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Photo of Kusha


Photo of Kusha
Name: Kusha
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 49kg
Height: 165cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Model

Tomboy Business Girl

Kusha is a veteran.

SHE WAS born with a flawlessly curving backside and she couldn't wait to be old enough to strip off her clothes, turn her back, peek over her shoulder and pose this beguiling piece of perfection for the camera, a job she has done with great success for several years.

In fact, Kusha at 22 has been shot by scores of photographers and has picked up so much knowledge of the modeling business she now runs her own small agency, providing her own undeniable skills and assets, but also those of other girls new to the nude modeling world. Kusha is 165m, 49 kilos and, although learning business techniques, remains sweet and childlike with her small breasts and tomboy figure. With her tapering back, well-defined bones and that perfect ass, Kusha adores posing naked and enjoys nudity for its own sake.

That's why she went into the business.

Kusha Galleries COMMENTS

Kusha hot bath | March 30th, 2007
Kusha hot bath
Dan from Texas United States

Kusha hot bath Wow. What a sweet, cute, young woman! It has been while since you have featured Kusha and I've missed her. Thanks.

alex United Kingdom

kusha great shots of kusha,she is a very playful/fun/sexy woman.

Jake Canada

Kusha Hot Bath Delightful young woman.

Raglanlad Australia

What a great Shoot.Well done.

John Hannaford United Kingdom

kusha what a cheeky sexy girl, also a beautiful body.

on Canada

I have always been a fan of the shaved beaver but Kusha does give the bristly (or is it bristlley) beaver a boost!!

Hegrefan07 Finland

Lovely girl. I like to see more of her soon! :)

ajax United Kingdom

Yes it's been too long More of this amazing girl such fun,such cutie!

Kusha in bed | June 21st, 2005
Kusha in bed
Iain United Kingdom

Kusha has a lovely round bottom! 10/10

Kusha yellow chair | May 14th, 2005
Kusha yellow chair
Raglanlad Australia


ajax United Kingdom


luv_yanna United States

Cute Girl Awesome ass, adorable tiny breasts and a sweet wet pussy. What's not to like. Great set.

Kusha reflections | April 16th, 2005
Kusha reflections
heinrich Ireland

Kusha ref a gentle face and adorable open pussy well done Kusha

Richard75100 France

Huge ass. She knows it. A perfect one to spank and take care of.

Kusha Films COMMENTS

Kusha Self-Loving | April 5th, 2005
Kusha Self-Loving
Just a guy United States

Wow Personally, gave me the chills, what a peach!

Robzilla United States

Oooh ... so close. This is a short one, and well posed before a mirror. If only there was a strategically placed reflector to cast a bit more light as the camera swings around behind her, it would be 5 stars. *Sigh*

RoundEye United States

Bore very VEry VERY cool concept that didn't execute too well. Would love to have seen some sensual self examination-self discovery and masturbation while watching herself in the mirror.