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Foto de Marjana


Foto de Marjana
Nombre: Marjana
País: Rusia
Peso: 46kg
Altura: 162cm
Edad: 21
Ocupación: Estudiante

Radiante como la luz del norte

Marjana es una chica del norte. Viene de Siberia, tierra de hielo, bosques y lagos. Pero la calidez de su personalidad es más como un géiser.

Adoramos su sonrisa que lo derrite todo. Acompaña perfectamente a sus ojos tan azules como el hielo. Su piel blanco nieve y sus pechos voluptuosos completan el cuadro.

Ha inmigrado al sur como un ave exótica en busca del calor del Mediterráneo. Su llegada a Barcelona fue su primer contacto con el mar. Todo le es nuevo y fascinante a esta chica natural. Esta es su primera experiencia en el desnudo.

Es tan apasionada para esto como lo es para disfrutar de los placeres sensuales. Dos cosas que le encantan son bailar y dibujar, pero seguro que hay más. De ahora en adelante será nuestro placer descubrirlo.

Marjana Galerías COMENTARIOS

Marjana sexy y loca | August 20th, 2012
Marjana sexy y loca
Dante_Hicks Australia

MMMMMMMMMMarjana I am without speech.


crazy sexy yes she is!!!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

What an ass this girl has! Great to see Marjana totally nude again. Photos 39,40 and 50 are my favs.

MarcusA Holanda

eyes How sexy can a pair of eyes be? Very! And it's impossible to forget the rest. Fabulous

Laurie Reino Unido

Shades of Pink Wake up and smell the fragrance...

simon Suiza

What an invite.

70sGuy Estados Unidos de América

She is... Still my No.1 lady. Beautiful woman who's not afraid to demonstrate her sexuality.

Heywood Estados Unidos de América

Marjana gets me so hot! Thank you for more photos of Marjana. I love this girl!!

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

What a deliciously looking pussy.

SageArcherV Estados Unidos de América

Marjana...Memories, I Miss Marjana...and seeing her again in this gallery reminds me why! Simply put,...She gets me 'off'!!!

delavignette Bélgica

marjana Great and awfully sexy. Magnifique et terriblement sexy.Thanks a lot. Merci beaucoup.Kisses. Bisous. JP.

Marjana cuerpo rosa | July 18th, 2012
Marjana cuerpo rosa
tdonna5 Estados Unidos de América

She certainly has more to show! Why not?

machado Bélgica

one of the best hegre art.com one of my favorite great great icone here in hegre art !!!!!

Martin Alemania

Marjana vs. Yara The boobs of Marjana are much more beautiful then Yara's. And Marjana shows us also her pussy in other sets of her.

tonb España

RE: Número de foto40 me encanta el pelo encima del pecho desnudo

tonib España

RE: Número de foto39 como toda la serie es preciosa,un gran fotografo y uha bella modelo

Marjana formaciones | June 11th, 2012
Marjana formaciones
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

lovely as ever!

Marcus Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful girl with stupendous breasts. She has such a glorious rump it seems a shame not to grease her up and let her fingers go wandering. Anyone remember Oleana?

Laurie Reino Unido

Fully Formed and Fucking Gorgeous Deep in the mists of time I was on familiar terms with a student who was as beautifully formed as Marjana. Late in the evenings as I lay reading, a light tap on my door would announce her arrival begging a light for her cigarette which we would share. She always wore just a coat to cover her ample charms which always crumpled to the floor as she tripped the light fandango to embrace my fully vigorous cock with her lips between drawing on her cigarette and french kissing me. The sex was crude, explosive and utterly fabulous. Curiously I never ever saw her beyond the confines of my room, we had no social life whatever, just pure unprotected deliciously messy sex...

paradygma España

Marjana. Another model with good assets and so much to give. She's absolutely cute, so expressive... but maybe not the best booty around here. But this is the way for a top photographer to take advantage of his model and impress all of us. Once again.

Alex Wilhelm Estados Unidos de América

Her formations are brilliant

barc5305 Israel

wow that is the word which came out of my mouth when finish watch this gallery...

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: Well put Marcus: A Glorious Rump. Marjana's tits are overwhelming butt they don't obscure the fact that she has an equally overwhelming ass!

Marjana ojos azules | May 19th, 2012
Marjana ojos azules
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

so nice to ee marjana's striking saphire eyes and full curvy body again! it's been too long!

blackflash Australia

Marjana Amazing blue eyes so clear and just amazing. your big soft boobs and your body is so beautiful. thank you so much for sharing your beauty and classy looks

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Marjana Nude Fantastic series. From the first photo, appropriately totally nude, with Marjana's wondrous big tits out bared for all to see and her legs spread wide revealing so well her labia, we know that we are in for series that will deliver. I like the variety of camera angles and close-ups interspersed with full body shots. Great butt shots 48 and 51 made even better by the follow up photos of her face in 49 and 52. The best is the incredibly erotic photo 56 followed by Marjana smiling at us in 57, as if to say "Did you like it?" Great to see you back Marjana! Thank you. Hope there will be many more.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Marjana is Back? Certainly hope so...now can the same happen for Muriel?

Brent Estados Unidos de América

Blue Eyes I love her blues eyes, and beautiful body. I could watch Marjana videos all day long, and never get tired of her.

Patrick Canada

RE: Marjana is Back? This young thing is absolutely stunning, but what I wouldn't give to see Muriel again :-)


Des yeux magnifiques!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: RE: Marjana is Back? Great minds think alike Patrick! I always welcome intelligent dialogue on the models and their beauty. Perhaps you would be willing to respond to my comments on Muriel's elliptical cross trainer video (or other shoots)? One of my favs. Would be great to get a dialogue going.

Heywood Estados Unidos de América

Marjana's Blue Eyes Thank you so much for these gorgeous photos of Marjana! I can never get enough of this incredible beauty.

Mazungu Reino Unido

Marjana This lady is something else best on your site .dont loose her for viewers sake.her eyes are amazingly teasing showing her hunger with passion

Marjana la médico | April 2nd, 2012
Marjana la médico
KOMET Estados Unidos de América

MARJANA FULLY UNFETTERED FINALLY - a photo series that shows MARJANA to best effect. That is, FULLY NUDE and in the outdoors.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

I'm still in love/lust! marjana is truly stunning!!!

Laurie Reino Unido

Frustratingly Brief So few images demand an emphasis on visual impact, each image expressing intimacy and graphic eroticism. Marjana is all woman, whose voluptuous beauty should be of intense focus. I feel cheated...

70s Guy Nigeria

This is... simply an exquisite woman!

drummernc Estados Unidos de América

perfection what a babe, first time I have ever felt the need to comment. perfect setting, perfect woman, wonderful tits. good job photographer and good job marjana

simon Suiza

Must be cold at the beach right now! Always lovely to see Marjana. Is there a part III?

Heywood Estados Unidos de América

Marjana She's so exciting to look at! Thank you... and more Marjana please!

Jeff D Estados Unidos de América

Healthy!!! Marjana proves that you don't have to be anorexic to be super HOT!

Marjana curvácea | March 18th, 2012
Marjana curvácea
Laurie Reino Unido

Passion Fruit Her voluptuous flesh, bouquet of vanilla and freshly baked bread as my tongue sought her sticky darkness. The burning of desire as I emerged from pink mists, pools of pleasure in her soft ripe fruit, savouring her rhapsodies, my mouth sated on honeyed pearl...

Fract Holanda

Marjana's new set! Four and a half months... It's been an excruciating time, but patience has paid off. God, this woman's eyes... I imagine they can both kill with a glance *and* resurrect the dead, like only a true woman in heart, soul and body can. I have no idea if she has sets with other photographers, but her bio suggests she has none. Which means that the chemistry between her and Petter is very special indeed: I cannot see any other photographer having this level of 'rapport' with her. Ever. I'm not a 'big-tit-lover' kind of guy, but Marjana can convert me if she's up for the job. Until then, I am always eagerly waiting for More Marjana Magic. And today is a good day indeed.

Heywood Estados Unidos de América

Marjana I'm so glad to see a new photoset from Marjana. She is my favorite model here, and such a breathtaking beauty. Thanks, and more please!

A Estados Unidos de América

I love Marjana. Fract I agree with you 100%.

Eric S Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 21 Love her eyes on this photo!

kon Japón


Marjana sillón rojo | November 2nd, 2011
Marjana sillón rojo
wheeler-1 Estados Unidos de América

another lovely view of "the beach"!lol

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

MARJANA DENIED FREEDOM FROM CLOTHES MARJANA would have been shown to much better effect in this photo series had she been unencumbered by clothing.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: It is a lovely beach wheeler, but look in the center of the screen! No not the chair, On the chair! There is a beautiful girl with great big tits and no panties on spreading her legs to show her cunt and then turning over, lifting her skirt and showing her sexy bare butt!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Marjana is beautiful, but I miss Muriel!

B Estados Unidos de América

Gorgeous sexy girl with a gorgeous delectable pussy. Would love to dive into that a couple of ways. Not the beach, the pussy.

heywood Estados Unidos de América

Marjana Marjana is one of your greatest discoveries, Petter, and I'm am always happy to see new photos of her. I only wish that she had reached full nudity in this shoot. I am always deeply aroused by your images of Marjana's naked body.

Fract Holanda


Heywood Estados Unidos de América

More Marjana, naked Let me add my voice to those begging to see more Marjana, fully nude.

Laurie Reino Unido

Ravishing That one simple word sums up the breathtaking sensuousness of this divine creature...

Marjana placer rosa parte2 | October 2nd, 2011
Marjana placer rosa parte2
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

lovely as always!

hhp Estados Unidos de América

Marjana Marjana has caught my eye before, but WOW!!! What a great set. Marjana has ample attributes. However, her pussy is amazing. Her pussy is pretty, photogenic, playfully presented and perfectly photographed. One of the best ever.

pavlos Grecia

marjana flowless pussy and ass...

intoit Estados Unidos de América

Awesome Just fabulous. Marjana is spectacular.

Englishman Reino Unido

Why did we have to wait so long since part 1. Marjana is fanstic sitting up showing the full beauty of her breasts.

kamaloka Japón

perfect ! i love u marjana !

kamaloka Japón

RE: Photo number 83 delicious ...

Sparrowhawk Reino Unido

Marjana Gets better and better with each shoot! Sublime!

Bumbal_kpyfq Alemania


Heywoon Estados Unidos de América

Marjana I love Marjana, IMO one of the top five most beautiful models on this site. I adore her tits!!

heywood Estados Unidos de América

Marjana's big breasts I especially like the first few photos in this set, for the same reason your first Marjana photoset remains my favorite. She looks particularly stunning when she is nude and standing, or sitting up straight, to show us the beautiful angle at which her big tits hang from her body.

Sledge Alemania

Marjanas back door Usually I am a pussy man, but that back entry looks really inviting.

kuony Alemania

Marjana Rosa Lust Überirdisch

Marjana verano blanco | August 23rd, 2011
Marjana verano blanco
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

Lovely view (albeit WAY too short)!!!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

A fine pair!

Klaus K. Italia

Beauty A new star is born-Marjana!

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Marjana Marjana is a favorite. I love her curves!

Sparrowhawk Reino Unido

Fantastic again! So hot!!

Jorge Vicente Portugal

RE: Photo number 30 Absolutely beautiful!!!!

rv2mars Francia


Marjana momentos | August 11th, 2011
Marjana momentos
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

STUNNING!!! this may be a strang sounding comment, under the circumstances. But, Marjana's EYES are absolutely HYPNOTIZING!!!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

MARJANA TOTAL GRROWL!!! She doth bestride the world like a nude Colossus. Sexy.

Sparrowhawk Reino Unido

Marjana is divine!

bn6 Reino Unido

Wonderful... Such a relief to get through the set without my heart exploding. Incredible.

Zeppelin Alemania

Looks like my ex (she didn't have eyes like these though). This might be the reason why I don't consider Marjana special in a hegre-way. Sorry.

ChrisDany Alemania

Wow, diese Frau ist ein Traum. Diese Figur ist der absolute Hammer.

Marjana placer rosa | July 20th, 2011
Marjana placer rosa
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

absoluetly stunning!!!!

John Reino Unido

Nipples There are few things finer than an erect nipple on a large breast.

Torquatus Estados Unidos de América

Fabulous Marjana This has to be one of the hottest, most perfect sets of photos of one of the most beautiful women in the world. Congratulations and thanks.

Mark Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 95 So nice! What an awesome shot! I love Marjana's beautiful pink butthole!

paul Estados Unidos de América

Marjana Marjana totally rocked this set. Loved the shots of her totally great ass and legs. She`s the perfect combination of sexy and sweet.

B Estados Unidos de América

melt into those eyes

Sparrowhawk Reino Unido

Marjana My unaswaging lust!

Heywood Estados Unidos de América

Nipples indeed! I'd like to second the comment of John in the UK about the beauty of Marjana's erect nipples. Very exciting!

Marjana rusa caliente | July 26th, 2011
Marjana rusa caliente
Englishman Reino Unido

Marjana WOW Photo 14 so hot - the seductive look in her eyes will make any man crumble

Englishman Reino Unido

Marjana so HOT WOW Photo 14 the hottest I have seen. The look in those eyes !?!?!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

lovin' the "come hither" look!

tooterooter Nigeria

All I can say is... This chick is magnifico!

Chris Alemania

Let me put my love into you, girl.

B Estados Unidos de América

Fantastic. If she ever wants an american husband let me know.

bandots Indonesia

sexy body marjana is very sexy

four8twelve Estados Unidos de América

Pure lollipop perfection I have never seen something so lickable in all my life. Clean pick and tantalizing

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Marjana Marjana's butthole is so wonderful!

Czech fan 4 life Estados Unidos de América

RE: American husband? ROFL :) To the poster "B" keep dreaming, she'll never be a mail order bride. Funny joke though. The smile of pleasure in picture 67 was priceless.

paul Estados Unidos de América

Marjana God her ass is perfect, so round, soft and plump. Love the rest of her to. What a woman!

kamaloka Japón

i wanna lick both your sweet pussy and anus..

intoit Estados Unidos de América

Spectacular! Marjana is so authentic and downright beautiful in every way. Fast becoming my favorite model

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

MARJANA SEM ROUPA e sapatos This is the best photo series yet featuring Marjana. She is simply radiant! Hegre, MARJANA is best shown to full effect fully nude, without shoeware.


Very nice ! such a wonderful looking women .

AM Estados Unidos de América

A real star in the making I really am beginning to think she is one of the best models ever!

Marjana estrella azul | July 10th, 2011
Marjana estrella azul
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

This Russian goddess is giving Ms Argentina, Murel, a run for her money!!!WOWSERS!!!

Rainer Alemania

Marjana To me, Marjana is the best model in month on Hegre Art. I hope we will see a lot more of her in the future.

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

MARJANA Nice, but prefer to see a photo series that features MARJANA FULLY NUDE THROUGHOUT.

fred Suiza

Location I like the girl but not the location. Please, bring us some pool or beach locations in July! thanks! fred

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

She looks to be having fun - that makes it more fun for us to watch.

andy Reino Unido

Marjana wish this was a short film , but still Marjana never lets you down with her blue eyes and that look in her that just gets you going

DoubleDealer Estados Unidos de América

While I yet pine for Muriel, Marjana has become my new favorite. Beautiful blue eyes, a radiant smile, luxurious long hair, dangerous curves and an openness that tempts ordinary men to their utter disraction. In the presence of Marjana, I am an ordinary man.

B Estados Unidos de América

Are her eyes blue or a grayish blue. Whatever they are as stunning as she is.

Dante-Hicks Australia

So Curvy So Sexy

Sparrowhawk Reino Unido

Horny You can see she is horny her eyes -incredible once more! X

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: Muriel vs Marjana I must respectfully disagree with Wheeler, my good friend and fellow admirer of the nude female form: Marjana is a fine looking girl, I congratulate her on posing nude, and she certainly has a great pair, but she's no Muriel!

nycjeff Estados Unidos de América

This girl is live Marjana is totally beautiful, but you have to see her film to fully appreciate the sexuality this young woman exudes. Peter, please more of exactly the same thing. I put her right up there with Oleana, Evi for her energy and sexuality!! Bravo

JB Estados Unidos de América

Marjana What an absolutely beautful lady. Please more of her. How about a complete massage or pair her with Silvie or oanother lady. Thanks

Mark Estados Unidos de América

This set is super sexy.

Laurie Reino Unido

Sex Appeal I find the discourse about the comparisons between various girls tiresome in the extreme. I would not find Marjana appealing if she didn't possess that indefinable charismatic sensuousness, its the essence of her beauty. She is achingly irresistible...

Marjana y la tatuadora | June 30th, 2011
Marjana y la tatuadora
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

uuummm...well, Marjana's hot! as for the other girl...I never understood how one could mutilate themself like that!

Jewel Reino Unido

Hasta La Muerte Great idea but it dragged on in the same vein just a little too long (that's digital photography for you!). Of course I'd have loved to have seen 'Tattoo Lady' and I'd have loved to have seen her getting a little more 'intimate' with Marjana.

Stefan Bélgica

@wheeler I don't really understand why people think her tatoos are mutilations to her body. They are well done and have a personal expression to them. So tattoo girl: I like them :)

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: @wheeler well, I can't see it. But, I'm sure the body was beautifully done, already! And now, it's gone forever!And about self expression...Paper works just as well! It's beautiful art work. But, so was SHE at one time! And, now the work of art that was the woman is gone forever!

intoit Estados Unidos de América

Well, that sure was fun Marjana is so freaking HOT. Loved the interaction & Marjana's expressions.

Jeff D Estados Unidos de América

Tats I agree with the mutilation bit. God made women so beautiful. Why jack it up with permanent defacement? I'll take the clean canvas over tats anytime. I especially dislike the tramp stamp! Also, Marjana sure has some nice tits. She's challenging Muriel and Linda L for the best boobs on Hegre!

Buck_Rogers Alemania

Tattoo lady Who is the mysterious tattoo lady? Marjana and tattoo lady looks well done. It`s possible to have more fotos (also from behind the two models), so that I have a look at tattoo lady.

Marjana vista al mar | June 25th, 2011
Marjana vista al mar
rami Israel

WOW graeat pussy picture

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

lovely view, indeed!! (and, I ain't talkin about the beach!!!)

Stefan Bélgica

newest models I'm really happy to see the new models, and esp with the posing not focusing too much on part of the model, but showing the whole model.

Zeppelin Alemania

Nice one, thanks But when will we see more of the superb Katya, of fantastic Vika, of sensational Ira, immensely beautiful Ruslana or extraterrestrial Tasha?

Sledge Alemania

sticky fingers like the sticky fingers on the close ups

paul Estados Unidos de América

Marjana Loved these shots of Marjana out in the bright sunlight. God she looks so hot. Wanted to make sure I spelled her name right this time. Sorry about my other post

Andy Estados Unidos de América

Marjana is one sexy woman.

maximo Italia

my true dream is to fuck a woman like her

DoubleDealer Estados Unidos de América

Absolutely wonderful. Only way it could be better would be for Muriel to do the same shoot!!!!!

Laurie Reino Unido

That Indefinable Sex Appeal For a girl whose voluptuousness appeals to many I am attracted to Marjana for her sensuous femininity. Usually I am taken with girls whose small beasts have an aesthetic appeal, whose nipples have a very distinctive persuasion. But Marjana has extraordinary sex appeal and arouses the most wicked desires. Beautiful imagery from start to finish, especially where she is deliciously engorged. Achingly sexy...

Laurie Reino Unido

Images 85 - 91 Are so astonishingly exquisite, so utterly arousing. Pure porn, breathtakingly explicite and ravishingly sexy. Brilliant...

Marjana red sexy | June 19th, 2011
Marjana red sexy
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

DYING to see this Russian goddess' video debut!!!

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Now that's a pussy one would like to get his tongue around.

DoubleDealer Estados Unidos de América

Her massage coming out Tuesday is going to be awesome!

Simon Suiza

Too nervous The net is definitely not my taste. I do not get used to, even after a few set.Despite that she's lovely.

tdonna4 Estados Unidos de América

Lose the netting and this series gets rated much higher -- Still beautiful just much more so without the netting!

Andy Estados Unidos de América

I love Marjana. She is so awesome. Great breasts, nice flat stomach and those blue eyes......

Marjana masaje erótico | June 13th, 2011
Marjana masaje erótico
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

PLEASE tell me there's gonna be a video of this!!!

Rocky Estados Unidos de América

Who is the Masseuse Dying to see the full face of the masseuse..

Man Estados Unidos de América

Best Ever Pedro...exceptional work. I sense Marjana was reaching out to touch the masseuse....her hand crept toward the masseuse's hips. Very sensual.

Sparrowhawk Reino Unido

Awesome It just gets better and better - what more delights await? I like Wheeler would love to see the video of this.

Jewel Reino Unido

Tomorrow You don't have to wait long Wheeler - it's tomorrow's video...! As ever, the masseuse is proper gorgeous too.

Roger Estados Unidos de América


A Estados Unidos de América

Marjana I love Marjana. Please give us more of her. Maybe a Marjana week? She is gorgeous.

paul Estados Unidos de América

Majana To put it simply, I wan`t to bury my face between her ass cheeks.

Masseuse fan Bélgica

Marjana @ Jewel : please, no false promises. I do not know how you could tell about a video coming today, but now, I am terribly disappointed... @ Rocky : I nearly agree with you, but I want to see the whole masseuse. Naked, please.

Jewel Reino Unido

RE: Marjana Oops, sorry! It'll be on the site on the 21st!

Sparrowhawk Reino Unido

Marjana There is a God! The tension builds and builds.

Sparrowhawk Reino Unido

RE: Photo number 119 119 Marjana looking spent - Oh how wish!

Sparrowhawk Reino Unido

RE: Photo number 28 Oh to taste her goo!

kerryanne Australia

she is very beautfull still young and self lubercates which is very visual and make one want to be there

Bob Alemania

two things are missing: anal fingering and the masseuse have to be naked, too.

smooth España

I love it how Petter points the focus point right at the maseusse's breasts from time to time.

Marjana doble rosa | June 8th, 2011
Marjana doble rosa
KOMET Estados Unidos de América

LET MARJANA BE NUDE After a while, these unending series of teasing photos become tedious. Would luv to see (in the offing) a photo series featuring MARJANA FULLY NUDE with her body covered with glistening oil or mud.

Stever Reino Unido

she's got it Yeah, very nice model. Sexy body, smiley face, lovely pussy - and not afraid to get it out. Can't wait for her videos! 10/10.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

perfection personified!!!

tooterooter Estados Unidos de América

As much... As I love her titis, ass and pussy, I still love those eyes. Need more of the other "pink" too.

tdonna4 Estados Unidos de América

Nude -- YES Oil or Mud -- NO!!!!! (Why de-face a beautiful body like that???)

B Estados Unidos de América

her eyes are unique and fantastic. would love to have her flap her pussy on my lips as I motor boat her

Jeff Alemania

Wow, those blue eyes...Does she wear lenses or are they real?

albertus Italia

as I wrote in a previous comment: she the new star of this site!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE:Jeff well, that's better than asking if her tits are real, I guess!lol

Sparrowhawk Reino Unido

Marjana - progression A truly fantastic set to add to the previous two. I love the way Marjana has relaxed more in each successive set. Eager to view the next and the first film? Outstanding work by all concerned.

andy Reino Unido

Marjana she is amazing with her eyes that can lure any hungry man. best thing yjay i have seen so far . just want to see her next film

bdawg Estados Unidos de América

Marjana she has the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen Marjana is my favorite hands down

Heywoon Estados Unidos de América

Marjana's incredible body A gorgeous young woman with perfect tits. What a treat it would be to take Marjana to bed!

Sledge Alemania

awesome pussy can we please see her with some cream filling (i volunteer to put it in there ...)

Marjana playa nudista | June 3rd, 2011
Marjana playa nudista
handyman México

bigger not always better An aesthetic breast does not have a low nipple, big tits have that problem, most of them are "fallen" breasts, but Marjana is a cute girl anyway

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

lovin this lady more and more! (just wish there was a nude butt shot)

muffdiver Estados Unidos de América

MARJANA What a beautiful woman those nice plump breasts and those piercing blue eyes

Bluegray65 Estados Unidos de América

Thank you for showing a woman with curves and not seeming to need a meal. She is lovely and very sensual.

Old Blue Eyes Estados Unidos de América

I second muffdiver's comment. Great set of eyes and breasts.

tooterooter Estados Unidos de América

Those... Knockers make me want to regress to pooping in my diaper.

jj Australia

not your normal standard

NudeFan Alemania

Marjana nude beach Strange: only 5 real nudist pictures for a set titled 'Marjana nude beach'

Kevin from Hertfordshire England Reino Unido

OMG she has got everything. Blue eyes, nice tits and a shaved pussy. Let's see more of Marjana!

albertus Italia

new star here we've the new star! she's incredible! those boobs are incredibles......

baladirou Francia

ma prefereé vraiment la serie de photo que je prefere elle est belle

Marjana desde Rusia | May 14th, 2011
Marjana desde Rusia
tooterooter Nigeria

Those.. Haunting baby-doll eyes are beautiful. Her full body, tits and ass aren't bad either.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

welcome aboard!!! Lovely debut from a lovely lady! Can't wait to see more!!!

stever Reino Unido

what a find.. Wow! yet another girl with 'different' looks not to mention a gorgeous body. I'm hoping for some nice explicit stuff - including seeing those big boobs bouncing around! - in video format. Hmm now that would be nice..

Bruno Estados Unidos de América

Marijuana Incredible... Gorgeous, Beautiful... Marijuana (I mean Marjana) is almost as good as the Rock Band, ACCEPT!!!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

MARJANA EMERGES Marjana is the kind of woman who awakens the primal urges in any man. Curvaceous and seductive, a lionness at heart.

handyman México

nice eyes Marjana is not in my top ten indeed, but she has nice blue eyes

Nav Estados Unidos de América

Marjana is a beautiful soft natural bomshell.

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Marjana Now Marjana is the kind of beauty I like to see featured on Hegre! A great introductory completely nude study of her as she should be presented! Great girl, hope to see much more of her! Please do a complete nude set of her only wearing a pair of kick ass black pointy-toed stiletto pumps!

Dante-Hicks Australia

Marjana Thank god for curves.

tooterooter Nigeria

Very few... Galleries I make a return visit. This is one of them.

Pete Reino Unido

RE: Marjana Give me Valerie or Thea any day

dbflyer Reino Unido

Marjana As someone has already said, thank goodness for curves, and a lovely face and beautiful eyes

bandots Indonesia

very horny marjana is absolutely horny

Dremar Estados Unidos de América

Marjana If there is more of this Woman I would love to see it! I love different. She is different than most on the site. Sexy creature that she is.

Heywood Estados Unidos de América

Marjana arouses me! A beautiful girl with an awesome body -- and this photoset in particular makes me so hot!

AM Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 12 What a shot! I'm absolutely speechless!

Marjana Películas COMENTARIOS

Marjana se masturba | December 27th, 2011
Marjana se masturba
Smarty Estados Unidos de América

Long & Soft... i wish i could help fan the flames...i have long and soft fingers from my mom :)

Mike Estados Unidos de América


Marshall Estados Unidos de América

Applause Marjana you get a big round of applause from me. I could watch you touch yourself like this all day.

Vinny Reino Unido

Tips It’s great watching film clips of women masturbating because I pick up all sorts of little tips about what they are really wanting when they get excited. Like in this one when Marjana gives her pussy and her clit some light slaps. Thanks Marjana. I can use that one.

Tito Estados Unidos de América

Why so sad? Why so sad looking at the end. She has had a good time hasn’t she?

Silvia Alemania

Re: Why so sad Don’t you know the saying “All creatures are sad after sex”? It’s true. I think it must be the come-down after the excitement and a sort of reaction that you cannot help or maybe it’s regret that it’s all over.

Preston Bahamas

Sounds The sound track is great. Not talking about the music. It’s Marjana’s wet slippery pussy at 5:00 onwards. Let’s have more of that in other movies too.

Laurie Reino Unido

Fot the brief time in which we live and feel desire, nothing else matters but decadent pleasures... Astonishingly beautiful, really. Marjana's voluptuous sensuousness was deliciously arousing, but I do love to see the girls moistness which the oil would conceal. The denouement was utterly natural, not sadness, but a tinge of regret or rejection. It's often a quite brief reaction which ought to be treated sensitively by the partner. I shall return often to this little gem...

70sGuy Nigeria

She is still.. my number 1 lady.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: Why so sad? wouldn't call it "sad".I'd call it "out of breath"!

Jonnie Estados Unidos de América

Great Love this film so much! Marjana is sooooo much in love here! Love how she takes her time carressing her own body before getting in to it. Love the ending as it shows she enjoyed every minuet of it.

lovenuru Australia

joy of masturbation absolutely loved watching Marjana ... listening to the sounds of her wetness and watching her bring herself to climax ... it certainly got me stroking ... thankyou Marjana!

Brent Estados Unidos de América

Wow I really could just watch you every night - i love your orgasims

Estados Unidos de América

I've been told that most guys masturbate to porn. I rarely do. I mainly just enjoy looking at it.

Fleagle45 Reino Unido

wow wow

Flash Estados Unidos de América

Marjana You have created the most erotic video I can imagine! I seem to always be coming.. back to it, Thank you

Marjana Fantasía | June 28th, 2011
Marjana Fantasía
Diego Estados Unidos de América

Shared fantasy I wonder what she was thinking about? I’m sure we would have lots to talk about, her and me.

Mathew Reino Unido

Twin peaks Great to see a girl with such full firm breasts. She seems pleased with them too.

Vernon Estados Unidos de América

Twists and turns I loved the way she kept turning. It’s like she was so overcome that she couldn’t make up her mind what to do next.

PeterPaul Reino Unido

Curtain raiser This is a great intro for Maryana. I’m really looking to her next one. Maybe she can act out what she is thinking about in this one?

Jason Holanda

Star quality This girl has got just fantastic breasts. They deserve a movie to themselves.

B Estados Unidos de América

Would love to spend a winter in Siberia with her.

andy Reino Unido

Marjana She is what i would say a goddess who is full of delight and the smoothness that she has can make any man to just want to spend time with her

Vector1 Estados Unidos de América

So nice to see a beautiful young woman who doesn't have hardware hanging from her navel, and no tattoos I noticed. Don't mutilate your body Marjana, don't join the crowd.

Tonyblond Holanda

Marjana Wat ben jij een heerlijke vrouw!!!!!!!!!!!!

peter Reino Unido

When I go to heaven, I hope Marjana is waiting. What an angelic body.

Laurie Reino Unido

Raison d'etre My viewing of the voluptuously sensuous Marjana was spoilt by the erratic film-making. She is so naturally erotic, the camera should adopt a submissive role and go with the flow. Her sex appeal is the essence of her femininity, her deliciously creative love-making the raison d'etre

brent Estados Unidos de América

the Best Marjana, you are the best. I would watch all of your films

Brent Estados Unidos de América

RE: the Best I cum each time I watch this video!

Pixie Reino Unido

Few things in life are as enjoyable as watching a lovely young naked girl pleasure herself to orgasm! And Marjana has a very nice pussy.

Jorgen Dinamarca

Marjana I agree, Marjana is one of the best girls in Hegre-Art. Very beautiful, sweet, smiling, unshy, very sexy. Wish you could make more videos with Marjana. Would be nice to see her outdoor.

Marjana Masaje COMENTARIOS

Masaje Multiorgásmico | June 21st, 2011
Masaje Multiorgásmico
Bradley Estados Unidos de América

Gimme more That’s what I envy about women. They can come and come again. She just proved it.

Ernesto Italia

Credit where credit is due This masseuse knows her job inside out. What a genius she is.

Lou Estados Unidos de América

Background noises Loved the sound effects. They just put the finishing touch to it.

Theo Canada

All in the detail It’s great to see everything in such closeup. Let’s have more. I’m sure she said that too.

Terry Reino Unido

Encore It was like watching a musical instrument being played by a top class performer. She deserves a round of applause.

Tommytmk Estados Unidos de América

Multi Orgasmic Massage Suggestion The work you produce is amazing; the women are gorgeous and the clips are very erotic. I enjoy them, they are mesmorizing. Do you think you could do the massages with the masseuse being in the nude as well...that would be fabulous and even more erotic. Thank You

eagle2315 Canada

Multi Orgasmic Massage This is by far the best sensual massage on the entire site. It is the first one where the model lets herself go and just enjoys the experience. A lot of them just lie there like pylons. Who is the beautiful model? How many orgasms did she have? . . . I counted 11 for the model and I would guess at least 4/5 for the masseuse. So many people have suggested that the masseuse do away with her outfit and work in the nude also. That would really add to the massage.

Jered Alemania

RE: Multi Orgasmic Massage The model is Marjana, and there is a gallery of her massage session, posted on Hegre-Art a few days ago.

clqrvy Estados Unidos de América

4 Handed Massage I wonder when we will see a four-handed massage? My understanding is that it's a common tantric practice. It would have been wonderful to see one masseuse working Marjana down below while another fondled her lovely breasts.

littletommy Estados Unidos de América

RE: Multi Orgasmic Massage amazing once again... yes ask your masseuse if she would consider wearing just panties and a bra!!! that would be fucking hot.

yves Canada

just PERFECT! Absolutely the best yet.... Would have like the masseuse naked and perhaps some anal play... but a 9/10 overall!

Rebecca Reino Unido

Great Once again, I wish I could receive such a massage.

jordhulen Dinamarca

Great Very genuine performance by the model, I really think she liked it. She was so wet, recieved three fingers with joy. And very teasing - my absolute favourite masseuse's nipples were showing through the t-shirt because they popped up off the bra. I'm will dream about that tonight...

Jewel Reino Unido

Exquisite Both Marjana and the stunning masseuse genuinely looked like they were having so much fun. Her arse clearly was crying out for a little finger too. Like so many others, it would have been super cool to see them both naked - or are we just too greedy?

Dan da man Estados Unidos de América

Academy award winner!! This is by far the best massage video so far here on Hegre-art.com. If they gave out Oscar's for massage video's, this would get it hands down. Also wish we see more models like her...I find some of the models on here a little too skinny. She is perfect. Maybe in the future we can see women that are BBW...big beautiful women getting massages!

Stever Reino Unido

just great This is what we pay our dosh for. Great model, great action, great video quality and direction. What we are lacking in the massage videos is another (to add to the one) male ejaculation. Great to see a female masseuse bringing a guy to ejaculation.

eagle2315 Canada

Rebecca I could help you out with this problem!

normanaties Estados Unidos de América

Marjana I think Marjana is hands down one of the most beautiful women you have on your site. I would pay even if she was the only model on here. She has the perfect body and the best pair of blue eyes i have ever seen. I would love to see more videos where the girls talk cause accents are so hot. I love me some Marjana.

Fuzznuts Estados Unidos de América

RE: Marjana Sure Marjana is great but I think the massuess is super hot! Wouldn't we all like to see her spread eagle too?

Mike28a Estados Unidos de América

The whole hand I was hoping to hear her say "more" and react to the thumb being tucked in and inserted. She can clearly do it and may well enjoy it as a regular activity. It wouldnt be breaking new ground here, but it would be very welcome

Player Australia

RE: RE: Marjana That was great, I know this is a classy site but the only thing that would have made it better was a finger or two in her arse so both holes were being worked and for the massuse to be showing us her hot naked body.

Patrick Estados Unidos de América

constructive criticism Loved the massage. The only thing i would like to see more of is more massage videos with anal fingering. Also, the woman doing the massage needs to be naked also.

Photog1978 Estados Unidos de América

Massage oil Incredible massage! Can anyone tell me what kind of oil she uses where it is safe for external and "internal" use. Id like to give my wife this treatment :)

blackipee Alemania

thats a wonderful girl , i love here and her climax. for me thats one of the best. I wish the masseuse will be also naked and in focus. She is also gourgeus. hope to see this soon.

Massagefan Noruega

MultiFantastic This is the most fantastic film so far !! I want more of this, more concrete: I actually only this type if films !! And what a fantastic girl with a fantastic body and breast... And again, back to the fantastic lady that do the handwork: Since we never see the face of the girl, then she could be naked ?

Fishman Estados Unidos de América

I want to see the masseuse's tits, she looks friggin hot. This whole thing would have been better with a nude masseuse!

just sayin Estados Unidos de América

Have you thought of filming a 4 or 6 hand massage?

Jean-Claude Canada

Massage Très bon film, il serait intéressant que la masseuse soit nue également et peux être donner un message à 4 mains! Existe t-il dans votre équipe des femmes fontaines? Si oui, il srait intéressant d,en voir. Au plaisir

sirdurv Estados Unidos de América

Improvement Though this is a very good video, I also feel more anal play and anal inssertion is essential. These models are in a possition where the added exitement of not knowing that it is coming would add not onlt to the quality of the session but the surprise would add value to the authenticity. Please keep in mind that these viewings are for the viewer and not the squeamish models. Go for it!

peterswiftt Estados Unidos de América

improved performance Though this is a great video, what's lacking is "anal entry". This would not only be an added turn on for the viewers, it would be added pleasure for the models. The more squeamish models would be in no possition to object if they did not expect it and the spontaneity of this surprise motion would also add a flare of authenticity.

bandots Indonesia

petter make more video with Marjana i hope u petter make a lot video with the sexy and beautiful eyes marjana , before it's too late marjana is freaking awesome girl Thanks Bandots

sick doc Reino Unido

Masseur Why can't the masseur be naked too? I'm sure that she must get turned on doing such an erotic massage - it would be nice to see her play with herself too at the end. And please - can we see a bit more clit - especially throbbing when she comes

Jake Guam

WOW!!!!! Definitely the best to date. Every orgasm is real. The masseuse uses her fingers expertly, almosts fists her at some point. Filming her face as she reacts to each orgams is well done. Marjana I LUV you!!! It's time to see LUBA recieve a massage. What do you think LUBA?

lovejill222 Estados Unidos de América

well done really sexually exciting. beautiful girl, wish she could have been more vocal in her orgasm's. would have proved she was really having one

pnklps Estados Unidos de América

Sensual Massage Me Please So wish I were the lucky recipient of that erotic massage. I'm dripping wet after watching. Ive never been with a woman but am highly aroused at the thought of flicking my tongue on that throbbing clit.

gredolt4 Reino Unido

orgasmic massage I too would love to see the person who gives the massage.. topless. It would be a lot more interesting.

Durvman Estados Unidos de América

The Missing Component I have watched this one over and over. I can not help but think it is almost the perfect massage film ever, only something was nagging me, something missing. Then I did what I seldom do. I read the lower comments and it hit me like a ton of bricks! Anal! . . . It is missing ANAL!!! One simple little slip of the hand and you would have aced it. Peter and Sirdurv hit it right on the money. Please consider not leaving this on the table next film. Fingers are there and well oiled, the anus is there ready for pleasure. Just do it.

Wink Suiza

Name of Model This is the perfect massage. It is the schoolbook example of how it should be done. The girl is fantastic. I would love to know her name.

lupojunor Suiza

Hegre-Art-Videos Hy. My English is not so god and I will now wright in German. Die Hegre-Art-Videos, wie auch alle übrigen Veröffentlichungen, sind von absolut perfekter Qualität, bieten sehr viel Erotik und speziell im Bereich 'Massage' Lehr- und Anschaungsunterricht. Ich gratuliere den Machern und freue mich auf weitere Filme, Fotos, usw. Lupojunior

Francisco México

The way it should be. Gorgeous girl, excellent masseuse work. Excellent video, exactly the way they should be: illuminated like an operating room.

b100dr00t Estados Unidos de América

Wonderful! Ausgezeichnet! I love the larger, fuller breasts on this model. I especially love the way they jiggle with each thrust of the masseuse's fingers into her vulva.

Django Italia

Just perfect wow!!!!

oldbull Estados Unidos de América

RE: oil what kind of massage oil do they use?

roger1940 Israel

the massagist My eyes were concentrate on her tits [ the massagist ] I hope to see her once to preform nude as many massagists

freestyle550 Reino Unido

wow now that's how you do a massage,pure erotic class.