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Photo of Ama


Photo of Ama
Name: Ama
Country: Argentina
Weight: 52kg
Height: 173cm
Age: 23
Occupation: Model

Sweet and Sexy

Ama hails from the Argentinean capital Buenos Aires but due to the bad economic situation she has relocated and is now modeling out of Mexico City.

Appearances can be deceptive and despite her pierced nipple, pierced tongue and addiction to tattoos Ama is a shy and quiet kind of girl. Her first photo sessions in Mexico with Petter Hegre marked her first time ever posing nude.

Ama has an easy going and relaxed personality. She is a very natural girl with a good mood and positive attitude. Her gentle personality extends to a great love of animals. Indulging her sexier side, Ama loves to wear light summer dresses and no underwear on hot days. And mysteriously she tells us she likes role-playing…

Sweet and gentle but with a hint of mystery, Ama is the kind of girl who is always a pleasure to be around.

Ama Galleries COMMENTS

Ama and Flora on a table | April 20th, 2010
Ama and Flora on a table
JMHthe3rd United States

I've been waiting for this for months Ama and Flora really do go good together. Both very beautiful. I especially like pictures 8-14, with the legs drawn up and side to side.

Carne Asana United States

Dream come true! Two absolutely exquisite girls close to be camouflaged but totally apparent due to their undeniable beauty. The geometries between them make for wonderful photographs.

ED BYRNE United Kingdom

A match made in heaven! You are the main corse you both look absolutely delicious extremely nice you make a lovely pair a match made in heaven I think!

wheeler United States

another awesome bird's eye view! this time doubled!

Paul Mcg United States

I would love to be in the middle of these two. Very beautiful women. Thank you. Paul Mcg

KOMET United States

AMA & FLORA: A TESTAMENT TO THE LOVELINESS OF LATIN WOMEN Both Ama and Flora juxtaposed together in this photo series makes for a veritable treat. Hegre, I trust you have in mind to have Ama and Flora together in a video with their bodies displaying that sleek, oiled-down look. Let them dance!

Ama jacuzzi | March 13th, 2010
Ama jacuzzi
KOMET (aus der U.S.A.) United States

AMA - Una Perla de la Argentina What a delight it is to see AMA again! Hegre, it would be nice to create a photo series (and video) with both AMA and SILVIE because both of them are incredibly sexy, NATURAL WOMEN. (Always it's a turn-on to behold beautiful women with a furry/hairy patch between their legs.)

wheeler United States

bathtime with ama...sounds like fun!!!hehehe

Steve United States

Ama As my mother used to say: "If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all".

ED BYRNE United Kingdom

Falls short of goal! Good effort keep going you will get there!

Carne Asana United States

Ama is gorgeous and I'm thrilled we now get to see her wonderful video as frame by frame photos. She floats in the soapy, milky waters. Then Ama takes an interview-like seat but she looks like the one asking the questions. Her cheeks, touched by the sun, are so cute. And that body, wow, it looks great like this, looks good in jeans, looks good in a bath mat, doesn't matter. Love her.

CGC United Kingdom

Dreams... A beautiful model in a beautiful setting - but you know so many of us out here are just just a little penetration...!

Ama deskjob | December 27th, 2009
Ama deskjob
Bruce United States

AMA No breasts ???

KJS United States

NSFW "No breasts???" Eh, the last pic has a nip slip ;)

JMHthe3rd United States

Love the set, but . . . Love the set, but I agree with Bruce. I'd like to see more shots of her fully nude, but then her early sets were already like that. Still, I do like the secretary theme.

Carne Asana United States

Shots 43 & 44 They are masterpieces. The lines, the books, Ama's look. Love it!

Ama office girl | December 14th, 2009
Ama office girl
JMHthe3rd United States

I love Ama's office sets. They really go with her girl next door appeal. Hope to see more of her. She's definitely one of my favorites. Any chance of seeing her with anyone else? Maybe Flora, since they're both from Argentina and are both currently living in Mexico City.

steven kanor United States


Paul Mcg United States

Ama is very stunning looking. There is something about her that I like very much. Could is be her naughty look, maybe but thanks to you all. Paul Mcg

Carne Asana United States

Rosy Cheeks And big brown eyes combine to make one of the most sultry women.

Voyeur United States

Very creative.

Pete United Kingdom

Ama Ama looks fantastic in image 3 but the set then fails to progress. I agree with Steve, we need to see more of Ama as she definately has lots of potential.

Joe United States

I spy Love your work that borders on the voyeuristic point of shooting

Ama green panties | November 1st, 2009
Ama green panties
Paul Mcg United States

That pool looks so nice and Ama adds the right touch to it. I always likes the color green. She is hot and naughty and that is a very good thing. Thanks gang. Paul Mcg

Carne Asana United States

Great Way To Begin The Month! Sensual prologue to the June 26 "Ama The Pool" presentation. Ama makes me want to watch a movie that's in a language I don't understand. Without subtitles.

JMHthe3rd United States

Cute. She's really cute. I hope we see a video of her some time.

JP United States

Natural Ama has such a naturalness about her that is really sexy. I've said before that she is like a beautiful woman you might see in passing in public and these galleries are like an opportunity to see that beautiful woman in a more intimate setting. I like how her right nipple ring gives her a sexy, dangerous edge.

David United States

Ama green panties I love Ama so much. She is perfect. Everything about her is amazing. I'd love to see close-ups of her beautiful pussy.

sunbook France

amazing She smiles, she laugh, her cheeks get pink... she's so natural and beautiful ! And last but not least, she's got hair (just a few... I regret) on her pussy ! Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow ! Please

Ama white suit | September 7th, 2009
Ama white suit
wheeler United States

the wardrobe was less than flattering.but,its nice to see Ama again

Paul Mcg United States

I love Ama's body. I think there should have been more of Ama, it was a litte bit short. Nice gallery of her, thanks. Paul Mcg

ardunbye United Kingdom

Ama white suit Ama may be sweet looking. Correction:- Ama IS sweet looking but I'm not fooled. She has a superb body and is very, very SEXY.

Stuart United Kingdom

This model is gorgeous! Can we please see more of her..?

JP United States

Sexy librarian Wow, I wish my librarian was that sexy and flexible! Love the shots where she hangs and stretches her toros. Beautiful breasts.

Carne Asana United States

Nod To The Past I think the outfit choice is great. Sort of modern take on bloomers which compliments the setting. But then Ama takes over with her beauty full of a mysterious expression that would make her a perfect addition to an Almodovar film.

gareth United States

love the nipple ring!

JMHthe3rd United States

Any chance of getting a video of her?

Ama white dress | August 29th, 2009
Ama white dress
Paul United Kingdom

Ama - white dress Sensuous, sexy, provocative and graceful.........this makes my largest sex organ work the most - my mind. Beautiful, Petter.

JP United States

Girl next door Ama has this earthy, real-world sexuality about her. She's like that attractive woman you might see passing you on the street. She has such a natural beauty which is enhanced by her non-shaved pussy. I like that she wears everyday clothes. I can't picture her in one of those galleries with oil or in that bubble sphere...wait a minute...maybe I can.

longtimefan United States

Ama, you are Gorgeous and Classy you have an intelligence and grace and are soooo sexy. wow. I would love to shoot you sometime.... Continued success to you.

Paul Mcg United States

Very nice gallery of Ama. She looks so nice and soft, thanks to you all. Paul Mcg

Carne Asana United States

Amo Ama! This shoot is totally giving "Ama Shadows" (June 14 09) a run for its money as my favorite so far. I think JP's comments are spot on.

wheeler United States

another thumbs up for JPs comment

JMHthe3rd United States

She definitely has a "girl-next-door" appeal. So cute. Any chance of her getting a video?

ardunbye United Kingdom

Ama white dress I like that dress so much that I want it hanging on my bedroom door in the morning.(Any morning will do).

Joe United States

I love anything Peter does that borders on being Voyeuristic

Ama secretary | August 13th, 2009
Ama secretary
Arnnold Netherlands

mystery Why not make a shortstory-board? This serie is very straight forward. NO mystery and helas with a unshaven model.

damasta Germany

personal fantasy petter, you have just fulfilled one of my personal fantasies. i have a home office and have always wanted a personal assistant just like ama. cute, friendly and sexy. there to assist me in any way she can! ;-9

JP United States

I just fired my secretary... ..and I need a new one. Ama, you're HIRED!!!!!

george United States

thank goodness. A girl with pubic hair.

Paul Mcg United States

Very nice the way you have Ama set up with this gallery. Just another beautiful woman in the Hegre family, thanks so much. Paul Mcg

sevillano United Kingdom

ama - secretary god almighty - this woman is beautiful. The most gorgeous on the site by far.

Pete United Kingdom

Ama Very pretty with great legs and smile

wheeler United States

I think "zeppelin" was right you ought to start a site specifically for fetish type stuff! not that I mind. quite the contrary.but tastes do vary!

Stuart United Kingdom

This girl has a really striking, natural beauty. Unadorned and ravishing. I'd like to see more her her vulva if possible.

KJS United States

Eh, a little fllat... Hmmm, I think I agree with 'mystery'. This series is a little flat. If there weren't a few phots of Ama smiling I'd assume she dragged herself into this for the money. Yes, I know that's a part of it but can't we have a little bit of fun on the shoot? I'd like to see a bit more facial expressiveness from her. That and there's a lot of busy background going on in this set. Loveley Ama, we can do better for her.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Ama secretary Stuart may have a fancy for her Vulva (who can blame him?)But I'd be happy to take a ride in her 'Mini'.

JMHthe3rd United States

Love her eyes I like how her eyes seem somehow naughty and mysterious, as if she's secretly amused by something. And her smiles are adorable. The strange thing is strictly speaking she isn't the "most beautiful" girl on the site (that honor probably goes too Anna S), but she is my favorite. I wish she was my secretary.

Penetrator Germany

Good idea, but... ...though the idea and setting are great, I would really like to see eome shots taken from a lower angle. Looking under Ama's dress from a low point of view (and with lots of light between her legs) would add a nice voyeuristic edge.

Ama in bed | July 29th, 2009
Ama in bed
GeRRy United Kingdom

Ama What a beautiful girl unfortunately marred by a mutilated nipple. I find nipple piercings a total turn off

Ama fan United States

really beautiful woman Im going to disagree and say the piercing is hot. Subtle and a little naughty. Ama is such a naturally beautiful woman who it seems you could easily see having a great conversation with, besides her being able to model nude and look amazing. A very Sexy woman you are indeed. What a combo! Ama, thanks for sharing you, with all of us, and we hope Petter works with you more, for all of our benefit. Best.

Paul Mcg United States

Ama to me looks good anywhere and at anytime. She looks so very happy with herself. Nice gallery. Thanks again to you all. Paul Mcg

wheeler United States

another waking beauty! and, again, I wish I looked that good NOW! never mind JUST GETTING UP! about the piercing. I like it. the only thing that's a turn-off to me is if it's in their face, or, if they go BALISTIC with them, or tattoos.

JP United States

Natural Beauty Something about this girl gives her that natural sexiness. No alterations needed. I'd love to see AMA in full clothing stripping off her top revealing her luscious breasts.

wheeler United States

no tanlines? must disagree there, too. oh each their own!

Pete United Kingdom

Piercings The piercings look fine both nipple and belly button. Ama is definately a natural beauty, very pretty, with a great body and she looks very relaxed. My only complaint is the bikini lines, she would look alot hotter with an overall tan. However great addition to site.

KOMET (aus der U.S.A.) United States

AMA - The Argentine Natural Beauty I think that AMA is a true delight to the eyes. Tall, slim, and very sexy. I love the fact that she (in contrast to most models here) has HAIR between her legs. I LOVE THAT! Hegre, it would be cool, if you would have on your site MORE photos series and videos highlighting NATURAL WOMEN.

Ama bed session | July 8th, 2009
Ama bed session
wheeler United States

is it me... or has lovely Ms S lost some weight? lovely gallery, anyway. I just hope she doesn't let that go too far!

JP United States

Ms. S? Wheeler, this is Ama, not Anna S. Anyway, she looks so hot and natural in this gallery. I hope she doesn't shave that sexy, hairy pussy.

chris United States

ama she's a real looker! Lovely smile ,wide full hips .Love her carmel colored hair.Her little bearded pussy is just right jp

Pete United Kingdom

Ama Not sure if she has lost any weight over course of her 4 sets, but she is looking pretty good to me here

Dan from Texas United States

Beautiful! I love everything about Ama, well, maybe not that stuff on her feet, but well, everything else! Great Photos!

Laurie United Kingdom

Mystique Ama has a mystical quality, an aura of warmth, softness and sensual femininity which I find very bewitching.

David United States

Ama I just adore this woman. What a wonderful, happy face. Look at picture #3. Who wouldn't want to spend his life with a sweetie like Ama? I love her mop of auburn hair. It's so pretty! And just in case there is any doubt, I think Ama's pussy is absolutely gorgeous. It is truly a privilege to see her pictures.

TasteTester United States

AMA I've just now seen what I've been missing before joining HEGRE-Art! The exquisite detail, and 'touch-of-class'in your photos. LOVE the nipple ring AMA!

Ama the pool | June 26th, 2009
Ama the pool
AG Portugal

Ama from Amore ... what a lovely face she have. Thanks Petter for this beautiful woman

Juan Portugal

I wanna touch her! She is a very sexy lady! Fantastic!

Matiz Portugal

Oh...such a perfect girl. I wish to be with her in the pool!

wheeler United States

This lovely lass is quickly becoming a favorite!

David United States

Ama the pool What an amazing, beautiful face! What an outstanding body. I love her. I want to hug her. Please show more close-up pictures of her face in future sets. For everyone who loves her face like me, download picture #39 at 6000. Incredible!!!

Paul Mcg United States

This is a wonderful find. Thank you so much Petter. All the best. Paul Mcg

Dan from Texas United States

I have to agree! Yes, Ama has the face of a goddess! The wonderful body is just an extra bonus.

Ama shadows | June 14th, 2009
Ama shadows
ST United Kingdom

Love this new model. And the lovely moody, atmospheric gallery suits her.

mstar Turkey

thanks many thanks petter hegre....

David United States

the cutest butt ever!!! Look at picture #60. Ama is laying on her tummy on a table. It shows off her slender arms and her perfect breasts. You see what a lovely color of brown her hair is. You see her sexy hip bone. But look at her butt, and the curve of it gliding down to her toned, slender thigh. She's 5' 8" and only 115 pounds. Has anyone ever seen a cuter ass? Ama's lips look wonderful, but I could kiss her ass for hours and hours! Ama is incredibly hot!

Laurie United Kingdom

The last Nine Images I am usually appreciative of the more creative gallery and this is no exception. The last few images are excellent. However the best fixed prop was never exploited and the effects would have made this gallery a real classic. Move the table and pose the model on the tiled floor capturing her in the railing shadows. And profile her sitting kneeling or squatting against the railing and the soft warm glow of the late sun.

David United States

Ama shadows What a wonderful woman! I hope to see Ama many times in the future. I think she has awesome eyes. When she lays on her tummy, you see what a cute butt she has. The shadows totally show off her flat tummy and sexy hip bones. Also go to "Ama dripping wet" to see Ama's cute smile, and her amazing, beautiful, sexy pussy. She is 5' 8" tall. Picture #5 shows how stunning Ama looks as she prepares to engage in sexual intercourse.

goober United States

Ama Ama has vaulted into being one of your top models almost overnight. Her beauty and sexiness is top-rate. Her gorgeous, athletic body and beautiful smile are beyond compare. She even has lovely, tatooed feet! She deserves many more pictorials and videos.

Shumba Spain

Ama, new model? what I like about Ama: hair, tits, face, legs and I don't like: ass, back and nipples But in total model is about 7

Mike Spain

Mr.Hegre your photos getting better and better, this colors are so mexican, warm and pleasant for my eyes, girls is pleasant too :)

Paul Mcg United States

Ama is a wonderful find, so lovely to look at. Thanks so much. Paul Mcg

JP United States

Tattoos I'll bet beautifu Ama got all those tattoos before she matured into the hot babe that she is now.

Pete United Kingdom

Athletic body Ama is a great looking girl and quite rightly she is receiving alot of plaudits here. For a purely athletic body though, Yanna reigns supreme, and I would also put Thea and Olena S currently ahead of Ama. David, if you are looking for a flat tummy and great hips bones check out Antonina, you wont be disappointed.

Laurie United Kingdom

How to compliment a girl So Pete you decide to comment on this lovely girl and succeed in putting her down, How gallant of you! The Hegre girls are individuals, all uniquely different and cause for celebration.

chris United States

Ama Ama is a woman full of soft and hard and lovely angles and curves. I as a man appreciate all of them.

wheeler United States

amazing! Love the shadowy set! definitely "scarily intimate" as I've read your site being described, before!

millakidma Mexico

los felicito, es una suerte que tengan con ustedes a tan hermosa modelo y las fotografias son de una calidad inmejorable. gracias por su pagina

millajokidma Mexico

los felicito, es una suerte que tengan con ustedes a tan hermosa modelo y las fotografias son de una calidad inmejorable. gracias por su pagina

suaviter France

great art I am not ashamed to discover this shot almost five years after it appeared.And more , I post a comment to claim that this set is great art .It goes beyond photography and reaches sculpture.Ama is now a goddess. Merci Peter !

Ama dripping wet | June 3rd, 2009
Ama dripping wet
JP United States

New Model? Ama is really cute and being a bush lover, I appreciate her furry pussy. Hope she doesn't feel pressure to shave it.

Moro United Kingdom

Pierced nipples are hot. She shows promise.

Paul Mcg United States

Petter, Where have you been hiding this beautiful beauty. Ama is hot and may we please see more of her. Thanks to you all. Paul Mcg

wheeler United States

Lovely new addition! as far as the "bush" is concerned... I am also a fan! but, we seem to be in the minority! :(

Pete United Kingdom

Bush Bush is fine as not overgrown, location is great and agree amy looks comfortable in front of camera. Good first day at office

paul United States

Ama LOve this beautiful new girl with her warm sweet smile and yummy little body. Her perfect ass leaves me speechless. Total dream babe.

David United States

Ama dripping wet Picture #29 shows what a sexy, beautiful, womanly pussy Ama has. I love her pussy! I love her eyes. I love her incredibly slender calves. I lover those little breasts, but I wish she had let her cute nipples speak for themselves. 5' 8" is a wonderful height for a woman. But seriously... I love Ama's pussy!


Ama Jacuzzi | November 17th, 2009
Ama Jacuzzi
Laurie United Kingdom

A beautiful girl ~ a beautiful room Quite clearly Ama guards her modesty zealously and her body language shuns the intrusion of the camera. I was touched by her innocent charm.

ax1 United Kingdom

ama very sensual

JMHthe3rd United States

I've been waiting for this for months. Thank you for the video. I was hoping she would get one. Ama is one of my favorites here. She has that pretty girl-next-door appeal, sort of like Sian.

Paul Mcg United States

This is anoter jem, Ama is just to beautiful for words. Just like a Greek goddess. Thanks so much for all you do for us Petter. Paul Mcg

KJS United States

lovely.... Simple girliness, girl next door. Yeah, a bit like the perceived innocence of young Sian.

Carne Asana United States

Judge A Book By Its Cover It's impossible to do with Ama. She looks sweet and adorably simple but also totally cosmopolitan. She's shy but puts the world on pierced and tattooed notice she's got a wild streak. Love her!