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Mona | République Tchèque Galeries : 13 Films : 1
Photo de Mona


Photo de Mona
Nom: Mona
Pays: République Tchèque
Age: 18
Profession: Étudiante

Muse parfaite

À seulement 18 ans, Mona semble connaître tout ce qu’il faut savoir pour séduire l’appareil.

ELLE A cet “air” dans ses yeux, si vous ne voyez pas ce que je veux dire il est de toute façon impossible de l’exprimer avec des mots. Ses cheveux foncés sont parfaitement assortis avec l’aspect mystérieux de ses yeux et elle a tendance à épier la pièce comme un chat prêt à sauter sur sa proie.

Petter a rencontré Mona à Prague et a tout de suite été sensible à son talent face à l’appareil. Aussi à l’aise seule qu’entourée d’amis, Mona a particulièrement fait bonne impression sur Petter. Selon ses propres mots, elle est “naturelle, saine et belle.”

Je ne pense pas que vous trouverez à redire quant à nos commentaires.


Mona Lisa | September 5th, 2006
Mona Lisa
Dan from Texas Etats Uni

Mona Lisa Smile baby, you are beautiful! After all it was "that smile" that endures forever in one's memory once you've seen Michalangelo's Mona Lisa!

ben Etats Uni

nice exclamation point kinda short on the gallery

Bob Etats Uni

Mona Lisa smile The best ever "Mona Lisa smile" is from the set, Luba Luscious Oct. 17, 2005.

Virginia Alzina Etats Uni

Mona Lisa Even thouhg she's perfect in every sense, she can look natural...that's the beauty of this girl!


this girl is the best ever...please bring more photos of her¡¡¡

Mark Etats Uni

Mona Lisa Mona Lisa butt naked in pumps! The perfect work of art. Love the shots of her standing there nude in her pumps. More nudes in pumps!!!

Roger Etats Uni

Fully Nude Mona Always good to see Mona, ahem, "butt-naked!" The virginal 18 year old girl pouty "I-can't-believe-I- am-showing-myself-nude!" look of Mona comes across best when she is fully nude. Love the butt crack shots in photos 6 & 7. Love to see Mona's bare butt and Mona bare period!

Mark Etats Uni

Response to Roger Roger-I would be glad to start a dialogue on Mona. She is one of my favorites. She looks so beautiful in this set. I love to see a beautiful nude woman standing there in her high heels. It is the perfect nude.

Roger Etats Uni

Mark, the celebration of the female nude is a great thing, a joy really! Mona and Muriel are my two favorites on Hegre. Muriel for pure bursting eros but Mona is my absolute favorite. I am trying to define it. It is a craving I feel. I think it is that Mona has the look of a virginal innocent young girl showing herself nude for the first time. Yet her look at the same time as containing shyness has the knowledge of a temptress knowing that she is driving us wild. It is such an overpowering combination!

Roger Etats Uni

Response to Mark Mark: I would like to get your thoughts on Hegre's "Mona in Bed" series and in particular, photo #34. Besides being a favorite, that photo is in my opinion a most necessary shot of Mona, as it breaks the final barrier and achieves completeness in her nude posing

Roger Etats Uni

Showing "lost" Mona archives Dear Petter, Any chance of showing any lost archives of most beautiful Mona? Thank you and thank you for your great work in nude female art!!

Mona et Yanka premier nu | December 27th, 2006
Mona et Yanka premier nu
Raymond Royame Uni

Not too sure about the camoflauge panties but apart from that very cute!

Dirk Royame Uni

Mona and Yanka Very sexy girls

PhotoBob Royame Uni

First Nudes There's a lovely innocent quality about these photos. The girls are very natural and sweet looking. Nice work.

ben Etats Uni

mona yanka... yanka mona ... bet ya cant pic just one... sooo nice sooo good

osci Mexique

how about a part 2 of this photo set???

ben Etats Uni

looks lioke this was a fun shoot

Virginia Alzina Etats Uni

mona I woul like to be part of this trio

Mona sereine | April 30th, 2006
Mona sereine
matt Etats Uni

that's what you lose a partnership over, and it's actually worth it.

Peter Australie

Mona Nice breast but needs to show more

Mona mystérieuse | April 6th, 2006
Mona mystérieuse
Sean Etats Uni

This girl has it goin on...dang what a hottie.

russ Etats Uni

Mona Rocks, love that incredible skin..... a true hottie with the body.. wow..

Mona séance de salle de bains | October 18th, 2005
Mona séance de salle de bains
Roger Etats Uni

Oh Mona...! Tis a special turn-on to watch as our nude Mona pees! (I presume she did!) Another great series from Hegre and Mona!

Mona acier inoxydable | August 29th, 2005
Mona acier inoxydable
tom Irelande

love the pons and kiss the lips

Mona lumière à la fenêtre | August 9th, 2005
Mona lumière à la fenêtre
Michael Canada

wow, what a beautiful Girl. Greetings for Jesus to send us this Angel down to Earth. Thanks, God.

Pete Royame Uni

smouldering Mona smoulders away in these pictures reminiscent of a 50's hollyood actress look and the most subtle bush, very sexy, surprised there arent more positive comments here.

Roger Etats Uni

Mona shows her fully nude 18 year old all in this simple delightful series. Excellent series for butt shots of Mona. She has taken off her panties like a good girl, and proudly shows her delectable round buns and full ass-crack! Pure nude beauty!

Roger Etats Uni

Mona's Cunt Lips Photo #9 is a lovely shot of fully naked Mona raising her left leg with an excellent showing of her cunt lips. I could stare at those lips all day. What a girl. What a beauty.

Roger Etats Uni

Great butt shot series!

Roger Etats Uni

A Thank You to Mona Just writing to thank you Mona for posing nude. Also thank you for showing the beauty of you bare bottom. Love it so much! Thank you dear! You are by far my favorite nude model of all time.

Mona au lit | July 22nd, 2005
Mona au lit
Dave Canada

Mona Please - more of this wonderful girl!!

Roger Canada

Mona is the best! Such sultriness. Love this photospread! Show more of her!

Roger Canada

Mona As a devoted Mona connisseur, and one who has tracked Mona's many series, I must heartily applaud this photo series, and in particular photo #34. Mona's exquisite combination of young girl innocence wed with sexy knowing allure is unmatched, but what has always been lacking has been a pose such as #34 with her back arched up to show her lovely backside fully! Kudos and thanks to Mr. Hegre and Mona for this shot! P.S. Feel free to post more in this vein! Comments from other Mona fans welcome!

Roger Etats Uni

Certainly there is joy in seeing Mona in all her series totally nude, our beautiful young girl poutingly yet obediently removing every stitch of her clothing for us, but what has always been a frustration and incomplete has been that she has never shown her anus...until this series! (photo #34) It is perfection: her back arched to raise her perfect round nude buns, her legs spread apart to reveal her lovely vaginal lips, and, finally, her delicate lovely tight anus! Admire too her face during this shot: the particular combination of Mona: tentative young girl apprehensive at showing her all to men, yet at the same time a joy and wanting to show all and sultry knowingness that she is driving us wild.

Roger Etats Uni

Hey Mona fans out there! Let's start an (intelligent) dialogue about her...! What is it that makes her so special?

Roger Etats Uni

Mona Photo #34 This pose is an act of submission. Arching her bare-naked butt up into the air and spreading her legs like a good obedient girl, beautiful 18 year old Mona at long last overcomes her innate virginal shyness and offers up her asshole and cunt for our enjoyment. Not just a sideways glance, but her full asshole, now all displayed for us to see. There can be no going back: she has crossed this line. Her cunt too, for in this shot she has allowed her so beautiful and oft-seen labia majora to be photographed open at last to show her labia minora. She has, with this pose, at long last, offered herself up to be fucked by men. Her beautiful face reveals the two qualities of Mona that make her so incredibly erotic: young girl shyness and apprehension at showing all, and sultry awareness and wanting to drive us wild. Bravo Hegre and Mona!

Carne Asana Etats Uni

Big Yes for Mona What I love most about Mona are her eyebrows. They're the most definite feature I can point to that makes me think of her as an innocent Betty Page-in-training with a modern twist.

Roger Etats Uni

Response to Big Yes for Mona Carne, you are definitely right about Mona's eyebrows. They encapsulate her sultriness. Obviously I am a big big fan of this girl and feel so fortunate I get to see her nude! (Thank you Mona!) Carne, Thanks for the comments! Would love to start a dialogue about her with you and other members! If you have any favorite feel free to let me know and I will reciprocate.

Roger Etats Uni

Photo 34 in this series is the pinnacle of the nude photographic art of Mona. It is an essential and necessary breakthrough in her body of work, for although Mona has an extraordinary rich portfolio in which she displays her nude beauty, there are only four photos in which we can see her asshole and few in which her labia minora are revealed. Both deficiencies are abundantly made up for in this absolutely outstanding image. In it she assumes the position of maximal eroticism: on her knees with her head down and butt arched up, offering fully her beautiful asshole and labia for our viewing pleasure. Indeed, Mona's previous shyness before the camera intensifies our joy and relief in finally seeing her in this way. Furthermore, just as this image is unique in what is revealed visually, it is also unique in that she does what she has never done in any other photo: Mona assumes a sexual position. And so, this photo captures that magical moment of extreme eroticism when a young girl decides for the first time to permit a man the joys of her flower. We witness the moment when our beautiful only eighteen year old Mona, her face an irresistable combination of apprehension, shyness and wanting, finally decides to show herself in a position of readiness for accepting the entry of a penis inside her, and, even more magical, a penis from behind. Incredible eroticism! Bravo Petter and specially, Brava Mona! And many many thanks to you both.

Mark Etats Uni

Comments by Roger re: Photo #34 Roger: Well put and thoughtful comments on Mona. She is lovely and this shot is a terrific capture of a great aspect of her beauty. It is a vulnerable yet erotic and beautiful shot of her great butt and open butthole. It definitely gives you the thoughts of how she is in a position of letting a man enter her from behind. Eroticism at its best.

Roger Etats Uni

RE: Comments by Roger re: Photo #34 Thanks Mark. I love the female nude. My upbringing was repressed, so I have fought my nature, unnecessarily bringing shame onto myself for what I enjoy. Mona is by far my favorite. I love innocent young firm nude girls. Good girls like Mona. Not "professional jaded" porn stars. I definitely do not like rude commenters. So it is comforting to meet with a fellow well-spoken thoughtful admirer of the female nude. It makes me feel that I am OK. I would welcome keeping the dialogue going. Thanks again.

Mark Etats Uni

Comments by Roger re: Photo #34 Roger: I second that notion. The female nude is the most beautiful thing in the world to admire. It is like looking at a fine work of art. I enjoy websites such as Hegre that appreciate and display that beauty. I would welcome future dialog on favorite photo sets and videos. For instance, Luba in the "Ultimate Female" is the perfect female nude to me. I love it so! It perfectly exhibits that amazing beauty of the female nude with Luba exhibited wearing only a pair of sexy black stiletto pumps. I love when a nude woman is exhibited in a pair of great pumps. There is nothing sexier and the perfect compliment for a nude woman. They put her on a pedestal, elongate their legs, make their butt look amazing and wonderfully display them as the work of art that they are.

Roger Etats Uni

Mark I left a comment on the Luba "Ultimate Female" spread. Excellent choice! Mona drives me wild. I cannot get enough of her. A lot is her incredible beauty, and some is that she is only 18 years old. I love it when an innocent virginal girl takes off her clothes and poses. Mona always gives me that feeling. Part of the turn on is the fact that she---this only 18 year old girl--willingly decided to pose nude. Indeed a miracle!

Mark Etats Uni

Mona Roger: Mona's youth and innocence are attributes that make her so appealing. The thought of her first modeling experience being a nude one gives one the sense that she wanted to present herself in the most beautiful and honest way and realising that she has the confidence to present herself nude. She is now a young woman and it is beautiful to be nude.

Roger Etats Uni

The Search for Mona's Butthole Mark: for me part of the satisfaction of nude art is to see the girl totally nude. I want every girl, of course, to be comfortable in what she shows, yet hope that she will, in her own time, show all. I have always been in awe of the beauty of beautiful girls butts: the soft round buns, the arched line of the butt crack and, as a last reward, the beauty of their tight little assholes with their tight little lines. I had seen Mona on two other sites before discovering her on Hegre, but on neither had she shown her butthole. Often oh so tantalizingly and frustratingly close, but alas not there. Then I discovered her on Hegre. What a relief to see her show, finally and at long last, her last bit of beauty! I well remember that day. It is as if showing her asshole, the last forbidden area of beauty, a nude model is dropping her last inhibition and submitting to a man's desires. That is perhaps part of why I love to see it when a girl shows it, and with Mona, my favorite, it really was extraordinary. And as you said, not only does she show her butthole in photo #34 but it is also delightfully "open." What beauty! What a relief!

Mark Etats Uni

Mona Roger: I could not agree more. The full nude is the most beautiful. It is the purest and most honest. The best way to appreciate the beauty of a woman is to appreciate it while she is totally nude. I also love the beauty of a great round butt with bubble-butt cheeks. I love a woman with great curves. There certainly is an erotic excitement to seeing Mona's butthole. It has that air of forbiddenness but is also part of what makes her beautiful. Good thoughts.

Roger Etats Uni

Thank you Mark for indulging me about my favorite model.

Mark Etats Uni

Your welcome Roger.

Roger Etats Uni

RE: Mark, I would be happy to hear your comments on "Mona taking a bath" Muriel "Glossy Ass" and Muriel "Elliptical Cross Trainer Video" Thank you!

Mona et Yanka au lit | July 16th, 2005
Mona et Yanka au lit
ben Etats Uni

for the very best in bed and btw who needs covers !!!!!!!

AZ1 Royame Uni

These girls both have the hottest shaven cameltoe pussies ever! Gorgeous

Mona et Yanka symétrie | August 20th, 2005
Mona et Yanka symétrie
ben Etats Uni

the two of them together ... way too much for one man to bear

Michael Nouvelle Zélande

So very, very nice !!

Roger Etats Uni

Mona with her killer look steals the show in this charming series. How pleasant it is to look on her so naturally and totally nude. A fantastic bonus of this series of course is three peeks at Mona's asshole, a most rare and wondrous sight! I welcome fellow Mona fans to start an intelligent dialogue about her...I can't be the only one looking at these photos!

Mark Etats Uni

Mona and Yanka What a great set of nudes! The ladies both look so beautiful nude with their high heels on. I think it is important that they both were kept in high heels as it keeps with the theme of symmetry that the ladies have in their poses. As you know, I love the naked ladies in heels, especially a killer pair of pumps!

Roger Etats Uni

Mark, I am a Mona fan, so any photo with Mona in it I love. Mona is a most natural nude. There is in all her pictures the exquisite eroticism of the newly nude young girl! Love it and love her look. Lets start a dialogue on Mona!

Mark Etats Uni

Dialogue on Mona Roger-Mona looks so amazing in this set. She has that shy, innocent look but you can see her gaining confidence in herself with these nudes. She is comfortable with herself in growing into a beautiful woman.

Roger Etats Uni

Dialogue on Mona Mark-Mona's look has both the virginal young girl who cannot believe she is showing herself nude and the temptress who knows full well she is driving men wild with her nudity. An overpowering combination. "Mona in bed" is another fantastic series and my favorite.

Mona au bain | October 14th, 2005
Mona au bain
Roger Etats Uni

We hit the voyeur's jackpot in this series: We peek in on Mona, an only eighteen-year-old girl, taking her bath, all nude of course, looking pouty, virginal, sultry, wanting. She gives us her killer Mona look in shot after shot. Look at the first shot: she knows her tits are fully exposed as is her cunt, yet she gives us that "Mona look."

Roger Etats Uni

Think for a moment how fortunate we are to see 18 year Mona nude! A miracle that this gorgeous girl decided to take off All her clothes and pose! And how natural and therefore pleasing because it is so natural to see her in the bath of course, naturally nude! Photo 34 is a favorite as she gives that sultry look while exposing her cunt lips so well. Stay a while to admire her soft pouty full cunt lips. Yes, a miracle!

Mark Etats Uni

Mona Roger: This is a lovely set of Mona. I love photo sets catching a beautiful woman bathing. She is at her most honest, beautiful and vulnerable. This set of Mona is well done. I love the variety of poses giving a great vantage point of every wonderful part of Mona.

Roger Etats Uni

Watching Mona in the Bath Indeed Mark, there is something most wondrous and arousing watching a beautiful young woman bathe. She is "naturally" nude, an unforced display of her nakedness. Perhaps watching her bathe also heightens the excitement for us the viewer as we have gone through the normally "closed door" and are watching something "forbidden." Love the Elliptical Video of Muriel for the same reasons.

Mona sur un tabouret | January 30th, 2006
Mona sur un tabouret
Roger Etats Uni

Mona is such a beauty! Love photo ten. We owe her much much thanks for showing and sharing her nude beauty for us!


Mona Magie | August 15th, 2006
Mona Magie

Monika C (Mona) she is the most beuatifull girl I saw. She is a true musa sensual and sexy. I like she very much. I wish her the best.

alex Royame Uni

mona mona is fresh,young,beautiful.

Simon Royame Uni

I'd like to know what her favourite book is, and whether she's artistic at all :) Mona, you are beautiful.

John Hannaford Royame Uni

mona this young lady is sensational, fresh faced and beautiful. mona's smile melts ones heart.

christopher.g Etats Uni

Very soft and isweet Mona you look so sweet and pure I almost feel like I Shouldn't being wacthing you. To not wacth you though ,would be an even greater crime. Very innocent I thank you.

Mark Irelande

Mona Possibly the most gorgeous girl on the site. A return would be most welcome!

Gary Etats Uni

Innocent Beauty Mona is definitely one of the most beautiful models on the site. It would be absolutely wonderful to see her return and continue where she left off.

Roger Canada

Mona is the simply the best...would love more of her...!

Roger Etats Uni

Mona IS the most beautiful girl on the site! Let's have more videos and photo shoots of her... please! I can't be the ONLY Mona fan in Hegre-Art Land! Let's start an intelligent appreciative dialogue about her!

Roger Etats Uni

Truly a beautiful video. Most beautiful 18 year old Mona, slips off her blouse, then (take them off like a good girl!) her panties, so that our by 00:49 she is all nude for the rest of the video! Wonderful smiles, pouty innocent looks. Our girl is shy, so there's only fleeting cunt shots, butt from 2:52 on there is gorgeous footage of Mona demurrely showing her bare-naked round buns and lovely arched full butt-crack for our pleasure! The video closes from 3:42-3:49 with a bonus I can't-believe-I-just-posed-nude! smile from Mona and a great tit jiggle! Outstanding! Thank you Mona and Thank you Hegre!

Pat Canada

mona this girl is the reason i finally snapped and had to buy a membership to this website. mona wherever you are if your looking for a boyfriend give me a shout!! truly beautiful.

fred Royame Uni

RE: mona Hey.Hold on a bit I had first choice.Mona is realy lovely

Roger Etats Uni

Watching this video again stuns me with the beauty of Mona. She IS the most beautiful girl on the site or any other site.