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Zaika Profile

Name: Zaika
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 57kg
Height: 181cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Student

The beauty of simplicity

It is a special occasion when a woman appears with beauty that shines without any enhancements. Zaika is one blessed in that way.

Everything about her is natural. She glows without the aid of make-up and rarely uses it. The same goes for styling. There’s just no need for elaborate tricks. She is equally relaxed about what she wears. In fact wearing nothing at all is fine with her. It’s more exciting for her and there are big fringe benefits for the rest of us.

Zaika has an easy going attitude to life that matches all this. Her nature is genuinely delightful. She is a rare example of what you see being what you get. Her charm is so much more than skin-deep. All this comes with sharp intelligence too. She is majoring in Japanese in her university studies.

Zaika has it all. Style, elegance and smartness are all wrapped up together.

Flora and Zaika tropical romance December 22nd, 2013
2 of my favourite models not really getting up to anything at all. They are both sex on legs but this gallery failed to get my juices flowing
I do
Both of them
Are you loving you ?
Flora and Zaika sex in the sea November 14th, 2013
Be nice to Komet Jimmy! He's got his own way of expressing himself and that's the way it is. There is room at this table for many different ways of expression. We should all be joining together in a joyous celebration of Nude Beauty!
Bobbing Bare-Naked Buns!
What joy to see those bare-naked buns bobbing in the water! Photo 6 the best! And as a devoted Zaika fan so great to see Zaika nude again!
nice little tease. would love to see this set go further!
WTF Komet ????
During one moonless night on a roiling, wine-dark sea upon a group of slippery, cobalt-blue rocks could be heard a group of sea lions, whose throaty growls made for a symphony. Of their number, 2 dived into the sea to play and frolic. With the arrival of morning, they returned to rest upon the rocks. By this time, their group had gone and at first light, transformed into 2 lovely, slim and tall women, fully nude, asleep in each others' arms.
Zaika wet wellness by Alya October 3rd, 2013
Zaika !... When will you be back ??? "Un seul être vous manque et tout est dépeuplé..." A unique woman is missing and the whole world is empty. Hadrien. France.
What a beauty Zaika! A distinctive beauty all her own. She is truly deeply missed!
Zaika shows so much intended excitement. Ayla has found great images to capture this natural beauty. Any change we can see the continuation in a steaming massage by Alex?
picture 4... she could be on the cover of Vogue with such a face!!!
zaika naked and wet...YUMMY!!! lol yet another set than needs a video! nice work ladies!
Flora and Zaika sandy seduction September 12th, 2013
Flora and Zaika sandy seduction
18/20. Never seen greater harmony betwen two women.
I'm in doubt about the added value of the sand. In my opinion it obscures what are otherwise to extremely fit and desirable bodies. And #61, my god, if only that were oil instead of sand...
Zaika Again
Great to see Zaika again! Taking nothing away from Flora, but I am a dedicated Zaika fan. Favorite photo #5: love the straight-on look at her gorgeous bare buns with her lusciously full cunt lips peeking in from underneath. Thank you Zaika!
great sequences of two luscious women in primal setting and embraces!
sandy seduction
Beautiful light and subtle eroticism however i wish Zaika would assume a more dominant role. It is Flora who plays the more dominant figure and it is Zaika in my opinion who is simply the more mysterious and beautiful.
Two Sirens, blown ashore overnight by a wayward tide, awake sleepily at dawn, both bodies caked in fine, powdery sand, their scaly tails transformed into firm and shapely legs. FLORA & ZAIKA arise unsteadily together, embracing and kissing each other with rapturous delight.
two dirty girls! what could be better? well...you know
Zaika Thai bath by Alya August 10th, 2013
Live Cam ....one day?
Hopefully we all get the chance to chat with her. She is just so beautiful!
Zaika model
J'aime beaucoup les photos qui suggèrent sans trop montrer. I like very much the photos which suggest without showing too much.
Zaika Thai Bath
Beautiful. A young, sensitive girl, an esthetical delight.