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Foto de Monroe


Foto de Monroe
Nombre: Monroe
País: Ucrania
Peso: 56kg
Altura: 183cm
Edad: 18
Ocupación: Modelo

Ambición al desnudo

Conquistó su país natal cuando recibó el título de Miss Rubia Ucrania. Esto pronto la convirtió en una celebridad en Paris y Nueva York.

Monroe se considera la sucesora natural de uno de los iconos del siglo XX. Para eso tienes que estar muy segura de ti misma y responder a las expectativas pero ella no tiene problema para hacerlo. Cuando esta belleza de 1.83 mts se calza con tacones de 20 cms domina todo lo que la rodea, y lo disfruta. Como Marilyn, cree que los diamantes son los mejores amigos de una chica.

Lo que dice Marilyn se aplica también a Monroe: "Debajo del maquillaje y la sonrisa, soy tan solo una chica que desea el mundo". Dinero y champaña son el estilo de vida que desea. La ruta hacia ello le fue mostrada también por Marilyn: "El sexo es parte de la naturaleza y yo voy con ella".

Monroe Galerías COMENTARIOS

Monroe mar negro | November 12th, 2011
Monroe mar negro
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

more and more stunning, every time I see her!

Pete Reino Unido

Perfect Butt Awards Here is a classic entry http://www.hegre-art.com/galleries/show/1772?back=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.hegre-art.com%2Fmodels%23action%3Dshow%26id%3D90#image=40

Pete Reino Unido

Perfect Butt Awards Another classic http://www.hegre-art.com/galleries/show/1554?back=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.hegre-art.com%2Fmodels%23all-countries%3D1%26all-hairs%3D1%26all-tits%3D1%26tags%255B%255D%3D21%26commit%3DSearch%26action%3Dshow%26id%3D151#image=48

jee Noruega

Incredibly sexy girl with a wonderful body and face. Just too bad it's sooo difficult to get a girlfriend... mission: impossible anyone?

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful, just beautiful! Another appropriately fully nude set! Great work Monroe!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: Perfect Butt Awards Pete, thanks for the Perfect Butt entries. I will check them out and give you my opinion. We should all be commenting regularly on these beautiful girls' butts. The least we can do to express our appreciation for their showing their bare butts to us! Love Monroe's butt. Shots 14-17 are extraordinary with 15 and 17 the best. Here is my entry for Perfect Butt: http://www.hegre-art.com/galleries/show/820?back=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.hegre-art.com%2Fmodels%23countries%255B%255D%3D7%26all-hairs%3D1%26all-tits%3D1%26all-tags%3D1%26commit%3DSearch%26action%3Dshow%26id%3D91#image=34 Happy to contribute my entry for Top Butt Awards: my favorite model Mona in my favorite photo of her. Also feel free to comment on my comment on the "Mona in Bed" series from which this photo comes.

BluecatIII Estados Unidos de América


Patrick Canada

Europe... I do still want to visit those wonderful areas you photograph, and images like these just make me want to go across the pond more!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: Perfect Butt Awards Pete: Thanks for the butt tips! Yanna's butt is indeed extraordinary. Love the way image 40 is all butt.

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Monroe Perfect in her heels butt naked! What a great ass!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: Monroe Butt naked indeed! Shots 14-17 are fantastic with 15 my favorite. Monroe really has an ass! Mark you are a fellow appreciator of the female nude, and I have always enjoyed your intelligent well thought-out comments. I would love to hear your reflections on my comment on my favorite model Mona "Mona in Bed" shot #34.

Joe Holanda

Monroe into interracial Monroe is one of the best looking models on this site. I would pay double membership fee to see her do some interracial sets with Mike or some other real dark black men. Wow...

Dan Estados Unidos de América

Angelic Monroe is one of the most beautiful models i've seen on the site. Her amazing body and beautiful face are simply magnetic. It would be great to see her in more of Peter's work.

Monroe top model | October 31st, 2011
Monroe top model
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

top model, indeed!

70sGuy Estados Unidos de América

Good balance... Of tits, snatch and ass...

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Hegre-Art Herald Headline: Top Model Shows Cunt and Anus! Top Model Monroe shows all in another stunning fully nude not-a-stich-on series! Unlike some too proud top models, Monroe is by shot #6 already spreading her legs widely to show all of her glorious full cunt lips! Butt lovers, itching for her to turn over and show those buns, are also richly rewarded with straight-on looks of her butt, ass-crack and anus! (With lovely cunt lips peeking in from below!) Just when you thought it couldn't get any better than shot 42, shot #46 knocks your socks off! Thank you Monroe!

kevinfromradlett Reino Unido

I can't look I've beaten Wheeler to it!!

B Estados Unidos de América


kamaloka Japón

RE: Photo number 27 oh..... my godness perfect!

Jamesrjs Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 46 What a delectable, perfect pussy this girl has!

Monroe miss rubia | October 18th, 2011
Monroe miss rubia
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

lucky neighbors!

TuttiBoston Estados Unidos de América

Monroe, you are simply gorgeous. Your eyes penetrate the camera. And your sexy elegant body is so exciting/arousing to witness. As as result I feel my yearning and wanting. Thanks for being so open and sharing yourself in this intimate with us. I look forward to seeing more of you, your eyes and incredible presence.

wildhorses Estados Unidos de América

She is gorgeous.

Jamesrjs Estados Unidos de América

Sexual . . . Cannot overemphasize the sexual beauty of her pussy and thighs.

Monroe 1 2 3 4 | September 28th, 2011
Monroe 1 2 3 4
Graham Reino Unido

Woohoo i am the first to leave a comment! :)

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

yet another one that MUST be a video!!!

lol graham Estados Unidos de América

a bit too much time on your hands???

waitrose51 Reino Unido

monroe 0 0 0 1 Would have been far better!

Alex Wilhelm Estados Unidos de América

5 Oh for one more... you know where

B Estados Unidos de América


intoit Estados Unidos de América

Mesmorizing Just wonderful.

jee Noruega

Graham from the UK: First to comment, last to get laid!

Danden Canada

God made her perfect For you all who had never been with a girl like this... I would say... you dont know... the perfect genre!

Laurie Reino Unido

Dear Mr Hegre I swear that your decision to photograph this deliciously sexual act was flawed. I find the images erotic but repetitive, moving pictures would have captured all the nuanced finesse of her self pleasuring, provoking a profoundly deeper arousal for the voyeur...

JJ Reino Unido

Hmmm Has anyone seen my watch

Monroe supercaliente | September 17th, 2011
Monroe supercaliente
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

Personally... I can do without the cancer stick. But, Monroe is lovely, as always!

Nice girl... Alemania

Monroe is smoking... what about inserting the cigarette in the pussy for a short moment?

Steve Estados Unidos de América

The smoking is disgusting.

J. L. Canada

Monroe Smoking Hot Cigarettes are never sexy.

Canchahel Francia

Bad sort.

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

Monroe In a word: DULL.

stever Reino Unido

opportunity missed There's some nice bent over poses there, but no way were they exploited enough in terms of closer shots or getting her to really stick that ass up into the air. It could have been as ass (and pussy) lovers delight.

kamaloka Japón

RE: Photo number 58 mr hegre for every girl you have dont forget to expose their lovely and sweet ass like monroe did !! i am asshole lover !

Brandon Estados Unidos de América

Monroe is super HOT but i agree with the other comment the cancer stick totally kills it.

Danden Canada

So sexy! That is my kind of girl. Tall, blonde and dangerous! I love ya Monroe!

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Can't think of a better turn off than a cigarette.

Danden Canada

RE: opportunity missed If you want a nice close up, download photo number 58 in XXXXXL format and zoom in!

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Monroe is tall and beautiful. Love her nude in the heels. Lose the cigarette, not a fan of seeing a model smoking, just concentrate on their beauty.

michael Estados Unidos de América

loose the shoes

hole in one Singapur

monroe don't associate smoking with pure beauty.

Monroe vestido | September 5th, 2011
Monroe vestido
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

indicative of Marilyn herself! lovely!

stever Reino Unido

yum There's just something about this set, and the model, that makes it 'work' for me. So sexy, yet barely a hint of a pussy, and so naughty by means of the time honoured means of removing a sexy dress. I just hope there's a follow up set where she is bending over that settee or talking a close look at one of her toe nails! Nice one.

Mark Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 47 Absolutely tremendous! This is such a great nude of Monroe. Standing there in all her beautiful statuesque glory after the dress hits the floor. She is one of my new favorites. I would love to see a set of Monroe standing there totally nude wearing only a pair of killer black pointy-toed stiletto pumps.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Great Butt shots #35 and #36! I never fully realized what a butt Monroe has!

Monroe balcón odessa | August 26th, 2011
Monroe balcón odessa
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

lucky neighbors!!!

kamaloka Japón

oh my god.... what else should tell for this gorgeous view....

kamaloka Japón

RE: Photo number 33 oishii nee (delicious...)

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

LOSE THE SHOES, MONROE! This photo series would have been so much better without the shoes (!!!)

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: LOSE THE SHOES, MONROE! To each their own, I guess!looks HOT to me!

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Monroe I love Monroe nude in the heels. It is great because she is tall and has great length. She looks beautiful and statuesque. Next time do a shoot of her butt naked in a pair of kick-ass black pointy-toed stiletto pumps!

halopalm Taiwan, Provincia de China

Worthwhile Best set of August 2011. Monroe has unforgettable stunning body which is worthy to be shot more & more. Of course, I’m glad to pay more member fee for this Miss blonde Ukraine.

Sam C Estados Unidos de América

To foul things up royally... To err is human, says the ancient wisdom, but to foul things up royally requires a computer. Well, Petter certainly fouled things up royally in images 41 and forward in this otherwise exciting gallery. Why did he have to put the tree limb exactly to obstruct the best part of the pictures???

Monroe sensacional | August 18th, 2011
Monroe sensacional
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

sensational indeed! do we get to see the girl in the background on pic #26?lol

kamaloka Japón

maybe i need to take some medication to reduce my heartbeat after seeing this wonderful art !!!

paul Estados Unidos de América

Monroe A set that all of us "butt worshippers", me included, truely love. Thank you

Pete Reino Unido

26 Who is the girl in 26?

kamaloka Japón

RE: Photo number 25 delicious...

kaska Holanda

amazing model! more of those pov shots! they are perfect

nycjeff Estados Unidos de América

flashback This girl reminds me of Evi, who I miss seeing too too much. So lets get the tan going and get some real close ups of this girl and a couple of videos couldn't hurt either

pru.studio Polonia

Very inspirating session :)

hole in one Singapur

monroe can we have some closeups of her butt hole?

halopalm Taiwan, Provincia de China

Worthwhile Best set of August 2011. Monroe has unforgettable stunning body which is worthy to be shot more & more. Of course, I’m glad to pay more member fee for this Miss blonde Ukraine.

Joe Holanda

Monroe with A black man would be fantastic to see.. how lovley contrast!

Monroe musa | August 10th, 2011
Monroe musa
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

sexier every time I see her!

B&B Luxemburgo

I'm drinking the morning coffee and watching her nice pussy. What else can you wish ?

alex Reino Unido

monroe magnificent

kamaloka Japón

i like her very much... wonderful shot

Pete Reino Unido

Waking up I'd really like to wake up to Monroe next to me

Raziel Estados Unidos de América

Girls like this are what make this website so good. Hotter than hell and showing it all. She is amazing. Great photography too of course!

jb1295 Estados Unidos de América

sister Are you sure Monrow isn't Evi's younger sister?? Super sexy!

Jamesrjs Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful Pussy Beautiful young lady, exquisite pussy, generous pussy views.

Monroe rubia en la cama | July 30th, 2011
Monroe rubia en la cama
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

in bed with monroe...nice thought!!!

tooterooter Nigeria

She has... Great "ass-ets"!

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Another great find. Thank you Monroe for sharing your wetness with the rest of the world.

Jim Estados Unidos de América

Monroe Marilyn would be proud!

eagle2315 Canada

monroe My comment was posted earlier, it wasn't blank. I said; Monroe has an ugly mouth, and very poor eyes. There is no comparison in total beauty with Erica F from the previous year.

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Sweet! Monroe is a little dynamo. I hope there's a part 2 to this... and she seems ready for a video!

yoko Estados Unidos de América

her pussy is beautiful. yummy

machado Bélgica

beautiful skin and body and awesome butt Monroe is one of thje best on the top list in hegree Peter good choice and Good work!!!!!

Monroe luz de ventana | July 23rd, 2011
Monroe luz de ventana
mads Italia

RE: Photo number 31 you are really beautiful

Logima Holanda

RE: Photo number 1 This photo is so natural comes right from mothers nature. Philip

Bruno Estados Unidos de América

Monroe Tall and Stunning!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

beautiful!! Here's hoping lovely Ms Monroe has a nic

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

BEAUTIFUL!!! Here's hopin lovely Ms Monroe has a nice LONG stay at hegre-art!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Sculptured Nude A fine sculptured nude as if made of soft white marble. A wonderful series expressing the art of the female nude. Love the total nudity. Very appropriate. Love photos 19 and 20. Hegre you have found another beautiful girl: exquisite ice-beauty face, lovely slender curves and a most fine round butt. Well done!

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Monroe A outstanding introduction to beautiful Monroe. A complete nude study is the perfect and best way to introduce a new model. Monroe has a long, sculpted and defined body that is beautiful to study nude. Love the first photo with the confident and kick ass pose with her hands confidently on her hips proudly showing herself off nude. Excellent set. Look forward to seeing more of Monroe. Would love to see her completely nude in a pair of killer black pointy toed stiletto pumps!

Femjoy Fan Estados Unidos de América

Monroe Part 2 With Monroe being six feet tall, Hegre has to do a set of her totally nude wearing only a killer pair of pumps! You talk about nude art at its finest!

B Estados Unidos de América

Nice warm smile when it breaks through the eastern European persona

Jamesrjs Estados Unidos de América

Those legs . . . When her long, sexy legs open wide, revealing such a perfect, beautiful pussy between them . . . oh my!

Monroe dieciocho | July 19th, 2011
Monroe dieciocho
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

another lovely addition! hope we get a better view of her rear end next time! :)

Pete Reino Unido

Nymph When I saw the initial picture of Monroe I thought we had found another nymph in the Yanna, Antonina, Thea, Marlene or Olga style but not so. Monroe is very attractive but her height definately precludes her as a nymph. Come on Petter I know you can do it, find another superstar in the nymph category.

JBo Australia

I'm speechless...... She is so beautiful.....

Jim Estados Unidos de América

Monroe Yum.

Jewel Reino Unido

We like! A most welcome addition to the fold. We like a lot.

B Estados Unidos de América

Captivating eyes. Gorgeous pussy.

Ogre Estados Unidos de América

A new beauty Next time please show this 6' tall beauty standing up so we can appreciate the whole package!

GuidoJ Estados Unidos de América

1st timer... what a great set for the rookie ...would like to see a lot more, the long legs and beautiful pussy are mezmerizing!! and I must agree w/ Wheeler - more butt shots would be greatly appreciated.

Dave Suiza

Absolute Perfection

Monroe Películas COMENTARIOS

Monroe Luz de Ventana | September 20th, 2011
Monroe Luz de Ventana
Tessa Reino Unido

I’m attracted I didn’t ever think that I would find myself saying this but I was fascinated watching Monroe. If I am honest yes I do think she is attractive and I wonder what it would be like to get physical with her. So there, I have said it and if that makes me a bit kinky maybe that is the truth of it. This is something I am going to have to think hard about.

Willis Estados Unidos de América

When you see those shots of Monroe on the window ledge yes they do remind me of my cat. She has the same slinky way of moving. Sensuous and sort of lazy looking at the same time. It’s great to have that kind of animal appeal that she has got.

Zarni Estados Unidos de América

I can't wait to see Monroe get her massage :D

Daisuke Japón

Send me a letter Hello Monroe. I want to tell you that you are wonderful. I would like it very much when you send me a letter some time. Soon as I saw you I know that you are the girl I want to be with.

Declan Irlanda

Monroe is lovely there’s no doubting it. One thing though which is just my opinion. She spends a lot of time looking straight into the camera. What I like best is when it seems like we are getting views of the girl when she does not know she can be seen. I like to watch them when they think they cannot be seen what they are doing. Can we have more like that please?

Marlon Estados Unidos de América

Background music Don’t know why but for some reason I got to thinking that the best background music for this would have been a solo sax. That always makes me think of longing for someone. Just what is the best kind of music to go with films like this?

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: Background music I'm too distracted by the visuals to notice the music anyway!

FresnoMikey Estados Unidos de América

Labia Her labia needed massage by first her, then an aggressive, yet tender, masseuse who is hot and nude too. Rub that bare pussy!

Danden Canada

Kinky! Damn right! Un chef d'oeuvre! Bravo!!!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

uuummm...valery??? ok...this is nice. but, what happenned to valery???

oemor Estados Unidos de América

RE: uuummm...valery??? why would GOD make such a gal so so sweet. just wantto have tea with her.

fred Reino Unido

monroe I do not like back lighting.You cannot see the model. Why camera men keep using it I will never understand. So why pay a model a lot of money when you cannot see her.

Peter Suiza

Just beautiful She is just beautiful

hakeem Tailandia

more films Monroe!, pls have more films!

Thirsty Estados Unidos de América

Monroe The backlight brings up the biggest subject ever. I much prefer it when I sense a woman is expressing herself. When art takes priority above the person, then it fails. I'm not seeing Monroe speak for herself through her movement. This is all directed and contrived. Of course its beautiful, but it doesn't inspire me. Monroe is a full person, and I want to see that.

fastoso Italia



Masaje Thai terapeútico | November 6th, 2012
Masaje Thai terapeútico
Wolfgang Alemania

Turned on Great ending. I enjoy the way that she has been turned on by her massage.

Verne Estados Unidos de América

In the room I love the way you smile at the camera Monroe. You have a way of making me feel I am in the room with you.

Tim Reino Unido

Re: In the room ’m with Verne on this one. I like it when the model looks at the camera because it is just like she is looking at me so I feel involved.

Terry Reino Unido

Re: Re: In the room I do not think you can generalise. It depends on what turns you on. Personally I do not like it when the model smiles at the camera etc. because it makes it seem artificial somehow. I like to think that I am looking on unobserved. I guess that make me a Peeping Tom. That’s fine with me.

Marianne Holanda

Reason? Is there a reason why the masseuse is blurred? I like to see the woman giving the massage as well the one receiving it.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: Reason? most likely because she doesnt want to be seen

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

love how monroe beckoned to us at the end! more to come? a shower, perhaps?

MojoMa_55 Suiza

Monroe Wanting More? It seems that Monroe wanted more than she got from this massage. Like most viewers, i suspect!.