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Photo de Erica F


Photo de Erica F
Nom: Erica F
Pays: Portugal
Poids: 45kg
Taille: 168cm
Age: 19
Profession: Mannequin

Jolie et guillerette

Dites bonjour à Erica F, la toute première portugaise à participer à l'aventure de la Maison Hegre !

Erica est une blonde naturelle, un canon. Elle a un corps très ferme, tonique et elle est guillerette à souhait - comme si elle avait été taillée dans le marbre. Erica a aussi la merveilleuse qualité d'être menue mais sinueuse ! et il faut surtout reconnaître qu'elle a un cul du feu de dieu !

Erica adore tout simplement s'ébranler devant l'appareil et une poseuse-née. Erica est une novice dans le mannequinat érotique mais elle dit qu'elle aime ce boulot. Erica aime aussi s'habiller de façon sexy et en talons hauts. Elle prend son pied lorsque les gens tombent des nues à son passage. Mais nous sommes désolés d'être si rabat-joie - cette ravissante fille est déjà mariée.

Erica F se lance à peine mais ira loin !


Erica F voiture musclée | February 19th, 2011
Erica F voiture musclée
wheeler Etats Uni

Back seat, Petter!Back seat!!!

Pete Royame Uni

Erica v Anna S Petter every thought of puitting Erica and Anna S together in a joint set, I think it would be a great mix?

Canchahel France

Dodge Charger of second generation (1968-1970), Master Hegre generation, if I'm not mistaken. This one is black, moreover. Is Erica F such a dark monster ?

Jim Etats Uni

Erica F Hottest of the hot. This girl smolders. How about another bed session?

Voyeur Etats Uni

Anyone know where I can get my hands on one of those :))

Nav Etats Uni

Erica is really one of several models here that can do no wrong.

Jewel Royame Uni

Déjà-vu Sorry, what are we doing back at the car? Haven't we been here (and with much more exciting pictures) before?

B Etats Uni

I'm charged up.

Erica F massage érotique | January 24th, 2011
Erica F massage érotique
wheeler Etats Uni

Get ready for a barrage of comments about the masseuse geting naked!

Tuco Royame Uni

RE: Photo number 17 Thanks for so many images of Erica's glorious bottom! But why isn't the masseuse naked?! Only joking! ;)

Man Etats Uni

THIS ROCKS Peter....this goes into your Hall of Fame. Exceptional.

Eddie Etats Uni

This is so what I came to this site for. Thanks. Erica is very sweet and sexy as usual.

Dan Etats Uni

Can't get enough of her ass. Perfection.

tooterooter Nigeria

The Thing Is... It's not only a nice looking pussy that counts, but who its owner is. In this case, I approve of both!

alterwolf Allemagne

Erica erotic massage Thank you for this one. Learned a lot: sure my girlfriend will like it.

cxman Etats Uni

nice work wow i just wanted to fall in love with this girl, felt like i was in heaven

James Michaels Etats Uni

naked masseuse We've seen this masseuse naked, and yeh, it was better that way. I have no problem being part of the "barrage." And yeh, Erica is truly sensational!

Pete Royame Uni

Perfection Erica = perfection, lucky man who is sharing this perfection

Moose Etats Uni

Masseuse I like the idea of both; a naked masseuse for more of a lesbian feel (pun intended), or the fantasy of a clothed, paid masseuse, making her cum, maybe for an extra tip. See! It makes the mind race. Thank you Erica.

Anybody Etats Uni

erica f In my humble opinion the massage scene is her best because unlike stand alone shots someone is experiencing her. Someone is doing what we want to do, touching her. She needs more time with Valerie and other playmates. She has an incredible body that would appeal to anyone any sex. But when someone touches her, her skin moves and makes different shapes which are pleasing.

Erica F la bagnole du diable | December 28th, 2010
Erica F la bagnole du diable
randyleo Royame Uni

sort of car accessory any may would want - where can you get one!!

wheeler Etats Uni

BACK seat, Petter! BACK seat!lol

Rob Royame Uni

How wonderful to see her cute little clit peeping out in pic 41 :)

The Guy Etats Uni

Yea! Erica F is one of the few women who could keep my eyes off the car! I hope you own the Charger. Keep it up with these kind of sets (even though you've clearly been holding these back for at least 6 months!). No bush & no dick!

D.L. Etats Uni

Released Inhibitions I love that some of the models are fingering themselves now in these sets. This indeed a lovely car as well. I am extremely happy with this set.

Jim Etats Uni

Erica F Outstanding. The star of Hegre right now. Absolutely gorgeous.

daniel Etats Uni


JP Etats Uni

No Dicks!! Awesome chick. Great tits and pussy and best of all, no dicks in this gallery.

Zeppelin Allemagne

Real? She is a true stunner! Yet her breasts are a Little disturbing to me - the only one girl with tits as round and firm as Erica's I have ever met was 15 (I was 16 then). Stoutness and roundness are typical characteristics of breasts with implants. Petter, please tell me: are they real? I mean, Natural? You once stated that you have only ever shot one girl sporting fake tits - please tell us that you did not do it again! This is the only way for me to find peace. I am a fan of your website because you do not show silicone.

Pete Royame Uni

RE: Real? I don't think Zepplin is the only member to consider this point. Erica does truly have a stunning body (although I think Tasha is the current number 1) but I have asked my self the same question? Great set, great car, great job!

Bernd Allemagne

Erica I love these pictures of Erica. She looks so fresh and innocent. A beautiful appetizer, breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time.

intoit1234 Etats Uni

The Best Erica is HOTTEST thing on the site for my money. Great shoot.

Jewel Royame Uni

Fingers Great stuff but it's a pity those stunning finger shots weren't in the video!

Erica F genouillères | December 1st, 2010
Erica F  genouillères
wheeler Etats Uni

eh... a little corny, if you ask me

HerveD France

Tops. Such a beautiful woman. I cannot stop imagining being really close and look even closer.

bungee Etats Uni

a perfect pussy

KOMET Etats Uni

Erica F In a word: BORING.

woohoo111 Etats Uni

lose the knee pads!!!!

Eddie Etats Uni

Pads Not Sexy Sexy girl as always. Pads are not sexy. Kills the shoot.

workman Etats Uni

Funny...but she has those knee pads on upside down.

daniel Etats Uni


wheeler Etats Uni

RE: workman how cann ya tell???lol

Pete Royame Uni

Bizzare Bizzare short set of Erica's great body.

Erica F muscu | November 22nd, 2010
Erica F muscu
tooterooter Nigeria

Beautiful Erica F's ass is wonderful, especially for such a slim woman.

Voyeur Etats Uni

Thank you Erica; another wonderful exhibitionist. I loved how you finger yourself and then the very next picture is the epitome of innocence.

xtra Australie

Erica F is A1 The tatoos may be unfortunate and the breasts artificial, but Erica has the body of my dreams - torso, shoulders, limbs, hands, feet, labia, face, arse - an impressive package. Some nice shots despite the return of the "still life in bunker" theme.

bb Etats Uni

That is what I come to this site for.

Eddie Etats Uni

Steaming Hot Another great set. Whew. Very hot lady.

Sevillano Royame Uni

RE: Erica F is A1 They're not false - check out her first gallery

daniel Etats Uni


daniel Etats Uni


xtra Australie

Re: The breasts Thanks Sevillano. I note Peter's comment. Have a look at Red&Pink (or is it pink and red?). If they are 100% natural they are the worlds best in this cup size. But it matters little - they look fantastic, and so does she.

Pete Royame Uni

Outstanding body Another great set of images of Erica's outstanding body set against yet another concrete background. Austerity measures seem to have hit Hegre with location shots the first cutback!

Buck_Rogers Allemagne

Tattoo an piercing I am a friend of small tattoos and small navel piercings. Erica with navel piercing looks very well. I wish my girlfriend have a piercing and a tattoo like this, too.

Erica F plage nudiste partie 2 | November 5th, 2010
Erica F plage nudiste partie 2
wheeler Etats Uni

nice day for a swim

Eddie Etats Uni

Beautiful Erica Very nice. Is there a lot along this beach to build my next house??!!

Alex Chine

I bet her pussy must be damn wet and sticky juice.I would like to lick her pussy.

billev France

RE: Photo number 61 i love this pic : i don't know why ...

billev France

RE: Photo number 73 Sea, sand, wonderful woman body : may be paradise ? Thank you a lot Erika. Please Peter : don't stop ! i will never fed up with such pics.

Pete Royame Uni

Erica I think sea, sun and sand are always the best locations for your shots and Erica is a joy to watch. 55 is my favouirte showing her slender figures and fullsome tits

daniel Etats Uni


Jim Etats Uni

Erica F There is a certain voyeuristic quality to these pics. All of those people over by the beach God, don't they realize what is lying behind them?? WHY AREN"T THEY LOOKING?

Erica F super corps | October 26th, 2010
Erica F super corps
pierart1954 Italie

Erica f: super body It is the beauty of the meat of the body of this fotomodella that strikes and it increases the sexual desire inside of me: consistent, firm, compact, rosy, at all soft that makes every beautiful photo and that the fotomodella makes desirable. very beautiful the positions with the arched basin that seems to offer the pussy on a dish. The photos it is very beautiful with the body arched from behind with the pussy well in sight.Still compliments Petter. I repeat. this fotomodella is the new star of the site of

alterwolf Allemagne

Erica F well, slowly this becomes boring. Always the sames naked pussys. Haven't you got any new ideas? Asian girls was a good start. How about black ladies? Dont you know that black is beautiful?

Tdonna Etats Uni

I could not disagree more with "alterwolf" comments.

Mark Etats Uni

Erica F. Great nudes of Erica! Terrific poses, well shot and terrific perspectives in the shots. And of course I love her buck naked in her open-toed pumps!

daniel Etats Uni


daniel Etats Uni


Code Talker Etats Uni

Don't need any variety in my Op. Just more. What you need is yet more young ultra babes from Russia. Can't have too many of those. Impossible. Katya or Sveba come to mind.

Pete Royame Uni

One of the best I was going to comment that Erica is the best mnodel currently on the site, then I saw that Yanna had returned. what a set Erica and Yanna together would be!

Erica ciment et chair | October 14th, 2010
Erica ciment et chair
wheeler Etats Uni

concrete and flesh... a wonderful combination!

Voyier Etats Uni

I love the naughtiness of this lovely lady.

Jeff Allemagne

please, no more concrete or white walls. Thank you

Tuco Royame Uni

RE: Photo number 40 Erica is fast becoming a one of my favourites! I hope she graces this wonderful site for some time to come!

Mark Etats Uni

Concrete and Flesh Great nudes! Beautiful contrast of the beauty of Erica's nude flesh against the rough, hard concrete. It is the contrast of a man-made creation against the mother nature-made creation of the nude form.

nat_pavitt Etats Uni

Thank you again Petter for another set of beautiful Pictures, and of course Erica.)

daniel Etats Uni


daniel Etats Uni


Pete Royame Uni

Reliable Another great set from Erica, probably your top model along with Olena M and the much missed Thea

xtra Australie

Viva Erica Erica to the rescue, but Peter this bunker theme has been done to death.

pierhart Italie

Urry the meat of Erica I witness emotioned the beauty of the meat of this fotomodella. A rosy, firm, compact, pulpy and smooth meat that transmits him to his pussy, simple, rosy, spontaneous, abundant and also it rosy and deep in his carnality. The blond of the hair is perfect on this type of meat: give her light and splendour. This model uses for realizing your films on the massages.

Erica F Légère | October 3rd, 2010
Erica F Légère
Tuco Royame Uni

RE: Photo number 17 Erica is an absolute dream. I just can't get enough of her! So slender, so elegant. And, oh, that incredible round curvy bottom!

Rob Royame Uni

Just lovely! Charming and sweet. And I love that little bit of fluff :)

LSBNMan Etats Uni

It's a shame I feel sorry for this beautiful creature, she's going to go through her whole life not experencing the ravishing,the glorious love-making that i have to give her.What a pity!!!

nat_pavitt Etats Uni

She's Beautiful I'd love to see a video of her. And her Breasts, wow!

daniel Etats Uni


daniel Etats Uni


daniel Etats Uni


daniel Etats Uni


artistpg Etats Uni

compare compare with "one year ago" Thea. A happy woman would be my choice!

xtra Australie

Classic Erica There is a lyrical purity about this series with Erica. She has heaps of character and this is shines through when there is no other element to distract. Well done Peter and Erica.

wheeler Etats Uni

RE: She's Beautiful there IS a video of her (this week, in fact)

Mark Etats Uni

Erica F. This is a beautiful presentation. A pure, honest and totally nude figure study of lovely Erica. Terrific poses showing off her beautifully sculpted body. Keep up the pure nude studies.

Pete Royame Uni

Wow Erica and Tasha are the jewels in the hegre crown at the moment and this is a great set that shows off Erica's perfect body. Great ass and you can see that she is really enjoying herself. 12 months ago it was Thea and I would love to see these two models togehter.

kw Etats Uni

what a beautiful bottom!!!

halopalm Taïwan, Province de Chine

Delicate Best set of October 2010. When Erica lightly lifts up her foot and meantime my blood pressure raise up.

Erica F rouge et rose | September 26th, 2010
Erica F rouge et rose
xtra Australie

One of the world's most beautiful women photographed in fine style. As with all the best Hegre series, without props and costumes, with the model looking comfortable and aroused. Muito bom trabalho!

wheeler Etats Uni

can ya guess what I'm gonna say??? VIDEO PLEASE!!! I especially love the pics of Ms F's lovely rear end, at the ....uuummm...well...end!

Jim Etats Uni

Erica F Speechless. Wow.

daniel Etats Uni


Roger Etats Uni

Erica F has joined my pantheon of five favorite Hegre models, specifically Mona, Muriel, Gislane and Anna S! Such beauty she has with outstandingly beautiful butt, anal and cunt shots in this excellently posed series! Bravo! Agree with Wheeler: Video, please and thank you!

tdonna4 Etats Uni

Erica Following after "Close Ups", I would not expect to see so much covering up by her hands????

rami-ga Israël

erica is very sexy end beautiful end perfeck pussy

rami-ga Israël

erica is veri beautiful erica is veri beautiful end sexe .end perfect pussy

wfsailor Etats Uni

Mellifluous One All of Erica's galleries have an erotic quality that draws the viewer to that irrefutable object of desire...her pussy. In bringing home the toe-curling sweetness of a woman's "little death"...ERICA F, RED & PINK distinguishes itself as the epitome of classic eroticism. Kudos to PETTER and ERICA for the shots of her toes "in flagrant delecto". Mine are still curled.

Voyeur Etats Uni

The Naughty One A beautiful women, full of naughtiness - what else can one ask for?

Martin Allemagne

Analizing I'd like to see some pics with anal fingering.

Pete Royame Uni

Erica Another great set promoting Erica as one of the top models on the site. Looking forward to the welcome return of Ira, will Thea follow Petter?

pinch69 Irelande

Great breasts Erica has geat beasts and there are some top shots of her behind in there too.

Jim Etats Uni

Erica F Soooooo hot. More like this. Erica is so reeeeed hot.

Erica F joyau portugais | September 4th, 2010
Erica F joyau portugais
Erica F Royame Uni

Erica F. Lovely set of pictures but what I am looking forward to is her erotic massage film coming out on Tuesday. I dont suppose theres any chance of having her earlier. Many thanks. Nigehug.

wheeler Etats Uni

pics#31-33 what I wouldn't give to do that to her lovely rear end!

Mark Etats Uni

Erica F. Beautiful nudes of wonderful Erica. What a great ass! My favorite shots are when she removes those panties to become completely nude in order to fully appreciate her beautiful form. Great series of shots showing off her fantastic ass!

Roger Etats Uni

Love her ass! Thank Erica for showing your nude beauty to us!

daniel eaves Etats Uni


Jim Etats Uni

Erica Truly amazing derriere.

Pete Royame Uni

Sensational Ass Its already been said below but Erica really does have a sensational ass.

kw Etats Uni

beautiful series. pic 29 is the prettiest I have ever seen.

Tuco Royame Uni

Beautiful Bottom I must add my voice to the list of admirers of Erica's perfect bottom! :) It is a amazing that such a slender woman has such a curvy bottom! Very special indeed! And Erica's massage video is wonderful!

Pete Royame Uni

29 Has 29 been photoshoped as it is a fantatic image of the perfect derriere?

Erica F gros plan | August 26th, 2010
Erica F gros plan
kw Etats Uni

I just love erica's bottom.

Bruno Etats Uni


bavarian Gipsy Allemagne

What's that? A picture-puzzle - spot the difference?

Martin Allemagne

Great! These pics should be made of any model on hegre. Special thanks for the anal close-ups.

lw Pays Bas

great, this is real nude photography

wheeler Etats Uni

agreed... Erica's butt is definately her best feature!

Jim Etats Uni

Erica Close ups Nice. Very nice. Would prefer to see all of her in the intimate shots. The ultimate pleasure would be a 'bed' session. Erica is smoldering hot.

Rob Royame Uni

TRULY BREATHTAKING!! this is just wonderful. spectacular. To be able to probe into the part of a girl that is the most intimate, the most personal and the most intensely private, to see her ultimately feminine place in detail not even her lover would be privileged to enjoy is incredibly special and precious. Thank you so much, darling Erica, for this very special treat.

Eddie Etats Uni

Lot's of bottom feeders here, and I can certainly respect that. But, the full length shots are excellent too. Good set!!

INsane Etats Uni

My buddy was wondering why i was licking the laptop screen...

daniel eaves Etats Uni


gerd,germany Allemagne

Erica f Close-ubs Einen wunderschönen Kitzler mit Perle. weiter sooo!

Tappilee Allemagne

Wow. Hot pussy and hot asshole.

Tappilee Allemagne

Film Wow. Can we see this serie as film?

Sledge Allemagne

We want a close-up session with every single model!

Moby Allemagne

Indeed: These pics should realy be made of any model on hegre! Especially I like to see the clit!

Rob Royame Uni

"We want a close-up session with every single model! - Sledge" I agree - especially Luba!

Pete Royame Uni

Erica Erica deriere looks great in 6 and image 44 really needed a finger to creep inside, I would happily volunter but failing that is should have been Erica's. Fantastic set that will probably catapult Erica to number 1

Frederico21 Royame Uni

Likes & Dislikes I'm in absolute agreement with those commentators who suggest that you should shoot all models in like manner to these of Erica F. As is is, on has to plough through an awful lot of photos before coming across stunning ones like these.

Bobertbobert Etats Uni

RE: Photo number 1 A smile changes the whole atmosphere of this picture. Women are creatures of skin, beauty and mood. Men love and are drawn to them like moths to light. The interesting contrast between her skin color and her nipples' color are restrained by her sour expressions. If she dislikes her job,change it but do this job as well as you can, and a smile improves you.

kanata Japon

RE: i think so too!!!!!

hole in one Singapour

erica what a beautiful anus...young, tight and symmetrical.

Erica F Lumirère forte | August 14th, 2010
Erica F Lumirère forte
wheeler Etats Uni

The lotion at the end was a nice surprise! wish it was in there a bit more!

albertino Italie

RE: Photo number 1 Nice sweet pussy !!!!!!!!

daniel eaves Etats Uni


Pete Royame Uni

Backdrop No compliants about Erica, she is fantastic as usual but this concrete backdrop is getting a bit tiresome, it seems to turn up in almost every other set.

LSBNMan Etats Uni

A Boy's Dream ('Daddy when I grow up can I have one of those ?")("Yes my son,But you should know that your life will never be the same, be careful what you wish for.")

Erica F voiture et poésie | August 6th, 2010
Erica F voiture et poésie
Tuco Royame Uni

Erica F At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I just adore this beautiful girl's gorgeous bottom! Thank you!

AJ Royame Uni

Erica Great body, particularly her behind but the tattoos are hideous. Why do girls think they look good? :-(

ED BYRNE Royame Uni

Driven! Hold on baby I'll drive!

daniel Etats Uni


daniel eaves Etats Uni


Pete Royame Uni

Classy model She looks like a real classy model, Erica aint bad either!

wheeler Etats Uni

tattoos some guys actually like them. I don't mind, as long as they don't go ape-shit balistic with them! I actually kinda like the "tramp stamp"

Nigehug Royame Uni

Erica,s massage. She is a beautiful girl & I'm really looking forward to her orgasmic massage to be viewed on the 7th. Nigehug.

chris Etats Uni

love the goose bumps! skin detail sensual

bossmann121 Etats Uni

amazing Thanks so much Erica, you continue to pose so perfectly, we look forward to every gallery. Thanks so much for letting us enjoy your beauty, you are a HUGE part of Hegre Art hun. Keep up the good work, and let us know how we can support you, smile, Steve

Buck_Rogers Allemagne

It`s a feast for my eyes! I am not a man with a shoe-tic. But in this session - Erica with these shoes on - it`s a feast for my eyes. Everything looks perfect - this is a perfectly foto-session. Please Petter, more of this!

hole in one Singapour

erica ass to die for...

halopalm Taïwan, Province de Chine

Wonderful combination Best set of August 2010. Color & light, car & Erica combine so wonderful images. Yes, perfect artwork like poetry.

Erica F show au sol | July 29th, 2010
Erica F show au sol
ED BYRNE Royame Uni

Back to the floor! Erica you bring me alot of happyness looking at your photo sets & this one is no exception you are a really beautiful lady!

wheeler Etats Uni

nice set simple, and sexy!

daniel Etats Uni


Pete Royame Uni

Arse in the air Erica's best set to date, love the arse in the air shots twoards the end. Loving the new layout!

spacydick Thailande

Erica F. Floor Show Usually I like my ladies a little fuller bodied. Erica F. Really caught my eye and got my interest up. Extremely sexy and a real seductress.

classicdave Australie

Erica F is AAA+ Delightful. Superb physical specimen with character captured in perfectly simple studio setting. If only you'd found her before the ink.....

vicegrip Etats Uni

Love seeing that hot butthole. In general, please do more spread butt shots of the models where their hot asshole shows.

love2211 Etats Uni

Brazilian wax Please get this model to do a brazilian wax scene like Patricia!

eagle2315 Canada

Erica F I have just finished watching Erica F and she excels in every aspect over the 2011 model Monroe which I reviewed earlier today. Erica has beautiful eyes, and a delicious mouth, some thing that is missing from Monroe. Erica also has beautiful hands, gorgeous breasts and absolutely exquisite delicious nipples that change with her sensual moods. Regardless of the other comments by posters, however, like a lot of posters on this site they really are easily influenced by less than 100%. Maybe they can improve their sense of beauty by being a lot more discriminating in an honest manner, and learn to enjoy one real beauty over a lesser.

seovat Etats Uni

Erica F Great set... excellent shots of Erica's lovely anus.

Erica F assise sexy | July 21st, 2010
Erica F assise sexy
MJ Norvège

woooooow!! i must say....those portuguese girls have fantastic asses!!!!!

Nav Etats Uni

Thank you Erica for sharing your perfect parts, including those absolutely amazing nipples.

dato Etats Uni

I'd love to taste and explore her incredible ass.

wheeler Etats Uni

I must say... I never thought of sitting as particularly erotic, until now!

Jim Etats Uni

Erica What a fabulous bod on this woman. But I also keep noticing other great features, like her eyelashes, eyebrows, and her aereola. Really! She's just a unique beauty.

Carne Asana Etats Uni

This spectacular follow up to the June 20 gallery delivers on all points. Who knows what Erica did to deserve being told to sit in the corner but I'm glad she did it!

ED BYRNE Royame Uni

The best seat in the house! Erica as always you bring a happy warm feeling to my day I love you so much. That sounds a bit mushy doesn't it oh well there's no harm in showing a bit of emotion is there!

Erica F poupée sexy | July 12th, 2010
Erica F poupée sexy
Tuco Royame Uni

Thank you! A super sexy study of Erica F's beautiful slender naked form. I'm not sure about the knee pads, but I guess I can think of at least one practical use! ;)

wheeler Etats Uni

agreed... the kneepads are a bit odd. But, those cuffs give me naughty ideas!!! (surprise, surprise)

paradygma Espagne

I hope there will be an 'On her knees' gallery soon from Erica F.

ED BYRNE Royame Uni

Knee pads? It looks like Erica's been raiding the ex Robocop parts bin again with those chunky knee pads they look a bit out of place here I think. But having said that I agree with Wheeler & having naughty ideas about the cuffs I am with you on that one mate!

DANIEL Etats Uni


Carne Asana Etats Uni

That blindfold is so erotic. It and the props hurl Erica from submissive into another realm. The heels keep her in control though. A dangerous, hot combo.

Pete Royame Uni

Wow Hot set of fantastic lean body. Favourites 20 and 45. Great work both.

Erica F fille surf | July 4th, 2010
Erica F fille surf
kw Etats Uni

erica should never have to wear any clothes. she should at the very most be bottomless.

ED BYRNE Royame Uni

Surf's up! Hey hey Erica thank you for this very sexy set o photographs you are awesome as always!

wheeler Etats Uni

nice set... But, Just curious...Am I the only one who expected a set with "surf" in the title to be outside?lol

Tuco Royame Uni

Wonderful! I heartily second kw's proposal! What a simple, but absolutely gorgeous study of Erica's lovely naked body. It is very erotic to see her so exposed and on display for our gaze. And hers is a bottom I would never tire of kissing!

bba Etats Uni

She's a very beautiful model and has a fantastic ass, but there are way too many similar photos in the set, one after another, same pose, same distance. Boring.

Carne Asana Etats Uni

Without a doubt this little surfer girl is my orange crush.

DANIEL Etats Uni


DANIEL Etats Uni


DANIEL Etats Uni


Pete Royame Uni

Perfect Erica's body is as close to "perfect" as a woman can get. Thanks both for a great set.

Vector1 Etats Uni

Pretty girl. Too bad she's into self inflicted mutilation. Ruins it for me.

Erica F 1969 charger | June 19th, 2010
Erica F 1969 charger
paradygma Espagne

Wow! I celebrate those spreads and close ups. Great work.

Bleukat Etats Uni

ICONographic ERICA There are some things that are eternally "etched" in our be, and significant mileposts in our lives: ~ERICA F's 1969 CHARGER~ is an exquisitely crafted (and choreographed) 'piece d'ART! KUDOS to PETTER & ERICA for conjuring such a ~SHAGalicious SLICE~ of American iconography...and an extraordinarily delicious DREAM! My leather 'seats' are soaking-wet! '

Jim Etats Uni

Erica & the Charger I have been a member for years, and this is one of the best series yet. And Erica has the potential to be among the Goddesses. Man, she has perfect aereolas.

ED BYRNE Royame Uni

On a charge! Erica you are quite defiantly on a charge babe! You look so good behind the wheel of the 60s V8 mussel car no turbos back then just a normally aspirated engine in this one. Its funny the car is well over twice your age but you look fantastic in it because you are fantastic!

Alex Wilhelm Etats Uni

Erica & Charger Now that's what I'm talking about

DANIEL Etats Uni


tdonna3 Etats Uni

Finally!!!! A Perfect 10

Carne Asana Etats Uni

A masterpiece. Sex in a car is a rite of passage and this gallery is its altar. It's super hot but not without humor as evidenced by Photo 87. Perfection!

Dred Royame Uni

Now that's what i've been waiting for - fabulous set! Erica is deliciously sexy and beautiful.

Voyeur Etats Uni

Amazing set - loved the model, the setting, the raw sexuality - everything.

Erica F gym | June 15th, 2010
Erica F gym
wheeler Etats Uni

is this gonna be the video this week(hoping)? would be interesting to see.

Tuco Royame Uni

Thank you! Great set of a lovely new model! What a wonderful pert bottom! Thanks again!

HEH313 Allemagne

Only so so? Someone of the member talked about Erica being so so. Well, in my opinion she is pretty, but something is missing. Maybe the perfect proportions? Greetings.

Roger Etats Uni

Fitness Fan If a girl is fit like Erica, why not show it? lover her butt! Shot #30 definitely a keeper!

paradygma Espagne

I notice that Hegre human resources department is working hard. Thanks for bringing us another oustanding beauty. I'm sure this girl moving in a film can be breathtaking having such an athletic body. Ccongratulations.

ED BYRNE Royame Uni

You are very fit! Well, it looks like we are in for a good week on here with Erica to keep us amused. I for one am not complaining as she is very sexy but some people here may not agree with me but that is fine there entitled to their opinion as am I. So here's to you Erica keep them coming babe!

Voyeur Etats Uni

Tis a pity that such a fine form was blemished by the tattoos.

Carne Asana Etats Uni

The shock of color here is fantastic. Erica's golden hair and that fire engine-red mat against the museum sparsity of the concrete. Day Two with Erica is as gorgeous as yesterday and that is no surprise. Her combination of stretching and yoga is divine!

gordie Etats Uni

Petter you have great taste in beautiful women this one is a keeper with great legs very photogenic body and face please show more close ups 1 week should be 14 days beautiful breath taking photos

impressed1 Etats Uni

another wonderful model with an amazing form. i suppose that these days it's getting very difficult to find a woman who doesn't have a tattoo somewhere.

Greg République Tchèque

I too wish the tattoo craze would end....but this beautiful young woman can get away with it given her stunning body and hair....

Pete Royame Uni

Great body Enjoying this second set, the tatoo is subtle so not an issue, fantastic body, 37 my favouite, joint set with the returning Yanna(hopefully) is a must, failing that Thea

chisgarabis Mexique

erica preciosa mujer, sexy, femenina, segura de si misma, fotogénica, joven, me gustaría que no tuviera tatuaje, ¿cómo podria conocerla?

halopalm Taïwan, Province de Chine

Leading lady Best set of June 2010. Erica is doubtlessly the leading lady this month.

Erica F mini-short en jean | June 20th, 2010
Erica F mini-short en jean
ED BYRNE Royame Uni

What a good week! What a superb week it's been with you Erica I hope we can have another very soon as you have made me happy. You for me at least symbolise's everything that is good in the world you are fantastic!

Jan Erik Norvège

Ahhh Erica! Damn, Petter! You hit the jackpot with this sexy young thing. Her body is pure heaven. I just got out of bed and logged in to see this update. Picture 38 made me so hard I had to back to bed again :) Those asscheeks make me crazy :)

Carne Asana Etats Uni

Sitting in the corner was never such a treat as this! Erica wears her shrug with the sexiness of a champ.

Pete Royame Uni

53 for me For me 53 is the best picture of this set

Roger Etats Uni

Erica F Mmmmm! What a joy to behold Erica's short shorts pulled slowly slowly down over her bare-naked rump!! I have always loved watching a beautiful girl reveal her butt-crack bit by bit!! Wow!! For me photos 38 and 46 are favs!! Thanks Petter and Erica!!

Erica F plage nudiste partie 1 | June 18th, 2010
Erica F plage nudiste partie 1
JP Etats Uni

Nipples Love Erica F's big, dark sexy nipples. What a beautiful face. Would love to sunbath right next to her on that orange blanket and rub tanning oil over those luscious breasts - maybe in part 2.

ED BYRNE Royame Uni

Sexy beach bum! When I think it can't get any better Erica you go & do it again & it is even better than the last. You are a seriously hot lady I love you lots!

Joe Etats Uni


Roger Etats Uni

Favorite Butt Photo Poll! Dear fellow Hegre-Art connisseurs of naked female beauty: How about a poll of our favorite photos of Erica's ass! My favorites are: 64-67,70-73,78, with the winner (drumroll!) #71! The beauty of Erica's butt should be savored like a fine wine. Zoom,linger, and admire. Take your time...Note her perfect oblong buns, round, firm (no sag on this girl!) tanned to perfection, perfect for a squeeze or playful slap. Then move onto the climax and gaze at the beautiful line of her butt-crack, dark, inviting us in...with her lovely labia peeking in from below...

Roger Etats Uni

Lets hear it for Portugese Cork! Must express my love of photo #36! Erica is so beautiful, and nothing compares to pure sunlight to maximize the beauty of a naked girl! There is something irresistable about a girl outside in the sun showing her labia for all to see!! In this photo they are straight and fully exposed...just wonderful! Thank you Erica for showing! Also Erica's tits are truly extraordinary! She is a slender girl with surprisingly big full tits that bob up like a couple of corks! Great work!

DANIEL Etats Uni


DANIEL Etats Uni


paul Etats Uni

Erica F I love nude foto shoots at the beach, and this is the best one I`ve every seen. While I certanly love Eric`s beautiful face, thank you for all the shots of her perfect rump. That tatoo really sets it off.

DANIEL Etats Uni


Carne Asana Etats Uni

To unashamedly quote myself from June 14 "I'd love to see her outdoors." My wish comes true! Sexy and sandy Erica for the win!

Pete Royame Uni

Villamoura I have just booked a flight out to hopefully get a glimpse of this wonderful creature! Petter, to my memory tyou have never used the wonderful marina at Vilamoura as the backdrop for one of your sets?

Rob Royame Uni

It's a pity that we do not get treated to any ultra closeups of this exquisite creatures vulva. Maybe in the future? Here's hoping

Erica F du Portugal | June 17th, 2010
Erica F du Portugal
Jan Erik Norvège

Erica F - what a sexy girl! Fantastic! I was very aroused seeing this nubile young girl in only a sexy denim short and a hoodie. She has a body to die for. Her tits are so perfect. I love the dark brown color of her nipples and her sexy tatoos. She's got a wonderful butt also :) She's my new favorite Hegre girl. Please, Petter, a girl this sexy deserves a oily photoshoot like Evi's :)

ED BYRNE Royame Uni

Wow what a body! Erica you have brought me such pleasure over these last few days I hope to see much more of you over the coming months/years. You are a huge hit with me I like you a lot!

Carne Asana Etats Uni

There's something so trailer park about this. I love it! But even more so than the theme are those profile, chest-out shots. Erica is a wonder woman!

Pete Royame Uni

Hit Petter, I am sure you realised that you had a big hit on your hands when you hired Erika, how many new models get a full week as a debut. Great move by the way.

alterwolf Allemagne

Erica Quite nice, but I wonder what ist so Portuguese about Erica??

Jesse Etats Uni

Erica's first My Oh My, what a beautiful woman Erica is. Thank you for finding her and taken many gorgeous scenes(with her)! Now if you could get her in some videos, that would be even better. Thanks Petter, TY, TY, TY! Jesse

JP Etats Uni

What a great all-around body UPon closer inspection, Erica has the complete package 360 degree views of her amazingly perfect figure. Love her big, dark nipples.

Erica F draps rouges | June 16th, 2010
Erica F draps rouges
ED BYRNE Royame Uni

Red hot! I can see that Erica is going to be a favourite model here she is fast becoming a favourite of mine! She is beautiful. Keep the photographs coming I really like them!

wheeler Etats Uni

I always thought that one or two little tattoos on certain parts of the female anatomy is sexy. this is no exeption, IMHO.And, from behind, I must say Ms F looks rather phenominal!(another one for the video page!)

Greg République Tchèque

Wow, what a gorgeous woman! She's still a bit shy in her posing in this set. Some of the first pics with the panties would be truly hot without them. Yet, these are very sexy anyway. A real winner here Petter.

Carne Asana Etats Uni

Red means danger and from what I'm seeing, I'm definitely in trouble in the best possible way. Day Three and I couldn't be happier. Go Erica!

Dred Royame Uni

Sexy woman, Erica is. Can't wait to see more ...

CGC Royame Uni

What a tease! I love it. Slowly, slowly Erica F reveals herself...

Roger Etats Uni

Erica F My oh my! Erica makes me glad that I'm a man...

Tim Etats Uni

WOW ! Erica. Phenomenal Soft Sexy Lovable Delicious

Jim Etats Uni

Erica F Almost too much to take. What amazing skin.

Erica F bikini noir | June 14th, 2010
Erica F bikini noir
wheeler Etats Uni

so so... too skinny (again) with an obvious boob job!

petter Espagne

response to "soso" hi there "wheeler", thanks for your comment but first let me say that her boobs are 100% real. I stopped shooting girls with implants a long time ago. and her toned and perky body is simply a result of her healthy and disciplined life style... enjoy guys, because this is only the beginning of the erica f week... petter

wheeler Etats Uni

I guess "perky" is in the eye of the beholder.and as far as "healthy" is concerned,any doctor will tell you that ribs should not be visible.oh well... I could be wrong, of course. Peace

Andre Portugal

What a gorgeous Portugiese lady ... and yes what a fantastic ASS ... i think you should get more Portuguese babes, because must be there more pearls like this one

Naveen Royame Uni

Great Ass!

Roger Etats Uni

Welcome Erica F! What a joy to see a fresh new beauty! Thank you Petter and thanks and congratulations to Erica for joining the Hegre-Art girls! Only the finest girls get to show their beauty here. What a face, what eyes, an extraordinary figure and breasts, and what a butt!!... Wow! Looking forward to seeing photo #67 (my favorite pose) without panties!

Carne Asana Etats Uni

Here's To An Amazing Week! The fairy on her tummy is the perfect miniature characterization of Erica herself. Big storybook eyes and drawn in fine features make the newest HA addition our resident elf, and a gorgeous one at that! I think this is a 10/10 introduction. Part of me didn't want the bikini to come off for pages and pages. Just that slight exposure here and there worked up an anticipation to write home about. Erica's potential is without limit and to build upon her wood sprite fable aura I'd love to see her outdoors among the flora and fauna. But don't get me wrong, I'll take it all! Welcome, welcome!

ED BYRNE Royame Uni

COR BLIMEY! All I want to say at this pint is COR BLIMEY! I have a lot of very fond childhood memories of Portugal I have not been there for about 18 years but if there are more women like in Portugal then I just might be going back very soon!

Basia Pologne

about "so so"... hi guys! About the ribs - yes, they stand out when the woman is sporty. Why? Because between the ribs there are muscles that squezze during breathing etc. Once the girl is fatty- you will not see them. Once the girl trains - yes, you can see them. That is the symbol of being healthy, not being too skinny. ;o) Basia

CGC Royame Uni

Welcome! And what an exquisite tattoo...

gordie Etats Uni

Beautiful girl great body tight ass not skinny

Pete Royame Uni

Not Skinny Gordie judt about sums it up and I agree with Carne, part of me too did not want the bikini to come off, great build up of anticipation and excellent debut set.

mangesun Suède

Admiring the first few pictures, I thought: with a body that looks that good in a bikini, who needs to take their clothes of altogether? But then Erica did, and my thoughts were instead: well, why not do it anyway?

Erica F striptease rose | June 27th, 2010
Erica F striptease rose
wheeler Etats Uni

I gotta say it... I hope we get a video!Cool camera work, btw, on #48, when she flipped her hair back!

Tuco Royame Uni

Such a cutie! It's a rare thing of beauty - such a curvy, pert bottom on such a slender, sweet figure. And with that amusing tattoo, it's a delight to have that bottom make eye contact! May I add my vote to request for a video?

DANIEL Etats Uni


Alex Wilhelm Etats Uni

Blown highlights Too bad jpgs can't capture all the colour range. There are some blown reds in the pink highlights of her bikini and some of her skin tones. Especially when she bends over and shows a lot of pink... bikini... which I like. Some of the pink needs further work to bring it out, especially in the last couple of shots where the bikini is gone. For these, I'd propose some brushwork with my tongue. Better than Photoshop in this case.

ED BYRNE Royame Uni

Hi Erica! I have to say that you look fantastic as always Erica I particularly like the cheeky bum shots and the ones right at the end of the set SUPERB! My day has just got hotter as it is around 26-28 degrees but humid so it's hot & sticky not very nice you can't do a lot cos you sweat to much. Anyway Erica you have made my weekend so thank you!

CGC Royame Uni

Exquisite Now that more than makes up for England's atrocious performance in the football! Shame it was over so soon...

Mark Etats Uni

Erica's heels Erica's long, sexy and gorgeous body looks so sexy completely nude wearing only those awesome open-toed pumps. She looks like a statuesque work of art in them! The last 11 shots are my favorite as they show Erica totally nude with them on. I too would love to see a video of this shoot especially of Erica prancing around butt naked with those great pumps on!

jax Etats Uni

Way too many pictures with bikini on. Erica is absolutly gorgeous, I love her body, such a spectacular ass

Carne Asana Etats Uni

Photo 48 is the definition of movement and wildness. The whole gallery is superb but this individual standout rocks and already rocking weekend.

Pete Royame Uni

Fantastic bottom Erica has a great bottom perfectly displayed in 81

Roger Etats Uni

Pink Striptease Being something of a nudeaholic I am surprised by my enjoyment of Erica clothed!! Love her in pink and love the output! Of course, as in any properly done striptease, our patience is ultimately and justly rewarded with two wonderful shots of Erica spreading her legs oh so wide like a good girl and showing us the her lovely full cunt lips!! Good girl Erica!!

hole in one Singapour

erica would love to see upskirt shots without panties.


EricaF Plage Nudiste | April 3rd, 2012
EricaF Plage Nudiste
Michel République Tchèque

Thank you. You are so beautiful Erika. I want to thank you for the pleasure you give me when I look at you

Laurence Etats Uni

Trim ass I’m glad to see that Erika’s ass is as trim and pert as ever.

Irena Portugal

Natural I like to see films which show how a beautiful woman can be so attractive when she is just herself. She does not need anything artificial just natural.

Vernon Etats Uni

Needs action Not a bad movie but Erika needs to give us a bit more action than she does here.

Mostyn Royame Uni

Re: Needs action I do not see why she needs to give more action as you say. What more do you want besides a pretty woman in the nude? What more decoration do you need?

wheeler Etats Uni

RE: Natural agreed! thanks for another nice "just hanging around" video! (and, only one old, fat, naked guy!LOL)

paradygma Espagne

Mmmm... this beach has met the most beautiful women in the world. Too bad if I anyone gets there will only find tons of men. Nice video. I have lots of fun watching naked girls walking by the sea shore, life's good then. And Erica's body looks so fit... nice smile too. I really appreciate all this recent beach stuff, pics and vids.

stever Royame Uni

Amazing.. It's just amazing how natural beauty shines through. If this video had been of lots of other girls, I probably would have turned it off halfway through as being too 'plain'. However, Erica's beautiful butt just leads you on in awe and excitement..

kidstone Canada

RE: Amazing.. Such a cute behind. It would be such a delight to dine out on that. Yum.

hannes Allemagne

Hegre find the door to outside wonderful Petter Hegre has find the door to outside... no softboxes outside ... natural lights...wonderful

Jozef Royame Uni

Algarve Beautiful girl, she could do with some food though.

bp Etats Uni

not enough:(

ElDangerDave Canada

Another beautiful lady on the beach, shows very well how beauty and sexiness come naturally !

chuck Australie

RE: why that was great, we dont have girls like that at our beach.only old fat ones. Boy was she good, thank you.chuck

max Afrique du Sud

Amazing Video, Love your work Petter.. just one question, where do these beaches exist? only nude beach we haave in South Africa, just has old fat gay men looking to score.... not a beautiful women like Erica in sight... :(

EricaF Draps Rouges | April 19th, 2011
EricaF Draps Rouges
KDJensen Etats Uni

Doing her own thing It's always great to see Erika. Whenever she appears she's always so cool and in control. Maybe not so much in this film though.

Calgary Joe. Canada

Looks good sounds good Cool movie and the sound track was right for it too. The bird song was neat.

Barney Royame Uni

In my dreams Erika is in a world of her own. I'd really love to join her there.

Timmy Italie

Take it easy Real relaxed. But opposite effect on me.

Georgieboy Royame Uni

Nice touch Thanks Erika. You really handled that well.

wheeler Etats Uni

ok...I must say, that was super smokin hot!!!

KOMET Etats Uni

Erica de Portugal In a word: dull.

Greggor1 Etats Uni

Beautiful Beautiful girl, beautiful masturbation........ Beautiful!!

axltan Singapour

Simply orgasmic! I had mine while watching you ... thanks Erika!!!

dnice Etats Uni


podna69 Etats Uni

Work it Beautiful clit! Way to work it, love it!

east2west Etats Uni

none too bad she didnt have a little hair down in her nether regions

Erica F Exercices physiques | January 4th, 2011
Erica F Exercices physiques
Pete Etats Uni

WoW! What a great ass!

JohnnyD Etats Uni

I Wonder... That imaginative fucking at the end is very hot :-) And she has this little smile on her face like she’s thinking about something or someone, too...

Andreas Allemagne

Not So Sure That this is one of your better films, Petter. She seems a bit awkward at first, and does not seem to know really what she is doing. But then I look at those nipples and I just enjoy...

HH1978 Brésil

No Need A beautiful and sexy girl like Erica F doesn’t need to work out. Can’t you see that body is natural?? What do the tattoos mean, anyway?

ActionSteve Royame Uni

like it! I always liked how shy she seems judging by her facial expressions, but yet how easily she opens herself up. A testament to the skills of the photographer in working with young models, I suppose.

wheeler Etats Uni

RE: No Need the tattoo looks to me to be a way of hiding an appendectomy scar. lots of girls do it.

tooterooter Nigeria

Physically fit Clearly, physical coordination is not her strong suite - but who cares!

benjomy Italie

she need a personal trainer..... i could be at her disposal at any time!.. she is gorgeous.... and gorgeous breast.

B Etats Uni

Ass Wow what a ass, she can work out on me anytime.

Samurai Japon

Ummmmm Ummmm, Peter, disappointed with this one. Working out is OK but not attractive or professionalism for viewing. Do it at home or gym.

daniel Etats Uni

RE: WoW! Amen to that my man.

arrelh Etats Uni

workout This is very embarrasing for her.

Bayou T Etats Uni

Perfect This is a beautiful video! Keep up the great work!!

Scott Etats Uni

Creative take on working out It was nice to see these manuevers "in the raw"...loved the leg lifts!

arnold Pays Bas

evaluation Nice, well done, very pretty model. Nasty, tattoes, pity

avid Australie

girls bodies working It's great seeing a girls body working. All those curves being shown in the streches. Beautiful!

windmill Pays Bas

hot work outs like these do make you hot. What starts in a gentile movement of muscles ends in a definite desire for hot company. Images well brought with an ever so much appealing intention. Great idea for more hot nude work outs of couples?

nudist281 Etats Uni

Erica I like her film, and think that she is a sexy lady despite having a tattoo on her.

Erica F Striptease Rose | October 26th, 2010
Erica F Striptease Rose
Josh Canada

beauty I could watch Erica all day. Come to think of it I often do.

Michael JBC Allemagne

This girl always gets me going though it be better in a more comfortable place I think with her.

Frankie Etats Uni

work of art Erica is one classy lady. So glad she took up this kind of work.

Piet Pays Bas

way to go!! Erica shows all the others the right way to do it.

Peter Allemagne

like a dream She's my dream, but please Petter, let us see her and perhaps Dominika pissing with fine close ups. Let the year not pass bye before we have seen this! Thanx! (I'm sure, I'm not the only one, who whishes to see that.)

Norm Royame Uni

Freeze-fascination Erica, you are the archetypal ice-maiden - a body from heaven, inner thighs that beckon and beg to be touched, breasts made to fondle, professional and physical dance skills and moves that can drive a man's loins crazy - but you give away nothing! Your face and expression is cool, detached, inscrutable, unconquerable and because of this you are absolutely intriguing - a challenge! What are you thinking as you strip for us? You are the most beautiful, sexiest and coolest blonde in the known world!

Mark Etats Uni

Pink Striptease Excellent! I love the slow anticipation of the striptease as she reveals that wonderful, sculpted body. My favorite part of the film is when she is completely nude only wearing her sexy open-toed pumps. What a great sight watching a beautiful, self-assured and confident naked woman strut around in a great pair of pumps. Awesome!

WillFSailor Etats Uni

Mellifluous One Extraordinarily she struts her stuff, ERICA reveals her sexual persona and SPEAKS to us thru her BODY LANGUAGE...from the INSIDE~OUT! The film adds an essential DYNAMISM to each exquisite pose- "SOMETHING in the WAY she moves!"

chisgarabiz Mexique

erica esta modelo y este video es el mejor de toda la colleción de Hegre-art, no he visto otra mujer mas bonita y mas sensual que esta. me encantaría conocerla.

Erica F Dodge Charger 1969 | September 28th, 2010
Erica F  Dodge Charger 1969
VLB Royame Uni

Erica F Man she is hot!!

WJ Norvège

Ride! Yep I’d sure love to take a ride with Erica

Col Belgique

Nice film and a very sexy young girl.

Jeppe Danemark

Erica Film Very nice what a little tease Erica is…

ORtis Etats Uni


Victor Etats Uni

Good grief you are killing me with these films.

nans France

Fantastik !!! what a gorgeous girl !

wheeler Etats Uni

well, I must say... that was pretty damn smokin hot!!! (but, shouldn't she be in the back seat?lol)

JSR Espagne

Oh man, extremely sexy !!

intoit Etats Uni

Beautiful but Erica is beautiful. Beautiful fave, beautiful body, great tits, great pussy, but....the stomach tat is a desecration.

Mark Etats Uni

Erica F. A great film. What could be better than a beautiful naked woman and a cool car? Great footage of her terrific ass and wonderful soles of her feet. I love seeing that! Very sensuous and seduction watching her move that beautiful body in ways to appreciate every lovely detail of her body.

Voyeur Etats Uni

Hot Erica is a beautiful model and this film is sexually explosive - very erotic. I do have to say however, I pefer girls without tattoos and piercings. As you've relaxed your requirements for being a model on the site more has appeared - OK for those that like it, just stating my preference.

nat_pavitt Etats Uni

More, more, more.. More, more, more..I'd love to see more of Her..=)

imberman Canada

NICE!! What a beautiful pussy!!

Erica F Bikini noir | July 13th, 2010
Erica F Bikini noir
Tuco Royame Uni

Delightful! How wonderful it is to see sexy Erica F in motion! She is so agile and nimble! I love how her bottom is so curvy and firm she can barely lie flat on the floor! An encore would be fantastic, particularly if oil were involved! :)

Carne Asana Etats Uni

Insane hot. Erica knows how to move every centimeter of her body. Even her little toe is infused with so much sultriness.

Pete Royame Uni

Great body Whoever the man is who has the pleasure of Erika's body all the time is a lucky man indeed. Fullsome tits on a slender athlectic body and another great deriere that Petter is so good at finding. Excellent work

LSBNMan Etats Uni

Erica Butterfly tatoo in front eyes on lower back, nose-ring,belly-ring. All the accoutrements of today's self assured independent woman.

Sami Etats Uni

wow unbelievable ass !!!

Norm Royame Uni

Erotic Erica How sexy this lady is! Her legs are perfect, her skin so soft and smooth with firm round tits and succulent hard nipples. I love the way she gently carresses her pussy and moves so gracefully and with complete abandon. To be invited by this excellent film to share naked time with her in fantasy ...oh if it were true!!! Six minutes of heaven!

Griffo Royame Uni

Eric F Black Bikini Wow - this girl is absolutely stunnng, beautiful athletic body, lovely face. What about a film of her in leather, studded thong and ankle boots, maybe dancing? Hope this might be possible, and thanks for finding such a lovely model!

fred Royame Uni

Erica F Black Bi A wel shot well lit film of a lovely model.Thanks


Massage perso | May 14th, 2013
Massage perso
Vincent Irelande

Great body Erika always delivers with that great body of hers!

Daniel Royame Uni

Your tattoo I just love your tattoo Erika. I mean the one above your ass. Hilarious!

Chas Australie

breasts Aren’t these the most beautiful breasts you have ever seen? What does is it is that lovely colouring around Erika’ nipples.

Bobby Etats Uni

Spanking I would say it is more like spanking than massage. No complaints from me about that. Let’s have more.

Louis Canada

RE: Spanking I agree with Bobby. There is a whole lot of possibilities in that direction.

Canchahel France

RE: Your tattoo When Baubo introduces herself to you like that, it's not necessarily a laughing matter.

John Etats Uni

Short & Sweet Very nice! Waiting for part 2, part 3, to infinity and beyond! There's a lot of potential with these short viginettes. Keep it up Peter, you're the best!

Dmslider Etats Uni

Beautiful Erika...are the eyes on your back modeled after the eyes of Buddha like on the Stupas in Nepal? I love your body and its proportions. Very enjoyable session.

James Etats Uni

Dressed Beautiful looking girl. sexy areolas.. Would like to see this girls dressed then get undressed.. make them more realistic.. tight pants, dresses, mini's ... yoga pants.. that is all part of it..tights, shotrs, long dresses, panties, bras.. tease us.. get us worked up versus just show us the girls.. even talking .. draw us in... don't like the tattoos..

wheeler Etats Uni

RE: RE: Spanking same here! although, I must say, it would work better with someone else doing it, IMHO

cpd495dwy Etats Uni

eyes the eyes have it to look at you

luvlips Etats Uni

Beautiful woman.... video to short and needs to spread those lips! Pussy closeups is where it's at!

flyer12345 Etats Uni

Happier ending? I love Erika - she's so sexy. Great short film but, like most men, was hoping for a "happy ending".

johnnyp Etats Uni

Now I understand the joy of breastfeeding. Yummy

Massage Erotique - Vol. 2 | August 1st, 2010
Massage Erotique - Vol. 2
Alex Royame Uni

Erotic Massage This must be such an awesome experience for the models. All that attention to their pussies and for so long!

MK Danemark

Erica F So good to see her getting turned on, very nice film with excellent close ups of her clitoris being teased. How I would LOVE to get my tongue on that!!

Larry Etats Uni

Erica Massage OMG!!! So damn HOT!!!!!!

Victor France

Good grief you are killing me with these films. Congrats on the new massage section it is awesome.

MFL Norvège

Fingers Loving the finger penetration and the very real pleasure of the models. Absolutely definitely more please.

Akira Japon

After one and half hour of pussy massage and she still did not come. I think she needs a vibrator to reach orgasm...boy I wanated to help her. Still an excellent video.

vezolahy France

branlette Waouhh je suis volontaire pour masser les filles surtout Silvie..

LSBNMan Etats Uni

Erica (I'm Not Gonna Cum,I'm Not Gonna Cum,I'm Not Gonna Cum,I'm Not Gonna Cum,) Just goes to show you;All that talk about treating women with kid gloves tenderness and shit is propaganda. You gotta pound that pussy and force that nut.Poor Maseuses she was working so hard.(I'M NOT GONNA CUM!)

rgb Etats Uni

erica Women don't come any sexier looking than that. However, she reminds me of a a car I once owned with ignition problems. I traded it in for a car easier to start. She's so calm you could trust her working with nitroglycerin. It was still enjoyable to view.

pete Etats Uni

The photography, as usual, was beautiful, but there was a lack of passion - very mechanical and no apparent orgasm. Compare this to Amandine's massage in July, where her natural juices were flowing and she had a nice orgasm. The recent galleries have also been frustrating - Muriel and Suzie was just a short tease, and Anna and Muriel didn't seem to be that in to each other - they looked at the camera all the time. Compare with Olena and Marlena, where there's some real fire! They can't keep their tongues off of each others' pussies, and who can blame them?

John Suède

RE: erica I totally agree, she is really a cute little girl and it's lovingly to see a full lenght video showing just one massage! But I also like to see the girl react more, showing more pleasure and - maybe - frustration in her urge to get off. And, pubic hair is never wrong... :-) I hope we get to see many more massagevideos like these, and maybe with some bound girls as well! Oh, btw, is it posisble to cut the videos in three or four parts? 1 Gb is a lot of memory space. Maybe an option where one can choose between downloading the complete video in one part, or as three or four different parts?

No-More-Bush Etats Uni

Erica's massage Excellent video! Will there also be a photo-shoot of this massage?

Duffman Royame Uni

It was nice to see the whole video but there was a lot of boring and repetative parts. It could have been edited to half as long and it would have been much better.

Z Etats Uni

Erica It doesn't get much better than this. PLEASE keep it up. the massage section is the greatest, and getting better. Z

Tuco Royame Uni

Simply Wonderful Thank you very much for the massage videos. They may not be to everyone's liking but I think they are fantastic. I admit I prefer it when only women are involved, but that is only my personal taste. It is so sensual to see such beautiful naked models so relaxed and malleable for long periods of time with the minimum of editing. Just one little query - will videos ever be available in a format other than QuickTime, or perhaps even on DVD?

benji Boy Royame Uni

The most erotic video ever produced! It displays an understanding of women through the caresses and gentle massage that can only be reached when men/women truly know what turns women on (and men of course). Peter, more of those beautiful videos please, artful but incredibly sexy erotica. Also would love to see more of those erotic girl on girl videos but again, as you do so well, erotic, and naughty, not just plain porn. Thanks, B.

Jeff Allemagne

Absolutely awesome. Could you feature a G-Spot-Massage film? Or why not also an intimate male-female Massage film? There are so many ugly films on the net. So there's need for an aesthetic Hegre-Film of that kind!

James Michaels Etats Uni

Erika I think Erika may have the single most flawless body I have ever looked at. Her breasts are so perfect that they could be enhanced, but I am sure they are not. And those nipples? They make my mouth water. Yes, this video is a little long. I suspect that will be corrected in future films. But once to the orgasm--or near orgasm--it is pretty damn hot. Every woman is different from the next and different again from one moment to the other. Erika may have been full of trepidation this time, so let's just wait for the next opportunity to feast our eyes.

Arlo Etats Uni

Hooray for the masseuse! I am impressed by the skill of the masseuse. It is obvious that she knows what she is doing. Being "on stage" with multiple cameras could be very distracting. Students of sensual massage should study her work even if they don't give erotic massages.

rick1501 Etats Uni

RE: Simply Wonderful I agree that I prefer when woman are involved just wish we could here less music and see more female on female messages/\.

rick1501 Etats Uni

Massuese This professional woman taking control over Erica body is amazing, please release more massages with woman on woman. I would appreciate less music and more live sound of this and other woman touching these modes. I cannot believe how this turns me on, in fact, i cannot get enough!

Graham Australie

Long Massage Its good to get a massage sequence this long. Women take a lot longer than us guys to get turned on. Seeing this video gives a sense of the time it takes to really pleasure and serve a woman. The good thing about these videos is that they are not staged. The masseuses and professionals and normally work fully clothed. If you want to see them naked as well, you could watch normal porn. Then its all false with huge orgasm and groaning. Porn is nothing like reality and if you want to pleasure a woman its the last place to learn. If the masseuse is a porn star and wants to be naked as well then she probably has no idea how to give a good massage. These are real massages where the primary purpose is to give pleasure to the client. Maybe you would like to see X or Y, but then its false.

clqrvy Etats Uni

Love Erica This is still one of my favorite massages. I hope Erica returns for another.

MojoMa_cs7b Suisse

RE: Long Massage I broadly agree with the general principle expressed, but during a sexual encounter -- which, if we're honest, is what these videos present -- it seems 'unfair' that one of the couple should remain clothed when the other is nakedly exposed. If I were in an intimate sexual encounter and my partner were naked, then it wouldn't feel 'right' if I were not; and vice versa of course. As a nudist, I don't consider that all-nude encounters can be described as pornographic. In Hegre videos -- even when both giver and receiver are nude -- there is no overtly 'improper conduct' between the massage-giver and the receiver, so these situations don't degenerate into porn. Nor, if the couple involved are given clear instructions before the shoot, is there any reason why they should. Any sexual 'hanky-panky' following erotic arousal can occur 'off camera' after the video is finished. (Since this would be a natural reaction, I would be surprised if it doesn't sometimes happen). I suppose that, ultimately, what one wants to see and how one feels about what one sees, are matters of personal preference.

lmbjless Etats Uni

excellent This massage is exactly what I am looking for to massage a women. Great sample of what to do & how.