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Photo of Alya


Photo of Alya
Name: Alya
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 53kg
Height: 175cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Fashion Student

Living Angel

Some girls would never have imagined that they would enjoy posing naked.

ALYA IS just such a girl: she is a living angel, fragile and marvelously skinny. Like a Hollywood icon from the 1920s, she has a beauty spot on her upper left lip which gives her face an individuality, a classic grace that sits well with her aristocratic movements and attitudes.

Not that there is some secret fortune or lost lord of the manor in her background. On the contrary, Alya is from a poor family in the Ukraine whose mother has a modest fabric shop. With her good eye and minimal resources, she always made Alya unusual outfits during her school years and now Alya is attracted to the world of fashion.

She was shy at first, but slowly began to enjoy the experience and continued the session at a studio, where Petter was able to light her with classical backdrops.

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Alya Galleries COMMENTS

Alya and Emily long live Ukraine | November 17th, 2014
Alya and Emily long live Ukraine
Mojo55-7 Switzerland

Alya and Emily Looks like a fun shoot. I like it when the models are obviously enjoying themselves.

KOMET France Metropolitan

ALYA & EMILY JUNTOS Whilst here on holiday in Sint Maarten, I'm enjoying the sweep of this photo set. Alya and Emily are radiance itself when they're fully au naturel. (Frankly, I'd love to see more photo sets featuring Alya sem roupa. She has a beautifully slim, svelte body.) Emily is as bubbly as ever.

Mike United States

Emily Enough of this Emily already. What is up with that?

kw United States

I wished you would have shown Alya's lovely backside.

wheeler United States

RE: Emily never enough emily!!!

Jeff Germany

Ver nice... ..but you should do this set with two russian girls....;))

Maik Germany

RE: Emily I remember Emily teasing us about this set back when it was shot. I wonder why it wasn't released earlier, or better instantly, because it was shot in a good spirit and to send a message. Best wishes to all those lovely Hegre-models from the Ukraine. And no way, there is never enough of Emily and Alya.

Alya angel Emily emissive by Alya | October 17th, 2014
Alya angel Emily emissive by Alya
Saldo United States

Awesome, two amazing babes, love it!

Steve United Kingdom

I love Alya and Emily - but I wish Alya would lose that camera now, it hides her face and dominates every photograph!

Kel United States

Well, not so sure about this one. Alya and Emily are beautiful for sure, but they almost seem to be trying too hard to play up to the camera- with a camera in the shot no less! Because of that, it felt to me sort of not genuine. Not a bad set, but not outstanding either...just eh...

Andrew United States

two awsome Two awesome girls with a huge potential, only if peter had the camera!

Doc United Kingdom

Alya/Emily Well, I suppose you saved money on a cameraman. Good to see some pubic hair in there somewhere, at last. Let it grow, man, let it grow....

ailefroide Belgium

Alya and Emily J'ai toujours autant de plaisir à regarder Alya et Emily. Awesome, yes.

wheeler United States

must say, I'm starting to agree! please put the camera down, and let us see your lovely face, Ms Alya!

Art arousal by Alya | September 17th, 2014
Art arousal by Alya
swplf United States

Stunning Alya has used the mirror idea before but never has it been this stunning and so creatively used. Some of her best work ever....

Marvin Germany

Alya's selfies I' am tired of Alya's selfies.

Saldo United States

RE: Photo number 16 Always awesome Alya, I love the lighting and how it highlights her perfect body and that sweet trimmed pussy!

Andrew United States

RE: Alya's selfies So am I. She is so pretty but you need to take the camera away from her and give her a photo set she deserves

murf United States

nice concept Wonderful idea. Love the shadows and angles. Beautiful model.

murf United States

nice concept Wonderful idea. Love the shadows and angles. Beautiful model.

MCNASTY77 United States

Alya Does it getting any hotter... Alya Rock Star!!!

ailefroide Belgium

art ... Alia Very original, artistic, and quite new idea. Congratulations.

wheeler United States

was a little different...worked for me!

Alya and Emily bathroom fantasy by Alya | August 21st, 2014
Alya and Emily bathroom fantasy by Alya
Saldo-2 United States

Love this, two amazing babes!!

Maik Germany

Alya & Emily Alya makes a cute "photographers-face". Love the vibe those two gorgeous ladies create together. This never gets boring. Please make a BTS-film next time.

Phizz Brazil

I´m glad Alya has shown us a little bit more of her labia.

McNasty77 United States

My Favorite... My favorite dynamic-duo. Alya and Emily put Batman and Robin to shame every time.

Wil_Iam Germany

oh wow - she is hot!

wheeler United States

stunning indeed!

Alya and Emily girl power by Alya | July 9th, 2014
Alya and Emily girl power by Alya
Mojo55-7 Switzerland

Alya and Emily We all know that Alya is a photographer, but her obsession with using the camera during shoots is becoming excessive. Here, it prevents her interacting fully with her partner, which makes the pictures unconvincing and, to that extent - despite the beauty of the two girls - unsatisfying at an aesthetico-erotic level. It should be possible, using a mirror, to set up a sequence in which the camera - operated by a long lead - is virtually invisible and Alya can interact properly with her companion. An alternative would be for Petter to do the photography when Alya is an active participant.

Maik Germany

camera Unconvincing and unsatisfying? I saw another set of images then. Yes the camera is special, and as i said before, i wish Alya gets a remote trigger into her hands next time. But those images work for me and this series is something new, which is refreshing. I still like them a lot. And Alya deserves applause, because the work she does isn't easy, directing a model, photographing and posing by herself, all at the same time. She sacrifices a big part of her own pleasure to get some pictures for us. Now that is some dedication. And Emily tries everything to distract her, she is so unbelievable tempting and hot. All male photographers would have fallen already. :) So, for me, this a good set with a fantastic Emily and Alya and great chemistry between the two. I wish there would be a video of those sessions. All power to the girls!

Auricman United States

Again with the Camera Does Alya ever read these comments?? No more camera in the picture sets please!

DarkMerovingio Colombia

I don't like seeing the photographer involved in the picture, it just gets sensuality out of it! I wanna see beautiful nudity, not a pose photo shoot with a camera the size of a head!

Laury Bulgaria

Super models and super set, if there would'nt be that allways present disturbing camera. I really would like to see a set of these both cuties WITHOUT that bleeding eternal camera of Alya...

styles United Kingdom

I know we're going on about the camera but just to emphasize: look at the very first shot. Alya might as well be wearing a gas mask... I know some people get off on that kind of thing, but this isn't supposed to be that kind of site.

Wil_Iam Germany

Emily and Alya - girl power Girl power - yes! They do it well. Emily is hot!

Alya lingerie selfies | June 13th, 2014
Alya lingerie selfies
Maik Germany

Alya's selfies As always, great to see Alya's selfies. But please give her a remote control next time. It looks like she is limited too much. Always having a hand on the camera and the need for a mirror is probably holding her back. Well, she is doing a great job within those limits, no doubt.

Saldo-2 United States

Anything Alya is great, just love it!

gospyro United States

Alya's selfies One of the reasons I joined Hegre Art was Alya. But like the comment I just read below... please find a way, via remote or something, to allow Alya to take her own photos, if that's what she wants to do, but I really do not like having this hug black came and tripod in every picure. And Alya in nearly the same pose with one hand on the camera. 'Selfies' my be 'the hot new thing'... but to me, it's just tacky, regardless if it's a cell phone in the bathroom mirror, or if it's a pro level camera and tripod. If I wanted picures of cameras and camera gear, I'd join a photographer's site. I miss the old photo shoots of Alya.

JR United States

ALYA Alya, you have the most incredibly feminine body and it is so great you have come back to Hegre. But, you have been teasing us for months. When do we get to see all of you?

Auricman United States

Please no more camera The technology exists for wireless remote shutter releases. Please use a remote and you will not need the mirror as well.

United Kingdom

Alya is always more appealing when in front of a camera wielded by a n other. It's not only the interaction with the other human being that gives it that extra frisson but also we, as viewers, are not stuck with some very visible bit of tech reminding us that these are, plain and simple, selfies. Another photographer, pleas, or, at the very least, a remote!

Alya sexy selfies | May 30th, 2014
Alya sexy selfies
wheeler United States

well, I like it!

Saldo United States

Love love love this set, Alya just so perfect!

womenlover United States

alya Alya you are more beautiful with short hair, thanks for being so bold, now if you could be so bold modeling, you know like you did in the past, please.

Richie Mexico

welcome Alya Long time no see Alya! it's a real pleasure to enjoy again one of the most beautiful faces in the net.And a gorgeous body as well. Welcome back!

mcnasty77 United States

Forever Gorgeous Beautiful.

Maik Germany

Alya Alya shoots not only the best selfies on the web, she also runs the hottest advertisement campaign for Phase One. I hope she soon gets her own camera sponsored from them. She deserves it. ;-)

JR United States

ALYA Am I the only one that loves that incredible space between her incredible thighs?

wheeler United States

RE: ALYA LOL no, you're not! but, alya has much more than that to love!

Walti Switzerland

Alya ist nach wie vor das absolut schönste Mädchen

Emily stripping Alya By Alya | June 2nd, 2014
Emily stripping Alya By Alya
wheeler United States

well, my only gripe about that is that it was WAY to short!

Joe South Africa

Stop holding back Alya, You are SO stunning, but, you're still holding back a bit ... Please, once, do a proper, full spread eagle with CLOSEUPS. ;-) Let us see you in your full glory. SO looking forward to seeing that! All the best Joe

Maik Germany

Alya & Emily Emily and Alya are simply delivering some of the best couple-shots here, lots of fun, experimenting with new ideas and the hottest photographer of this site. They deliver a unique approach and mood. I like it a lot. Was it Emily's idea to strip the photographer? I'm glad it was Alya and not Mr. Hegre himself. ;) Could you please make a film of those photo-sessions next time? It looks like a lot of un.

McNasty77 United States

Tease Much Really? Where's the usual bounty of graphic photos we have come to expect from these two very lovely women.

Adam Booth United Kingdom

Alya & Emily Glorious girls Alya & Emily , one stripping the other makes the mind wonder what sort of fun they get up to when our backs are turned.

wheeler United States

RE: Stop holding back, joe has a gyno each his own! lol

Hardhead United States

RE: RE: Stop holding back If you don't like it, don't look at his comment and troll

Wil_Iam Germany

Emily stripping Alya by Alya Emily - wow you are hot!

Alya black feathers self portraits | April 27th, 2014
Alya black feathers self portraits
mcnasty77 United States

Alya Alya: The Best!

wheeler United States

Lili St Cyr eat your heart out!

Alya Carnival | April 16th, 2014
Alya Carnival
Zukie United States

Alya Alya? The perfect woman She is gorgeous no matter how you, or she, presents hewrself!

Saldo United States

Alya, you are so perfectly beautiful!

Kees Netherlands

Alya Alya, since many years you are my favorite girl

wheeler United States

Ronald McDonald's replacement? well, she obviously doesn't make a habit of eating that stuff!

Alya Fashionista | March 19th, 2014
Alya Fashionista
wheeler United States

another "short but sweet" "selfies" are another thing I like as much as the next guy! but, dear alya, I must thank you for relinquishing control to someone else, once again! personally, I'd love to see more of your selfie work. but, I like the mix. much love to you!

Zeppelin Germany

While you take of the pantyhose, for part two why not get rid of the fur, too?

simon Switzerland

#4 Pic 4 has a lot in it. Cool.

DoubleM United States

dare I Dare the Goddess Alya to instead of going out of her way to hide her perfect kitty, go out of her way to show it off!!!

Saldo-2 United States

Alya rules, love it!

Kees Netherlands

Alya still rules!

RG France

So few pictures of ALYA Shame that there are so few pictures

Alya red and white by Alya part2 | March 2nd, 2014
Alya red and white by Alya part2
McNasty77 United States

Alya Is there a more beautiful woman on the planet than Alya? More, more Alya!

simon Switzerland

Thumb down please. That would have been a blast of a picture without the hand in the way.

CaptainClit Cambodia

Alya red and white Alya is very slim and beautiful, yes, but this photo shoot seems to be another in the Invisible Pussy series. I'm a believer in modesty, but, well, maybe not with models at Hegre-art.

Laury Luxembourg

Sorry, I´m not really eager to watch a naked photograher and here large camera on a toilet, when I join that site. I think, an actress cannot express hereself sufficiently when being the camera actor in the same time, even if it´s a model with a dreambody such as Alya. So I just can enjoy the last three pictures. But horny stockings!

Jubee United States

Alya Selfies Alya's selfies are getting old and boring. I liked her better when Hegre used to shoot her.

Experienced United States

Alya red and white Agreed, Alya is indeed slender and beautiful. But her pussy also is part of her beauty. I am seeing a trend where she consistently adjusts her poses so there always is some kind of obstruction between the camera and her pussy. She is operating the camera, so is this withholding due to modesty or is this withholding part of need to control? I don't think modesty is consistent with Hegre-art. If it's control, then as a paying member I'm not sure I like that attitude.

Saldo-2 United States

Never enough of good clean shots of Alya's sweet perfect pussy. Definitely need more of her pussy!

Slickwilly United States

Ayla I hope all is for Alya and her friends and family given the state of things in Ukraine.

ailefroide Belgium

Alya red ... YES it is great. Thank you so much.

JR United States

ALYA RED Seeing and adjusting the pose is a neat tool that Alya uses well. Your long legs and lithe body are incredible Alya, but your teasing is killing us! Do we get to see those beautiful labia?

Experienced United States

Alya red and white I agree, the current events in Ukraine likely are weighing on the minds of Alya and many other wonderful women who are from that nation and share their beauty with us on Hegre-Art. All I can say is, my sympathies are with you (my ancestors came from Ukraine), and may peace return there soon.

james michaels United States

Alya red & white Where can I buy a pair of those stockings? Please email me an answer. Hot, hot, hot!

Alya Ukraine

reply James Michaels.) This is Agent Provocateur.) About Ukraine. My country is wonderful with fantastic simple people. We are having very very hard time right now. Life is stopped here. People just try to survive. You know, I remember one comment from some member. On one of my shoots he wrote that it doesn't worse 42 cents that he payed for this update. I want to c this guy here in Ukraine and c how he survive in 42 cents that he pay to look at my naked body. And you know guys after this kind of comments I don't feel that I am ready to show my labia for 42 cents. I am ALYA LIVING ANGEL. I do erotic shoots because I LOVE to do this, I enjoy being naked angel, but ANGEL. I am who I am, and I express myself in my way. If you don't like I say again there is more than 100 other girls to watch.) PEACE and LOVE!!! XXX

LuckyNo7 United States

Alya you are the best and never doubt. I love your pictures so keep them coming!

Sandy United Kingdom

superbly sexy but! Alya has always been one of my favourite models and can be a real turn on. You are extremely erotic and have my ideal sized body but please drop the strategically placed hand/foot or other object occasionally so we can see your super sexy labia in all their glory. I respect your reply below but to me you are one of the models I pay my subscription to see so occasionally please drop the ANGEL bit. Love you loads!!

Alya crazy sexy artist model | February 6th, 2014
Alya crazy sexy artist model
wheeler United States

you have a wonderful talent. Ms front of, and behind, the camera!

Pack United States

Launch 1000 ships Alya's face is so pretty she can somehow pry my eyes off the rest of her equally delectable package.

Saldo-2 United States

Amazing babe!!

Sandy United Kingdom

superb Numbingly beautiful in my eyes, ideal figure and beautiful labia. Would like to see more of your pussy in close up detail or an erotic massage where you aren't in control.

Alya white by Alya | January 26th, 2014
Alya white by Alya
johnnyp United States

Alya Selfies The selfies are very distracting. Why you have to lean on a tripod to take your own picture, very disturbing. The longer I watched, the more I was wondering where they sold the camera. Let's forget selfies.

romote release United Kingdom

use a romote release ok, nice as these pictures are, all we have is a picture of a beautiful woman taking a picture, which happens to be of herself...... this is now getting boring. drop the camera from the pictures and use a remote release to trigger the camera. There are plenty of female photographers, who when useing themself as a model do not pose with the camera

Max Australia

OMG Hot, Hot, Hot, this is not submissive exhibitionism where she simply poses naked, this is Alya showing us how much she enjoys showing us her amazing body. A little more explicit with a bit of self pleasure would put more icing on the cake though. Thank you Alya.

murf United States

Wonderful Imagry Love the minimal use of color in these images The use of the camera and tripod as the only prop makes for an interesting series of pics. I cannot believe that Alya took these reflective images. Well done.

PacoEco Mexico

Sugestion May be the use of elapsed time photos could give Alya opportunity for not to have one hand anchored to the camera, may be some like they are and some others with auto shot

Kees Netherlands

Legs A very hot girls with endless legs.

Sandy United Kingdom

RE: OMG I agree with Max's sentiments. Please give us the final 10%, you are extremely beautiful so don't hide your exquisite labia behind your hand or tripod when you open your legs.

Alya Elegance | January 18th, 2014
Alya Elegance
wheeler United States

Ms Alya has turned into a naked acrobat!!! :P

KOMET United States


MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Alya Elegance Great to see a model enjoying herself during a shoot.

Pacoeco Mexico

Too thin Alya: you are one of the most beautifull girl on earth, but now you look dangerously thin, to gain some pounds will make you look much better and will be benefical to your health

Auricman United States

Perfect! That's more like it. Alya in full figure. Thanks, Petter.

ailefroide Belgium

Alya elegance I love your smile ... Thanks.

ailefroide Belgium

Alya elegance Great, delicious. Congratulations.

norcalsoup Canada


windmill Netherlands

Ayla Elegance Ayla is an exciting attraction in complete nudity.

Kees Netherlands

Alya Love you.

Alya shoe string swimsuit by Alya | January 4th, 2014
Alya shoe string swimsuit by Alya
wheeler United States

would you go swimming in that??? hehehe

remote2 United Kingdom

remote release if your useng phaseone software you can tether the camera to a pc....and if my memory is right allows a certain amout of control over the camera which should allow you to stop holding the camera

Austo-2 United States

I love everything about Alya body! Even her feet are sexy!!!!

Greeneyes United Kingdom

Alya I have to say that Alya has become a very interesting photographer with a very good eye. And still lovely too, of course.

Lion_01 Netherlands

Delicate and slender Great series and the "suit" seems almost tailor-made for her! I think a girl photographing herself is seriously sexy, especially when that girl is Alya. I am utterly in love with her delicate and slender body, which luckily we get to see from many different sides and angles in this series. I keep on hoping - vainly, probably - she will one day shave completely, but in the mean time, may I suggest you invert your triangle Alya? And make it point upwards? Please think about it ;-)

Erekhart Germany

Great! I really enjoy this gallery. The way the shoestring thing presents Alya's body makes her more naked than naked -- really hot! And the fact that she's taking the pictures herself adds to it.

Herr Lich Germany

oh my! First of all: you are a devastatingly beautiful goddess. PLUS: I love the idea of a goddess taking pictures of herself. BUT: There are enough pictures already in which you pose as lensface. Set the camera up with a bigscreen-laptop connected over firewire. It will be your viewfinder. Get a remote for the camera. Please! Finally: this bathingsuite was not meant to bo worn with pubes.

Roger United States

Love the swim suit.

zorro United Kingdom

sexy and artistic. lovely.

styles United Kingdom

Alya is beautiful but I find all these self-portrait sets marred by the ever-present distraction (and sometimes downright obstruction) of the camera. There's merit in Alya choosing her own poses, but couldn't the same effect be achieved by her posing in front of a mirror while someone else photographs her from above or alongside the mirror? She looks incredibly sexy in that bikini but these are photos of a sexy woman who's concentrating on taking photos. Maybe people who are *really* interested in photography might be getting something out of that but it doesn't do anything for me.

pier_hart21 Italy

Framings Marvellous bikini and originals framings, but few pussy.

Auricman United States

Lose the Camera Time for Petter to take some pictures.

ailefroide Belgium

Alya swimsuit Have you ever seen such photos ? Congratulations for your creativity.

Slick wildly United States

Ayla I think she may be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen

Slick wildly United States

Ayla Alya, please keep the pubic hair in spite of all the pleas for baldness. It's perfect.

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Alya - Shoestring Swimsuit We all know by now that Alya is a talented photographer, but I'm not convinced that she took these 'selfies' because there's no residual flash from the camera and in some of the images -- from #43 onwards -- she's in an awkward position to photograph herself. If she isn't actually shooting, the camera is merely an intrusive prop and should be discarded or put to the periphery.

Boomboy United Kingdom

RE: Yes, agree with you, styles. Alya, great though she looks, is far better when not concentrating on taking photos of herself.

Sandy United Kingdom

more please!! Alya is a erotic model both in front of and sometimes behind the camera. This set was a little disappointing in that she always spoils the best erotic pictures with a foot, hand, camera or anything else to hand. She isn't prudish, so why the coy poses sometimes. Please show us your pussy in all it's splendour as I love your lips. I love shaved models but have no issues with hair like Alya as you can still eat the fruit!!

Alya sexy soul by Alya | December 23rd, 2013
Alya sexy soul by Alya
Franco Italy

Super Alya in nylon. Alya stole my heart at the beginning of her career and since then I’ve considered this goddess of beauty as one (if not the most) gorgeous and charming woman. Her figure is the celebration of female beauty and the heaven of sexiness and her legs are the most precious jewel of the universe. I remember many albums and videos featured by Alya in stocking or pantyhose, they has been unbeatable and unforgettable. Today we can again enjoy another wonderful piece of art showing a fantastic goddess. Thank you!

Lion_01 Netherlands

Alya's Legs Alya's super slender and delicate body is a delight to watch, from every angle. Her long legs have my special attention. A girl's legs are always the first thing I look at, well, after the face that is. Alya's legs pass my inspection with flying colours!

stever United Kingdom

yes or no? Beautiful though she is, the problem I have with Alya is that she doesn't seem to know what level of revealing she wants to go to in her shoots. There's always the proverbial hand in the way of the more (what would be) revealing shots, which is crazy because to a large extent, one can see her intimate parts anyway? So, either expose yourself fully or don't bother I say. What's the point of this frustrating halfway house stuff?

Benno Belgium

Is this heaven? Is this how heaven looks like? If so, I better start being a good boy ;)

ailefroide Belgium

Alya. Heaven ? Heaven ? Good question Benno. I hope I m a good boy ...

Auricman United States

Better This is more like it; keep the cream in the refrigerator!

Herr Lich Germany

more! You could shoot yourself with a videocamera and release all the frames as photogalleries. I'd be thrilled by every single one of them. May I tell you my christmas-wish? Please see through your bodypainting-selfies. There MUST be pictures of your perfectly smooth nether region without the colour topping. If not, please do another shoot like that and show us the process of painting on and washing off. Will you? Happy christmas my goddess. I'm sure, Santa's got a remote for you!

Saldo-1 United States

Absolute stunning beauty, I love Alya!!!

murph United States

technique Love the concept of these images with the white and black theme. The model's clean lines and the sleekness of her body make this series a real winner. Well done.

Erekhart Germany

Elegant Really like this set, it has an elegant touch!

Sandy United Kingdom

RE: yes or no? I'm with you Stever, I love Alya to bits but I must admit I sometimes am frustrated by some of her poses. As others have said before come out from behind the camera again and give us more intimate poses now and again. I still like your creativity though

Alya baseball | December 13th, 2013
Alya baseball
wheeler United States

never much cared for baseball...alya could convert me!

kalonphile France

Congratulations It is comforting to see that classy Alya has kept a part of her intimate fur to crown her more precious asset.

Saldo-1 United States

Alya, perfect babe!!!

Alya CHANEL girl | November 22nd, 2013
Alya CHANEL girl
Benno Belgium

Were are those beautiful eyes ? Alya has been my favourite girl here since the first day she appeared here... and she will stay my favourite girl forever ;) Especially if she keeps spoiling us with sets like this :) One small remark: I wish she would have taken off the sunglasses after some pictures. I would have loved to see her sparkling eyes... ;)

wheeler United States

RE: Were are those beautiful eyes ? awesome set! but yeah...would've loved to see her eyes at some point

vigizant4 Canada

Stunning Very very nice. Absolutely sexy girl and great pictures.

Alya creamy by Alya | December 2nd, 2013
Alya creamy by Alya
wheeler United States

well, that was ...DIFFERENT, my dear! interesting, somehow...but, different! lol

Sandy United Kingdom

Oh Dear What a waste of a beautiful model in this pointless gallery. This set did nothing for me and was very disappointing. Please come from behind the camera and show us more of your sexy body especially your gorgeous labia

Lion_01 Netherlands

Creamy Alya To see this hot young woman's body covered in cream is a treat any day of the week. It's just that the place the cream originates from seems a little odd here... But Alya, if you love cream; I know a thing or 2 you might be interested in ;-)

kw United States

That was absoluting stupid.

checkinitout United States

Alya Oh boy. More selfies of Alya. She's such a beautiful woman. I wish she'd adventure out away from the mirror and this style of photographs.

twobe1 United States

RE: Alya That's a lot of footage for so little a point.

T Malaysia

Boring 150 photos all the same. There's no doubt Alya is gorgeous, but after the first 10, it was just boring.

simon Switzerland

Disturbing A mixture of something new but repellent on one side and the definite question on how sex with Alya would be like.

Max Australia

Creative One thing I love about Alya is her creativity, its not just about being naked its the way she mixes it up and has fun with it. Alya is my favourite model and has been since the early days and it is interesting to see how she has blossomed. She has an amazing body and fantastic breasts, but I agree we dont see anywhere near enough of her awesome labia ..

Boomboy United Kingdom

Alya, enough "selfles" already! You're much better when being photographed by someone else. And the cream…….what were you thinking? Lol!

fenpedric United Kingdom

Narcissism! Boring!

rs United States

Interesting If you click through them fast enough they are reminiscent of those "flip" books where the scenes meld together in a type of pseudo-film.

Eddy Canada

Value Don't think I got my 42 cents worth today

wheeler United States

well, so many of you have bee wanting hegre to go the porn way! just imagine that mike came in her mouth! lol

Mark United Kingdom

All the samne ? Quite a bit of repetition on this shoot. Not sure what part the dairy products are supposed to be playing.

Auricman United States

Boring Beautiful girl poor subject matter. Like full figure shots with her great legs and feet.

Ricky United States

Naughty naughty girl Swallow your milk like a good girl and stop spitting up on yourself, Alya! What a mess you've made!

Vimmer Denmark

Different A very different approach to nude photografy. Not one I like, but different definitely. The yoghurt is sexy, well vulgar in a way, but the rest of the idea in the series is difficult to find.

Guildenstern United States

Alya loses it Why would anyone want to see a picture of Alya vomiting?

Rusty Australia

erotic masterpiece Contrary to some of the other comments, I thought this shoot was very artistic and erotic. Well done Alya!

Alya body reflections by Alya | November 1st, 2013
Alya body reflections by Alya
wheeler United States

hmmm...well, you get the camera out of the shot, and your face goes with it! lol personally, I'd rather have the camera in the shot than loose your lovely face! but, like I've said before, I actually like the self shot stuff, for some reason or other.

KOMET United States

ALYA - SEJA NUA! Better to feature ALYA fully nude.

Tom Germany

Alya getting hotter and hotter Great body, nice face, beautiful trimmed pussy, spreaded legs. Alya is getting hotter and hotter!

Benno Belgium

RE: Alya getting hotter and hotter I agree. Alya is looking more beautiful than ever...

Letti Germany

Alya body teflexions Really beautiful pictures from a really nice body from a really talented photographer. It's a great joy to look at them Alya

Guest United States

It must be LOVE! Why Alya is getting hotter and hotter? :)

Saldo-1 United States


Lion_01 Netherlands

Naughty dreams Hot, stylish and classy; everything about Alya is just that. Alya dear, your heavenly legs are the subject of my naughtiest dreams both night and day. Thank you so much for sharing!

J.R. United States

BODY REFLECTIONS A beautifully photographed set that continues the tease. Your labia are so beautiful and you teased us again. Maybe we will get to see them in their glory soon? Thank you for an erotic set.

Sandy United Kingdom

RE: BODY REFLECTIONS Here here totally agree!! Please let us see more intimate and erotic submissions and possibly even an erotic massage where you aren't in control. mmmm that would be good!!

Alya white shirt | October 21st, 2013
Alya white shirt
wheeler United States

mmmmm...there's not too much that's sexier than a beautiful woman wearing a man's dress shirt and nothing else! (even if she wasn't wearing it for too long!lol)

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Alya - White Shirt What a super difference a happy smile and evident enthusiasm make for the enjoyment of a shoot!.

Lion_01 Netherlands

100% Alya! Ooohhh WOW! This set is 100% Alya style: classy, yet with a delightfully playful twist! Her body is a slender delicacy and never fails to excite me. And needless to say, the leg fetishist in me is quite ecstatic with this series! One request though, Alya: could you please grow a beautiful thick bush, or alternatively, shave completely? I think it's time for a new look as I feel your little triangle is a little old-fashioned. Would you please consider?

KOMET United States

AN INTERESTING PHOTO STUDY It is much better to show Alya as she is here once shorn of the white shirt, wholly nude and without adornment.

guidolvy Italy

alya triangle bush disagree from Lion, Alya, please keep your triangle bush as it is, it makes you so exciting, never too aggressive kisses

Philippe Belgium

Alya Toujours aussi belle et adorable. Great pictures

Laurie United Kingdom

The Sheer Joy A sassy and stylish performance from the coolly elegant Alya stunningly effective in brilliant white. Breathtaking imagery...

wheeler United States

RE: alya triangle bush another vote to keep the triangle! lol luv ya either way, alya!

United States

Alya is truly adorable. I just wished you would have had more pics of her lovely bottom.

delavignettte Belgium

Alia Erotism at the top. Quel visage adorable ! Thanks. Merci.

Zeppelin Germany

Perfection doesn't need pubes.

wheeler United States

RE: Perfection doesn't need to be bald, either!

Saldo-1 United States

Awesome, Alya is amazing!

Francesco Italy

bush Wow! But I vote for smooth

lupus Belgium

Great model. Thanks Alya for working with the art maker of woman's beauty, Petter.

123-14 Australia

Alya is showing a sophisticated beautiful that cannot be found in many models on this site

ailefroide Belgium

Alya white shirt ... Sur l'ile déserte il faut tout emporter (Georges Brassens)

ailefroide Belgium

Alya white shirt Wonderful : inspiring delight, pleasure or admiration (the 3 at least).

rusty Australia


Doc United Kingdom

Alya Pretty good shoot, nice classical work with a raunchy twist, and even some pubic hair, well done! She could do with a square meal or two, and tan lines suck, but otherwise, proper 'art', you might say.

Alya shower selfie by Alya | October 14th, 2013
Alya shower selfie by Alya
wheeler United States

who was the lucky hand in the last two shots?

Lion_01 Netherlands

Well done Alya! This series brings out your hot skinny body very well. I love the way your skin shines and how there are some drops of soap left (I presume it's soap, of course). One little thing though. I think it's about time you shaved completely, or instead grow a really thick wild bush. Both options would look great on you, but your triangle is a bit outdated and I don't quite like it. Please think about it, Alya. You would make me even happier!

Jeff Germany

So Hot! Alya is the hottest and by far the classiest girl on the site! But thats less than 92 pics...;) And please, could you bring her without an ugly camera in front of her face?

Zeppelin Germany

I'm sure there was a razorblade somewhere in that bathroom...

claptrap United States

Alya Totally uninspiring. The camera she holds seems to get the focus of my attention.

simon Switzerland

Excitement in #9 A nice surprise today with #9. That's a pretty special position for Alya. And I still admire her creativity.

RB United States

ALYA OMG! Those long legs, that incredible space between the thighs and those gorgeous labia. Thank you Alya.

don United States

the mirror distorts the pic

Alya red and white by Alya part1 | October 7th, 2013
Alya red and white by Alya part1
wheeler United States

I do love selfies! hehehe

Lion_01 Netherlands

Legs, legs, legs... Alya's creative talent really shows in this series. I like her more with every new series, and this one just feeds my legs fetish like no other! I cannot even begint to tell you how much #26 excites me ;-)

jake Belgium


Benno Belgium

Wonderful: as usual... Nothing else expected from Alya. She is still my number one. Thank you very much Alya !!!

incognito1 United States

Too Many Too many pics with her clothes on... c'mon, geez...

simon Switzerland

What's the room number she stays at?

johnnyp United States

Maybe we could ditch the distracting camera? Pretty girl, too much camera and not enough undressing. Sorry,

wheeler United States

ah! I just noticed this is a "part 1" so, it looks like you're in luck, johnny! looks like she's gonna get more naked yet! lol

windmill Netherlands

RE: Too Many Indeed Ayla, with such a gorgeous body why hide under the body and stockings. The chair and white marble is all the colour contrast you need. Your play with the camera for the mirror is great to see. In complete nudity these poses will be much more attractive in my view and perspective.

Saldo-1 United States

Alya is so beautiful!

Alya and Valerie Attraction | August 21st, 2013
Alya and Valerie Attraction
sedtus United States

Wow One of the most beautiful sets I've seen anywhere in a long time. Wonderful.

wheeler United States

oh, alya! I didn't know you had it in you! please let there a video forthcoming!!!

Laurie United Kingdom

In the Mood These two leggy lovelies, primed on wine, really look up for it. I'm sure this very sexy sequence didn't end here and we can expect more of this delicious naughtiness. Love their impressive nipples, fucking wicked...

Rez United States

Beautiful I did not want this wonderful and already lengthy gallery to end. Two very beautiful and sexy women with every shot a joy to study. Give us more of this kind of gallery.

Max Australia

So Hot OMG this set is so hot ! Alya might be talented behind the camera but she really needs to stay in front of it. A perfect compliment for Valerie you can really tell how much they were enjoying themselves. This just has to be a video as well.

Zeppelin Germany

What a feast I don't quite understand why the dark buffet is being ignored. I am very hungry! As a courtesy to Valerie Alya should have presented a smooth dish.

Benno Belgium

Number one Alya has always been my number one... and she still is :))) Thank you Hegre !

JerseyJoe4 United States

Hot nips, we got 'em Two beautiful models. I nominate both for best breasts and nipples on the internet!

Laurie United Kingdom

The Sex is Breathtaking Lets have more of this delightful entertainment, its so fucking arousing. My cock just refuses to relax...

delavignette Belgium

Alya and Valerie Love is amazing. L'amour est extraordinaire. In black and white too. En noir et blanc aussi.

Sevy South Africa

Superbe This must be one of the most sexy photographs with Valerie... she is just stunning !! Well done.

Alya Canada

Alya's reply Thank you ALL for fantastic words. my dream was to work with Valerie. Because she is number 1 for me too. We had amazing day together and fall in love forever))) Enjoy!!! And many kisses to you guys!

Saldo United States


Blatch_wg8 Australia

Bras Beautiful! - but why aren't those beautiful breasts on view?

Jewel United Kingdom

Now that is one film I can't wait to see!

greatguy2 Norway

Wow ! very sexy! Hot..

Pinniped United States

recipracating Are we going to see a part 2, where Alya will return the favor to Valerie. Two absolute beauties with never ending ling legs, WOW

Sandy United Kingdom

RE: So Hot Absolutely agree with Max here, stunning gallery only comment would be it would have been better closer to the action, and video pleeeeeease!!!!!!!!!

incognito1 United States

tight asses Loving those tall, lean bodies and tight little asses!

Gil123 France

La suite !!! J'attends la suite avec impatience !!!

ailefroide Belgium

Attraction Erotism or pornography, that's the question. Is it a pertinent question, that's an other question !

Scott6969 Australia

Wow Astounded that people come here and raise questions about pornography and eroticism....Look at the pictures and enjoy them! Whatever they are, we are privileged that these ladies bare all for us, dont complain!

Alya shooting Coxy Flora and Thea | July 30th, 2013
Alya shooting Coxy Flora and Thea
MojoMa-55 Switzerland

Alya, Coxy, Flora & Thea Presumably the close-ups of the models will follow at a later date.

sanktjohann France

Alya is just Sublime

Alya self shot | July 16th, 2013
Alya self shot
wheeler United States

always loved that self-shot stuff! dunno why!

Rico Portugal

Such a tease this self shot from Alya , excellent work :)

auprivate France

alya self shot at least a heary nude

Basia Poland

fashion model pic 44 Oh, the picture is so beautiful. You can see that she is also a fashion model. Perfect!

HJ United Kingdom

Self Indulgence 104 shots and you control what is seen unseen, edited, indulgent perhaps, still, 72-74 rock or tell the truth, or something like that.

LoverBoy10 United States

hottie 79, 86, 96, 104 these shots all show unique body placement and great muscles. Nice!

Saldo United States

So exactly perfect, love you Alya!

Alya Fast and Furious by Alya | June 24th, 2013
Alya Fast and Furious by Alya
Herr Lich Germany

The glasses! I didn't think you could get any sexier. Yet you do. Can I get more? More bodypainting, more cars more glasses more POV, MORE OF YOU!

Saldo United States


wheeler United States

RE: The glasses! agreed!

simon Switzerland

Keep the focus Hard to believe this is a single camera with the focus point so well set in #46. A very unique gift to be so beautiful and so skilled in photography.

Sandy United Kingdom

Alya There is something about Alya which is a real turn on. please can we see her having an erotic massage preferably with multiple orgasms like Thea. Pretty please!!!

Alya painting Flora | June 1st, 2013
Alya painting Flora
wheeler United States come coxy didn't get butt prints???lol

Basia Poland

photo 28 Peter! photo 28 a beautiful piece of art! You are the master of light!

artistpg United States

Alya You're a team! Stunning painting, photography, and woman.

Alya painting Coxy and Thea | May 3rd, 2013
Alya painting Coxy and Thea
KOMET United States

COXY & THEA: PAINT US ENTIRE This would have been a much better, more inspired canvas had both COXY and THEA been painted thoroughly from head to toe. (Remember the photo series "ERIKA & KAROLINA BODY PAINTING"???) What we have have here is little more than a tease --- and a poor one at that.

wheeler United States

looks like alya was having a bit TOO MUCH fun there! lol

Philippe Belgium

Alya painting Bravo Alya: again we see beauty, colors, joy and humor Congratulations

alececco Brazil

running out of ideas Petter....

Herr Lich United States

I like the photoset Even though I think color on skin looks much better than color on hair. But I don't want to nag on...

Ricky United States

WILLSON!!! Sorry, but somehow this reminded me of Castaway! The shots of Coxy sans paint job were spectacular, though. Wish I was stranded on a desert island with her...

renato Italy

love thea e coxy pussy Iwould like see more of thea e coxy pussy, two marvelous ladies

Alya Leon autoportrait part2 | April 26th, 2013
Alya Leon autoportrait part2
Benno Belgium

Dream girl Alya is looking amazing again... Just perfect.

Saldo-1 United States

Awesome and perfect!!!!

Max Australia

Too good Alya has way too beautiful a body to be behind the camera. She is obviously talented but it is better when we can see her like this and it is nice to see she enjoys it too. More please.

Alya shooting Zaika documentary | April 20th, 2013
Alya shooting Zaika documentary
MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Alya and Zaika When do we see Alya's pictures of Zaika?

Philippe Belgium

Alya Alya is my n° 1: beauty, caracter and creativity I wish you lots of luck

letti Germany

Alya and Zaika Once again Zaika and Alya, I'm filled with enthusiasm, very beautiful, thanks!

Roger United States

An Oscar? Perhaps this will win the Oscar for Best Documentary of 2013?

Petra Switzerland

Not naked? Why's the photographer not naked. Poor model has to be the only one?

wheeler United States

RE: Not naked? maybe because she's the photographer?lol

Alya mirror muse part2 | April 7th, 2013
Alya mirror muse part2
Billybob United States

Sooo hot....main reason why I keep rejoining this site. Luv ya baby!

wheeler United States

WOW!!! very cool! always said two alya's are better than one! :p

windmill Netherlands

Ayla mirror muse Ayla is a beautiful girl with a great body to show. The mirror effect brings a great new dimension to her strong and attractive poses. Please no more stockings.

Simon Switzerland

I like the variation, Alya is brining to hegre. And her #7 & #17 are very much my taste.

Saldo-1 United States

RE: For me it is all about Alya right now, just love this beautiful babe!

Tom Germany

Alya I don't understand the euphoric comments about Alya. She is boring and her pics are much too brave. And Petter, pics of women covering her pussy with her hands are totally out today!

Guest United States

RE: Alya just my 2 cents...pussy is nice but not the most sexy part. She is a very intelligent, kind and elegant girl in real life. We may see a world-class photographer named Alya in just a few years!

Alya Ukraine

Alya's reply to members Hello dear Members! If you see camera in the mirror-thats me pressing the button or waiting for timer. This is my view on my hottes and sexyes. Please be passion. Its just a beginning of Mirror project.) I like to teas you! But Tom from Germany (I like Germany, have some very cool friends from there) you should realize that I am from Ukraine and erotic doesn't play a good game with me in real life... I am not always happy with it. But I am in love with female beautiful nude bodys. Can't live this fun work. And I think Petter give his members big variety of girls sexuality. With hands or without. Just choose the one that fits your taste.) Thank you all for being kind to me! Your Angel.) And P.S. It was Luba's birthday yesterday) Luba you are my Muse! I am inspired by your curves and great sexual personality all the time when I do photo shoots in the mirror. Happy birthday!!!

Guest United States

RE: Alya's reply to members Love you even more now :)

Alya Ukraine

Alya's reply to Guest Who are you Guest?) Where did you meet me in Asia?)

Sandy United Kingdom

great but! Love Alya and love her reply regarding being sexy, she is extremely sexy!! Just a pity her hand didn't slip from some of her poses, I wait in expectation of things to come as the 'mirror series' of poses are hot!!

Armpitfetish Canada

Alya awesome beauty Alya, you and Yana have always been in my favorite Top 3 models. Your beauty is legendary. Happy to see new pics of you. You and Yana are often in my dreams. Please, could you do a restraint set of pics the same as Leyla Feb. 2, 2013.

ailefroide Belgium

Alya for ever ... Take care of yourself.

Alya Leon autoportrait part1 | March 29th, 2013
Alya Leon autoportrait part1
Benno Belgium

What a beauty Wonderful set again with my all-time favourite model at Hegre. Alya looks even more beautiful than in the early days.

wheeler United States

always loved that self shot stuff! can't ask for a better model! <3

gevame Belgium

RE: beautiful....

gevame Belgium


Shaun Canada

A wonderful chance to fall in love with Alya all over again. She is definitely her own best model.

Max Australia

Artistic Beauty I am so glad Alya has come back. Even from her first set I have always loved her nipples and now she is expressing her nudity to us with these varied sets it is just fabulous.

Vinnie69 United States

Alya is a Godess Alya is the best model and comeback EVER! Unparalleled beauty, sensuality and sexuality... other models can only dream of attaining.

Saldo-1 United States


Saldo-1 United States

RE: What a beauty I 100% agree

Guest United States

RE: What a beauty Met her in real life while traveling in Asia...perfect with clothes or without! Her BF is the luckiest guy on earth!

Saldo-1 United States

For me Hegre right now is all about Alya!

marcelo Germany

wow, these legs... !!!

Erekhart Germany

Good concept! I like the twist of letting the model do some pictures herself, and I very much look forward to the second part of the series.

Alya self vision | March 15th, 2013
Alya self vision
peterswiftt United States

The Cream Filling! Now this is what I have been talking about! A natural woman!! At the second frame you can see the wet spot in the crotch of her garment and it continues throughout this set. That is what I have been talking about, this is what is all natural and what truly makes this ART! may I suggest you have the models whatch porn or read a dirty story prior to each shoot so we too can enjoy the cream? Nothing worst than a dry snatch.

wheeler United States

RE: The Cream Filling! what you call "art", most of us call "porn"! (not that I'm not lovin' the set! I seem to be missing what peter is seeing!) you look lovely as always, Ms Alya!

Guest United States

#46 nice view of Alya's pussy shape from the mirror :) still dreaming of the full open view...exciting, pink, sweet, juicy...the path to ecstasy!

Roger United States

RE: The Cream Filling! Good eyes Peter!

Franco Italy

Fantastic! Fantastic photos, on my side one of the best Alya photoset. By the way I know a little about art but as far as I know art is emotions and in this photoset (as well as in every other Alya’s photo) there is plenty of strong and wonderful emotions, thereby on my side this is a fantastic art of beauty. Alya, permit me to thank you for it.

Saldo United States

Awesome, I just love Alya!

Roger United States

Lovely series Alya! Very hot, innovative...and reflective! Left some complimentary comments about you on the Coxy & Zaika Turbans series. Love to hear your thoughts if you care to respond.

Nav United States

The result of Alya being such a purist model, is that I have a strong urge to have sex with her in every poistion in which she poses.

Alya body painting by Alya | March 3rd, 2013
Alya body painting by Alya
wheeler United States

would love to help you wash that paint off!

Franco Italy

The joy of beauty. Wonderful update for a lovely Sunday, these photos are a true enjoyment of beauty. Each Alya’s photo set is a sweet surprise, she is able to overcome all expectation of pleasure. Thank you!

Rocky United States

Very nice - but holding back Alya is very beautiful and this is body painting set is striking. I would suggest however that Alya open up a bit more rather than covering up. I find it ironic that the 'One Year Ago" set on this day is "Kiki Explicit." If Alya were less reserved, she would be at the top of most viewers favorite lists.

KOMET United States

A VERY DULL CANVAS (UGH!) This photo series would have been much, much better if ALYA's body had been COMPLETELY PAINTED OVER. Hegre, when you again take up the Body Art theme, get a skilled and experienced artist in this area and let him/her display their talents on another model. Suggestions: YANKA, VALERIE, KIKI, COXY, LEYLA, YARA, or FLORA.

Philippe Belgium

Alya I love Alya, I love the setting and the body-painthing(colors) and I love the pictures Continu this way

Herr Lich Germany

Dull Canvas? Komet, you are out of your mind! This is one of the best photosets I have seen here so far. Yet I am surprised to find a maximum resolution of 6.000. Are these old pictures?

herveda France

superb location and poses but a bit too mild for me. Great ideas but lousy paint job, redo this set please! I want more of Alya.

Peron United States

A little more This is a really exciting set. Brilliantly done. But I agree with Rocky. If Alya were to show her anatomy like the amazing Kiki does, she would be supreme.

Basia Poland

RE: Dull Canvas? I guess... I presume if this photo set was done by Alya herself, then there needs to be a camera standing somewhere, so maybe the resolution is the result of this special... technical arrangements? I love this set. I love colours, poses and her so beautiful without any make up!

Saldo-1 United States

Totally awesome!

Alya Thailand

Colored answer This was the last day in Ko Samui. I have been shooting for 4 days from morning till evening. And this set done late at night. Petter where sleeping and I didn't want to wake him because of Phase One camera, so I took my Canon Mark III. Thats why photos have 6000px max resolution. And I brought acrylic paints from Kiev, that I was using for another nude project, then I settled up the camera on tripod and the light and then I have called Coxy to press the button of the camera. It was a fun photo shooting. Actually one of the first since I got back to hegre-art) So as you wish I will continue with the paint on body canvas) With LOVE, Alya living Angel :)

Herr Lich Germany

Hi Angel are there any more fully shaven pictures of you? I happen to like your smooth look!

Alya super model body | February 25th, 2013
Alya super model body
samurai Japan

Beautiful !! She has great body and beautiful ! She will be much beautiful with high fashioned outfit, though,,,,,,

Peron United States

RE: Photo number 32 Those boots again! But what a goddess! Those hard nipples and sweet labia and direct eye contact do it for me as always. Fantastic set.


way too skinny !! don't like it at all

wheeler United States

so glad Ms Alya hasn't put away her modeling shoes! (although, I must agree: THOSE shoes are not the best choice!)

MM United States

Alya is perfect. Love the poses where she's stretched her torso out

Franco Italy

A celebration of perfection. A super fantastic body, pure perfection, these photos are a celebration of beauty and hotness and permit me to say I like her boots too. I am really fond of Alya!

Guest United States

Beautiful, Sexy & Talented Smooth skin, firm nipples & sweet pussy lips!

ScorpioNC United States

Boots Why the boots? I only come in here to complain about them. If they're not barefoot then I don't care.

Herr Lich Germany

How breathtaking you are! I don't know whether your diet is healthy, whether you eat enough, whether you work out too much. All I know is: you redefine my vision of beauty!

nice pictures but United Kingdom

whats with the boots very nice pictures ....but whats with the boots ????? they dont fit in with the pictures at all.... bare foot yes boots no .... if Alya is shy about her feet ?? then a pair a ballet shoes would have worked much better .... and i might add, fitted in with the style of the shoot.

Saldo-1 United States

Awesome, awesome, just absolutely love Alya and her tight sexy body!!!

Lightmouth United States

Suggestion Very nice. Suggestion for Petter: next time, use a glass-top bench, or tilt the bench top so that its front edge and rear edge are coincident. The use of the boots is witty -- but the dark bench robs this wit of its luster. Cheers.

Frank New Zealand

Perfection! Thank you so much for bringing Alya back to us: she is a true super model. But I can't understand why she keeps her shorts on when she is photographing other models - why isn't she nude all the time?

ailefroide Belgium

Alya super model body Something like happiness ...

Mark A. United States

nice shoes! A pair of shoes never looked better. Truth is, this girl can't miss. In fact, I double-dare the photographer to call this lady back in... & just try to take a bad angle. Thanks to everyone involved, especially of course...Alya. Wow.

Alya mirror muse part1 | February 18th, 2013
Alya mirror muse part1
wheeler United States

always loved that self shot stuff!

gooz United States

Alya in her Chloe d-L 'skin.' Interesting to see where this goes, if anywhere.

Benno Belgium

Speechless I am speechless... Top model, top photographer, top set.

simon Switzerland

Excellent. I love the camera women and the model.

KOMET United States


Franco Italy

Unforgettable angel! In these last years I have never forgotten Alya, I wonder who can forget this “living angel” who is still more beautiful of any angel. I was fond of her slender figure, her unbeatable legs, her sweet charm and her outstanding sexiness. Once she was an angel and now she is a goddess, a lovely goddess of beauty. Alya thank you to be here again!

mcnasty77 United States

Alya Hegre's hottest model of all time, does it again!

ailefroide Belgium

Alya mirror ... Speechless too, Benno .. Top model, etc.

Alya princess Leia | February 13th, 2013
Alya princess Leia
wheeler United States

the force is strong with this one! she even made the robe float in that last frame! lol nice shot!

AxMan United Kingdom

Fun shoot, pretty girl. Very nice.

Benno Belgium

Another great set with my all-time favorite. Thank you Hegre.

kw United States

beautiful bottom!!!

jbruis156! United States

Alya Just plain my favorite model. Thank you!

nice shots United Kingdom

whats with the boots? nice shots........... but what's with the boots ????

gooz United States

these boots.... ...they're made for walkin'....and ...Alya's got a great 'do!

Old School United States

I love seeing pubic hair.

JR United States

ALYA The legs--the incredible legs--the incredible space between her thighs, the labia, the hips, the breasts and perfect nipples, the eyes and beautiful face. What an incredible woman she has become, comparing her to the early shot to the left. How many years is that? Thank you, Alya.

Saldo-1 United States

RE: ALYA Alya is better than ever, just amazing beauty!

Erector Singapore

sorry to go off subject Wouldn't it be cool to have costumes based on girls from fighting games

Alya amazing Grace | February 1st, 2013
Alya amazing Grace
jacob Netherlands


wheeler United States

lovin the pics, Ms Alya! (in front of and behind the camera) please keep it up!

phddmd United States

What a spectacular conjunction of mind & matter...

Peron United States

RE: Photo number 75 A wonderful set. The last image is so smokingly provocative with legs spread, breasts thrust forward and sweet labia hanging down. I love your hairstyle too, angel. Great job!

John United Kingdom

Overlook the terrible shoes, and this is a great set. What a girl...

Benno Belgium

Life is beautiful... Life sure is beautiful when the most beautiful girl on earth lets us enjoy her overwhelming and infinite beauty again... :)

jbruins156! United States

Alya is back OMG! Alya, you are the one! You are the finest model. Just perfect. Thanks for posing again.

sedtus United States

Time Eight years later and even more beautiful!

Matt Switzerland

She looks so... fragile

geroki Germany

better than ever dang, imho Alya looks better than ever. amazing in front of a cam and behind not bad too ;)


Alya Now this is a really sexy woman. Her eyes are the most expressive I've seen on this site. The rest? Well, as I always say: a pussy or a derrière can only be interesting if the "carrier" is an interesting woman.

Billybob United States

Nice Wow, there are some super sexy shots in this set. What a special Friday surprise. More Alya please rock my world baby!

Max Australia

Welcome back Great to have Alya back in front of the camera. If possible more seductive and erotic than ever, what a fantastic body. More please.

Saldo United States

Awesome, love Alya!!

JRB United States

Alya Alya, what a stunning return. Those long legs and the wonderful space between your thighs are amazing! Thank you for coming back.

malo32 Germany

wonderfull... her slim sexy legs are amazing!

rowdy Trinidad and Tobago

wow Alya... i want to climb up on that table with U.... great pics !!

Shaun Canada

Picture 16 Wow. Just wow. I certainly take no objection to Alya taking the role of photographer, but pictures like 16 show how she can really control the camera from the other side of the lens.

Peron United States

RE: Photo number 23 These are stunningly sexy pictures. Such a joy to have you back, Alya

peron United States

RE: Photo number 75 The only word for this picture is provocative. Just amazing. Legs apart, breasts thrust forward, sweet labia hanging down, hard nipples, full eye contact. Just wonderful. Bravo Alya.

Mike Switzerland

Brüste Alyas Brüste sind toll

Armpitfetish Canada

Alya beauty Alya beauty will always be difficult to beat. She is perfection. Her thin body drive me nut about her.

Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika tropical studio | January 15th, 2013
Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika tropical studio
Benno Belgium

Sorry Thea, Coxy, Flora and Zaika... ... but I would like to ask Alya to make new solo sets again. She is as beautiful as in her early days and I'm so glad to see her in the background. Although I really would like to see her in the foreground again ;) Please Hegre, please Alya :)

wheeler United States

thank you for giving us a glimpse at your lovely self, Ms Alya!

Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika outdoor studio | December 7th, 2012
Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika outdoor studio
Shaun Canada

This set was a real disappointment. There seemed to be no vision or theme. And what was the point of the completely out of place native headdress? It was like someone declared it "silly hat day", and someone else decided to take pictures.

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Aesthetic Anomaly Once again, the model wearing shorts is aesthetically anomalous. There seems no logical nor artistic reason why she should not be as naked as all the other models in the shoot.

KOMET United States

5SOME et Homme Alya, GET FULLY NUDE!!!

gooz United States

Dum-de-dum-dum dumb!!!!! Good to see things get back to pleasant reality with Pamela tomorrow.

western United States

I don't get it.

grayhair United States

Outdoor studio Very weird. Not sure I like it. Can we forget this motif?

herveda France

Bizarre...Beautiful people though

Zeppelin Germany

Two Phase Ones? Since the pictures featuring the Phase One are 80 megapixels in resolution I suspect you've actually got two of them. Are these two IQ180s? I'm really impressed!

jake Netherlands

ALYA please show us your naked body

wheeler United States

RE: 5SOME et Homme she has many times! check the archives! click her pic at left

petley United Kingdom

RE: Photo number 1 I agree that there seems to be no particular point of the format -or indded the headdress As a new member I have been very impressed by the stadard up to now but this wa dissapointing. Am I mising something?

don United States

can we take few steps back i can't see the trees

Alya legendary angel | November 17th, 2012
Alya legendary angel
wheeler United States

thank you for not leaving the FRONT of the camera behind, pretty lady!

Alya Ukraine

RE: Wheeler I promise I will stay in FRONT too till its possible and till is fun for you. With erotic Love from Alya)

KOMET United States


Benno Belgium

Welcome back Alya was the main reason I joined Hegre a couple of years ago. It feels so good to see her in front of the camera again! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

gator United States

Alya Major yawn. Wow !

jakob Netherlands

Alya thanks you are back you are also for me the reason i joined Hergre a couple of years ago

Michael Germany

Great Comeback Alya you are more beautiful and sexy than ever. I love to see you in front of the camera. I love to see more of you, your hot body, great long legs and beautiful eyes. Thanks a lot.

Alya Ukraine

Alya's reply Thank you for compliments! I wish to hear from you some wishes how you want to see me in my Angel way. I am very sensitive person. And I cant take photos with so open legs like other girls. But I wish I can tickle your imagination. So you can give me some ideas)

Benno Belgium

RE: Alya's reply Actually I don't care how you pose... I like all your poses :)

Anonymous United States

I love Alya Alya is the main reason why I joined this site. She is just so gorgeous. I don't want to sound like a pervert, but I really REALLY want a photo where her pretty anus is showing. Please do a picture where you spread your butt cheeks so we can see that delicious asshole.

Hannes Germany

Well done Alya What a beautiful and well shaped young woman, great work! Thanks Alya and Petter.

Boris25 Australia

Alya's Portrait Like all who see Alya, I can't get over her beautiful face and absolutely perfect body. I'd be more than satisfied just to have portraits of her face and profile of that perfect nose and lips.

Laurie United Kingdom

Hello Sweetpea Your request for ideas recalled memories of your delightful galleries from the past. I first joined this site in 2008, probably about the same time you departed but caught some of your more beguiling studies especially your last 5 galleries from 5 Feb - 12 May and the gorgeously sensuous panties sequence. I mention these in particular as the eroticism, subtle and nuanced, is created imaginatively. I hope you find my thoughts inspirational...

Robert L United States

Shadows I see your shadows.I thought it would be a great fantasy shoot of you interacting with your shadow.Loved this set.

Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika sculptures | November 8th, 2012
Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika sculptures
wheeler United States

lovely greek godddesses!

green Hong Kong

talkingabout sculptures Good. But talking about sculptures, you seem to miss Valerie in this set

sill Germany

nonsense to me.

KOMET United States

THE FIERY 5SOME FLORA, ALYA, COXY, THEA & ZAIKA --- 5 MUSES ALL --- DANCE AND STRUT FULLY NUDE AND PROUD. What were once 5 tall and sturdy trees swaying in the breeze on the forest's edge are now 5 sleek and sexy Women, who love to dance and play.

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Sculptures I've been trying to work out if the girls are supposed to be spelling out some verbal message through their poses; but I can't find anything readable.

Nando Colombia

Coxy Coxy is in a league of her own. Her body is smoking hot and she has a beautiful face to match. My girlfriend and I want to see more of her in massage vids, maybe with Mike in a mutual massage would be nice.

thytte Denmark

Fantastic series if you want to compare bodyparts. Sexy?? - nope. And terrible tattoos Thea spent money on. An expensive way to ruin a beautiful body.Floras too.

dmire United States

Alya Alya, your new hair cut is supper sexy. Hope you do a photo shoot alone soon.

Egrise United States

Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika Stunningly beautiful, but rather too static for my taste.

Timo E United States

art? This must be the "art" part.

barrabooka Australia

sculptures Maybe I am being picky but personally I do not like women whose bum cheeks hang down a great deal lower than their pussies when shot from the front. Looks unnatural to me but then I am being pedantic.

KOMET United States

MAIS ALGUMAS PALAVRAS Alya would have been much better shown in this photo series wearing a loincloth. Cast off the pants, Alya!!! Be fully nude and proud.

Smee United States

Coxy and Flora I've always thought Coxy and Flora were delightful, but putting them next to other very pretty models makes me realize just how amazingly attractive they are. That's not to insult Thea, Alya, and Zaika (they are all still beautiful models), but put them next to Coxy in particular, and Flora, and meh..

The Chef Sweden

Erotic Bodyart I like this set. It's fun to see something different than the standard sets. Also it seems the girls are having a fun time too! It's the variety here at Hegre so many of us like. We had a fun moment in my restaurant watching this set. Alya, Coxy and Flora: you rules!

Mark United States

Sculptures What an absolutely fabulous way to show four great female nudes. Beautiful!

jake Netherlands

alya please more series of this fantastic girl

Alya Ukraine

Alya's reply Thank you everybody for fantastic comments.) I think its my destiny to be here again with Petter. He saw me growing from a child. I was always trying to put my nose in to his photo shootings with me as stylist. Couple of years ago I have decided that my passion is photography. But not only this I am artist inside and I always try to torn useful things into my way. You can look my autoportraits later and you will see what I mean) With Love from Alya!

Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika photo session | November 1st, 2012
Alya Coxy Flora Thea Zaika photo session
jake Netherlands

I wassurprised Alya is back please more of her

KOMET United States

FLORA-ZAIKA-COXY-THEA & ALYA ON THE RISE Fully nude and free, the 5 Women reign supreme while the man-beast seeks to curry favor with them all.

Zeppelin Germany

Nice with mistakes - where I come from, the chiefess NEVER wears pants - Coxy's fur destroys symmetry (I don't like it anyway, I admit) - that guy looks too ordinary. I'd rather have Mike

Jash United Kingdom

That was boring as hell! Bring back Flora and Mike!

The Chef Sweden

Humorous Erotica! I think this photosession have a humorous touch. I like it! The girls are sweet and I am convinced that they had fun during the shoot. Erotica can be many things: beautiful, exotic, sexy, sweet and also funny. Everybody have their taste. Its the variety here at Hegre-Art that I like. And all the sweet models. Thank you!

Timo E United States

silly That's just silly. And as a person with some Native American ancestry I'm a bit put off by the "Indian headdress".

Jean-Pierre Luxembourg

RE: Nice with mistakes me too, without being a racist , I prefer Mike who has a dark skin, which will create a srtonger contrast with the girls. And why is alya wearing pants ? Otherwise nice photoshoot and happy to see Alya and Thea back.

wheeler United States

would have been better with the natural background, IMHO. more realstic. Hey Jake! lovely alya is an aquaintance of mine. I'll tell her you miss her! :)

Benno Belgium

Great to see Alya again Wonderful to see Alya again. She is my all-time favorite here. Hope she is back for more ;)

Rick United States

One word, why?

Jacky Germany

Could.... you please tell me the type of weed you guys all smoked when shooting this scene?

Zeppelin Germany

RE: RE: Nice with mistakes I don't care for Mike's ethnical background. He's special, this guy isn't.

Max Australia

Alya yummm Alya still has the finest breasts, its good to see her back but hope to see more of her in front of the camera too. Did anyone notice how aroused these ladies are doing the shoot with a guy? IMHO seeing their erect nipples and red, swollen sex more than makes up for his presence.

simon Switzerland

RE: Could.... I'm gland I'm not the only one that does not understand this setup.

Andreas Norway

Cool I like it. It remindes me a little of Helmut Newtons work. Experimenting is important. Go outside the comfort zone.

Thor United States

Moving off track Who is this guy? Please no more. Nobody on here likes this guy. Stick with Mike. Also, we need more with Mike and Valerie. Those sets are rated highest for a reason. Also, more lesbian scenes included with Valerie would be great and where is our video???

Fract Netherlands

Just awesome! Thea's back. That alone makes my day, nay, whole rest of the year! Add to that that I adore concept-shoots that feel like a jam-session, and I am a happy Fract. Very happy

rixco France

the guy is hot ! ! Hot photos ! => best is the guy, he fits perfectly to the girls ! would like to see more and hotter sessions with him , e.g. with a brown hot ladie ! But why do they do the shot in front of a white wall ? there is so much of pardise behind ! i dream of seeing this hot perfect guy on beach with the girls ! !

Smoky United States

Not a gay site Enough already with putting men in these photoshoots. I subscribe because I love beautiful women. That is what I expect to see in every single gallery on this site. It seems like this site is catering more and more to the few guys who beg to see penises but pretend that they're not gay, they just want "reality". Whatever, bud.

jadar France

great pictures I love the pictures ! The setting is exotic and creative. Also I disagree with Thor's and Zeppelin's comments : I find the guy serves well the 5 women. Mike would attract too much attention on him, whereas this guy fits perfectly well !

jadar756 France

great pictures I love those pictures : the setting is exotic and very creative ! Also I disagree with Thor's and Zeppelin's comments : the guy serves very well the 5 women. Mike would have attracted too much attention on him. We don't need that... Whereas this guy fits perfectly well !

gregou666 France

amazing photo shoot, the light and the setting is outstanding, great cast, beautifull girls, i love the new direction of putting a male model in the setting, this new guy match perfectely in the story. look foward to see more editorials with all of them.

Philippe Greece

Nice Job Nice job, certainly different from other ones. The beautiful bodies of the girls are perfectly highlighted in this "more artistic" shooting. The concept needed a man to serve the girls and this guy was the perfect match.

Philippe Greece

Nice Job Nice job, certainly different from other ones. The beautiful bodies of the girls are perfectly highlighted in this "more artistic" shooting. The concept needed a man to serve the girls and this guy was the perfect match. Great choice.

Alya Ukraine

Alya's reply Thank you everybody for your comments. I am very happy to get back.) I hope you like what I do. Of course it will be different because its totally another experience for me to be on other side of the camera. Is not easy) But I will be happy to hear your comments and get better and better every SHOTS. A lots of Love from Alya.)

ailefroide Belgium

Alya come back. Don't leave !

Alya Valentine | May 12th, 2008
Alya Valentine
JP United States

Sweet Sexy Valentine My favorite image is the 2nd one on the last page. Alya displays her large supple nipples and sexy bush.

daniel eaves United States

Alya is beautiful! Alya has a beautiful body!

Terence United Kingdom

Yet another brilliant gallery of Alya Just occasionally one wonders if there is anything original left to do and then suddenly there she is again. Stunningly original and brilliant technically. Few models could carry it off..but Alya does with her usual grace and style. Is anyone allowed to say whose idea this was? Alya is greatest model on tne far. Slim and graceful is so sexy. Big boobs are such a bore and so poor aesthetically. Important P S. Would greatly appreciate a response to this very genuine appraisal.

Luclaf Canada

Alya beauty Alya is my #2 which is excellent considering the numerous models. She's tiny and delicate which drive me nut. :)

David United States

Alya valentine Alya is wonderful, and one of my favorites. I can't imagine why you chose to go with the sunglasses. I didn't download any of these pictures.

Ortis United Kingdom

Nice and sweet!

lupus Belgium

Great styling! This is not a setting where every model can make a great shoot of, given a great artist as Petter. Alya can handle it all! Thanks!

Pete United Kingdom

Alya Not only does Alya have a great body but those legs go on for ever. I dont normally like unshaven models but Alya looks classy and really sexy

Laurie United Kingdom

Sweetpea-Princess or peasant Tut tut artificial flowers! This beautiful girl is entitled to a fresh fragrant display as a compliment to her alluring feminine charms.

Pete United Kingdom

Where is she Petter, this is a genuine appeal for Alya to return, I have been a custome for over 4 years on and off and we used to get replies from you. Please let us know what has happened to one of your top models??

w m New Zealand

Alya I also like Alya to return as well, as suggested by other members, can we have the courtesy of a reply from someone in hegre-art? Thanks

Jake United States

Never seen a girl with so much stomach hair....would look much nicer without it.

Mark Australia

BEST Alya, Alena I other alias names, most beautiful model no matter what name you use, she is so very beautiful for sure to be one of the most popular, good luck to you Alya and thanks Hegre :)

United States

Love these high heels.

Alya summer time | April 12th, 2008
Alya summer time
JP United States

The Best Alya Has Ever Been I love the outfit and sunglasses on Alya. Her best galleries are the ones like this in which she slowly strips off her clothing, because Alya looks just like those innocent-looking women you see everyday and wonder what they look like without clothes. Wonder No More!

fasteddie United States

alya hmmm be positive eddie! OKay nice slender body and very flexible.. first of all lets ply her with cookies cakes and candies and see what that does a little more of her and then put her in more of a bedroom fireplace setting then lets create shots that do not look like they are stricktly posing i donno do not see alya as an erotic subject yet looking for that break thru session

rnixon United States

Alya All Hail Alya.... Alya Uber Alles!!!!

arcane1217 United States

The sunglasses ruined it, bad choice. Great lighting, great model, come on. It's like having drama with canned laughter. This could have been out of the park.

Tony United States

I like the sunglasses. Makes it look more unplanned. Maybe the woman is more driven by desire to not take them off before the clothes.

lupus Belgium

Great acting of Alya - very great model!

sirstefanofb Australia

Well done Alya.... very 'Yummy'... oh how sweet and succulent those 'taught niples' in pics 1 & 2 on page 4... Mouth watering... and how could I retire for the night without mention of Alya's fantastic clit hood and inner labia... even brigitte was 'attracted' to that aspect... Now, without any intent to be negative, and at the risk of offending J.P. I just have to question, why shave just half the beaver???

daniel eaves United States

Alya is my favorite model! Alya has a great lean body and nice poses!

Franco Italy

The beauty of angels. Some years ago I joined this wonderful site because I had noticed Alya had been here. Nowadays I’ve never forgotten her outstanding charm, only angels have such a kind of beauty and only Alya is so sexy and hot. There are new wonderful models here, no doubt there are hugely gorgeous, Thea, Ira, Olga D, and so on, I’m truly fond of them, but I still appreciate every images of Alya and every her films as the best works of beauty I ever seen. I love her unbeatable grace her outstanding grace and elegance, her slow movement of her fine body, that is her greatness and her perfection. On my point of view this is one of her best series, great performance and she is so smartly dressed in her mini dress and her pink short stocking. Thank you again Alya!

Alya sun goddess | March 30th, 2008
Alya sun goddess
Tony loves Alya United States

Goddess She's the Sun Goddess, the Moon Goddess, and the Goddess of my heart. She is, by far, the most beautiful woman in the universe.

alex United Kingdom

alya always a pleasure to see the divine alya,she is just a spectacular woman.

David United States

Alya sun goddess I understand the theme, but the sunglasses spoiled the set. I love Alya.

JP United States

Sorry Sirstefanofb The bush is back and boy is it beautiful!!

daniel eaves United States

Alya is my favorite! Alya has a nice lean body and poses gracefully!

Milan Sweden

Wow Finally a woman who looks like a woman and not a little girl - i.e. has bush. More bush please Hegre!!!

sirstefanofb Australia

Alya's beauty is beyond compare... with that gorgeous flowing head of hair... A date with my bed, I would gladly share... if only Alya would really dare.

Luclaf Canada

Alya beauty As always, Alya remains in my Top 3. Small perky breast, thinny waist, and petite : this is mainly why I like them. I would prefer no bush, but hey, with Alya beauty, this is a detail. And Alya, you really know how to pose, you're a Pro.

Kevin from London United Kingdom

Alya Picture 21. Look at that clit. How long could you spend licking that?

michael Australia

re alya this girl gives all as amodel perfection cheers

Laurie United Kingdom

Sweetpea Images 1-23 close to aesthetic perfection. Her femininity seductively enhanced by her partially clothed body. Par excellence.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Alya sun goddess Decidedly LOVELY.

United States

I love the high heel shots.

Alya window light | March 6th, 2008
Alya window light
JDD United Kingdom

Incredible Wow, What a gorgeous model - and what a beautiful contrast - her delightful skin, slender physique and the old, tarnished window - perfect - great job... is there a video somewhere in here?

Bob United States

Thank You............More Anya Please

Dave United States

Gawd I love the tummy fuzz!

Dan from Texas United States

Alya You have published some great sets of Alya and they have been spectacular. But this set is truly magnificant! Alya's lines go on forever!

JP United States

Sweet Innocence One of Alya's best sets. Especially enjoyed the fact that she let her bush grow back. Alya was one of the original "natural" beauties on this site. Maybe Sian will do the same.

alex United Kingdom

alya alya always looks fantastic.

sirstefanofb Australia

Great 'Eye-Candy' especially those long limbs and pert nipples. Interesting 'reverse-strip' sequence, starts naked ends clothed. Still hoping that Alya will one day run her razor a little higher and get rid of that 'fuzz triangle'

Luclaf Canada

Alya beauty Gee... what a marvel. I must admit that I have a real problem ranking Alya, Evi and Yanna as #1, #2 or #3. Honestly, their rank depends only on the pic sets. This one is just a bit too dark.

alan United States

ANNA S She is the only reason I am a customer. Can u do more vids of her doing stretching exercises like a gymnist doing the splits.

mc United States

peach fuzz Love the gorgeous sweet blonde peach fuzz around her cute navel.

sirstefanofb Australia

Petter... I think you should give thought to installing a 'Peter Meter' rating so that those of us 'weak of heart' may be forwarned by the 'peter-meter' rating before we open a set.... and bring on a seizure!

daniel eaves United States

Alya is my favorite model! I give Alya a 10 for her beauty!

Laurie United Kingdom

Sweetpea I am wildly excited with this delightful, delectable, delicate creature. Sensitively presented in a great location. Faute de mieux

Alya speaker | February 4th, 2008
Alya speaker
Luclaf Canada

Alya beauty Gee... I always get a headache when to decide which one of Alya, Yanna, or Evi is #1. One sure thing, Alya beauty and feminity is out of this world. Peter, could you do an oily one with Alya ? This would put her in first place.

Bob United States

Love the leopard outfit ! Thank You More Alya Please

lfl United States

Alya She's my favorite of all: so beautiful, those endless legs, ... Thanks for the treat, Petter.

Jim United States

Alya Great set. Wow. Nice colors. Good prop. And Alya is in top form!!

Daniel United States

I love the Alya outfit! More leopards please!

James Hissom United States

Alya Perfect as ever - Alya should be declared a national treasure. If possible, you should do a shoot of her with your new discovery Ira - they would complement each other exquisitely.

lfl United States

one of your best Petter, I just love this set of pictures. It's one of your best to date. I don't know why Alya isn't on the cover of Italian Vogue. She's got that kind of beauty. But I'm glad she models for you.

sirstefanofb Australia

Alya has a fantastic body and really 'does-it' for me... If she would just remove that 'symbolic tuft' then Alya would be Sensational.

Daniel eaves United States

alya by speader Alya has a nice lean figure and she is my favorite model and yanna comes second followed by olga.

Laurie United Kingdom

Sensuous Sweetpea Faultless

DANIEL United States


United States

Love the high heels, more of these shots.

Alya Leopard | January 5th, 2008
Alya Leopard
Sandy United Kingdom

Wow Very pretty.

Bob United States

Yes ! Thank You 4 more Alya

alex United Kingdom

alya alya is such an elegant,beautiful woman.

Jim United States

Alya - Leopard Growwllll. Mmmm. She's so delicate, so beautiful. Great skin. Lovely little breasts. Petter, your last couple of series with Alya have been excellent. Especially the lighting. Brings out the best in her.

akis13 Greece

imagine her shaved

Ted United Kingdom

Alya I agree with Jim. All of the recent Alya galleries have been exceptional. Her rapport with the camera gets better and better.

Luclaf Canada

Alya Beauty She is in my top 3 since years. Peter, could you offer us one set of Alya being oily ?

dax Australia

Wow! Absolutely stunning as ever, just wish Alya would decline from shaving her legs, the combination of tanned skin and peach fuzz is so sexy and feminine! Her body and beauty defies words!!!

JP United States

She's Baaaack! Great to see the legendary Alya again. Her body is so sexy and tight. Love the peach fuzz on her abdomen. Please don't ever shave your bush.

AW United States

so beautiful Incredible, great lighting and she makes you feel like you are there. She has incredibly fuzzy arms and stomach which is so sexy

btrhea_PPxrn United States

Another stunning set from one of the finest women on the planet! Alya is a goddess...I wonder if there's a film of this series??

sirstefanofb Australia

Alya is sensational.... but I would just love to see her smoothly shaven, it seems such a pity to hide her womanly treasures behind that curtain of brush!

Laurie United Kingdom

My precious Sweetpea Alya is a bewitching blend of wide eyed innocence and a very potent sexuality.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Alya leopard 'sirstefanofb' Here's a novel suggestion as to what one can do with that 'brush' CLEAN YOUR TEETH WITH IT.

Alya Heartbreaker | November 30th, 2007
Alya Heartbreaker
Tre United Kingdom

Alya What a Goddess!

Ralph United Kingdom

Incredible delicate beauty and luminous skin. Another great series of Alya.

Jim United States

Alya Nice pics! Real unique beauty. Love the last picture.

alex United Kingdom

alya forever beautiful

gareth United States

a true favorite co-ed! I would have enjoyed living in a dorm with Alya, in school!

Alya black Halloween | October 31st, 2007
Alya black Halloween
Tony loves Alya United States

Happy Halloween Alya is simply amazing. Perfect costume and perfect body. She's been in my fantasies dressed just like this many times.

alex United Kingdom

alya delicious

Justin United States

Trick or Treat Indeed! holy... i admit, not my favorite model ever, but these pics; quite possibly the most erotic i've ever seen one here. she looks like she loved every minute of it too, which just makes it all the more stimulating. phenominal.

Justin United States

And by the way... I can't wait to show these to my girlfriend when she gets home. First of all, this is her favorite holiday. Secondly, she finds this site as erotic as I do. We're going to have some fun with these...

goober United States

Alya Very glad to see that Alya is becoming more explicit in her posings. Her last two sets have been noticeably so and is very much appreciated. She is one of your top models and always has been. Please bring her back as often as possible.

JR United States

ALYA Alya, as always, is fantastic! We can only wait for her to do something wild like AVI or YANNA!

Jack Italy

Alya Poses are always the same , the girl is lovely, but here she is fat, the thing that made her wonderful is that she is lean, i love her shape in sets like "Baroque". in this she look a common girl doing common poses. Sorry if I sound so rude, but Alya is beauty because she is very skinny, and i think she must look always like this.

Voyeur United States

Lovely Perfect breasts, great legs, wonderful poses. Alya looked like she was having fun with this shoot.

Luclaf Canada

Alya Alya posess the most beautiful little breast of all models. Please Peter, will it be possible to do a oily scenario with Alya while laying down ?

Alya white panties | August 17th, 2007
Alya white panties
Alya Lover Tony United States

The Red Chair My favorite red chair is back. Upon it sits the most beautiful girl in the world. I just can't get enough of this woman. There's nothing about her that doesn't do something for me.

Bob United States

Glad to see you back I missed you in July ;)

Franco Italy

wonderful art. Alya, I’m glad to see you again! Every her series is a work of beauty and it means cuteness, elegance and hotness. If art is something which should stir emotion then every her series is a gallery of pure and wonderful art. She is the best!!

Chefe Germany

Alya She`s beautiful. But I`m sorry because she isn`t showing her body like Yanna for example. Maybe she is to shy to show all.

Laurie United Kingdom

Ethereal Sweetpea Incomparable.

Alya green panties | September 3rd, 2007
Alya green panties
Tony loves Alya Puerto Rico

Mr. Right and the chair Petter, if you'll sell me this chair, I feel that it will give me a .000003% better chance of being chosen ny Alya as her Mr. Right. I love this woman and would do anything for her. Please display no fewer than 8 pages of her pictures. 3 pages is just not enough. Marry Me Alya.

Bob United States

Lovely I hope you have every color in the Rainbow !

Justin Abserver United States

it is wonderful to see the wonderful Alya again I wonder how tall she is; she is so much leg and then more (But is that really "green" panties? more yellow, not that it matters at all - as long as they come off....

sirstefanofb Australia

love the face and hair and those delightful petite breasts... not keen on the 'bush' but like her pouting pussy lips...she is a honey

alex United Kingdom

alya fantastic

Alya blue panties | October 4th, 2007
Alya blue panties
sirstefanofb Australia

Delectable Puffies.... fantastic body and hair. love to see her shaven.

Dan from Texas United States

Alya blue panties Alya is fantastic!

Nate United States

Someone please give this young lady a double bacon cheesburger with fries!

justin Observr United States

Al,y,Ahh! she is wonderful in full pose as well as closeups! The curves of her breasts and nipples are so curvaceous and perfectly porportioned. and her legs are so (leggy?) long and svelte.

Jackson United Kingdom

Alya Nobody does it better!

lootgieter France

Yes, Thank You for this another set of fine pics of Alya who stays a real pleasure for the eyes.

DANIEL EAVES United States


mike Ireland

pussy and panty just great

Tony loves Alya United States

Perfection Alya will always be in my dreams. Marry me Alya.

Tony loves Alya United States

Red Chair Alya, for some reason Petter won't sell me this chair. So I went out and found one almost exactly like it. So if you're intersted, I'm applicant #17 on the Mr. Right.

Luclaf Canada

Alya beauty Sweet little thing with the most beautiful little breast I ever saw.

R SMITH United Kingdom

Skinny Models I think she is anorexic,she needs to eat properly for her health.She looks like a Jew that has just been liberated from a concentration camp. Not Nice :-(( GET HELP before you starve to death

Alya apples and bubble | November 17th, 2007
Alya apples and bubble
Jim United States

Intriguing Beautiful lighting. You make her body radiate. A very interesting series. Her body just shimmers. Nice one.

Jack Italy

she was hot This is how to waste a beauty, she was exellent because of her rare lean body, now she is a normal girl whit flat chest and swollen tummy. Anyway smile is sweet.

alex United Kingdom

alya effortlessly beautiful.

Mark United Kingdom

She's beautiful, she smiles, she eats & cute socks. What stands out for me are the lovely back shots, no really I mean her back, so elegant with lovely skin. The detail in your 27MP photos is amazing.

Bob United States

Beautiful as usual !!!!

Tony loves Alya Puerto Rico

Adam and Eve If Eve presented Adam with the apple looking as good as Alya, who could blame him. Alya I would eat your apple anytime.

Otto Austria

Alya Each day a new surprise in culture of photo-art Esthetic, interesting lightning, brillance in quality and so sexy. Alya is among a lot of the best Petter has created ever. I love it.

sirstefanofb Australia

Alya possesses many attributes, and I would prefer to see more of 'The Fruit of Alya' and less 'fruit of the tree'. Thank you for those shots of her gorgeous face, breasts, nipples, hair, and lithe body.... and in those final shots just a few glimpses of Alya's 'shaven lips'.... displaying just a gossamer thin trace of moisture.... More of THAT please Petter!

richard Netherlands

Hmmm....cute, but not quite the direction we were hoping for...what we want to see is Alya Naughty......don't we?.....guys?

Tewo Norway

Oh my God!!! She's got sexy legs! Look at those incredible long and slim legs! She could be on the catwalk with any photo model, and nobody could compete with her fantastic sexy and beautiful shaped legs with smooth young skin and long muscles playing beneath her tight skin. Give us more legs with Alya! And even better; let her wear high heels and sexy black pantyhose stretching all the way from her toes up to her firm and slender bottom. I would gladly let my hands glide very slowly from her ankles up to her tight ass feeling the thin nylon and her smooth skin in my hand. Keep on dreaming, guys!

Harry Germany

Thank you Thank you Alyia, to reinvent oneself

Luclaf Canada

Alya beauty Well ! From this one, I do not know anymore which one I prefer : Yanna or Alya. What a job from Peter. Outstanding picture quality. Please, one set of Alya oily.

Alya brown pantyhose | April 29th, 2007
Alya brown pantyhose
TLOC United States

Attractive face but the body is way too skinny, scary thin...beautiful girl but seems unhealthily thin...not my cup of tea

Dave United States

No the best setup Pantyhose-ick! Alya was so much better in earlier shots. She can pull off the 40's pinup girl poses. Maybe stockings and garters? But pantyhose??? Does anyone find pantyhose attractive???

Igor United Kingdom

beautifully thin - my cup of tea. Initially thought the grotty tights odd choice but a lovely match with her hair and skin colour and v sexy shots.

Franco Italy

My goddess of beauty! Alya has always been my most preferred model. I love her perfect body with her amazing long legs and her fine breast. Me too have to disagree with some opinions upon thinness: her fine figure is a hymn to the female beauty. This series as well as ALYA BAROQUE is plenty of hotness and charm. Thank you!

David United States

Alya brown pantyhose It's always a treat to see Alya. I have to disagree about too skinny. She has a perfect body that I just love. But... of all the things she could have worn, why the awful pantyhose? Thanks, Petter.

Franco Italy

My goddess of beauty! Alya has always been my most preferred model. I love her perfect body with her amazing long legs and her fine breast. Her fine figure is a hymn to the female beauty. This series as well as ALYA BAROQUE is plenty of hotness and charm. Thank you!

Misty United States

Yes, Alya is one of my top 5 favorite models on this site. Beautiful hair color, nice long legs innocent face, I can't wait to see her next series.

Walt United States

This Lady needs to eat more Is she sick?Nice photo shoot,however,what a skinny model..


I'm not fond of pantyhoses, but with this young teen it is worth looking at it.

Alya Lover United States

What?! Hey Walt, shut up. she's perfect. If you want to see whales, go to sea world.

Harry Germany

ONLY ONE WORD: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tom United States

Sick????????? This Lady Alya, she is the optimum of sensual and erotic!!! I wish ALL women would keep themselves as beautiful as this absolute knockout! I LOVE her long slender legs and perfect pussy! Her hips are perfectly curved, and her tummy is flat and smooth as in "angelic" ! SICK???? I think not .... shes the perfect 10!!! YOU GO ALYA!

Steff United States

Alya Wow she is so slender and beautiful. Just what I like!

Alya and Co | June 11th, 2007
Alya and Co
Fishlips1 Netherlands

Very nice set. Alya is hot as always. But who are the other 3 girls?

gareth United States

Alya is the hottest one in the bunch -- her long silky hair, cute ass and slim figure are recognizable, anywhere!

Chief Thunder Germany

OMG! Petter! Where do you find those models? In Bulemic-Clubs??? Open your damn eyes! They are too skinny!!!

Tony Alya Lover United States

It's always Alya Hey fishlips, it doesn't really matter who the other 3 are. They're with Alya, so that automatically adds 5 points to their hotness. Alya is a 15 so she has 5 to spare.

Tony Alya Lover United States

Chief? Thunder? Hey Chief - looking for cows? Try another site. Do a search for "Fat Girls" You'll find Hegre-girls under the search "hottest, most perfect women in the world"

SteveB United Kingdom

it doesn't matter size, shape - the female form is all beautiful... That is why I'm here, and Alya is a favourate

Bob United States

WE need more Alya July is almost over and NO Alya .................PLEASE

BigFan United States

other models Who are the other models in this photo set?

DELEVAQUE Netherlands

third girl from the right of Alya and Co Why did'nt you take pictures of the third girll from the right of these pictures apart (see picture Alya&Co_060607_002s)? She is a very good looking model with something elusive.

DELEVAQUE Netherlands

Alya&Co_060607_002s Sorry, I ment the third girl from the left, my fault.

Pete United Kingdom

Alya Missed this set on its release but Alya looks stunning here and its a shame she does not grace hegre art anymore. Petter can you fix?

Mark United States

Alya and Co. Love my four ladies butt naked in their high heels!! Absolutely beautiful! High heels are the perfect and only accessory that a naked woman needs to wear. Isn't it lovely to see each lady walking naked in their high heels? What a great photo set of the ladies. It is hard to pick between this one and Fourplay as to which is my favorite. Each lady needs to be thanked again for creating four great nude photo shoots plus the terrific film. Each are wonderful contributions to this site and each are beautiful and artistic nudes. There is so much violence portrayed in the media and you each have added your contribution to making the world a more sensual and beautiful place. Great work ladies!

Alya baroque | February 3rd, 2007
Alya baroque
Franco Italy

The best of the best! I’ve always been fond of Alya: I feel you can find emotions a lot in every her image. She has the most perfect body I’ve never seen and furthermore her elegance and grace make her performances in both photo series and films the best ones you can find everywhere and, now, I feel Alya Baroque probably is the best series of her archive. I loved her long legs and her hot white stocking in “Alya baroque” film, and now too. Her legs are always amazing (I’ve never seen as long and perfect legs as yours) and her huge skill in modelling as well as high resolution of photos perhaps make this series the hottest and sweetest of Alya’s collections.

Norman Hull United States

Alha baoque Her best series yet-pure seduction. Bravo

alex United Kingdom

alya alya is so sexy,great set of pictures.

magnet Germany

i bother about the internet´s stocking fet sites: those 80s mid-fat mid-attractive British "Ladies" are so NOT sexy! if there were more such lovely, slender girls - photographed so perfectly in more variations of stockings... you probably could run another hegre site specialized in lingerie and stuff - that´s what many many wait for... I at least would pay and join ;)

g man United States

Alya A very nice series and a really hot model.

graham New Zealand

After a tedious procession of mundane models it was a reliefto seee Alya. Even better was she has come to present her sexuality in a truly erotic manner. I hope we wrll see more of her in this mood. I suggest you show her pictures to some of your other prissy misses.

Alya Lover United States

Perfection There is no other model on any other site that can hold a candle to this woman. I want to buy prints from this set, but can't find any purchase info. Peter, please advise.

Tony Alya Lover United States

Prints Peter, I'm serious here. I really want some prints from this set. Just tell me what I have to do. Maybe you could offer them through ebay or amazon. What ever, just let me buy some prints of this beautiful woman.

btrhea_PPxrn United States

Alya at her finest! INCREDIBLE!!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Alya baroque Another beautiful girl beautifully photographed. Tony,you obviously have an eye for beauty but don't worry, "some day her 'prints' will come'.

Alya zebra | March 4th, 2007
Alya zebra
alex United Kingdom

alya alya always looks fantastic.

^Tup Canada

A Keeper Very nice sweet and beatiful...your a keeper in my books

Julian United States

These photos are exellent. Alya is amazing as ever.

dw Australia

Alya zebra I am pleased to see this lovely young lady has put on some weight. It has made all the difference to her. She looks beautiful and should keep it on, and maybe even a bit more. Thoroughly enjoy the Site.. an Island of class in a sea of crass. Cheers Don

Norman Hull United States

Alya Wow! She really likes the camera and is learning to play to it very well. She is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

gareth United States

wow... sometimes Alya strikes me more than others... this time is a definite WINNER! I'm completely taken by her beautiful eyes and long hair, in this layout. Not to mention her lovely physique and perfect breasts. Alya's body is absolutely slammin' in this gallery! I don't know if she's been tanning, working out (nice round butt), or what but WOW she's hot, today!

Andrew Cayman Islands

I have to agree, Alya is fantastic in this gallery. What's her phone number again?

Harry Germany

Alya Oh my goodness!! She is really the only dream of my sleepless nights!!!!

Alya stockings | March 27th, 2007
Alya stockings
Norman Hull United States

Alya Wow! I look forward to each and every offering you have with her. She is really special and seems to be totally enjoying her flirtation with the camera.Thanks for sharing.

randy United States

LEGS Has anyone got more incredible legs?! And the space between the thighs! And the perfect labia!

Pete United Kingdom

Barbie legs Alya has definately grown on me since you started to shoot her Petter and I think she has become one of your top models. With legs just like a Barbie doll, a great tan and a sumptuous pussy she now has lots of confidence and oozes sensuatlity. Thanks Alya for sharing your great body

lamoid United States

Alya Stockings God, I hate stockings. The first ten photos would have been nothing short of amazing if Alya was nude and in high heels.

Alya Lover Tony United States

Stupid people Lamoid - If you see a set labeled stockings, don't view it and we won't have to read any of your dumb comments. Alya is always amazing.

Tewo Norway

Extreme legs! Alya has the longest and most sexy legs I have ever seen. She is amazing, and she is the perfect pantyhose model with her long slim legs with her tight and firm bottom. These pictures are the best on this site, and I just adore her in pantyhose. The close-ups showing the nylon structure stretching around her perfectly shaped legs are stunning. More pantyhose pictures with Alya, please!

Alya solid red | April 15th, 2007
Alya solid red
Norman Hull United States

Alya Absolutdely beautiful. She seems to be having more fun with the camera and much more comfortable with her body. Very nice series. Thanks for sharing.

alex United Kingdom

alya alya is just beautiful as always.

Julian United States

Impressive. Alya is hot,the bright red colors are an excellent choice as well. Keep up the good work.

Tony Alya Lover United States

My God I'm not a religious man, but only a devine entity could have created this piece of heaven on earth. Marry me Alya!!!!

Tony Alya Lover United States

Prints Peter - there are a few shots from this set that I would like to buy prints of. Please let me know what I have to do.

Harry Germany

Alya... Live can be so beautiful!!!!!

Alya showerama | May 11th, 2007
Alya showerama
alex United Kingdom

alya fantastic,alya is always delicious.

Luc Canada

Alya Oh well... what can I say ? She's really one of my top 3 ! Outstanding beauty.

Franco Italy

Thank you Alya! Thank you for this new Alya’s series: she always is gorgeous, stunning, charming, hot, perfect and so on. I’m always in the trouble to explain my warm feeling about this angel of beauty. A part her beauty and perfect body I’ve noticed she always is able to maintain her grace and elegance in every her image as well as in her hottest photos. Nice to see you again Alya, and thank you for this wonderful pleasure.

Dan United States

Why so messy :P

Ralph United States

Always a pleasure It is always a pleasure to admire Alya. This gallery was excellent. Any chance the next gallery of Alya can involve nude sunbathing so she can lose the tan lines?

Misty United States

Nicely Done What else can you say about Alya? It is wonderful how someone so innocent in demeanor can pull off such seductive pictures. Only a handful of girls on this site can do that with Vika being the best, however Alya is a close second.

dennis United States

More of Alya Please, I would like very much for this beautifully thin woman to model in white lingrie. Prefere stockings,garter belt or merrywidow with stockings. Or, any lingrie too. She is a superior model among the group.

Giuseppe Italy

110 e lode! Grazie Alya per queste splendide foto. Sei TROPPO FIGA!!!

steven kanor United States


Tony Alya Lover United States

Passion and Beauty Steven is absolutely nuts. Alya has more screen personality in her little toe than most women have at all. Yes, she is beautiful from the neck down, and from the neck up as well. Of course more light would be better. We want to see every detail of this lovely creature, and the more close-ups the better. More Pictures, more films, more Alya.

Bob United States

WE need more Alya July is almost over and NO Alya .................PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!!!!!

Alya Lover Tony United States

Ya! You tell him Bob. More more more.

btrhea_PPxrn United States

Breathtaking! Alya is SO HOT in this series! Well done...

dipstick United States

Alya Alya is a strikingly beautiful woman, but I would like to see some close ups of her (pardon my French)anus. When I gaze at a stunning woman, I want to enjoy/worship every single atom of her lovliness.

Boris Australia

Absolutely spectacular in every way. More landscape views would be nice. The reason I joined Hegre` and worth every cent.

Alya piano | February 18th, 2007
Alya piano
alex United Kingdom

alya i just love alya,she is effortlessly beautiful.

Igor United Kingdom

Yay - your best girl AND in a striptease.

Bruce United States

Alya I think she should be moved onto the top 20 list

Ted Canada

Alya's Eyes Alya is so slim and yet still so shapely and she exudes a wonderful seductive sensuality. I love her hair and face, and her eyes are to die for, especially when examining them at 6000pxls. A truly beautiful woman, and crystal clear photoography. Thanks, Petter.

Ralph United States

Legs I was not a big fan of Alya, but I cannot deny that this girl has the most incredible pair of legs. She also gives Naomi serious competition in the "best butt" department. I'll have to move Alya up in the rankings.

gareth United States

strip tease only thing better than tease layout would be to see her actually perform!

Pete United Kingdom

Orgasmic Wow, Alya gets better everytime and I think she is a real chalenger to Yanna. She has a great slim body, gorgeous long legs, a really seductive smile and a wicked pussy. Pic 2 on Page 6 can only be described as orgasmic!!

jimmy United States

Alya is top 5 Alya is easily one of the top 5 girls at Hegre. Just gorgeous. I absolutely love her tight slender figure, and her ass is just perfect.

dave Australia

Stunning Alya Alya is pure erotic perfection - she takes my breath away.

Dave A. United States

alya For the record...Alya is WAAAY hotter than Yanna.

btrhea_PPxrn United States

Yeah, definitely hotter than Yanna. Not even close. Alya is gorgeous. Her legs and her tiny waist just knock me out every time.

United States

Really love the shots with high heels.

Alya super model | December 2nd, 2006
Alya super model
richard gerhardt United States

I'm so sorry Hi I'm so sorry that your wonderful website will not make it much longer. It is because you have put the most beautiful lady on the planet here and in such a way as to out-do any other photos ever. The reason you will not make it is cause everyone on earth will want to download her photos and the bandwidth will be too expensive for you. Imagine everyone on earth downloading these pics! She's just too beautiful! Maybe try a few not-so-good looking women for a while to compensate? that's my idea. In all seriousness Alya is just wonderful and I hope you can tell her that. She is one lady who can simply just make a person fall in love with her instantly just with a look or a photo or an expression. Whatever you NOT do a full week of her photos anytime soon! You would instantly attract 100 million new members and maybe couldn't handle that much business. Unless of course you would wish to give me my wish...I want to see a full week of photos of Alya! Oh YES! This would be my words to Alya if there is any way for her to see these words. "Hello darling Alya: I thank you for your kindness and of course for your willingness to pose for the camera. What you give to me/the world is more then wonderful and I wish to let you know that you are appreciated and cared for very much. You are a very special lady and you instill love and admiration to many. It's not just because you are beautiful or because you show your beauty to people. It is because you give to us the gift of your time and effort. You give the best of yourself and you should be proud and happy in knowing that what you do is such a great thing. I am thankful that you are so kind. Not everyone is so kind as you to be sure. So I guess this simply makes you special. Thanks again Alya! Richard Gerhardt

btrhea United States

ALYA Alya has such a statuesque beauty. Her body is absolutely gorgeous. I won't mind if you want to just give us more of her every week, Petter! Thanks!

fasteddie United States

delectable, irresistable, alya longlegs i like her yum yum

ben United States

best ever alya and i love just alya what a figure wow wheeeee

Joe Spalone United States

so PURE. Alya is so sensual in her presence

Pete United Kingdom

Slim Long Legs I agree with Richard that because you find some extraordinarily beautiful women othter very attractive ladies pale into insignificance. Alya is one of those women where it is hard to comprehend her stunning figure, tantalizing tits and the luscious log legs. Thanks Alya and I would not object to a full week of your great slender body

Franco Italy

Alya, the greatest supermodel. If you see Alya, you will be full of admiration for this stunning beauty. She shows her grace in each her image and you cannot avoid to be fond of her.

Alya red wrapping | December 19th, 2006
Alya red wrapping
Franco Italy

Goddess of Beauty At the end of last week I joined again the site and to be honest the main reason was Alya. Since the first time I had noticed this angel on the web I have been fond of her, I feel she is a stunning beauty with the finest and sexiest body and a great skill in modelling. Now in this new series and once again she shows an amazing mix of sweetness and hotness I really have to thank for that wonderful art of images.

btrhea United States

MORE??? That which is here is fantastic. Seriously, some of Alya's most erotic photos...I just wish there were about 5 more pages!!

bryan United States

Alya negative space What's more beautiful, the beguiling Alya or the neegative red space in these photos! I can't get enough of these photos. Beautiful photos.

Tony Alya Lover United States

Answer What a simple riddle Bryan. Nothing is more beautiful than Alya. Peter - Get back to me on some prints.

Luclaf Canada

Alya beauty Here, her beauty is impossible to beat. Only Yanna and Evi could approach her. Sad thast Peter did not take more pics of Alya laying down. Maybe an oily set next time ?

Alya windy | August 8th, 2006
Alya windy
Gregory United States

Fan This beautiful woman blocked by this black ugly fan. Get a more powerful fan so it can be taken out of the picture. Rating -8

Pete United Kingdom

Alya Great long legs, love the tights and the tits and nice to see a neatly shaved pussy. Mmm! More of Alya

Y. Lootgieter France

Thank You for these wonderful photographs. Alya, like Naomi, is really very beautiful.

hotphotoz United States

OMG Gregory...the fan is a prop and serves it's purpose well. I'm sure Petter has a large fan. If I'm correct, you also had a problem with a chair a few sets back. The world of photographic art would be dull and mundane if you were its artistic director.

Tewo Norway

Perfect pantyhose model! Alya is the most perfect pantyhose model on earth! Just look how the sexy pantyhose is stretched tight around her fabulous and exiting legs. Nothing is more sexy than thin nylonhose on long, slim and nicely shaped legs. And the high quality photos makes it possible to zoom in and see the structure of the nylon on the smooth skin. More close-ups would be even more exiting and make me feel like kissing and smelling her legs wearing the thin and smooth pantyhose. Please let Alya wear more stockings and pantyhose!

Alya water fountain | August 21st, 2006
Alya water fountain
Dan United States

Alya water fountain Alya has never looked so beautiful or desirable than she does in this series of wonderful photos! She is magnificent!

Fredrico Portugal

Let's celebrate Alya Celebrating Alya for a whole week is an excellent idea, and with this start my expectations are sky high. Can't wait till tomorrow... an Alya HDV film!!!!!

"G" United States

Nice job Petter...a very pretty young lady too!

btrhea United States

ALYA I must agree with Dan below. Alya has never looked hotter than in this series! She seems to get more and more attractive as the months go by. Stunning. Those longs legs and that tiny waist drive me CRAZY!

CB United Kingdom

Picture 13 There is a God, surely I am in heaven? Look at her amazing body in pic 13! - perfection, unbelievable! I could sit here for the rest of the evening looking at that one picture....ahhh....

Alya Lover United States

Love your job. Peter, you always seem to capture her best side. Of course, Alya doesn't have a bad side. Marry me Alya.

Dave A. United States

Definitely her best gallery to date...BRAVO !!

Alya turquoise bikini | August 22nd, 2006
Alya turquoise bikini
randy United States

Ayla It's those incredibly long legs and the space between the thighs! Incredible!

ben United States

very hot

btrhea United States

ALYA Alya week!!! AWESOME! Just give us a Caro week, and I'll be a happy camper. Thank you, Petter!

Tony loves Alya United States

Alya Forever Hey Petter, How about an Alya month, or better yet an Alya Decade.

Alya 'Sovietski-Blue' | August 23rd, 2006
Alya 'Sovietski-Blue'
ben United States

sweet !

Rudolf E. Reinhard Switzerland

Alaya I love the skinny girls!

Alya palace staircase | August 24th, 2006
Alya palace staircase
richard gerhardt United States

alya should be close hi I would not give a negative feedback on this site but ummm..well...she's too far away. The scenery here is cool and a few shots of that would be cool but hey it's ALWAYS the lady who should be in focus cause that's what we all want to see. btw...the backgrounds used in all sets on this site are really great...not dissing anything there. so here is the thing that I would request as a humble member...plz do some good close-up photos of alya with her arms and body covered in baby oil. Hot oil Alya stretching would be a good name for the set. She is great btw. The perfect woman anyone in their right mind could imagine. Love ya petter and your good kind work too. Richard Gerhardt

ben United States

alya in history my grand father was master craftsman from germany and could do great works like the amazing staircase shown but he and i as well would also marvel at the svelt and natural beauty of alya a befitting subject to adorn the such fine carved wood stair case alya as always and "the photographer" very very nice work i especial appreciate how hard it would be to balance the suject and the staircase. I love the nuance here of something historical and alya's freshness.. evocative to me in a sense ....history is brought forward to the current and made relavant in alya... sometimes art and craftsmanship are found and beauty discovered and sometimes they are combined in art.. my compliments to the artist..."the photographer

Joe Bob United States

I think you should have two separate websites. One for nudes and one for architecture. Then members can decide which ones they want to join.

Glenn United States

Alya Palace Staircase The architecture of this palace is awe-inspiring, and it creates a unique view of sweet Alya, who poses in a place of ancient and enduring beauty. But I'm really more interested in Alya- the proportions of the last 2 shots are more pleasing.

Jon Australia

Alya palace staircase These photographs are surreal. We're going beyond just looking at beautiful naked women here. These photographs are art.

Walt United States

the stairs are the subject This is stupid,the stairs are the subject and the nude model is the background


Alya Schloßtreppe Absolut great idea, super shot !!!

Mike Switzerland

Kulisse Wunderschön wie sich Alya in dieser Kulisse auszieht und uns auf dem letzten Bild ihre tolle Brust präsentiert...

Alya old cars | August 25th, 2006
Alya old cars
Jimmy United States

Hot Bottom It doesn't matter what the setting is - Alya is absolutely stunning. Love her slender frame and hot little bottom.

Rocky Mountain Man United States

Alya When "new" meets "old" great things happen!

Til France

Alya more…off all Native alliage of smoothness and angelness… nat is definitely "sublime" and lovable

Tony United States

Alya Alya is the reason I joined this sight. I hope she continues modeling for you. Maybe one day I'll get the chance to meet her. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Maybe once I've seen all of her pictures I'll look at a few of the other women on your sight. Thank you so much for photographing her so well.

Dave A. United States

Alya is the true focus of this set,unlike the staircase set, where there are not enough close-ups to do her justice. A brilliant piece of photo journalism !!

daniel eaves United States

Alya is my favorite! I always look forward in seeing Alya pose in front of the camera!

DANIEL United States


Alya before a shower | August 26th, 2006
Alya before a shower
Tony United States

Alya How about some pictures during the shower.

Tony United States

Thanks That didn't take long. Now how about some pictures of her shaving her perfect legs and or course that wonderful area between them.

Alya fallen ballerina | August 27th, 2006
Alya fallen ballerina
ben United States

she has the cutest lil butt !!!

Adam (Xmega Aerospace C.E.O.) United States

Very Beautiful! Alya has many beautiful features! Her tall slim frame is very beautiful! I like to see her bone structures which gives her beautiful looks. I find her slim frame and her face very very attractive!! All of Alya is beautiful!!!

DANIEL EAVES United States


David Switzerland

A wonderful woman. An absolut perfect Body (could not be better!). And supernice Pics ! Congratulation ! I agree with Daniel, I love women like Olga and Alya without any fat (reduced to the max! Sex pure), I like to she the bones!!!

Til France

I love U in LVIV Same there

DANIEL United States


Alya view of Lviv | July 19th, 2006
Alya view of Lviv
Sean United States

Those first 6 almost look like my Google Earth maps on full zoom. Were you shooting postcard pics for their chamber of commerce before Alya showed up? lol

Rick United States

Alya in Lviv The cityscape photos were extremely interesting. Living in the U.S., we do not get too many opportunities to see a rooftop view of an Eastern European city. I spent alot of time with them; it was fascinating. Shoot must have been around noon judging from the short shadows!

ben United States

alya They background of lviv is excellent the model is outstanding but (i know i can stand prosperity) the glasses suck she does have a nice body though yummy

CAMBOU Satellite Provider

I was just... ...wandering if you plan to deliver some other picts of her. And if you plan a movie, come to me for the music!!!

btrhea United States

ALYA! Alya is slowly, but surely, becoming one of my favorite models on this site. I believe this is her best series yet, but it's way too short!

Rick United States

Alya rooftop Alya has a special quality. In one image her long, long, slender leg seemed to never end. Beautiful abs with blonde downey hair surrounding her gorgeous navel. And exquisite little nipples. She is right up there with Yanna for beauty and physical fitness. Marvelously slender beauty.

TIl France

What a living Lviv I love Lviv. Just for now or for …dis curious livin' love on Lviv. What a lovely livin' vilv vulvia livin' in Lviv. Her nice sweet vulvia livin' on the top of Lviv.

timatits United States

Alya in the City What a fun series. Alya has some serious competition for our attention and having several shots of the city without her whets our desire for the comparison. At first in looking at the small collection of poses the photographs are reminiscent of what we might try, should we have a woman like Alya in our lives and we were otherwise alone on this sunny rooftop. “Hey, Honey, get naked and let me take some pictures of you up here. Come on; they will be great.” But with some thought you have clues as to why Petter composes photos far in excess of our talents (and he always has girls like Alya with him!). Yes Alya, like our imagined partner, is excited, with her small nipples swollen hard. The photos are taken quickly; the lines from her panties still indent her skin above her hips. And she has few props for posing, just the edge of the building. But by setting the depth of field shallow Petter takes the old city that we saw so clearly in the first seven photographs out of focus for Alya’s nudes. And this makes her pictures come alive. The blurred background becomes a collage of colours, shapes, and shadows against which lovely Alya’s body is a solid, sharp contrast. She competed for my attention with a beautiful city of a perfect day—and she won!

zolo Hungary

i like the city's pictures too, even without girl. btw it would be great if you make some photo about viewings in Travel Reports. You may add pictures later too. But it is just an idea.

coolgrey Austria

Compliments Alya view of Lviv is one of the greatest shot-series I ever have seen. Proceed please with such!

David United States

Alya view of Lviv I would instantly join a site like this with just pictures of Alya every day. Oh, those amazing legs, those slender thighs! Their beauty is incomparable. Amazing hair, wonderfully full lips, the cutest breasts ever (including those adorable, enlarged nipples), perfect, flat tummy, beautiful hands, long, delicate arms... what a goddess!

Alya Lover Tony United States

Frsh air and Natural Light We really need more pictures of Alya outside. She's too beautiful to be trapped inside all the time. Take her to the beach or maybe on a motorcycle.

Petrus Poland

I,ve just come back from Ukraine and Lviv. Very nice set: exceptionaly beautifull girl in the most beautifull town of Europe

Four play | May 24th, 2006
Four play
Drooler United States

Hoping for more of "Alena," as she's known on some sites -- with the reddish brown hair, small breasts and heavenly backside -- solo. Thanks.

Dan Guerra United States

Four play Great Gallery! Four fantastic beauties! Great shots! What a feast of beautiful delights!

david United Kingdom

four play cute girls together. it would be great to see them doing gymnastics naked

timatits United States

Groups Petter has had some fun in recent months by putting multiple girls together in his sets. The contrasts among the girls featured that the photos bring out are subtle and that is what I like about these series. Compare this to the set on April 25th with Anna, Juliya, and Nelly. Both sets have girls that are similar among themselves in terms of the style they present, their physical traits, and the assertion in the poses. That is what makes the combos work. Had the contrasts been sharper among the girls then the subtle beauty of their soft distinctions would not have been as clear. Bravo, Petter! As I examine the individual members among their like-others each girl actually has us searching for, and easily finding their personal beauty—and the photos bring this out because of their position against another similar nude. If you thing these girls, or the ones in April, look too much alike, just look more closely. Comment two. The derriere shots in this and the April 25 series are quite fun. A wholly different perspective. Not quite my favorite, but it is a very nice tease!

jovandus Belgium

4-in a- row its good to see girl in this way. jovando

Mark United States

Four play This photo set is pure nude artistry!! This is why the female nude is the most beautiful creation!! What great poses, eye contact, facial expressions and use of the stool to create such great nudes! Each of these lovely ladies is to be congratulated as they have each contributed to creating such beautiful nude art. Please let each of them know that they have been a part of creating something very beautiful and that their work is appreciated.

Four faeries | September 25th, 2006
Four faeries
Tony Alya Lover United States

Theory I have a theory on the other 3 women in this set. They don't really exist, they are just part of Alya's imagination.

Mark United States

Four Fairies True nude art! The combination of these ladies really works and creates great nude images. The beauty of four nude women working as one in putting their lovely forms together like a puzzle to create a beautiful picture. Just a wonderful, artistic set!

Alya green fashion | May 28th, 2006
Alya green fashion
bebel United States

alya beautiful girl-would be unbelievable if shaved !!!!

randy United States

Ayla Stunning! The long legs. The wonderful space between the thighs! Standing in the heals let's you appreciate this incredible body. Thanks Petter! (Don't shave.)

Pete United Kingdom

Alya Wonderful long legs, a superb arse and wow a slender waist and figure. Alya is a beatiful woman so why doesn't she smile a bit more?

Scott United States

Ayla Very classy "Green Fashion" shot. Outright heavenly, unshaven or not, she is perfection.

Richard United States

Alya Green Fashion The brilliant shade of green; even the details of the fabric, combined with Alya's chestnut hair color and the medium tone of her skin was in total a masterful mix of elements. Great work. And a wonderful, statuesque beauty.

Philip, Colorado, USA United States

Alya What green dress?

Sandy United Kingdom

Alya You ring my bell big time, more erotic poses and settings please like Yanna.

LFL United States

Alya Green Fashion This young women is sublimely beautiful. Her legs take my breath away. I'd love to see 6000 pixel images of Alya from the waist down, standing in 5" high-heeled mules, legs straight, together at ankles and knees, shots from front sides and back. I would never tire of closeups of her legs. Also a photo shoot like four_girls_sleeping_95_6000, but of Alya alone would be amazing. Caro's your other model I'd like to see in similar poses.

Eddie United States

fantastic a beautiful woman, with the proverbial legs up to her chin. Bravo for the pictures in heels, i'd like to see more of them rather than the vast majority barefoot as you generally do.

Alya Lover Tony United States

Legs from the ground all the way to Heaven Just trying to correct your proverb Eddie. Legs from the ground all the way to Heaven. Think about it.

Thierry France

meeting in air I now know who is that pretty girl sitting beside me on an Ukrainian Airline flight from Paris to Kiev May,the 22nd 2007. One of my best flights...Thank you Alya

ardunbye United Kingdom

Alya green fashion As beautiful and sexy a set as I've seen.

DANIEL United States


Alya black panties | June 14th, 2006
Alya black panties
sd United States

Alya finally, a woman with some bush..

paul United States

vbariety Please rotate between skinny girls and girls with more stature. Someone there likes skinny girls and that's ok but a lot of us Americans have been changed by Jennifer Lopez! Thank you, Paul

Christopher D. Sorensen United States

comments In these photos Alya is very seductive. However, her body type is not what I am attracted to. I prefer women that are fill out their structure. I do thank her for her confidence and inate beauty.

btrhea United States

ALYA As an American who likes those skinny European girls, I would like to say, keep them coming Petter! Thank you!

Rick Lazenby United States

Alya Black Panties Described by Hegre-Archives as "marvelously skinny", and that is aptly succinct. I absolutely adore the "skinny" ones. Muscle, bone, cuts, ridges, curves. Not as hardbody as Yanna but just as wonderful in her sweet alluring way. Love this girl.

Riddler Japan

Happiness is... Alya in 6,000 pixels. What a lovely girl!

tony thompson United States

aIlya I would love to have a DVD of Alya. I have a modem and can't download big files without problems and it takes up to six hours.

Alya Lover United States

THE CHAIR Peter, I want to buy this chair. Name your price. Alya has been featured in this chair 3 times now, that makes it priceless. We'll talk about the bed later. Marry me Alya!!!!!!!!!

Alya All-star | May 10th, 2006
Alya All-star
Drooler United States

Alya This girl is magical. Hoping for lots more of her.

David United States

Alya All-star I am in love! Alya has the most beautiful body I have ever seen! We need a new Alya gallery at least five times per week! She is so wonderfully, perfectly, breathtakingly skinny! She is my dream woman! Oh, those slender, firm legs. They are the world's best!!!! Those long, perfect, graceful, delicate arms. That flat, unbelievably perfect tummy! And what a cute belly button!!!! Is there a cuter belly button anywhere in the world. Absolutely not. It would be a crime for her to have it pierced or changed in any way. I love it. I love it! OK... I can't wait any longer to write about the good stuff. Alya's breasts are so pretty and cute and perfect. She must be so proud of them. I love them more than I can describe. And then, as I lower my glance to Alya's pelvis, I see the most incredibly attractive pussy. What a wonderful, inviting, womanly, awesome-looking pussy!!!!!! Not only that... for Alya's pussy to be located between the most attractive thighs of any woman on earth is to good to be true. What a sweet, exotic, captivating face. I can only imagine kissing such full, attractive lips, while touching Alya's silky, luxurious brown hair. Thank you, Petter, and thank you, Alya, for the privilege of viewing these pictures! Alya, you are my dream woman.

Daniel United States

Alya All-star Alya is Absolutely Beautiful!

Jack United States

Alya All - star Page 1- picture from top , 1! in second row is the best from whole photo sesion . 10 + ! This is - pure beauty ! Bravo !

Gigi Canada

skinny This girl is too skinny. Is she sick ?

Randy United States

This is an incredible set of a woman with incredible legs! Her high waist emphasizes her long legs and the space between her thighs is beautiful-not to mention the perfect lips. More of Alya!

Pete United Kingdom

Alya Alya is certainly a beauty, with a gorgeous slim body and superbly trim arse. Why then did those knickers keep reappearing? Lets see alot more of her wonderful body.

Four girls sleeping | April 26th, 2006
Four girls sleeping
Jason Portugal

Excellent Pictures I absolutely like your pictures including "the four sleeping nudes". Of the beginning 6000 pixels of the models, you have the nicest models in the world. You have the intelligence of choosing the best camera that is clearer than the real thing. To me, these pictures are MANY times better than going to a strip club, because the lightening is very poor there. I am very very happy. I can afford and I am willing to pay extra for this product. I know you may not have 6000px every single time all of the time. But please do not drop the 6000px. I am worried that if you switch managers or policies at your company, you may not have these pictures. Please make me an OFFER so I can continue to have these pictures as much frequent as possible and for upcoming years.

Adam United Kingdom

Good use of 6000 I really like this shoot - 4 very cute girls, quite similar at first glance but the 6000 detail really shows differences at the intimate level. I'm off for a closer look.....

jr Germany

marvellous pictures I wonder if you could tell me which girls are seen in this photo shot?

Kristoffer United States

Wow Dude.

Randy United States

Incredible look at the female form! Who are the models?

Tomchik United States

This is a really microscopic set that shows no blemishes other than the human kind on the darling ladies in study. Adorable!

dyslectric United States

OMG, what beautiful women! What could be better than one Hegre Girl? Four Hegre Girls! I've got double diplopia.

timatits United States

The Best Art his Year There is some serious art here. This goes beyond what we see the day before in terms of being a group for naked girls. These photos use (sorry about that term, models) the girls to create both symmetry and contrast in a geometric presentation. Some of this is human art-deco--sweeping curves, smooth edges, and proportion that pull us to the edges of the photographs. On one hand the face and feet shots are just as dis-embodied as the torso shots, but they are the opposite of the simple symmetrical shapes of torsos because of their complexity. On the other hand the biggest challenge to the geometric simplicity the torso photos is the contributions of the girls’ mostly shaven pubis. The results are simple geometric lines—a simplicity of the mons pubis that create the same smooth curves as the hips and waist. But depending on the observer’s sexual preference. we can have very different responses to those lines. And when we are taken back to the faces and feet we see a different type of contrast—and the effect is clearly different again depending on our sexual preferences. This is gallery stuff!

Pedro Netherlands

Close-up Oh yes, my prayers have been answered, a close-up. Seriously, close-up's and the ultra-resolution make this set surreal.

Terry Olinger United States

Erotic with a capital E!

Tony United States

Alya Sleeping The title says four girls sleeping, but I only see one. Alya is perfect in any position.

wildwoodweed United States

stimulating In pictures 26 and 30 its obvious that the blonde model (who is she BTW?) finds something very *stimulating* about this shoot. I'm guessing its the proximity of her fellow models, but that could just be me.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Four girls sleeping If THEY are sleeping, why am I in a 'Dream World'? Can you take my order ,please? I'll have 4th Left, 2nd Right, 3rd right and 1st left. That's all, thank you.

Paulus Indonesia

awesome feet I wish that every model have a feet close up photos, because feet are part of the body, right ?

4 girls undressing | June 28th, 2006
4 girls undressing
David United States

4 girls undressing Once Alya's panties came off, I went straight for the 6000 px option! I would be very happy if you just Alya as your model every day. She is an angel. How could she possibly be so beautiful? I love her full, luscious lips. Her skin is flawless. Her hair is amazing. It's so pretty. Alya has the sexiest thighs ever! The real measure of a woman's beauty is slender, attractive thighs. And finally, Alya's pussy is beautiful, adorable, sexy and simply wonderful. For her to have such an incredibly attractive pussy between such breathtaking thighs is a joy to behold.

Larry Machula Canada

NAMES What are names of other girls, besides Alya

Steven United Kingdom

Four girls undressing I agree, Alya is beautiful but equally so are the other three. Who are they so we can find them in your collection? S

Randy United States

4 Girls Undressing Alya is amazing! Look at how long her legs are in Set 3! A fun set, Petter.

Pete United Kingdom

Alya David, fully agree with your commnets, Alya is the star her but the girl far right as we look at the pics as a great body, who is she?

Riddler Japan

Ballerina? Ever since I read Petter's travel report, saying that Alya has a "ballerina body," I am curious if she is in a ballet world. I would be grateful that someday Alya will do a ballet scene i.g. Little Mermaid,Sleeping Beauty etc. in full nudity. It will surely attract Alya's enthusiasts, doesn't it?

timatits United States

Variations Petter’s multi-girl shoots are always fun for compare-and-contrast. They show us the different ways in which woman can be alluring in “side-by-side” comparisons. In this series we see this variation in their sensuousness, and we see why woman can be attractive in any stage of dress. The first set of variations is in how we can be stimulated in four very different stages up undress. On page one we see great colour contrast among the models as they are stunningly dressed. Contrast the photos of them topless and then when they have lost all of the colours of the clothing except their panties. Finally, in the last dozen photographs only the flesh tones provide variation. While the clothing variations disappear, and with it their bright colours and styles, the girls emerging nudity gives us a new set of variations that are greater than what we saw when they were wearing their colourfully different outfits! The first two photos on the bottom of the second page show this best. Although there are no large breasts among the woman, the variation in breast shapes as they hang on their chests, in the size and colouor of the four pair of aureole, and the shape and erectness of their nipples show the wide range of different combinations that this range of breasts have to offer. Below the waist it is the same. Look at the variation in ways the girls “wear” their labium majora and minor when facing Petter’s camera and in the shapes of the derrières when they turn their backs (ignoring us after such a sensuous stripping). How can anyone say there is an ideal woman when even this small sample of rather similar girls shows such lush variety? When we fixate on one body type or a specific person, a photo series such as this asks us: Could / should you really spend your life with only one woman, no matter how alluring, whey such wonderful and endless variations are out there to be experienced?

Steven Bannister United Kingdom

but who are they? Well said timatits, but who are the other three? Petter, please, please put us out of our misery.

Tony Alya Lover United States

Really?! Timatits - are you a novelist? Don't answer that. All you had to say was "Peter, thanks for showing us Alya in all her glory and oh yea, thanks for those other girls too." Steven - Does it really matter? We have Alya, what more could you ask for? Nothing!

Dutchman Canada

4 girls undressing series Just loved this series...Would like to see more like these using skirts, slips etc.

Petrus Poland

Beautifull set. I like sets with group of girls. One disadvantage is that there are to many pictures of dressed girls

Alya mirror image | September 9th, 2005
Alya mirror image
Riddler Japan

Let's Da Vinci! "Mirror image" is my most favorite series for Alya. It makes me feel that Alya is posing just for me at an art class! How wonderful if she act as a nude model for painters! Particularly, #24 in page 2 is my favorite, suitable for a wallpaper.

Alya monuments | April 3rd, 2005
Alya monuments
Tony Alya Lover United States

Marry me Alya So young, so beautiful, so perfect.

Alya looking out | March 10th, 2005
Alya looking out
Snowhounds United States

untouched by the m;ystics I suppose this is a bit old out of date though the beauty of this woman will surely transcend all of time..Im exploring my affinities for hair colour. Though I find myself usually with a blonde like myself I find that brunettes in general can capture me with amazying power. This woman indeed seems capable of being one with anything she might touch wilderness or human made stuff. God waht a treat to be with her. Unless youve instilled her with something she hasnt I believe a woman like this could change the world..course Im partial to brunettes.

Alya Lover United States

Marry Me Alya, no insult to you or Peter, but I believe a monkey could take pictures of you and they would still be perfect. How can Peter go wrong as long as the camera is pointed toward you?

phillip Australia

rare species Alya, what a rare species of beauty in class...

Alya examination | February 25th, 2005
Alya examination
Alya Lover United States

Marry me Alya, I've never seen a woman so beautiful. My fear is that there will never be a woman as beautiful as you ever again. Marry me and let's have beautiful children.

Alya in bed | February 5th, 2005
Alya in bed

Alya in Bed This series show that there is only one way to make a picture of a girl clitoris without being pornographic and you got it here.

alex United Kingdom

alya perfection

Alya Lover United States

Marry me Alya, the only place you would look better would be my bed. Marry me please.

Julian Cayman Islands

Alya Your right. She is a living ANGEL!

Alya sunset | January 18th, 2005
Alya sunset
Tony Alya Lover United States

Look at her Just look at her. Even before she knew what she was doing the camera lover her. I'm glad Peter found her instead of some photographer who would have her in clothes. Marry me Alya.

Alya ballerina | January 8th, 2007
Alya ballerina
Norman Hull United States

Alya ballerian Wonderful young model who seems to be more and more comfortable with her body and your photography. She is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

salvador rios Mexico

god job excelent the way you take advantage of light an th model

Franco Italy

A proof of excellence. I shouldn't be surprised at the Alya's beauty now because I has always enjoyed her photos and films but evan so I'm astonished at every her update. The film "Alya Ballerina" was an example of her fineness and elegance in both look and movement and now as well as then these 55 images are another proof of her excellence.


Wonderful shots of this cute teen in a nice setting!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Alya ballerina I once sat/slept through 4 hours of ballet. Fonteyn was good but I would not have closed my eyes for a second if Alya was Prima Ballerina.


Alya and Valerie Behind the Scenes | July 2nd, 2013
Alya and Valerie Behind the Scenes
MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Alya and Valerie Excellent shoot. Very sensual at times.

wheeler United States

AWESOME!!! so nice to hear these ladies speak a bit! kinda ironic that the photog was the one in heals through most of that!lol

Rico Portugal

RE: AMAZING Totally loved this video , really nice experience , makes you feel like you are inside that room :) . Congrats to Alya and Valerie , and the behind the scenes camera man !!

Sigi Germany

Her feet The things that Alya does with her feet to Valerie are wonderful. Please let us see much more of that.

Kyle United States

Smile more There is no denying that Valerie has a beautiful figure but it would be good if she smiled more. When she does it transforms her and makes the scene so much better.

Dougal United Kingdom

Happy in her work It is good to see someone who is as happy in her work as Alya. She has a great way of getting her subject to relax.

Chester United States

Breaks it up Nice movie when they are on the move but IMO it breaks it up too much when the still shots are inserted.

Steve United States

RE: Breaks it up The idea is to see Valerie through Alya’s eyes. What about those great pussy shots with Valerie real close up to her?

Stoyan Bulgaria

Nice work my man This video is sooo hot

green Hong Kong

looks like this is just the beginning of shooting.

green Hong Kong

potential to become a full length movie Petter, this can become a great full length two hour movie, with the episodes added together.

Zeppelin Germany

that is what I call lifestyle! let the girls do the work, just mount your videocam and wait what is going to happen. I'd like to earn my money like that, too. Yet it could be even easier: Give us the raw footage. I know, the art is in the cutting and composition. But, frankly, I don't care: what I see in this video is a piece of reality and personality. I get a glimpse of their true nature, and that would work even better without the cutting. I love to hear your models talk and laugh and be themselves in between two poses. I could have hours of raw footage of them.

theone Germany

>>>I love to hear your models talk and laugh and be themselves in between two poses<<< Yes! This shooting is the best I've ever seen! I love to be real(!) backstage and to hear the modells and the photograpers talking.

lance1123 United States

Alya & Valerie The video quite literally took my breath away. Valerie is stunning.

Muso Doug United Kingdom

Now this kind of content is the reason I joined Hegre-Art in the first place. We haven't seen this since Luba and Inna. Let's please have more like this.

bigkaz Canada

Valerie This is the best clip ever of Valerie. She is pure class. Pure erotocism at it's best.

Arachnidh8ter United States

hot Alya is beautiful. I wonder how she can hold the camera - it looks like it weighs as much as she does!

Lion_01 Netherlands

Great girls! Excellent idea! This shows that the girls are more than just models. Although it seems to me, Valerie takes things so seriously that she's a model almost 24 hours a day. Any way, I love these sexy young ladies, and I'm liking the super-skinny and super-sweet Alya more every time I see her!

Blatch_wg8 Australia

Both of them Beautiful, ravishing, stunning - and funny! The two girls are very beautiful indeed - and unlike some I don't mind the intervention of the still shots, at all. This is a surprisingly good turn-on, in fact; it would have been perhaps better of the girls had swopped cameras halfway through? But no criticism offered - lovely to see them both relaxing and having fun.

lupus Belgium

Whata personality! Both lovely ladies. Not sure what I had with you, Alya: from the very first sessions with you & Petter some time ago.... Now that you start to move and talk, you appear to be a very kind and beautiful personality entertaining the little shyish Valerie. On top, you produce lovely pictures as if made by PH!!

marzelo Germany

at 9:55 Alayas - heartbeat is visible again... , want more slim models where i seen there hearts beating between there ribs...

Alya Dark Angel | October 30th, 2007
Alya Dark Angel
Tony loves Alya Puerto Rico

I love Halloween I've been waiting for today since last Tuesday. What could be better than Alya on Halloween. Well, Alya everyday of course, but until she gets her own site. I'll just wait for every set she does here. Trick or Treat Alya.

Igor United Kingdom

Ooh grats on this one - very erotic clip. Send it off to Cannes hehe. Well matched to music; and with Alya modelling at her best with the way she playfully tugs at those ropes!

alex United Kingdom

alya alya really seemed to enjoy making this film,she is such a beautiful woman,with such a great body.

bbbandit United States

Alya Just beautiful...........

wanking Wanker Switzerland

Nice film but putting a mask on Alya is like watching the sunset on an overcast day, something central to the appeal is missing. Also I would have like to see her strut in those high heels!

DANIEL EAVES United States


btrhea_PPxrn United States

DARK ANGEL Alya is gorgeous, as always. Looks like she's in a naughty mood, too. Very erotic! Excellent choice for music, too! Kudos to all involved.

KCR United States

RE: wanking wanker is correct. Covering a model's face is blasphemy.

Don United States

music Sounds like something from Cirque de Soleil...Benoit Jutras.

Alya Knickers | October 2nd, 2007
Alya Knickers
alex United Kingdom

alya alya is just a naturally beautiful woman.

Will United Kingdom

Gorgeous, so cute. Great film.

Dude United States

Alya's long legs are the most amazing thing in the world and the prettiest.

wanking Wanker Switzerland


btrhea_PPxrn United States

Knickers I love the strip tease! This is perhaps Alya's most erotic film. She's a goddess.

DAVID OLSEN United States

alya wow she is just so beautiful, her blue eyes innocent looks and long legs and hair

Laurie United Kingdom

Sweetpea This ravishing creature provokes an insatiable erotic desire that I can barely suppress.

Jeff United States

Bush I enjoy bush...just sayin'.

Alya Kitsch | June 19th, 2007
Alya Kitsch
Tony Alya Lover United States

Finally, It feels as if I've waited forever for another Alya movie. Thanks Petter. Alya you are so beautiful.

Sleepy United States

Wow, This has to be the sexiest video ever made of a woman. Alya you are god's gift to man. Thank you for finding her Petter!

Alya Lover Tony United States

Live chat Alya, when will you be available on live chat? It would make my dreams come true to talk with you, even if only for a short while. Also, when is your next session with Petter? Your fans miss you.

Alya - Baroque | January 2nd, 2007
Alya - Baroque
alex United Kingdom

alya alya is just beautiful.

armik karapetians United States

film 192 Wallpaper needs repair and the couch condition was poor. The model (Alya) is very beautiful and she has right movements. Thanks for new years first film.

Franco Italy

The best baroque! I feel is not easy to mix elegance and grace with simplicity and frankness as well as sexiness and hotness with purity, but in this film you can find that miracle. This is the best “baroque” I’ve never seen and Alya is the only one angel who can give you such a joy. Alya, thank you!

steven kanor United States

film 193 this was indeed your best film...i want to see her in many more productions...she is th qintessence of female perfection

dirk Germany

Ayla What a woman, wat a body...........she´s a beauty!!!

Nick United States

Nice Shes a very beautiful slip of a woman.

Tony Alya Lover United States

Feature Length Peter, This a perfect beginning to a full length feature film staring Alya. Sure, put some of your other girls in it if you really feel the need. Alya can keep the world mezmerized for hours. Marry me Alya. PS What is a slip of a woman?

Art United States

The lovely Stream Does anyone else see that? She is so beautiful, you don't see it at first. It's so intimate. Take me to her!

Tony loves Alya United States

More, More, More I watched this film about 100 times. Petter, please shoot more like this one. Alya is amazing and this film is amazing too.

Laurie United Kingdom

Sweetpea Blame it on existential angst. I was overwhelmed by her breathtaking femininity.

Chuck United States

Alya OK--OK--I'm conviced! I've seen all the ladies on this site and I'm now SURE that Alya comes the closest to perfection, at least in my mind, of any of the other girls I've seen! That lovely young face, that tight, long and lean body and GREAT ass are almost too much...Plus, she's even got pretty feet.....I just wish she'd show some pink...on the other hand, I don't think my heart could take it....Hope to see MUCH more of her in the future.....Thanx for sharing the pleasure........

Foursome | October 3rd, 2006
Irwin United States

Absolutely awesome! Every part, the girls, the photography, the music, I couldn't help but grin the whole time watching it! Great job!

btrhea United States

YES! Alya is so stunningly hot in this film!!

Paul Germany

Wow - now this is a good one. More stripteases please. And why not some where they undress each other (ooh - shivers)?

steve United States

wow more tall super thin babes

Tony United States

Not quite The other three probably look great on there own, but put them next to Alya and they don't look so great. Please don't do this to them. It's like putting three pebbles next to a diamond and asking us to notice the pebbles.

paul United States

fantastic please, please more like this of multiple girls stripping, there can be no better sight.

Marc Ashmun United States

This movie I like the chick in the middle. No really, the one on the far left was shy, the next one over was hot, the next one over was sassy, and the next one over was like your everyday house wife. yummy!!!! keep it up!!!

Jonathan United Kingdom

Model Names Please could you give names of other models - I think they are all beautiful, particularly would like to know name of model on right of poster - she is beautiful - will she be appearing in her own right?

Mark United States

Foursome Four great naked ladies! This is one of my favorite films. What a brilliant idea by Alya because not only does it lead to a great film but also four great nude photo sets that are terrific. Love the beginning watching the ladies disrobe. They each look lovely in their clothes but even better when they remove them. It is always such a fascinating and titillating contrast seeing a woman fully clothed and comparing that to when she is fully nude. Each lady brings her own unique qualities and beauty to the film and their rapport with each other really makes it work. It seems that once the ladies remove their clothes, their spirit and playfulness really comes out. I also enjoy the ending when the ladies all come together as one in their nakedness and walk towards the camera. Just beautiful!

Alya Ballerina | August 22nd, 2006
Alya Ballerina
Tonny Portugal

Alya Hi Petter, Thank you once again for this magnificent film ( Alya Ballerina ) The set up is perfect and also your model is above everything. The only thing you didn't mentionned was the title of this beautiful piano music. Please sent me the name of the composer, I really would appreciate it, PS ; You've the best site in the world, really art, even more Greetings

btrhea United States

ALYA BALLERINA Not nearly enough nudity in this film, but Alya's so beautiful, I'm thankful the 90 seconds we do get.

Franco Italy

grace and elegance. In any case, both outdoor or indoor, Alya is a stunning beauty. This is an as fine and elegant film as the actress. Alya would have grace and elegance enough to be a great ballerina. The day after tomorrow is Christmas, then Merry Christmas to everybody!

Tony Alya Lover United States

Shake it up Alya is always so perfect and proper. Shake things up a bit. Film and photgraph her in a truly erotic dance strip tease with some edgy music. A little grinding, a little brass pole, a little naughty.

Wanking Wanker Switzerland

No way - leave her as the classic goddess she is! There are millions of pole dancers out there - very few class acts. The HDV quality is great. Please do more.

Gérard France

That empty space... ...between her thighs frightens me a bit ! Yet I luv this unique girl.

DAVID OLSEN United States

peter thank you for the class act site, your girls are beautiful and classy,you show taste in every film i have seen, keep up the good work. thank you for the art work and not being cheesy or cheep. alya is perfection!!!

Alya red chair | October 18th, 2005
Alya red chair
wheeler United States

hot stuff!!! If a little too quick!!!

Eddie United States

a beautiful film Her long legs are so beautiful. I'd like to see her featured more in full body view if possible to take full advantage of her perfection, still my only regret was that this film wasn't longer

ben United States

really looks graceful when she walks

Chris Canada

Beautiful Alya! This is a very sexy and beautiful woman! All I can say is WOW!

Alya Massage COMMENTS

Therapeutic Sports Massage | October 22nd, 2013
Therapeutic Sports Massage
o Norway

miss Alya lovely as always! more more more please!!!

Rez United States

Beautiful as always I would love to be able to give Alya a massage every day. Such a sensual body and her personality is most playful in many of her films. Keep her galleries and films coming.

marcelo Germany

very erotic massage video... alya has a great slim and sporty body! at the end, you can see her strong visible heartbeat... wan't more of alya :-)

lember92 United States

Alya is definitely in top shape. Seeing her long, lean and luxurious body pulled, stretched and twisted is a visual feast. It's great to see her back as a model and now also as an interesting photographer in her own right. As much as I enjoy her creativity behind the camera, I get excited the most about her modeling work, both photo sets and video. This film doesn't disappoint.

incognito1 United States

Great body, Bad angles... why weren't there and views from the foot of the table?

roberto Italy

bodywork the best bodywork!

Bluey United Kingdom

Masseuse Wow - I thought the masseuse did an amazing job - 11 out of 10.