July 19; August 21.

Przemek Estados Unidos de América


Gabriella oriental | January 26th, 2010
Gabriella oriental
Kevin Reino Unido

OMG I absolutely love her nipples.

Kevin Reino Unido

Please tell me if I'm wrong. Have I missed Gab actually showing her snatch in this photo shoot. Yes, Petter I will say that your usual is really brilliant. But no snatch is 'out of order' Absolutely love the rest of the site. Kevin.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

Gotta love this exotic beauty!!!

Paul Mcg Estados Unidos de América

Gabriella has such a nice hot body. I just love her breasts and her ass. Thanks to you all. Paul Mcg

fullstream Australia

Nipples Gabriella is sensational. I love her nipples but it seems to me her right nipple is bigger than her left. Is it permanently aroused?

griffo Tailandia

Wow Gabriella is just fantastic. What is it about Brazilians that turn me on, Nivia, Keity & now Gabe.

Gabriella spa italiano | December 22nd, 2009
Gabriella spa italiano
Paul Mcg Estados Unidos de América

Love those breasts. Very nice indeed. Thanks gang. Paul Mcg

thulasidas Singapur

wow! Wow, Gabriella- U are perfection: love Ur pussy.my kiss to thier perfection thank U everyone at Hergre. das

impressed1 Estados Unidos de América

amazing image 62 depicts the best set of breasts one can imagine, absolute perfection, i could spend a lifetime feasting on them...and the perfect ass and pussy...Gabriella is a phenom.

Gabriella estatua de bronce | November 23rd, 2009
Gabriella estatua de bronce
ardunbye Reino Unido

Gabriella bronze statue Which one is more bronze? They are equally statuesque.

Laurie Reino Unido

Irresisible How could I not love this stunning gallery ~ Enchanting Gabriella is cast in a supporting role to this stunningly exquisite bronze. Beautifully presented Mr Hegre but please, who is the artist?

Rob Reino Unido

Call me old fashioned, but I prefer pussy to whimsy.

freddy Estados Unidos de América

im sorry but i think this is a step backward for hegre art

Paul Mcg Estados Unidos de América

I love Gabriella's ass and her breasts. She does indeed have a sweet body. Very nice, thanks again gang. Paul Mcg

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Gabriella I love looking at Gabriella naked. She has a classically curvy and womanly body that you love to see nude. It is exhibited so wonderfully in this set up on that pedestal like a statue. She is every much a work of art like that statue. In fact a nude bronze statue should be done of Gabriella dedicated to her. Love the shots of her standing next to the statue to get a cool,comparison of her body to the statue. Very artistic and beautiful!

Carne Asana Estados Unidos de América

Use of the Sculpture I've voiced my opinions on Gabi before so no need to do it again but utilizing the sculpture is EXACTLY the creativity I adore seeing in Petter's photography.

KJS Estados Unidos de América

wtf? Girl mock kissing mannequin? Eh, not sure what is going on at Hegre with the few photo shoots with mannequins. The mannequins kinda creep me out ;) I do love "Gabi" but I do not see art. Girl, ok "woman", kissing another real live girl? Now that I can always go for.

Jmb Estados Unidos de América

Gabriella and bronze sculpture I love this set. It's absolutely amazing. Please more.

Gabriella masaje | November 16th, 2009
Gabriella masaje
ardunbye Reino Unido

Gabriella massage OH BOY! If my warm oily hands were allowed to wander over THAT body, I'm certain they would develop a mind of their own and go places they shouldn't ought to.

Paul Mcg Estados Unidos de América

How can you not love that body. Beautiful just beautiful, thanks. Paul Mcg

Carne Asana Estados Unidos de América

I'm not really a fan of Gabi but that masseuse is the best one yet. Let's see more of her!

scribe2u Estados Unidos de América

This is nice, but it's not up to the standard of the Patricia massage, where there was a chemistry between the two women and they obviously liked each other. Also, in the Patricia massage, there was some manipulation of the vulva, which is missing here.

Jeff D Estados Unidos de América

Ooh baby I'd love to be the masseuse on this set!

Gabriela relax | November 8th, 2009
Gabriela relax
Mark D Reino Unido

not really enough soft tissue visibilty for my purposes. Lovely model though!

ax1 Reino Unido

gabriella great body,very sexy.

Jeff D Estados Unidos de América

Gabriella = 10 Gabriella... just come to work and put on your uniform, and get a 10. In fact, just mention the name and I'm clicking on the 10 button. If I could only pick one Hegre model to drool over it would be Gabriella!

Paul Mcg Estados Unidos de América

Very hot and spicy. Well done. Paul Mcg

Croissant Bélgica

this is Goya's "Maya Desnuda" in the flesh :-)

Gabriella chezlong | October 1st, 2009
Gabriella chezlong
otis India

This womans sensuality and sexuality can raise the dead...!!!

Robt Estados Unidos de América

To die for...

Crew Estados Unidos de América

Wonderful ass

LJ Reino Unido

totally goegeous she is so beautiufl and her body just drives me crazy

ardunbye Reino Unido

Gabriella chezlong Now there's a pair of tits I would love for my aviary. Along with her lovely face and superbly shaped body, of course.

Jeff Estados Unidos de América

Perfection Somehow the number 10 is just not enough when it comes to Gabriella.

intoit Estados Unidos de América

Great tits Beautiful body. She doesn't seem into it as much as most models. A smile would go a long way.

steve Estados Unidos de América

Would it kill her to smile?

Gabriella despertando parte2 | August 21st, 2009
Gabriella despertando parte2
Jeff Estados Unidos de América

TEN! This girl gets a 10 just for showing up. By far my absolute most favorite size, shape, color, boobs, face, hair. Fantastic tits and ass, plus curves for days. And just the right amount of meat on her bones. No ribs, and lots of pussy exposure! TEN!

Clive Reino Unido

Gabriella is one of those ladies who just IS sexy, she doesn't have to try too hard. Perfect pictures and I for one am very happy to see Gabriella back. Do you have any more films of her?

Michael Estados Unidos de América

Another Step Forward Petter, you take us, step-by-step and gracefully, into a woman's private world! I first noticed it with photographing Yanna right after she spent time with her lover, Patricia's excitement on the ladder, yesterday with Christiana "Up Close", and today with what my mind is telling me is the dried memories of the night before. Not only is it arousing, it is a tasteful glimpse into a woman. Just wonderful!

Jeff Alemania

quite brassy. big tits aren't everything

tdonna3 Estados Unidos de América

There are those pesky hands again getting in the way of what could have been a perfect session!

JP Estados Unidos de América

Would have been better... ..if she pulled out a tampon from her pussy...just kidding. Gabriella is such a beauty. Nice full breasts look great on women when they are stretched out. I love all the "waking up" galleries. Hope there is a film with this one.

Mike Estados Unidos de América

Gabriella She can wake up in my bed anytime she wants! She is already there, in my dreams. And each morning I would serve her a hot latte in bed...

Carne Asana Estados Unidos de América

"I first noticed it with photographing Yanna right after she spent time with her lover..." - Michael Can anyone tell me which set this is referring to? Thanks!

Michael Estados Unidos de América

Juice Carne Asana... the pictorial is "Juice". When I first noticed her wet charms can be seen in the travel section, 2008, Spain, Day 1. A woman's wetness doesn't blow bubbles like that!! Just incredible, and would love to see more!

Carne Asana Estados Unidos de América

Thanks Michael I immediately when to the Travels section and am amazed. That masseuse won the jackpot!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

slow riser! a girl after my own heart!lol

Jeff D Estados Unidos de América


Gabriela despertando | July 19th, 2009
Gabriela despertando
cougar2052 Reino Unido

Gabriella Gorgeous breasts, damn near perfect!

francesco Italia

gabriella How nice is Gabriella! I love mainly the contrast between her big tits and her hairless and closed slit.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

scrumptious!!! I don't look that good wide awake! Never mind just waking up!!!LOL

Fabian Portugal

Gabriella is gorgeous, and her tits... are just perfect and BIG ;) she is just what i'm looking for in a women. keep the good work and bring more Gabriella !

Gabriella y Marlene sábanas moradas parte 2 | June 24th, 2009
Gabriella y Marlene sábanas moradas parte 2
Laurie Reino Unido

Fucking Gorgeous Brilliant ~ Wickedly erotic. The imagination wild with desire to see Gabriella's luscious lips and tongue tease open Marlene's purple plump vulva.

Paul Mcg Estados Unidos de América

These two beauties look go together. Very nice. Paul Mcg

AG Portugal

Super Sexy ...Lovelt pussy from Marlene .. oh god so juicy

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Sublime, sweet and sexy. My god they look good together; Part 3 soon? I can only hope so.

DANIEL Estados Unidos de América


Pete Reino Unido

Tonques Gabriella doesnt look too excited in image 32. If I had my lips and tonque within striking distance of Marlene's delicious vuvla reckon I would be looking pretty excited. Dont get me wrong its a good set but it could have been a great set with tongues actually licking the clit. Probably not Petter's style but in the interests of variety I think this set should have gone that far as long as both models are comfortable with it.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

key words: as long as the girls (and Petter)are comfortable.

Gabriella bañándose | May 22nd, 2009
Gabriella bañándose
luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Well, that ended nicely! Great set.

keith Reino Unido

water pressure wow... that tap is really getting in her gash! you can't fake her look of ecstasy. awesome.

Jeff Estados Unidos de América

Gabriella Gabriella This girl has it all, and doesn't mind sharing. I love it!

Gabriella y Marlene sábanas moradas parte1 | May 18th, 2009
Gabriella y Marlene sábanas moradas parte1
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

YUMMY!!! a butt lover's (like me) paradise!!! (times 2)

Ortis Reino Unido

Holy sh*T!!!!! More more more - part 2 soon PLEASE!!!!!

JP Estados Unidos de América

I would love to see.. ..these two girls do a film where they are "tribbing" (the act of rubbing each other, genitals to genitals, until orgasm) That would be an awesome film. Maybe Marlene and Olena O. since Olena already has done a film where she feels comfortable having an orgasm on film.

Jeff Daniels Estados Unidos de América

Simple math: Gabriella = 10 Just mention the name Gabriella and I give it a 10. Even though many of the best shots Marlene has her hand in the way, blocking my view of the best snatch on the site. Nice work, more more more!

conti pierangelo Italia

Gabriella and Marlene purple sheets part 1 Beautiful gallery and beautiful shots. Very exciting photo, but no hands on the pussy. By the hands from the pussy. The pussy must be photographs to the natural one, as it is and possibly open to show well the clitoris, the small and great lips and the vaginal channel. Thanks equally Petter for these photos. Pierangelo from Italy

conti pierangelo Italia

Still up gabriella and marlene purplr shhets part one. Still on Gabriella and Marlene. I have already written that this gallery is marvelous. but the third section and fourth grade are especially beautiful. Above all beginning from the fourth photo of the third section. Here the legs of the fotomodella are open and the pussy is caressed sweetly.. To depart then from the fourteenth photo, the shots are marvelous.But really here, in these photos, the pussy had to be open and she had to show its clitoris turgid, well tense and squirting its orgasm. Beginning from the fifth photo of the fourth section, the photos are a masterpiece. The photos n°9 and 10 are the best that would have asked for the widening of the pussy in the formalities that I have above described.Still thanks Petter for these photos,but remembered to make to widen the pussy to Your fotomodelles. I wait with attention the next galleries. I are waiting the 2° part of this gallery or his continuous. Pierangelo from Italy

Laurie Reino Unido

Marlene Aroused In previous pairings Marlene's body language suggests a natural sexual urge to go beyond the script. The cheeks of her gorgeous bum are clearly flushed, an unmistakable sign of arousal.

Paul Mcg Estados Unidos de América

These two go well together. Very nice. Paul Mcg

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Extraordinary set, superb, wonderful... My limited vocabulary lacks sufficient superlatives to adequately express my appreciation of this set.

die hard fan Singapur

i fully agreed with conti, both must widening their pussy to enhance this masterpiece..and a full HD (harden) to the member!!

Gabriella jabón | April 25th, 2009
Gabriella jabón
JP Estados Unidos de América

Wonder ful tits Beautiful round mounds! Nipples and breasts.

Jan Erik Noruega

Oh my... I've seldom seen such magnificent boobs! Bravo!They're so supple and teasing with water on them. Wet girls are always the best :)

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

well... If no one else will comment,I guess I will...YUMMY!!!

Ortis Reino Unido

Best tits on the site for sure!!!

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Simply the most magnificent large breasts ever.

Robt Estados Unidos de América

To die for...

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

GABRIELLA DO BRASIL !que seios fartos! God must be Brazilian. WOW!

Gabriella amazona | April 16th, 2009
Gabriella amazona
Laurie Reino Unido

Stunning Imagery A beautiful gallery featuring this very photogenic dusky creature.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

What could be better... than lovely Gabriella from every angle???!!!

Laurie Reino Unido

Ecstasy To smell and taste her gorgeous fleshy pudendum.

Robt Estados Unidos de América

10++, beautiful, to die for breasts...

Laurie Reino Unido

Pink glorious Pink Kiss her beautiful labellum until they unfurl and spread revealing a nectar filled floral axis of delicious pink.

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Gabriella's best set to date, BRAVO. Great stuff from a sexy model and a brilliant photographer.

Laurie Reino Unido

Hotlips With your luscious full lips tease my tumescent shaft to a frenzied eruptive gush of sweet jujube.

art Estados Unidos de América

Awesome breasts Breasts that would drive me wonderfully crazy as a man and would make me enormously jealous as a woman. Isn't nature the best...?

Laurie Reino Unido

Amazing Gabriella - so Amazing Gorgeous - she is just so fucking gorgeous. And such a mouthwateringly succulent vulva. I envy those young men who have applied to be her Mr Right.

ardunbye Reino Unido

Gabriella amazon Because of my slight build (6ft 2in & 240lbs),I am usually intimidated by large busted women but this big breasted beauty is a pussy-cat I'd like to have curled up in my lap to stroke.

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Gabriella Gabriella butt naked in pumps, gorgeous!!!

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Gabriella: The Way She Was Meant To Be Topped with that gorgeous, curly mane of hair and bottomed wearing a great pair of heels with nothing on in between, what could be more natural, beautiful and appropriate than seeing Gabriella this way? Gabriella was born to be wearing nothing but a pair of high heel pumps!

Gabriella viva Brasil | April 4th, 2009
Gabriella viva Brasil
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

I swear... There is something SO SEXY about see through!she doesn't need to take anything off to be hot as hell! in most cases it would help.but, with see through...it actually helps to leave it ON!

Laurie Reino Unido

Gorgeous Gabriella She looks so sensuous, beautiful hair, silky skin, stunningly set off to great effect by the alluring body stocking. Fabulous gallery.

Robt Estados Unidos de América

wow Can I just lay my head on those beautiful breasts?

tdonna1 Estados Unidos de América

I strongly disagree with Wheeler.

Jeff Estados Unidos de América

My Girl - no matter what she does This is fantastic. We already know from other sets what Gabriella has under her clothes. I always welcome seeing he pussy, but I know where to find it. This set shows another side of her mystique and it's great. Clearly the best of the best! Curves, curves, and more curves... then those amazing tits! TEN TEN TEN all the way!

Gabriella y Marlene intimidad | March 28th, 2009
Gabriella y Marlene intimidad
Laurie Reino Unido

Baise - Moi Marlene sitting on my face and Gabriella flicking my meatus with deft strokes of her tongue would be unimaginable ecstasy.

Gujo Bélgica

Stop Stop this lesbian bullshit, please.

Ortis Reino Unido

This is just BEAUTIFUL!!! Gabby looks stunning, her posing is awesome in this set. And the pic on page 3 when she has Marlenes nipple in her mouth!!! Mmmmmmm. LOVE IT!!!!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

once again... I find myself BEGGING for a video!!!

pierangelo Italia

gabriela e Marlene intimacy Petter..... you make a film on this gallery, but with the same audacity of these images, rather, more, thin in the particular ones, up to see the kisses and tongoue of the model on the pussy, up to see pussy against pussy, clitoris on clitoris, pussy and clitoris that rub between them up to enjoy and it also show long cunnilinguus, the everything taken back with slowness and with full light on the particular ones. Thanks

Laurie Reino Unido

Cheek to Cheek with Marlene To bury my face between those soft peachy cheeks and feel her anus spasm to the touch of my tonque. Fucking bliss.

Laurie Reino Unido

Sapphic Aestheticism Don't be a philistine Gujo, we are big boys and watching beautiful girls fuck is an art form without equal.

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Interesting. I liked it.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

gujo... you seem to be in the minority here!

Pete Reino Unido

Not the perfect pair Whilst Marlene has a decliciously slender figure, the cutest breasts and a perfectly formed pussy, Gabriella quite clearly has unatural breasts and isnt really the right partner for the smouldering Marlene. Thea, Olena D, Caro (much missed) or ultimately Yanna would have been the perfect pairing

petter España

gabriella hi pete. fyi: gabriella has natural breasts. look out for marlene and olena o coming soon, a perfect match.

Laurie Reino Unido

Sex Appeal Brilliant Petter, I have been obsessed with the thought of Marlene and Olena together. Should fair sizzle with sexual energy. Amandine also springs to mind, I assume she is off the scene now.

Dave Francia

Beautiful intertwining of bodies. A jumble of legs, breasts, arms.. Gabriella and Marlene almost seem like one body. Great idea Petter!

Gabriela oro oscuro | March 21st, 2009
Gabriela oro oscuro
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

stunning Gabriella Unfortunately,I'm not intelligent enough to say much about your photography.So,I'll just say that I love Gabriella!

Saldoman Estados Unidos de América

Damn, she shaved her sweet pussy!

JD Estados Unidos de América

Dark Gold Indeed Perfect title for this set. My favorite photo set of Gabriella thus far.

Jeff Daniels Estados Unidos de América

My favorite Model In my book Gabriella is tied with Gislane as my favorite models. No ribs poking out, lots of curves, bold, naughty, beautiful face, and hair. The list goes on. She is also my favorite flavor... the right mixture! And not shy about presenting the punanny! Awesome!

Laurie Reino Unido

Dusky Cutie Beautiful hair, beautiful silky skin and a gorgeous plump dark purple fig.

JP Estados Unidos de América

Massive Tits I love the additions of Muriel and Gabriella. I love the thin models, but nothing beats a great pair of big, heavy tits.

Dave Francia

Lovely! My respects to a beautiful model. What lucky beings we are to see such a glimpse of heaven.

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Gabriella in heels Gabriella looks gorgeous! There is nothing better than seeing a classy and sexy woman naked in a great pair of high heels! More! More!

Mark Estados Unidos de América

More nudes in heels Mr. Hegre, Gabriella is one of my favorites. She looks so beautiful completely nude only wearing high heels. Could you please do another photo set of her nude in a great pair of high heels?

Kees Holanda

Gabriella What a beautiful girl with great boobs. I love her!

Kees Holanda

RE: Massive Tits I totally agree!

Gabriella corazón de rosas | March 8th, 2009
Gabriella corazón de rosas
pete Holanda

shaved and improved! Nice! I love the smooth looks, and I also like the girl sets with both hair and without! Keep up the great work Petter & team!

Sandy Reino Unido

exquisite Just like a delicacy ready to eat. What a honey with an exquisite pussy Mesmerised!!!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

shaved??? I personally don't go or the bald look myself. But,I'm not as obsessed about my preference as some! Either way,she's a very pretty girl!

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Very nice! Love the shaved pussy, so plump and succulent.

Jeff Daniels Estados Unidos de América

10 is not high enough! Awsome. Delicious. Mouthwatering! I LOVE this set girl, and this set! I can never get enough of Gabriella. Nice spread, in every sense of the word!

Gabriella gran cama | February 28th, 2009
Gabriella gran cama
tdonna1 Estados Unidos de América

gabriella It is too bad she is so shy about her own Pussy! It would have been way better if she did not cover it up most of the time!

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

As someone who prefers breasts in the range of 'tiny' to 'small', I must say that Gabriella's huge, firm, puffy nippled breasts are just magnificent. She's completely 'not my type' and yet, I find her very exciting. Great set.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

AMAZING!!! beautiful girl!hope to see much more of Gabriella!!!

Wolfram Alemania

gabriella big bed quite seducing. A few closeups without that hand would have been nice.

stevie Suiza

why does she keep covering with her hand? i'm telling you, she's prude.

gab fan Singapur

agreed with wolfram...pls do more closeup without hand blocking the nice pussy view...sometime good things must show off !!!

Kees Holanda

Big Bed Big boobs in a big bed! Lovely. Gabriella is a gorgeous girl.

Gabriella en cautiverio | February 13th, 2009
Gabriella en cautiverio
Guy Estados Unidos de América

An interesting series. Unfortunate however that Gabriella has chosen to mar an otherwise splendid physique with unnecessary breast implant as evidenced in image #7. Keep up the good work Mr. Hegre!

Jeff Daniels Estados Unidos de América

I'm Torn Totally not into bondage or anything close to it, but I'm dfinetely into Gabriella! Or should I'd say, I'd like to be.

Dan from Texas Estados Unidos de América

Gabriella I love Gabriell's look. I dispute Guy's comment. I'm not into bondage and I still love the photos.

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Implants? No way!!! Image #7 shows nothing that would indicate implants; Gabriella just has huge, beautiful, firm, natural breasts.

magoo4 Estados Unidos de América

I think Gabriella is cute. Let's have more. Thanks. magoo4

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

implants? Guy has better eyes than me! I personally AM into the bondage/domination thing,although,I understand why you wouldnt be.HOT STUFF!!!

Dirkjan Holanda

Very nice pictures aftercoming back from a week holiday.

steve Reino Unido

Brilliant! more simple bondage please.

Jeff Daniels Estados Unidos de América

Bondage no, Gabriella - hell yes! I'm not into bondage, but I'm certainly into Gabriella, or at least I'd like to be!

shoomee Alemania

bondage Wonderful. I've been hoping for long that You will try bondage. Dare more!

Gabriella ducha sensual | January 27th, 2009
Gabriella ducha sensual
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

O...M...G!!! gallery and video on the SAME DAY???!!! I AM IN HEAVEN!!!

magoo4 Estados Unidos de América

A twofer, not bad at all. Well it is Tuesday. Thanks much. magoo4

Thom Reino Unido

Gabriella is by far the hottest model on this site now, she just oozes sexuality.

JP Estados Unidos de América

Nothing beats a pair... ..of big plump, juicy breasts. Gabriella has got some of the best ones on this site since Linda L.

Steve Estados Unidos de América

Gabriella is the reason I joined this site and as long as she keeps coming back, so will I. A stunning exhibit of physical beauty.

Bob Estados Unidos de América

Gabriella Shower beautiful model, beautiful breasts and figure, beautiful set of photos (all topless is very good) and no crotch shots (crotch shots are not my preference)

Jeff D Estados Unidos de América

If I had to pick just one? If I had to pick just one hegre model it would be Gabriella! Love the size, the plumpness in certain areas, those lips, tits, etc. The skin tone, and the list goes on! More Gabriella please!

Gabriella baño turco | January 11th, 2009
Gabriella baño turco
JP Estados Unidos de América

Best Breasts? I think Gabriella can now be mentioned in the same sentence as Linda L. and Anna S. for the best breasts on Hegre.com.

alex Reino Unido

gabriella a very sexy woman,fantastic breasts.

Ortis Reino Unido

OMG!!! This is serious. I think I have fallen in love. When can we see the film??

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Another creamy delight from Hegre-Art, really nice! I'm not a big breast guy but Gabriella's breasts are fantastic.

Culoarte Holanda

Stunning lady with an exceptional fine body. Very nice series and I hope you'll show more of her. How about a duet with Muriel?

Magoo4 Estados Unidos de América

Very nice body. Like to see more of her. magoo4

FtLMike Estados Unidos de América

Smitten Ok, Gabriella has overloaded me, I have re-subscribed, as I have never seen any girl that so overwhelmed me as Gabriella has. Thanks, Petter for again finding the most provocative and vivacious beauties mankind can produce, and thanks to Gabriella's parents for bringing her into the world. However, most of all thanks Gabriella for sharing her beauty with the rest of us mortals. But, Gabriella, when can I see more, when can I see the movies, when can I see you in a car show, and when can you visit me in Florida? Well, ya never know... FtLMike

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

well said ortis!!! A film would be wonderful!!!

Jeff Daniels Estados Unidos de América

AWESOME! Words do not do justice. Gabriella is absolutely stunning, every inch of her. Please keep it coming!

Glass Table Estados Unidos de América

This body would be fantastic shot from under a glass table. I want to see what these amazing breasts look like when hung from above. Beautiful!!! Crawl around for us Gabriella

John K. Cochrane Estados Unidos de América

Anazing! Her breasts are fantaatic. Shes very sultry looking.

Gabriella piscina | January 2nd, 2009
Gabriella piscina
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

Great debut for lovey Gabriella Can't wait to see more!!!

success Alemania

Great! Wow! Gabriella looks wonderful!!

Ortis Reino Unido

Gabriella OMG!!! I think I am in love, that body, those breasts. AWESOME!!!!

Roger Reino Unido

Wow what a woman. She really is something special. I can't wait to see more and more and more of this one.

Carl Reino Unido

Is it just me?? Or in some photos does Gabriella look like a young Bianca Jagger?? She is truly outstanding. A+++++++++

DB Reino Unido

More more more We need more of this one - she is a stunner!

alex Reino Unido

gabriella very very sexy

Fari Reino Unido

a very beautiful woman

ST Reino Unido

Gabriella has it all. Her face is beautiful and her body just breathtaking. I too look forward to seeing ore of this model.

Kav Reino Unido

gabriella stunning, love the water too, very very sexy

Jeff Daniels Estados Unidos de América

Another Stunner! Gislane, Keity, and now Gabriella? That's it. I'm moving to Brazil!

Baldy Reino Unido

Gabriella You certainly pulled a winner out of the bag this time.I am impressed.

Ste Reino Unido

Gabriella's... ...tits are truly awesome. Great new model Petter and lets see more of her soon please.

Larry T Australia

Another great Brazilian model All your models from this country have ben great, this one again is awesome !

Will Reino Unido

The body has landed!!

Ray Reino Unido

Wow! What more can I say. What a great find Gabriella is.

Gabriella medias de red | December 3rd, 2009
Gabriella medias de red
ax1 Reino Unido

gabriella very hot

Paul Mcg Estados Unidos de América

Gabriella has the most beautiful breasts. Very nice to have with us. Thanks. Paul Mcg

Bruno Estados Unidos de América

Gabriella is Nice, but Where's Kira?

Catherine K Australia

Always incredible tits, but please give us more pussy, Gabriella...

Jeff D Estados Unidos de América

Incredibly Gorgeous! No buts about it. Gabriella is awesome. Of course I agree that a bit more pussy would be nice.

corpsecorps Estados Unidos de América

Nice pics but... Too bad her hair is always pulled back.

Gabriella Películas COMENTARIOS

Gabriella The Female Flame | January 21st, 2014
Gabriella The Female Flame
KOMET Estados Unidos de América

GABRIELLA DO BRASIL - WELCOME BACK! Gabriella, with her generous curves, soft cinnamon skin, firm & shapely derriere, and seios fartos, epitomizes the pulchritude for which Brazilian women are justly celebrated. Truly, she is a feast for the senses.

Sandy Reino Unido

Superb!! Hegre at it's best with this smouldering erotic movie. I'd forgotten what Gabriella was like but this explosive submission has ignited my flame!!!!

mazungu Reino Unido

Sensational Desire Gabrilla is full of fire that is burning with passion and a message that's say's satisfaction guaranteed .I think in my opinion she is the best of the lot

Alocin Viet Nam

Gabriella Just WOW, welcome back Gabriella!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

Indeed! Welcome back, Ms Gabriella! you were missed!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Welcome back Gabriella!

MW Estados Unidos de América

Gavriella A very, very hot sensual woman! First time I've seen her and want more!!!

sofie /erica Canada

beauty amother brautiful black color I am jalous and envious If only I can change my white color

Pia Petter Paris | August 17th, 2010
Pia Petter Paris
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

well, that was different! very cool!

Stoyan Bulgaria

Great shooting This was awesome! Can't wait for the pictures! Definitely gonna print the 8000px on my wall!

Philippe Francia

Cool film Nice work

William Reino Unido

Arty! Nice to see Gabriella again although I kind of prefer her unpainted. Will she be coming back for more photo sessions?

WJ Estados Unidos de América

Sorry… …but I don’t really like these art type films

Ortis Estados Unidos de América

Gabriella More Gabriella please, that girl is smokin!!!

Kev B Australia

Interesting You sure like to keep us thinking Petter!!

ortelius Estados Unidos de América

Great film. Kudos to Gabriella for being such a good sport

Eddie Estados Unidos de América

Interesting, artistic. I did watch the whole thing. Not real sexy though.

Bart Estados Unidos de América

Wow Knew Peter was an artist. Great shoot. Enjoyed it better than the Louvre. I thought your assistant did a great paint job and the model was smokin. Keep experimenting its what grows you guys into the best female form beauty site on the web. Thanks, virtuoso.

corpsecorps Estados Unidos de América

Eh... I'm not a goop and gook fan.

Rovidium España

That's what it's all about ! Loved it ! And it reminded me why this is the only site where I've subscribed in my whole life. This is more than nudes and porn , this is art. And even if we are all tempted to see more skin and more action , I think staying at the art lever is what sets Hegre apart from the gazzilion other nude site. My advice guys , be carefull about the porn notes that you are introducing latelly . I would be a liar if I said that I didn't whach some of with interest but I also worry about having this place turned into Hustler. As I've said before , the pressure to see/show ever more skin and action must be great.... Keep up the good work!

Charles Estados Unidos de América

Print The cover for this should be sold in the shop.

Gabriella Estatua | April 27th, 2010
Gabriella Estatua
Laurie Reino Unido

Brilliant Black Exquisite cinematography ~ I love it.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

anyone ever see the movie "mannequin" She seems more interested in that statue than the girls have been in eachother, lately!

Robert Lee Estados Unidos de América

Gabriella and Silvie Please show these two beautiful women making love. thankyou

CaptainKidd Estados Unidos de América

Only a statue would not respond to the advances of Gabriella. If she put her tongue on my lips I would be sucking her tongue down to its roots.

Andrew Estados Unidos de América

Gabriella and bronze statue Dear Mr. Hegre, I absolutely love this movie. You would have a member for life if you made an even longer movie with Gabriella playing with the statue. If she even had an orgasm rubbing against it that would be even greater. Thank you for making an awesome movie. Andrew

Master Penetrator Alemania

Erotic! I really like the film -- great idea!

Stan Canada

I wish I could ejaculate on her belly...

Gabriella Jabón | January 19th, 2010
Gabriella Jabón
Mark Estados Unidos de América

Bath Time Beauty Gabriella is so sexy! I absolutely love her body! What beautiful, full and natural breasts and a great round perfectly shaped ass! It is very lovely to watch a beautiful woman during her bathing ritual. I also enjoy her playfulness with the camera and opportunity to get to observe her wonderful body from different angles. Great film!

impressed1 Estados Unidos de América

Unimprovable that's how i would characterize Gabriella, she simply radiates sex and her amazing body is unimprovable, she is totally irresistable.

nat_pavitt Estados Unidos de América

WoW!!! All I can say is WOW! She's stunning.

Gabriella Sirena | October 6th, 2009
Gabriella Sirena
TIMOTHY DARULA Estados Unidos de América

WATER NYMPH GABRIELLA; I gave her video a full 10, because she Is a stone-fox!!!. When she was coming up out of the water her beautiful breasts were swaying. She looked so fine In the water and I wish that I was there too. She must be part mermaid because she Is In water a lot time. She doesn't have to worry about dying In the water because she has two amazing floats on her chest.

Kav Reino Unido

She is gorgeous. End of!

Jeff Estados Unidos de América

All she needs is me! I can tell by the way she looks at the camera. She's thinking of me! Gabriella defines perfection in a way the so few others do. I see the name, I score the 10, then watch the video or the gallery to prove my self right. Again, and again... give this girl a 10!

CaptainKidd Estados Unidos de América

As I watched this mermaid all I could do was think of fertilizing her eggs! What a f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c body!!! I'd love to spawn with her!

jonnie65 Estados Unidos de América

Nice and wet This is simply the best video on this site!!

nat_pavitt Estados Unidos de América

She is Ammzing! She's Ammzing. I'd love to she more videos of her. Great job Petter.

Gabriella Pantimedias de red | July 7th, 2009
Gabriella Pantimedias de red
karl Australia

beautiful gabriela again, a beautiful masterbation session by gabriela. she seems to enjoy her body so much. its beautiful to watch, it really is. hamman is still my favourite though. surely now these stunning girls have crossed the line into complete sexual abandonment. maybe next time, i would love to see gabriela slid those beautiful long fingers inside of herself...? now that would be hot. and the way she gasps and moans so softly when she cums....so hot! more, more, more, please! and more oiled up sessions, like hamman!

ThunderCat Alemania

WOW this session gives you an orgasm like an earthquake

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

I need to taste Gabriella's exquisite, sticky wetness.

FtLMale Estados Unidos de América

My Gabreilla Gabreilla is the woman I married over 20 years ago. When I see her I am reminded why I fell for my wife, but when I see my wife I know why I am still in love after all these years. True beauty is timeless, and I wish for Gabreilla all the love I still share with my Gabreilla.

Jessica Estados Unidos de América

Like, really really real? When God was handing out perfect breasts, Gabriella got in line twice. I wish she were still on Mr. Right, because she could come play in LA 'til she found him... and there's plenty of Mr. Wrong to go around!

TIMOTHY DARULA Estados Unidos de América

FISHNET FANTASY How In the world does peter do It?. He must have nerves of steel to be around such beautiful women who diddle themselves to orgasm. Gabriella Is a gorgeous model, and I gave her video a big 10. Thank you for a wonderful video.

CaptainKidd Estados Unidos de América

Share with my mates Gabriella's luscious pussy was made for this captain to eat. I'd love to take her on one of my voyages and share her with my crew of well hung Jamaican sailors. I'd love to watch her cum as each mate has her. Yes, we do bring babes along now and again, some are willing and some not so willing!!!

pete Estados Unidos de América

wetness One thing I really like about some of Gabriella's sessions is how wet she gets. I'd love to see this from more of the models. Maybe before a shoot Petter should give his models a few moments alone to work themselves into an appropriately aroused state.

Gabriella Hammam | May 26th, 2009
Gabriella Hammam
Laurie Reino Unido

Tender and Touching Orgasm A beautifully delicious climax but so disappointing the foreplay which she effectively concealed.

Dirkjan Holanda

Is there a movie fom Gabriella in the pool? I loved these pictures.

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Having the pleasure of watching Gabriella rub her pussy and cum has been the highlight of my day. The girl does love to masturbate; she really worked up some rich, creamy lube there. Excellent and very sexy movie.

karl Australia

so erotic ! a beautiful soft sensual masterbation session from gabrielle. such a beautiful soft orgasm to witness. more of the same gabrielle please ! my wife and i had awesome sex after watching her. finger penetration would have made it even better! as would the introduction of a sex toy! hint hint...maybe next time...mmmm....now that would be a sight to see !

TIMOTHY DARULA Estados Unidos de América


KOMET Estados Unidos de América

GABRIELLA Que brasileira sexy e absolutamente GOSTOSA!!! Gabriella traz à mente tão claramente a beleza das mulheres do Brasil.

jonnie65 Estados Unidos de América

Gabriella Hmm Very romantic!

RoundEye Estados Unidos de América

She looks at the camera a bit too much. But, it is believable that she is doing what she would do if the camera weren't there. Which is what us guys like to see. What does a woman do if no eyes are upon her??

Imovane Suiza

Best Atmosphäre i ve ever Seen in such a Movie. Beautyful.

Gabriella Lecho Real | March 31st, 2009
Gabriella Lecho Real
Laurie Reino Unido

Hauntingly Beautiful - Enchanting Musky Delights in Gorgeously extravagant Bed Gabriella I don't deny that your new style suits you, but, and its a very big but. Your hair was gorgeous, attactive and charismatic and quite probably the envy of the rest of the female population. Believe me. Please, I implore you Gabriella, grow it back. Loved your hair but still love you.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

ok... that was officially SCORCHING HOT!!!

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Tasty! Keep it up Petter.

LK Reino Unido

Gabriella is something special. Great and very sexy film here

art Estados Unidos de América

Super Awesome! Very Wonderful seeing Gabriella's curvaceous body rolling around in steamy and jiggly motion. Thank you

CaptainKidd Estados Unidos de América

As I watched Gabriella roll around on that bed all I could think of was leaving hickies all over her body from my lip-locks and slipping my tongue into her stunning pussy and feeling her cumming on it. Gabriella is f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s!!!

Daniel3987 Alemania

Gabriella I think Gabriella is one of my most favourite girls on this Page. I also love Luba, Marketa, Anna S, Muriel and all the other girls, but Gabriella has something special, that makes me really horny. Her skincolour, something between black and white, is really hot. Her Breasts are very large and have a perfect shape. She hasn't got the perfect figure of a model, she's more the curvy girl. And thats what makes her really really awsome. You could touch her anywhere, you would always have your hands full of her flesh! I love also about her, that she's not so shy like some other girls here. I haven't seen many galleries here in which Luba shows her Pussy completely. She just shows it from the front, most time. In the "fishnet stockings" gallerie, are some pictures, where we can see her slut completely. But I would like so see her pussy spreaded. I would like to see her getting a massage, I would like so see her fucked by Hegre or getting fingered! Gabriella shows her pussy, and thats what i love about her. I'm shure that Gabriella's pussy is very thight and fleshy. And I know that her breasts are very firm. I guess she would love getting her titts massaged and squeezed by big strong hands, during a thick, long cock fucks her tight, wet pussy.

ned Estados Unidos de América

Gravity-defying breasts, marvelous pussy lips, dense pubic hair. What a fantasy fuck!

Gabriella y Marlene Intimidad | February 24th, 2009
Gabriella y Marlene Intimidad
Laurie Reino Unido

Sublimely Sensuous Gorgeous girls close to divine intimacy. With bated breath, in agonies of expectation I hoped Gabriella's luscious lips would seek out Marlene's pleasure pearl.

Dirkjan Holanda

Very nice video. Happening nothing, moving little. But Gabriella is much nicer with a little bit of hair.

Marty Estados Unidos de América

Wow, I hope these two lovely ladies team up again. Part of me hoped that they went a bit further but there is something to be said for "restraint." (I think =P) Well done.

laveau Estados Unidos de América

Marlene is rad! woo yeah, Marlene owns this video! had a feeling she would be amazing on film. absolutely get the impression she was wanting to take this one beyond just the erotic, and even went there a couple times. we need a Marlene week, this girl is awesome! Gabriella is a beauty, but she just seemed like she was along for the ride, only a few short times did she seem to rise to Marlene's intensity. solo shoots, or more "playful" type team-ups would seem to be more her style. imagine if Marlene is paired with a partner of equal intensity. Ira for example... nuclear explosion!

Manu Francia

trans-Atlantic fusion! Hôôôô wow... a brasilian woman (who was freshly silky smooth shaved, a delicious surprise for our eyes...) and the last model witch was discovered in France,my landscape... enjoying each other the perfection of woman body!!

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Marlene gets in front of the camera and great stuff happens. That's her first video shoot (at least the first published) and she's great. I can hardly believe she's never modeled before. Both models seemed very comfortable with and into the sex here, I like this one alot.

hegre fan Singapur

pls upload the photo set ASAP!!!

Laurie Reino Unido

Sublimely Sensuous Deliciously hot - so fucking deliciously hot.

boster Estados Unidos de América

More of Gabriella having Girl-Girl Sex Would love to see more of Gabriella having sex with another girl.

pnelson Estados Unidos de América

Not so intimate Gabriella seemed to be operating close to her personal limits. This was apparent whenever she had her hand on or near Marlene's pussy. She always kept her fingers stiff and her fingertips away from anything too intimate. This is especially obvious around 12 minutes when she has one hand on her own pussy and it's relaxed and conforms to her natural shape, while her other hand between Marlene's legs is barely in contact with Marlene's (presumably by now moist) soft folds. It's obvious by some of the massage videos that Hegre has no rules against completely intimate contact between two women, so he should try to select models who are equally relaxed about it in these videos.

jonnie65 Estados Unidos de América

Simply Stunning To see two gorgeous women make love like this is so beautiful! Both girls shaved even Gabriella who has some pubic area in her solo shots! Then the soft kisses and the two just being sensual was so wonderful to see! Gabriella too could not even control herself as she had to masturbate before Marlene finally took control! Plus 10 rating I will say!!

toexpress Estados Unidos de América

music LOVE the music. Love to have a CD of this music

Ivancito México

Oh oh...tutu !!! Oh god...the scene is simply great and sexy; these girls are simply beutiful. I love the coffee bean on Gaby....HOOOOOTT !!!

Blatch_wg8 Australia

Perfect peaches! Two of the most beautiful cunts I have ever seen - like two delicious peaches (though both, I notice, perfectly dry which - with the absence of any sign of orgasm - suggests that the girls weren't as much into each other as you might expect and hope). Incidentally, Gabriella's long fingernails would surely do severe damage to Marlene's lower lips if she really got carried away? I've several times been told off by my ladies when approaching their cunts with untrimmed nails. Sexually, alas, pretty unconvincing - but very beautiful all the same!

greatguy2 Noruega

Extremely sexy I love the setting of 2 women caressing and making ot good for eachoter, very erotic and sensual..

Zeek Estados Unidos de América

music What is the music that plays in the background?

Gabriella Ducha de Mármol | January 27th, 2009
Gabriella Ducha de Mármol
Mango Reino Unido

Oh now that IS good!!!

Dirkjan Holanda

Gabriella is hot The best video in months.

derecho64 Estados Unidos de América

Gabriella Now that Yanna has apparently retired, Gabriella is my new fave! 10 out of 10. Incredible!

Michael Estados Unidos de América

OMG This is one of the finest videos of pleasuring I've seen... excellent Petter and Gariella! Let's see, Patricia on the ladder, Yanna and his juices, and now this. Petter, if I ever thought of letting my membership lapse again, well forget it!

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

It was good for me too. Nice stuff Mr. Hegre, I like the direction you're going in.

Environmentalist Estados Unidos de América

This is the best excuse for recklessly wasting water that I have ever seen. Gabriella was my favorite long before this movie. I have never been able to watch what a girl would do behind closed doors. I feel like this is exactly what she would do behind closed doors. We are all so fortunate for Gabriella and Peter. None of the other models are this honest with us. If I were to see her in person, and winked at her, would she know what I am thinking???

JD Estados Unidos de América

Maybe the best video that I have seen on this site. I like to see more like this one and more models like Gabriella.

laveau Estados Unidos de América

that shower stool rocks! she is good solo, really good. my mind wandered a bit, until around the 7 minute mark. funny how stuff like that can stop you in your tracks, heh heh. Gabby's a keeper! the abrupt cut at the 9:58 mark kind of took me out of the moment though. i want a stool to sit on in my shower. i almost didn't finish this video, thanks to that godawful sleazy early 90's Playboy style elevator music it out started with. so happy when it switched at the 5:30 mark. the film got sexy again. stick to the sensual ambient electro trip-hop influenced stuff, much better. maybe it's just me, but when a woman wraps a towel around her hair, it's one of the sexiest things ever!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

GABRIELLA - do Brasil By far, this is one of THE BEST videos on this site. As one who has travelled to Brazil several times thru the years, Gabriella is representative of some of the most beautiful, sensual, and passionate women in the world. (What a delight to see Gabriella masturbate --- for real!!!) VIVA O BRASIL!!!

TIMOTHY DARULA Estados Unidos de América

Hot And Wet Gabriella: You make taking a shower a really fun thing. I loved the way that you were petting your kitty. I thought that cats didn't like water?. I really loved that way that your lovely breasts move and hang, your a really true beauty, don't change a thing about yourself. If you ever need some help rubbing lotion on you after a hot steamy shower I would love to help you with that.

RoundEye Estados Unidos de América

Surrender I used to love Yoko as my favorite on here. This changed my mind. She is either looking too much at the camera, or she is watching some porn to get her excited enough to Cum. I'd be interested to know what it is she is watching that she loves enough to assist her in her anxiety before the camera? She is very very real. It is obvious at moments that had the camera not been there. This is exactly how she performs in private. Men love to be the fly on the wall. Just to see a woman in her natural element. Wow, nothing is more exciting.

Gabriella Masaje COMENTARIOS

Masaje de amor lésbico | January 17th, 2012
Masaje de amor lésbico
Henryjames Reino Unido

Y The dark bakground was a bad idea

visual_42 Holanda

thnx wow nice birthdaypresent :o) thnx hegre. _O_ looks great as always _O_

Kirsty Reino Unido

Role play games Me and my girl just loved this one. Lately we have been getting into role play and games. This one about massaging came along at the right time and now it’s our favourite.

Felix Francia

Proper massage I was not pleased with this film because I could not believe in these two girls as masseurs. I go for the massage films because that is exactly what they say they are. Proper massage by a proper masseur and what that means is a dominant women fully clothed with strong hands and fingers.

Lee Estados Unidos de América

Replaying it You shoulda put it on a loop that bit where they rub their asses together. I been wearing myself out replaying it.

Ryan Canada

Thai It reminded me a bit of Thai massage where the girl walks up and down your back only this way with them lying full length with each other is a whole lot more fun.

Adam Estados Unidos de América

Re: Proper massage I don’t know how much these two know about massage but they look willing to learn. I think in its own way it makes the whole movie more natural and appealing.

Sadie Estados Unidos de América

Lesbian Massage? Perhaps that was enjoyable to a female audience...?

Sandy Reino Unido

Opportunities missed, is there a part deux? The massage was just starting to get me going but then it was spoilt by the camera angles and lack of detail. Imagine how mind blowingly erotic it would have been with better camera angles and more lingering close-up shots of the intimate massages of both Marlene & Gabriella. A Part 2 please to address these issues or more models getting it together. Love the variation of these themes enormously but more detail please.

Igor Estados Unidos de América

Marlene Very nice to se Marlene again. She is stunningly sexy!

paradygma España

It's been some time since we last saw Gabriella too. She definitely has the right stuff.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

It definately was anticlimactic, considering what these two have been through together. but, it workedfor me! (and, you guys finally got to see the masseuse naked!lol)

DocRod Estados Unidos de América

RE: Opportunities missed, is there a part deux? I totally agree! Lots of "missed opportunities" which could have blown the roof off the joint!

anwar7 Estados Unidos de América

nice i love it

loner7 Estados Unidos de América

sensual massage Two beautiful ladies..I expected better from them.

roger1940 Israel

RE: sensual massage if they are lesbian I'm mickey mouse

STR-1 Estados Unidos de América

RE: RE: sensual massage Hi Micky

Masaje de Aceite Toscana | March 1st, 2010
Masaje de Aceite Toscana
Karl Noruega

Gabriella Well that is one hot body I would love to get my hands on. Can I volunteer to massage Gabriella next time please?

Jane Estados Unidos de América

Sensual This film is beautiful sensual and gently erotic it was a pleasure to watch, thank you.

FtLMale Bahamas

Another Massage for Gabriella? The massage videos have become more enjoyable for both the viewers and the models. Might I suggest another video of Gabriella titled "Multi-Hour Orgasmic Massage"? I would be willing to offer my assistance to relieve the masseuse as needed.

Jeff D Estados Unidos de América

Always my favorite With so so so many gorgeous models on Hegre-art, Gabriella has been my favorite from the very start. I love those curves, those tits, and that beautiful brown Brazilian sun-kissed skin of hers. Simply delicious! As to this massage.... OMG! What an incredible display of the hottest woman ever! I'm so glad she chose this profession!

KCR Estados Unidos de América

Better for the viewer? Very thorough and sensual; even erotic yet not a sign from Gabriella as to whether she enjoyed it. 8^/

Maroon Estados Unidos de América

Nice Sometimes I like the ones that aren't overtly sexual, but I have to confess, going at least a little further than this one did is my preference. At the very least, the masseuse should get a good handful of the model's breasts a few times. Still, Gabrielle's body is incredible, so this still looks great.