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Foto von Lulu


Foto von Lulu
Name: Lulu
Land: Japan
Gewicht: 39Kg
Größe: 150cm
Alter: 19
Beruf: Modell

Eine lebende Puppe

Verbeugen wir uns vor Lulu. Sie ist eine unserer japanischen Models und dabei die zierlichste von ihnen.

Lulu sieht so zerbrechlich aus. Sie misst nur 1, 50 m und wiegt dabei gerade mal 39 Kilo. Aber sie hat sich auf ein neues Abenteuer als Aktmodell eingelassen.

Vieles an ihr erinnert an die traditionelle japanische Art. So bewegt sie sich zum Beispiel mit der Anmut eines Kätzchens.

Sie ist sehr freundlich, wohlerzogen und ein bisschen verträumt. Jedenfalls bis sie sich vor der Kamera auszieht, denn dann verwandelt sie sich in ein ganz anderes Mädchen.

Dann erkennt man die unterschwellige Sehnsucht hinter der steifen Fassade und plötzlich ist alles möglich, jedenfalls bis zum nächsten Nintendospiel.

Lulu Galerien

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Lulu Galerien KOMMENTARE

Konata und Lulu Vergnügen in Tokyo | November 15th, 2011
Konata und Lulu Vergnügen in Tokyo
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

two lovely ladies...not much happening.maybe it will get my attention better in a video.

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

LULU & KONATA - Back Together Again LULU + KONATA = ECSTACY.

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

RE: I agree Wheeler. Although it is great these two beautiful girls pose totally nude, and although I am a huge Konata fan, this shoot does beat around the bush.

Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

Lulu What a great slender body Lulu has, shame we dont see more of her

panzer969 Vereinigte Staaten

Look again... This set is more naughty than I first realized. From about shot 51 to about 60 Konata has her fingers on Lulu's anus. A pleasant discovery... The look on her face as she's doing it... The look of pleasure from Lulu... I'm checking these sets out in anticipation of tomorrow's Konata set. The past couple of days have been rather dry around here. I'm sure tomorrow will be a turn for the more exciting!

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Extraordinary ~ a compelling performance Deliciously nuanced images that tease the senses. The girls are persuasively exotic and utterly exquisite, the eroticism hauntingly beautiful...

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Look again...Happy Anus! Good eye Panzer! And thank you! I had misjudged this as a tame set. Now have changed my appraisal! Indeed a thrill to see lovely Lulu's anus made happy by the ever so wow Konata! Thanks again!

Wolf-Martin Deutschland

Konata and Lulu I find it not so sexy when the models look constantly at the camera(man) instead of looking to eachother!

Konata und Lulu Tokio Sexpuppen | June 27th, 2011
Konata und Lulu Tokio Sexpuppen
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

definately video worthy!

alex Vereinigtes Königreich

duo two amazing women.

jpsontheroad Frankreich

Konata & Lulu what can i say ? just that i hope to discover one of these days the evident sensuality of such amazing asian ladies...

Jewel Vereinigtes Königreich

Tongues A great set and for one moment there I thought we were going to be treated to our first Hegré tongue shots! Tongue on pussy that is :-)

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

Art of Total Nudity Love the purity of the Total Nudity. It is all here: two lovely young Japanese girls fully nude, showing their natural glorious beauty. I simply cannot get enough of Konata's full tits. Love the way they are out in front leading off this magnificent series! Also love how the girls spread their legs to show proudly their full-bushed beauty!

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

Konata and Lulu Fabulous totally nude set of Konata and Lulu. They look amazing together. Love the series of shots of them kissing. Really hot!

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Sensual Drama I love the visual narrative as the suspense leads to the headily sensual finale from image 52. Teasingly observed...

Wolf-Martin Deutschland

Konata and Lulu Sex Dolls Great shot. Tongue kissung an showing the black bushes.

Konata und Lulu Geisha Mädchen | June 6th, 2011
Konata und Lulu Geisha Mädchen
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

super hot! (especially the almost kiss!lol)

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

Love these girls! Love their bushes!

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

The Kiss To kiss or not to kiss, so intensely sensuous, the faint brush of lips, a sudden tingle of excitement. Touches the source of sexual desire...

Lulu Fesselspiele Teil2 | May 19th, 2011
Lulu Fesselspiele Teil2
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

O...M...G!!! nuff sed!!

tdonna4 Vereinigte Staaten

Please forget the bondage-It is disgusting!!!

Zeppelin Deutschland

I don't get it

Shaq Vereinigte Staaten

milky! I love the milk dripping out of her left nipple!

handyman Mexiko

lulu Sadomasoquist experience, not in my top ten

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

There is much eroticism in the addition of a naked girl to a familiar situation: Lulu and Konata naked on the beach, Muriel nude on the cross trainer etc. We have all been to the beach or the gym and so it is easy to fantasize. I have not experienced bondage, nor does it interest me, and so, while I respect this series welcome variety and strongly defend Hegre for showing it, it is not arousing for me personally.

Fred Vereinigte Staaten

I love the rope marks around her tits

Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

Little beauty I love Lulu and glad she has her own set her rather that with Konata but the ropes dont add alot, I would just prefer to see her fantastic body on a golden beach, preferably shaved but I suspect this is something Petter will struggle to persuade her to do.

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

In Distress Comments suggest that members are more concerned with her being persuaded to shave, or about her secreting fluid from her breast than the distress she suffers just before being hastily recovered. Something quite obscene about older men exploiting and manipulating young women for their own perverted pleasure. And I don't buy into the oft trotted out excuse that somehow variety validates this weird stuff, as if it bestows a cool worldliness. Its ugly, as if there isn't enough terrible shit in the world. Just a thought Hegre, would you suggest this for Luba, hmmm didn't think so...

Wolf-Martin Deutschland

Lulu Bondage Part 2 O, kissing this bond up girl! The black bush is the real spice of this beauty!

Konata und Lulu Kyoto Geikos | May 9th, 2011
Konata und Lulu Kyoto Geikos
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

was kinda hopin to see these ladies smear their lipstick a bit! lol... super sexy, anyway!

egrise Vereinigte Staaten

Konata and Lulu Beautiful certainly but it looks forced and tense. They certainly don't seem to be enjoying one another.

Canchahel Frankreich

Ishtar's Hand On some fifteen pics, Konata makes a sign with her right hand, very clear on pics 33-1 and 33. That sign is most frequent in some Japanese mangas (by Shirow Masamune, Satoshi Urushihara…) and, here or there, in the (He)X-Files, into The abYss or even in the droll dreams. Now, what’s its meaning for geikos? By the way, is there any relation to Kannon’s eye-in-hand?

Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

Lulu Definately Lulu's best set to date, she looks very sexy, still think the challenge though Petter is to get her to pose shaved, she would look fantastic.

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Hauntingly Exquisite The landscape of my mind is haunted by these achingly beautiful girls in dream-like scenes which glow with the radiant eroticism of these exotic creatures. Pure indulgence, a delicious extravagance of femininity, a breathtakingly sensuous presentation lush with fragrant desire. Stunning...

Konata und Lulu Sushi und Soya | April 20th, 2011
Konata und Lulu Sushi und Soya
geRRy Vereinigtes Königreich

Ladies who lunch I may be a messy eater but I would have consumed that delicacy with fingers and mouth not chopstix.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

I would be picking that up with my teeth!

Canchahel Frankreich

Tasty, as the previous series. All this reminds me of a scene in Andrew Blake's "Blond and Brunettes" movie (Chapter 2 : "Sushi Girls"). Here, Konata replaces Anita Blond and yet we are not disappointed. Which only goes to show this subject inspires more the masters than the chefs... for the moment.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

RE: canchahel unfortunately, (where I come from,anyway) this would be deemd unsanitary, and the place would be shut down, promptly!

Canchahel Frankreich

RE: wheeler Yes, you're certainly right. But if all the public health services suddenly (and miraculously) made a raid in the kitchens of all the restaurants on earth, I wonder how many of them would stay open.

Konata und Lulu sinnliches Sushi | March 26th, 2011
Konata und Lulu sinnliches Sushi
Rob Vereinigtes Königreich

Absolutely wonderful. Supremely erotic. These girls are just so perfect. Adorable. Thank you!

Johnnie G. Vereinigte Staaten

Enough orientals

Fred N. Vereinigte Staaten

Beautiful Girls but where is the Bearded Clam Sushi? I love all of the women on this site are beautiful. I applaud the ethnic diversity especially the most recent inclusion of Asian (oriental) women and the one black (Valerie). What bothers me is that the beautiful straight pubic hair of the Asian women, and their equally magnificent labia were not included in artistically done close-ups as a form of human suschi!!!! What a nice counterpoint to have close-ups of both forms of edible sushi!!!!

The Guy Vereinigte Staaten

Mildly erotic. I Like the orientals. More Lulu, Yoko, Miri, & Mayuko less Rie & Konata. Maria is beautiful but everything I've seen of her here is extremely tame given her "credentials"

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

I'll never look at sushi the same way again!!! (and, I already loved it!)

JEANLUC60 Frankreich

beautés de ravissantes et sensuelles beautés de l'orient

Konata und Lulu Japanische FKK-Fans | March 1st, 2011
Konata und Lulu Japanische FKK-Fans
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

super cute and sexy!

The Guy Vereinigte Staaten

I can see bushes in my back yard. I only like pubic hair if I get to shave it myself.

Sebastiano Italien

KONATA AND LULU Hello! I am extraordinirily enchanted by these two worderful girls, who appear chaste and clean. My type is not the Japanese girl, but these two creatures make me mad. I should like so much to meet them and to have the possibility to speak, joke and laugh together with these beauties, sweet like the honey. I realize it is a dream, and therefore I entrust you to bring them my hot greetings. From Sicily Sebastiano Stella

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

What a joy it is in the morning to turn on Hegre-Art and see two lovely cunts staring at me! Such a joy! Love the opening photo: two totally naked young Japanese beautys, their tits hanging free and unencumbered, spreading their legs oh-so-wide, cunts wide open for us to enjoy, with natural cunt hair and lips shown in nature's light. You can't beat that! Let us stop the carping about their cunt hair. It is beautiful! Enjoy and give thanks to these girls for showing all!

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

KONATA et LULU - NATURISTS It's always a pleasure to behold these 2 lovely women au naturel with their bushes prominently displayed. (What man wouldn't love to be sandwiched between them on a warm, sunny beach?) WHAT A TURN-ON!!!

Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

Loving Lulu Loving Lulu but I'm afraid Konata does not work for me, does Lulu deserve a solo set or as I have said before with Yoko

Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

Konata & Lulu Two very beautiful girls, excellent figures and it is nice to see beautiful girls with pubic hair. Pubic hair enhances a girls beauty.

Greggor1 Vereinigte Staaten

So Nice! I enjoy seeing beautiful women together. Konata and Lulu make a great pair. I like the posing and the nature setting. I'd love to share some time at a nude beach with these girls.

Konata und Lulu Sonnencreme | February 4th, 2011
Konata und Lulu Sonnencreme
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

well, most of it was very nice!(although, I could have done without the tattoo princess in pics 90-92!)They even smiled, a bit! would love to see a video of this!

Stromboli421 Frankreich

Molto carine, ma esagerare con l'oriente stanca...

The Guy Vereinigte Staaten

Nice set If the girls were shaved. Enough bush already! At a minimum trim them to a reasonable length.

alex Vereinigtes Königreich

duo two heavenly women.

Nav Vereinigte Staaten

Hear Hear!

ianj Vereinigtes Königreich

More of the "tattoo princess" please. Who was she?

Jf Vereinigte Staaten

Yes!! Who is the tattoo princess? more please:) Nice shoot everybody.

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

Wonderfully done! Showing nudes in nature, with the exquisite Lulu and, even more so, Konata, brings forth the natural joy of the female nude. The delight intensifies starting from photo 76 on as the girls proudly open their lovely cunts for our viewing pleasure. Truly a simple natural joy of a photo series. Much thanks to Petter and the girls.

Shaq Vereinigte Staaten

Hair Hair Hair For anyone here who complains about the length or simple existence of genital hair on the lovely female models of this site I suggest you do a bit of research. Heck, I'll even do it for you... For example, according to the book "Skin Flutes and Velvet Gloves", the author states that "in Japan, a woman with no pubic hair may...find herself without a husband, as the condition [having no pubic hair] is considered grounds for divorce. A naked pubis is so unappealing [in Japanese culture], in fact, it is the focus of a Japanese insult, kawarage, which loosely translates to "with a vulva as bald and hard as a brick."" NOw I'm not saying that this is why some of the models have genital hair, but it begs the thought. Hegre-Art has a vast worldwide audience. If you don't like vaginal hair, or blondes, or shoes, or stockings, or whatever, just deal with it. In a few hours there will be a new posting of pictures for all of us to enjoy. This constant complaining about genital hair is getting old and makes me feel in poor/distasteful company as a customer here. So please save your .42 cents per day and go elsewhere. The majority of us here enjoy Hegre-Art for its variety and are willing to pay more just to get rid of poor customers such as yourself.

Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

Lulu Lulu is a top model, I would love to see her in a joint set with Valerie

Greggor1 Vereinigte Staaten

Variety Is The Spice Of Life Lovey girls, great posing. I enjoy the variety offerred on this sight.

Konata und Lulu Tokyo Calling | January 20th, 2011
Konata und Lulu Tokyo Calling
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

would love to be the meat in that sandwich!!!

Steve Vereinigte Staaten

It would be nice to see these girls sans bush

alex Vereinigtes Königreich

duo two awesome women.

roundEye Vereinigte Staaten

Yawn I love asian ladies but I've been wholey unimpressed with these japanese shoots. They all look as if they just don't enjoy what they are doing.

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

Konata and Lulu Absolutely beautiful. A totally nude presentation of Konata and Lulu that is very lovely. Total nudes are the essence of capturing the beauty of a model and I truly enjoy them. This is a wonderful set that exhibits both ladies in an intimate and erotic way. Excellent!

Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

Lulu and Yoko Would have been a better set if Yoko had joined Lulu and they were both shaved!

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

Mark, as always, puts it so well. Total nudity is so essential to the joy of watching the female nude. Konata is such a doll! Wish for many more butt shots of her....a totally bare butt!

gerardo juarez Vereinigte Staaten

models I love all the models,and the asian models are my favorite. please ,can you ad more asian models

Lulu feuchte Wellness | January 10th, 2011
Lulu feuchte Wellness
samurai Japan

Destroyed WHAT is this MAKE UP, destroyed positive image for Lulu. Terrible !!

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

well, that was smokin hot! kinda a shame to put that kabuki make-up on just to ruin it so fast, though!lol and, I don't know how "well" all that water will make the lady!lol

Caucasian lover Belgien

Enough Asian models!

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Destroyed another thing that I wouldn't get in the habbit of. But, once in a while, I think it puts the "art" back into Hegre-art!

chessnutrob Vereinigte Staaten

LuLu I totally agree with the other comments.. The paint ruins what would otherwise been a really good set... Lulu doesn't need the paint to make her sexxy...Leave it off!!!!

Justin Vereinigte Staaten

Nice Job Peter, I like the artistic transition of the makeup. She is smokin hot by the way. great work.

Alex Wilhelm Vereinigte Staaten

Lulu wet I'm not sure that people get the extent to which a "set" like this is like a play. Lulu gets into character and the action proceeds. I, for one anyway, think this was brilliant work, again. And, to a related point, isn't a swollen clit and the woman it belongs too always a thing of beauty?

tdonna4 Vereinigte Staaten

I, too, am getting tired of the Asian models. I also did not appreciate the makeup or how the water blurs what could be great pic's. It is nice to say though that these feelings don't come up very ofter!!! Thanks for all your work!

Man Vereinigte Staaten

not a huge fan of the make-up at the beginning....then when it smears, it's ultra sexy and a great metaphor for the changes a woman makes...nice-to-naughty. the end, of course, is when the woman, having accomplished a thunderous orgasm on the concrete floor of the shower, picks herself up, dries herself off, re-applies the make-up and rejoins her family for dinner...with no one the wiser. lulu's pretty smokin, too. good job Pete.

Lulu Fan Vereinigte Staaten

Attrocious make up...

D.L. Vereinigte Staaten

That is smoking hot. How can something so wet be so hot? She has got it going ON with that body. I was completely turned on. Great stuff.

The Guy Vereinigte Staaten

Make up I'm betting Lulu (and any model) could get into character without the make-up. The only good thing about it here was it getting washed off. As I said before, If your going to do this type of thing go the whole way. The traditional white base is there for a reason. This half way stuff just detracts from what is otherwise a beautiful girl and a decent idea for a shoot.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

RE: caucasian lover I personally can't get enough!

Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

Lulu By far the best of the Japanese models and I am even starting to warm to the bush on Lulu, but will still ask you to encourage her to do at least one set without! The makeup- hey what's all the fuss about, its makeup!

Sandy Vereinigtes Königreich

oh dear! Lovely poses, pity about the water, spoilt the view somewhat!! Sandy

peterpan Deutschland

she is one of the sexiest asians i ever saw....!!!!!!!!!!

Lulu blaue Kniestrümpfe | December 27th, 2010
Lulu blaue Kniestrümpfe
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten


Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

Love her Hate the blue socks, love Lulu, she is so cute it is untrue, but would still like to see her shaved. Lots more Lulu Petter she is great!

largeformat Deutschland

asians frankly, this is not my cup of tea. Loving asian girl's bodies and faces, it gives ,me the run seeing the black bushy pubic hair. If they had a shave at least...

aoi Vereinigte Staaten

influence looks like Peter is drawing on egon schiele in this set for some inspiration. Great round of snaps here.

Rob Vereinigtes Königreich

Truly delicious girl. Love her. Would love her even more if she showed us what's inside that lovely bush... :)

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

An exquisite nude beauty! Thank you Petter and thank you Lulu for showing yourself nude.

Roundeye Vereinigte Staaten

Geeesh I must admit, I had high hopes for these asian ladies but none of turned out to be half of what they could be.

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

LULU LULU, you are a delight. I, among many, love sexy women with pubic fur (hair). YES!!!

peterpan Deutschland

i sooo love it when girls get me instantly hard only by being nude ...helll she is one of those

Wolf-Martin Deutschland

Lulu blue knee socks Oh yes, Lulu, touch the wonderful spot between the wonderful black pubik hairs!

Konata und Lulu nackt am Strand | December 15th, 2010
Konata und Lulu nackt am Strand
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

LOVELY!!! two asian gorgeous pearls sleeping in the sun! lovely! Much better that Gloria and Nicole's FAKE sex session a while back!

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

LULU & KONATA - En la Playa What a true delight to behold two beautiful women --- each sporting a lovely bush betwixt their legs --- on a nude beach.

Egrise Vereinigte Staaten

Konata and Lulu Stunningly beautiful. A little more touching would be nice.

Dan Vereinigte Staaten

Trim that bush.

Alex DeLarge Vereinigte Staaten

konata/lulu My wife has that much bush and I sure as heck don't pay to see the like! Show them shaved or not at all!

mac Vereinigtes Königreich

RE: rim that tush

Tom Deutschland

Rear view Great pictures of two gorgeous girls. But show a bit of their rear side as well, please. Would have loved to see them both lying on their tummies.

alterwolf Deutschland

Lulu and Konata on the beach lovelyn these 2 girls! fantastic bushes; much better than those boring shaved pussys which we get to se far too often.

Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

Bush I am firmly in the shaven pussy camp, but still love the shots of Lulu, she has a great body and gorgeous pert tits and nipples. Sure she would look great in a joint set with Yoko

sexyfish Frankreich

2 beautiful girls shaving ? for what ? they are perfect like that !!! totally sexy they have nothing to change

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

Nude on the Beach How exquisite. Having the girls nude on the beach only intensifies the erotic joy and wonder that these two Japanese lovelies would show all for our viewing pleasure. Photo #4 is an excellent straight-on cunt shot with two cunts and butt cracks underneath shown so gracefully by the girls in nature's light. Also erotic to see their skimpy sexy bikinis and short shorts of Konota next to them and imagining the girls taking them off to get fully nude. So glad that Konata's outstanding round butt and delightful asshole have finally been shown. Strongly agree with Tom that the girls' butts need to be shown more, especially Konata's.

Lulu Sushi | December 9th, 2010
Lulu Sushi
gensime Schweiz

I do not find this arousing. Better stick to more natural or bedroom settings.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

YUMMY!!! the girl and the fish!!lol

Orez Vereinigte Staaten

Um yeah... I don't think so. Maybe it's some weird Japanese food fetish, but it doesn't play well on the world market.

tdonna4 Vereinigte Staaten

Same comments as gensime -- This does nothing for me! As always though, thanks for trying and rarely missing!!!

Rob Vereinigtes Königreich

I find it incredibly arousing because this girl is just so damned perfect and gorgeous and so, well... Japanese! I could look at endless sets of her. YUM!!

Ebenezer Vereinigtes Königreich

Well, I think these are lovely pictures. The combination of delicious food and delicious body is intoxicating. Lulu is gorgeous, although I'd prefer to see her without pubic hair.

Ted Vereinigte Staaten

Got to say the food with the hair doesn't do it for me. But then I eat at a lot of cheap restaurants.

Antoon Belgien

Good idea to shoot a second set of food fetish with the Japanese girls. Lulu is so beautiful and relaxed. Nice lighting.

Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

RE:Ebenezer My sentiments exactly, Lulu is very very attractive but public hair has never done it for me, Petter sure you can persuade her to be shaved jsut for one set?

Twuly57 Australien

RE: Photo number 37 Lulu is gorgeous and so horny. There is no one more sensuous than this petite Asian lovely. I love the subtlety og the photography and I love the little bush leading to the cutest curves, and lips

Lulu Akt | November 28th, 2010
Lulu Akt
kanata4216 Japan

I love Lulu.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

lovely lady! Woud have been nice to get a view of her rear end, though!otherwise, very nice!


Average Japanese girl Lulu is about the average look/style Japanese girl and am not particularly interested with her. Besides, not too many have natural grown pussy hair like Lulu these days.

Ebenezer Vereinigtes Königreich

Pubic hair. Lulu is gorgeous! I would love to see her without any pubic hair.

Joe Japan

I enjoyed them all. Her courage should be admired. I hope many JP girls become models of

xtra Australien

Supa Lulu If Lulu is, as Samurai suggests, an average Japanese girl, I'm booking my next holiday to Japan. I take his point about shaving though and would love to see her deforested; and without silly socks.

Rob Vereinigtes Königreich

A truly delicious model. PLEASE don't shave her... And could we perhaps ve treated to a set of extreme close-ups of her vulva at some stage? (ideally with clitoral exposure?) Thanks!!

Fred N. Vereinigte Staaten

Lets Hear it for Public Hair! Love Lulu, beautiful girl, would like to see more of her and her lovely public hair up close.

Snowpig Vereinigte Staaten

I LOVE Lulu's pubic hair

daniel Vereinigte Staaten


Roger Vereinigte Staaten

Put my vote in for "Do Not shave her pussy!" Great cunt shots! Lovely to see such a pretty young Japanese girl showing her cunt and cunt hair so proudly and openly. Good girl! Applaud the inclusion of Lulu and Konato, two beautiful Japanese girls. Agree with Wheeler: we need to see butt shots of both girls! (please and thank you!)

Ulfgeir Vereinigte Staaten

Keep It Natural I love that Lulu has such a proud mane of pubic hair. I think it's a very exciting look for a woman. I would definitely be interested in seeing more models who follow this trend.

Moose Vereinigte Staaten

To or not to Thanks Lulu. I would vote for Lulu to do EXACTLY what she wants with her pussy hair.

daniel Vereinigte Staaten


Joe Japan


lele Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Do not shave I agree with you man.Keep the bush and more close ups of the pussy like Konata.Keep it bushed and wide open.

kasou_may Frankreich

RE: Pubic hair. interesting

twuly57 Australien

RE: Photo number 19 lulu is perfect, including that delectable pussy

fantasy1 Vereinigte Staaten

Lulu Lulu is a fantasy come true need way more of her solo

Konata und Lulu Made in Japan | November 24th, 2010
Konata und Lulu Made in Japan
kanata4216 Japan

I live this set!!!

kanata4216 Japan

I love this set!!!

kanata4216 Japan


wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

here's hoping for a part two (and, a video)!!!

samurai Japan

SO,,,,? Peter, what are you trying to tell us,,,your image didn`t delivered us.

Egrise Vereinigte Staaten

Konata and Lulu Lusciously beautiful models, but remarkably tame stuff.........

Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

Lulu Lulu is your cutest model I would love to see her in a joint set with Yoko. Any chance Petter?

Lulu Geisha | November 18th, 2010
Lulu Geisha
samurai Japan

??????????? Without make up would be much much better. What you guys think ?

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

OH YES!!! that was just COOL(not to mention HOT!!!)!!!! nice way to bring the "art" back to HEGRE-ART!!!

Caucasian lover Belgien

Lately, there are far too many series with Asian models.

Rob Vereinigtes Königreich

Fabulous! Creative and enticing. Love that oriental feel...

Yellow Magic Japan

RE:samurai Exactly! I agree with you.

Alex DeLarge Vereinigte Staaten

Lulu Geisha Why do your Japanese models all have such unsightly hairy pussies?! Get them to a wax salon!

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

RE: samurai I like it! like I said...I think it brings the ART back to the site! (although, granted, I hope to her withoutit more often). as for asian models...MY FAVORITE!!!as for the wanna try that???

Jeff Deutschland

RE: WORD! Please no make-up and no bondage frills!

hokusai Japan

goodmakeup KABUKI

The Guy Vereinigte Staaten

Nice shoot. Lulu if definitely up to Hegre standards! Slim but curvy with exquisite breasts. As so many are saying, the problem is the make-up. This would have been better either without it or with classical Geisha face paint and the appropriate hair style, (which she would let down during the course of the shoot). I would also love to she her unwrapping from a traditional kimono! The lip-stick looks like a bad Charlie Chaplin mustache and the eyebrows appear to be done by a truck-stop prostitute. If you're going to do this type of thing don't go half way. It really detracts from from the beauty of the model and hides your incredible photographic skill.

Ulfgeir Vereinigte Staaten

Elegant Geisha I like the concept behind this, and while the make-up doesn't particularly appeal to me, I think it adds a wonderful sense of the exotic to the proceedings. I was, however, somewhat puzzled when the frame pulls back for image 56, and shows the model having wounds on her shins. While I'm certainly a proponent of natural figures, lighting, and a general sense of realism, I still prefer if minor blemishes such as this (which inevitably occur) are covered in some manner.

samurai Japan

RE: Elegant Geisha You wanna know something ? The make-up is not represents GEISHA, but old ancient days hookers`, for your information

Yellow Magic Japan

NEVER Geisha I think this make-up represent "yotaka", ancient times streetwalker. I don't feel elegance at all. I feel décadence...

Rob Vereinigtes Königreich

Samurai - I think there is confusion in the West about the distinction between Geisha and prostitute. Many people here seem to think they are the same thing!

Joe Japan

She should show everything.

DNA Belgien

The solution Bring us 1) occidental models 2) without any make-up, and there will be no more discussions...

Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

Beauty Lulu is a very beautiful model make up or not, I know nothing about Japanese culture to know what the makeup signifies but I think it gives the shot a magical feel. The only thing I would change is I would love to see Lulu shaven.




RE: FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO DO NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GEISHA AND PROSTITUTE, " In old adys(150-300 years ago)", GEISHA is an entertainer at formal dinner table, with well practiced Japanese culture musics and dance etc.They stat practice from 8-10 years old. And some of famous/popular Geishas were like celebrities. People must have introduction from appropriate parties to invite famous ones. They don`t come to your dinner table for money. Their costume(Kimono) cost(equivalent to current $$) would be easily $$20,000 and up for head to toes. While hookers,,,,,,I think it no need to explain.

Moose Vereinigte Staaten

Bitching Peter; thank you for being experimental. There is plenty of nice verity on this site and almost everyone can find the type of woman or a type of scene that is erotic and/ or aesthetically pleasing. It seems as though there are a few commenters who bitch and complain when something different is presented other than their type of model with their type of poses, well get over it already. Bush/ no bush, to edgy, etc., etc. I can understand well thought out constructive criticism but the moaning and complaining is idiotic. P.S. Samrai; good info; people need to look this stuff up.

Konata und Lulu menschlicher Sushiteller | November 8th, 2010
Konata und Lulu menschlicher Sushiteller
samurai Japan

I, personally, don`t like this kind of situation, as Japanese point of view. They make me laugh. Not sexy at all,,,,

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

KONATA & LULU TOGETHER A gourmand's delight.

woohoo111 Vereinigte Staaten

I love thier beautiful bushes. Don't dare make them make shave. I am soooooo tired of shaved pussies!

Rob Vereinigtes Königreich

I wholeheartedly approve of the inclusion of these delicious Asian ladies. Quite superb! (and can we have more beautiful Japanese bondage please?)

Mike Vereinigtes Königreich

Look back at the sets of Konata and Lulu I can't help observing that we have seen nothing of their vulvas yet. Indeed the model profile pic of Konata promises this, but the pic doesn't exist in any of her sets. The oriental vulva is an exquisite thing. Can I please request that we get to explore both girls in the most intimate manner in future? Thanks

Bruno Vereinigte Staaten

Sushi Incredible... my favorite food, mixed with very hot models! Thank you, Petter!

snowpig Vereinigte Staaten


wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

I will NEVER look at sushi the same way again (And, I already loved it!)!!!

xtra Australien

Art? Is it artful? Yes, but a bit silly with it. Are the models appealing? Yes, but they they are immersed too much in the theme. Is it erotic? Secondary consideration apparently - a couple of shots are, but I can think of more erotic treatments with these two models.

gentin Honkong

I share the view of Samurai. I do not find this sexy at all.

Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

Sushi Original idea but the pictures are limited by the theme, despite other comments below would love to see them both shaved and look forward to more Japanese/Oriental models on your site. Is it also time to look at the number of afro -carribean models which seems to reduced significantly of late.

RoundEYe Vereinigte Staaten

Nice I don't totally agree with a lot of the comments. I think this is rather erotic, just not well executed. It could have been so much more but it seems like it's the same picture on every frame.

Lulu Fesselspiele Teil1 | November 2nd, 2010
Lulu Fesselspiele Teil1
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

O...M...G!!! Well, this is something I never thought I would see here! I, personally, would LOVE to see more like this.Though, I can certainly understand why it would't be yout cup of tea!

akramesh Indien

Class I've seen OsadaSteve, but this is way beyond. You camera is fantastic. Name of the rigger ?.

Bob Vereinigte Staaten

Bondage not a big fan of the genre, but love that you try new things. keep expanding, even if its not my cup of tea.

alex Vereinigtes Königreich

lulu delicious,lulu is fantastic.

Snowpig Vereinigte Staaten

Smile Lulu is so much prettier and captivating when she smiles.

Eddie Vereinigte Staaten

Off The Chart Well this certainly appeals to the bad boy side of us. With this subject and your creativity you certainly could have some tasteful fun with this from time to time. We'll all look forward to part 2.

jim Vereinigte Staaten

Bondage I certainly can do without this. Don't like it one bit.

RoundEye Vereinigte Staaten

Not into it This does nothing for me at all.

Chinaski Vereinigte Staaten

Lulu Bondage pt1 I think this would have been more erotic if the man tying her up was naked and perhaps aroused as he did so. Lulu also needed to change her facial expression! There's no difference from her opening frame to the last!

Steve Vereinigte Staaten

How about a shave and a smile?

Rob Vereinigtes Königreich

Fantastic. But why no mata nawa (crotch rope)? This is the most important tie in the Japanese bondage art!

tdonna4 Vereinigte Staaten

I will take a nude male and female any day over this -- not my cup of tea AT ALL!!!!

Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

Controversial Lulu is very cute and I love her in this set and would love to see her do a Konata type set. Another example of pushing the boundaries so keep up the good work

mcm Vereinigte Staaten

Boy Scout Knot Practice? Geez - this was boring, and of no aesthetic value. -- For me, bondage isn't erotic - the exact opposite - it's the vestige of the barbarian in us, which shouldn't be celebrated in any way.

Huw Australien

Kinky I absolutely love these kinky new sets with the Japanese girls. Fantastic and a change from the usual. Extremely kinky and naughty. Fantastic, Petter, please more sets with the asian girls!

Bayou T Vereinigte Staaten

Thanks for bringing in a different type of art. I know there are some folks that didn't like it but that's OK. There isn't any form of art that appeals to every person. I'm not a fan of bondage but Lulu is a beautiful girl, the lighting and photography is superb and this set gives us something new and interesting to view. Pete thanks for keeping it fresh and bringing new art to the site!

zigzazog Vereinigtes Königreich

Lulu beautiful...simple as that...only comment...would love it if she were shaved

Lulu Vorstellung | October 15th, 2010
Lulu Vorstellung
KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

LULU du Japon Another dainty beauty from Japan. And with a lovely bush betwixt her legs! BEAUTIFUL LULU.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

I am LOVING the plethera of asian models on this site, of late! (although, once again, I hope we get a butt shot, next time!)

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

Lulu Beautiful photos of Lulu. As with Konata, she looks so beautiful naked! I love the totally nude introductions of new models. That is the way a new model should always be introduced. It is like unveiling a work of art that you get to enjoy for the first time and get to truly appreciate her beauty. I love Lulu's innocence, comfort in front of the camera and cute little smile. Lulu is a lovely addition and I hope to see much more of her completely nude.

alterwolf Deutschland

Lulu Pretty new face and very promising pussy. Hope she will not looose that beautiful bush.

Rob Vereinigtes Königreich

A truly beautiful model. But why can we not see her vulva? Oriental girls usually have such beautifully coloured and textured pussies.

nat_pavitt Vereinigte Staaten

She's so Beautiful She's so Beautiful, Nuff Said...

Antoon, Belgium Belgien

Lulu. Same comment as for Konata. Please show Lulu with her own eyes and not with contact lenses. I can refer to photoshoots with model Patricia, in some of them you see her with blue eyes (contact lenses) and in other photosets you can admire her with her natural brown eyes. I prefer the last one.

doumat Kanada

Looking forward to much much more of Lulu. Beautiful !

Jeff D Vereinigte Staaten

Yummy! Delicious!

paul Vereinigte Staaten

Lulu Am totally jazzed that beautiful Asian models are now showing up on the site. Lulu is way hot and look forward to her next photoset.

Chinaski Vereinigte Staaten

Lulu Hegre Art has so many stunning shaved models that seeing one as hairy as this jars the senses...and NOT in a good way!

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

LULU TRES BELLE Au contraire, Chinaski. It is very much a WELCOME DELIGHT to see on this site a lovely woman au naturel sporting a FULL and luxuriant bush betwixt her legs. !Vivan LAS MUJERES NATURALES! Hairy women are soo sexy.

Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

Lulu Best addition to the site in the last 12 monhts, Lulu is very very cute, Im not keen on the bush but know Japanese girls dont like to be shaven, Petter you will have to use your persuasive skills. Much more of Lulu please she is special.

akis Griechenland

better shaved....

Dr John Zypern

LULU She is very cute . little shy for more revealing pics . her Ass is not shown at all

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

Excellent opening series of this beautiful fragile doll! Good girl Lulu for showing yourself in your pure nude beauty for mens' pleasure! You have made many men happy! Thank you! Keep your bush!! It is lovely!

swframe Vereinigte Staaten

She is quite beautiful. I think it would be nice to get her nails done before a photo shoot. It is completely normal but at such high resolutions, it is a small but noticeable blemish that is easy enough to fix.

kanata4216 Japan

she is the most beautiful.

Yellow Magic Japan

very cute :)

peterpan Deutschland

RE: love her nails like they are...:-)


Konata und Lulu Das Sushi Shooting | April 2nd, 2013
Konata und Lulu Das Sushi Shooting
Chet Vereinigte Staaten

Back again Great to see these two back again. They have been missing too long.

Ryan Vereinigtes Königreich

Wanted more The best bits are when the eating is happening. I wanted to see a lot more of that than there was.

Rene Kanada

Slow down When all the sushi is laid out like it is the effect is great. But we do not see enough of that because it goes too fast. Why not slow down a bit?

Eric Vereinigte Staaten

Mixed feelings I have got mixed feelings about seeing all the chopping, slicing etc. that goes on. Is it all that erotic?

MojoMa_55 Schweiz

Sushi Weird!.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

it's not often you make me hungry, petter! so, are they gonna trade places?

franklinws Vereinigte Staaten

You should be a photographer for the Food Network. I appreciate your attempts at eclectic art but this one is pretty far out there. Go back to what made you great.

anonymous Vereinigte Staaten

Lovely bushes, especially Konata.

gvmffx Belgien

beautiful girls...finally hairy pussy

Jacky Deutschland

I like Sushi and I like both girls but the combination was kinda weird.

flashblack Australien

my two fav ladies are back

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

So so great to see Konata and Lulu again! Great to again see their beautiful hairy cunts. Wonderful looks at Lulu's cunt. I can't get enough of Konata. What a beauty! And what tits she has! Love how they hang down, plump full and perfect, as she leans over Lulu. Love the peeks at Konata's bare buns and butt crack too! Please Hegre, bring these girls back!

Byron1820 Australien

Very odd! There's no getting away from it, the Japanese have some very strange customs! I can't say I found this even slightly erotic - but it's certainly comic. I was waiting for a few little curls of pubic hair to make part of the banquet - it wouldn't have surprised me at all. I'm afraid those thick bushes do anything for me, either - nicely trimmed public hair can enhance a cunt; but the Japanese girls usually manage to make the space between their thighs look like unkempt hedges!

king_penis Deutschland

Great Awesome video and photoset, but I'd love to see something love that by a beautiful shaved Japanese girl, too!!!

Konata und Lulu Ein Tag am Strand | August 21st, 2012
Konata und Lulu  Ein Tag am Strand

nice to see the japanese girls again!thought we lost them!

Tor-1 Norwegen

A bit boring, maybe...

Chen. Taiwan, Chinesische Provinz

missed you I am glad to see you both back again. I have missed you Konata and Lulu.

Andreas Südafrika

Pussy hair What beautiful pussy hair you both have. I want to see lots more of that.

Sam. Vereinigte Staaten

Re: Pussy hair You are right about that. They say Japanese girls take a lot of pride in their pussy hair. You can see why.

Delroy Vereinigte Staaten

Fat old guys The girls are great. What are the fat old guys doing there though?

Rick Vereinigtes Königreich

Re: Fat old guys I guess it is an ironic contrast. Beauty and the beast sort of thing.

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Eastern Promise I hope this is a return of these exquisite creatures and not a film from the past. Delightfully feminine, and how I've missed them...

Canchahel Frankreich

Okaeri nasai It's good to see our two sweet geikos again. The morning light is marvellous. Moreover, this movie is full of freshness and, at the same time, often focuses on the two "burning bushes"; the result is a very well temperate film.


RE: Re: Fat old guys it's called a nude beach!ufortunately, most people that frequent them are those you dont want to see naked!

Herminator67 Deutschland

Pussyhair Wondefull Pussys. I would like to shave both pussys. The pussyhair is to long. I like it totaly shaved.

B Taurus Vereinigte Staaten

Thanks for bringing these two back!! These two girls are perfect examples of what I luv about Japanese girls. Perfect bodies, not too petite or thick. Just right. I gotta agree with the other comments. They have perfect pussy hair! Beautiful!!

Guest Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Pussyhair apply your fav get the perfect smell and lick the sweet lips...speaking from many exciting experiences :)

Vashti Australien

Haircut? Certainly two beautiful young ladies on whose bodies anyone would be pleased to graze; especially, for my money, the one with the smaller and more exquisitely-shaped breasts. Who wouldn’t have been delighted to help with applying the sun-oil? But I must confess the thickets of hair put me of, personally – for one thing they are a deterrent to oral sex – all those hairs between the teeth! Interestingly, they had clearly shaved around the edges of the forest, and taken great care with the rest – but though it may delight some men, not I’m afraid for me. Incidentally, am I wrong, or did they have a hair-trim halfway through the film?

Flesharrower Australien

I'd like to see Konata return... This IS old stuff! The photoshoot of this is from 2010 and my guess is this was shot at the same time. I think it's high time to see the return of some of the old time girls, Konata in particular along with Anna S...

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

KONATA & LULU - A DELICIOUS DUO Unlike a sizeable number of members of this site, who have a fear or dislike of pubic hair/fur on women, I LOVE PUBIC HAIR/FUR ON WOMEN. It enhances a woman's sexiness. That is one of the reasons I love seeing KONATA and LULU here. FULLY NUDE & NATURAL.

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

The Beauty of Cunt Simplicity Gentleness Naturalness Nudity and Laughter. The simple pure joy of the unadorned female nude, not a stitch on, bathed in nature's light. Naked on the beach for all the world to see, relaxed, smiling, laughing, jumping, skipping, tits bouncing free, paired dark hairy cunts (cunts do look better in pairs!) set off against lovely porcelain white skin. What joy! And what joy to see Konata again! Such incredible tits. 2:14 a high point with the full beauty of Konata's cunt on display. Thank you Konata Lulu and Hegre!

Doc Vereinigtes Königreich

Konata and Lulu Thank God, proper pubic hair at last! They look like real women! I would change their dentist, though.... The oil application was the best idea here, so it was a shame it was relatively brief and in short bursts, with both models a little camera-conscious too. Maybe try re-working that? It was apparently a nudist beach, so for extra impact, a similar tableau in an area not obviously nudity-allowed, non? Oui!!

Konata und Lulu Der Kuss | December 21st, 2010
Konata und Lulu Der Kuss
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

O...M...G!!! well, that was nice! Kinda looked like they were just gettin started, hough! Kinda makes me hope for a part two...and maybe three...and maybe...

Will Kanada

Always Amazing Lesbian erotica can be so hard to keep from going into the typical porn scenario you see everywhere, but even though your films can often be very explicit, the combination of lighting, photography, and yes even realism, keep that from happening. This is no exception. Petter, my hat is off to you again.

Haliski Australien

This Is Art There is a sub-fetish among Japanese films that shows woman kissing, and I had been sceptical about this one at first because of that. I shouldn’t have been. Even though it is on the surface typical of that genre, it goes so much deeper and you can see how they really seem to be into it. There are few of your films I have not liked, and I should’ve known better than to doubt this one!

Japanese Fan Vereinigte Staaten

I loved It No offense to Japanese women, but I have always found myself more attracted to caucasians. Dunno why, maybe something deep and dark from when I was growing up. But I absolutely loved this, and watched it over and over...and over.

Manchester1978 Vereinigtes Königreich

1:40 Its at about 1:40 when I had to shift my package or rip my pants. When Lulus tongue comes out and Konata sucks on it...WOW!!!

Chad Kanada

A Bit Too Arty It’s hot, but sometimes a girl with some clothes on – that eventually come off – can be hotter.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

RE: I loved It A caucasian guy here that has found out that, for some reason, he likes looking at ANY OTHER race better than his own (asians in particular)!And, if my Confederate grand parents could live to hear that, they would croak from hearing it!!!

bondiau Australien

Katakana vs Hiragana The Japanese characters used in the posters are katakana and reserved for foreign words/names. As the artists are Japanese it's more correct to use the Hiragana equivalents. You would use these chracters for names like Mary or Susan. Possibly for Lulu (given it's both Eastern/Western) but certainly not Konata.

Jewel Vereinigtes Königreich

To be continued... Great stuff, but I agree with Wheeler, it looks like it was only just getting started!

jeffersk Singapur

Konata & Lulu It is exquisite & thought provoking - more please...

D.L. Vereinigte Staaten

It is pretty crazy how hot this is. Konata had me hooked from way back during the Penis Honoring film. She is the kind of girl you want to see doing everything and anything you can think of. I'm very glad Hegre was able to secure this model for their work in Japan. I sincerely hope to see more of her over the coming months.

Daniel Vereinigte Staaten

Konata Please!!!! The very first Konata spread ( the Geisha,i think) was AWSOME.Can we PLEASE HAVE A VIDEO OF THAT,LORD HEGRE?That would be a very sweet Christmas present for all of us Konata fans.What say you, sir Hegre? Dan, U.S.A

Daniel Vereinigte Staaten

RE: To be continued... I also agree!!!!! Dan U.S.A.

Man Vereinigte Staaten

Perfect Perfect in every way. Pedro, don't leave us hanging, though. Please show us the good parts. Nice work, mate.

kaka China

I like this。。。。

gareth Vereinigte Staaten

totally hot yea, that was um HOT! Can we see more of this with other girls like Melissa, Stasha, Dominika? Oh man....... well done, P!

donkey2010 Deutschland

First authentical movie where you can actually feel visualized real emotion. Very nice!

B Vereinigte Staaten

Wow Can't wait for Part 2

SMygel Norwegen

My GOD! That was arousing. Petter, one of your greatest movies!! And the BEST part was, they ACTUALLY touched each other

alterwolf Deutschland

Konata & Lulu Fantastic! I do hope there will be a part two??

George Vereinigte Staaten

film of the week there must be a part two, three, four or five?

ssalbo Vereinigte Staaten

wow I believe them, which makes this very erotic. would love to see some "real" kissing.

mindphaser Vereinigte Staaten

Too much editing. Need more scene with just pussy licking only.

miomio_yp Vereinigte Staaten

RE: O...M...G!!! nice kiss

Foxton Australien

Film Yes, very beautiful and very tender, but I agree - one waits anxiously for part two, with a little more - er - familiarity; I guess most people want more explicit material, which in no ways means that the filming isn't always very beautiful; and it's great to have tender and living material as opposed to sheer porn with violence. And boy, are these girls really beautiful!

Greggor1 Vereinigte Staaten

Upscale and classy. Slow and easy. Beautiful and erotic. Much to my liking.

e8bravo Vereinigte Staaten

Pubic hair The bushes of those Japanese beauties are awesome!

Qoo Taiwan, Chinesische Provinz

Asian girls are the best. Not the poseur, tasteful natually Thx Hegre!

kiwid Dänemark

extatic It is so sensual and a joy to watch. Absolute what a wet dream should be.

Chinaski Vereinigte Staaten

This would have been oh so much more sexy if they weren't so damn hairy!

hm... Vereinigte Staaten

I want some more I paid for Konatas' films. ....

Knightd10 Vereinigte Staaten

Great pubic hair .... Oriental women have those most sensual pubic hair of all, in my opinion. Loved it. I know these movies are supposed to be sensual, and they are. But how could occasionally showing mouth/tongue contact with genitals take away from the beauty and sensuality of these films? I don`t think it would at all. Just my opinion.

spaz-1 Vereinigte Staaten

I have never seen something so teasing, so perfect, so sensual and arousing. Everything here was exceptional save for one element. Intimacy, both actors were forced to hold back when it came to touching, or kissing, or genitals. It really ruined this film. From what I have seen, female on female is fine for this site correct? So why the hesitation? It would have completed the sense of eroticism given. But the lack thereof ruined the film. Just consider it please in your upcoming films. Also, these two are extraordinary together, please make films of them in the near future

grunt Vereinigte Staaten

tender beautiful...but need climax

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Pure Bliss Imagine a glistening snowflake Gliding silently To settle on the tip of my tongue A sensuous tingle An ephemeral moment of pure bliss. Laurie The kissing was so breathtakingly sensuous. Brilliant

Doc Vereinigtes Königreich

The Kiss I am lost for words, almost! What an erotic piece of work, well done! But only 6-7 minutes long?! Mind you, much more of that and paramedics might be needed for mere mortals like me! And, as has been said elsewhere, proper pubic hair rules!! Much more, please!

Lulu Fesselspiele | November 9th, 2010
Lulu Fesselspiele
Steve2310 Vereinigte Staaten

awesome! What an awesome build up. It's sensational the way the whole scene is put together bit by bit.

MG Frankreich

I love the twist sorry about the pun in the way she gets all hung up sorry about that one too.

Eric Vereinigtes Königreich

You can tell the guy with the knots has done this before. A real expert.

Danny Dänemark

I was on the edge of my seat wondering how this was all going to end. That was a real surprise.

samurai Japan

The most beautiful part of this film is Lulu has carried like a fragile item by the gentleman after she released from fetters rope and Lulu totally put her life in the gentleman`s hand with eternal trust. Excellent work.

Eddie Vereinigte Staaten

Excellent Job When I first saw this film coming I wasn't too excited about it, but this really is one of your best efforts. Just a lot of fun to watch and very tastefully done. Kind-of bondage with care and a smile.

enzyme Australien

Curious Whose silhoutte is that on around 0:12? Luba? Beautiful face profile. Cannot be Lulu?

kantundcunt Vereinigte Staaten

Superb model for a classic theme of erotic photography.

Tantrazza Niederlande

Yum yum yum. I loved every minute of it. The beauty of bondage in action and in black & white. More session with the master in black please!

Fleagle45 Vereinigtes Königreich

love you nice to see you