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Photo de Larisa


Photo de Larisa
Nom: Larisa
Pays: Ukraine
Poids: 52kg
Taille: 169cm
Age: 18
Profession: Étudiante

Naturelle & ouvertement grouillante de vie

Larisa vit dans le présent mais elle aurait préféré vivre dans les années soixante, la meilleure période selon elle.

LES BEATLES, les Who, les Rolling Stones, l’amour libre, nager nue dans la boue et le sexe à gogo, le soleil se levant derrière les montagnes et Jimmy Hendrix jouant The Star Spangled Banner avec ses dents.

N’empêche que Larisa grouille de vie, ouvertement et totalement, elle est les bulles d’une bouteille de champagne, une fille qui veut ingurgiter la vie comme s’il s’agissait d’une grande coupe de glace. Elle est amicale, joviale, et blagueuse à souhait. Pour Larisa, son corps est son temple. Elle adore la nature et son rêve c’est de vivre dans une colonie de nudistes, où nous sommes sûrs qu’elle serait très bien accueillie par les autres membres.

Grâce aux changements ayant lieu en Europe de l’Est, Larisa n’a pas besoin de revenir dans les sixties : l’instant présent est ce qu’il faut vivre et l’Ukraine est le lieu où il faut vivre !

Larisa Galeries COMMENTAIRES

Larisa au lit | October 26th, 2005
Larisa au lit

Nice looking young girl, nice pics, but something is missing: Eroticism!

Kevin from London Royame Uni

Larisa I agree with the posting below. This looks like someone has posted photos of his wife that were taken by him. Not up to the usual Hegre super duper best site ever standards.

terminus_h Slovénie

of all the models Larisa is the sweetest and this sweetness - which is going beyond erotica - has puzzled reviewers below. I am wondering where Larisa is now, hopefully she is happily married, but would be nice to bring her back for more sessions. She is also the model that I would love to meet and chat with.

freddy Etats Uni

probably too late tohave an update?

Larisa bella | August 8th, 2005
Larisa bella

Wonderful cute teen!

terminus_h Slovénie

she is the sweetest model of the site

Larisa souriante | April 5th, 2005
Larisa souriante
lucske Belgique

Larisa She is cute, young, fresh... the perfect girl !!!

grant Royame Uni

Larisa Love the breasts and vulva shot, no. 12, and thank goodness for a model who seems happy to be photographed!

grant Royame Uni

Larisa More bra-strap marks - deplorable for a prduct of this quality.

ben Etats Uni

shes a lady shes a vamp she a mans dream shes electric yahooo

Walt Etats Uni

too many photos in a coat all of those photos of her in a coat would be nice if this was a Sears catalog...

terminus_h Slovénie

cannot be sweeter than this

Larisa princesse | February 28th, 2005
Larisa princesse
FastEddie Etats Uni

the eyes have it , perfect canines an nice firm looking breasts

terminus_h Slovénie

and princess she is

Larisa et Lusa | February 11th, 2005
Larisa et Lusa
heinrich Irelande

gentle faces and raw pussies; just exciting

FastEddie Etats Uni

nice but i think ... maybe photographer needs to work closer with larissa to get a more opena free exposure but is nice just the same

peter Allemagne

to see her detailed....also her wonderful shaped toes....god lord....that is fantastic!

terminus_h Slovénie

Larisa is underrated, but beautiful model of the site. Her beauty shines next to Lusa, who is gorgeous in her own right. As I adore tall women, I am still wondering how Larisa has won me over...

The Yurg Etats Uni

Larisa is very toned. That is a prime example of the female form.

fastfreddie Etats Uni

larisa and lusa two georgious females

Larisa dentelle | January 12th, 2005
Larisa dentelle
ben Etats Uni

my oh my

terminus_h Slovénie

the sweetest girl of the site


Larisa : Saveur d’Arabie | January 25th, 2005
Larisa : Saveur d’Arabie
Jay Portugal

AMAZING!!! Great Stuff! For me the movie starts at the cover and the cover doesn't lies about it, EXCELLENT!! As i am from Holland, i appreciate it very much that you guys bring me this piece of art! Great filming, great music and oooohh.. gorgeous model! I wanna zzmoke a bong with this babe! Gimme more of this stuff! Smoke it baby, smoke it...

Sleepless in Seattle Etats Uni

No smoke Pretty girl but no smoke in this one, literally or figuratively.

Khemanand Etats Uni

Beauty and bliss This provocative film reminds me of the time I lived in Saudi Arabia. I was surrounded my beautiful young women all willing. I met a girl that looked much like the one in this film. She took me to heights I never dreamed I could reach, both sexually and mentally. Her tight and toned body was more than any man could ask for. It was the time of my life and now I am reliving it thanks to the artistic vision of a great man, the king of sensual erotica, Petter Hegre.