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Yanka Profile

Name: Yanka
Country: Slovakia
Weight: 48kg
Height: 168cm
Age: 19

Eye catching

Yanka is a young woman who knows what it means to have class.

HER NATURAL curves and sensual nature speak far louder then fancy make up or expensive jewelry. She may seem like your average 19 year old student at first, especially when she hides behind that shy demeanor of hers, but deep down she a woman with integrity. She has the kind of appeal where one could spend hours just gazing at her natural curves and not consider it time wasted.

Yanka worked with Petter while he was on a trip to Prague. She arrived to the photo session with her friend Mona and the two of them enjoyed some innocent play time showing off their bodies to the camera. When speaking of the young girl a small smile will often appear on Petters face as he happily says only one word, charming.

It is the kind of smile that always invites you back again and again.

Yanka shy school teacher October 14th, 2007
Could be the best smile of all your girls (although Naomi's is amazing).
Yanka shaving
Cute girl, but awfull shaving !
please petter more of her!!! she is my favorite model !!!! do a yanka week!!!!!
I would love to wake up with Yanka!
Lovely, sweet girl.
Damn.... Another 'landing strip' to spoil the view of an otherwise pretty girl.
Yanka studio nudes June 9th, 2007
Yanka studio nudes
Perfect and elegant nude figure study! Love Yanka on that pedestal. She is being shown like a beautiful nude work of art. Shows the beauty of a naked woman in a pure form. Absolutely beautiful nudes!
Great set! I love the plain background because there is no clutter and it brings the focus to the model. Yanka is definitely one of my favorites!
Yanka, I am a man who loves legs and butts of ladies, especially those that are firm like yous.
The best Hegre Model!
this is the reason i renewed my subscription to this site again... please make a Yanka Week!!!
a simple elegant set of pictures,of a beautiful woman.
I don't know why, but Yanka is one of my favourites. At first sight an average girl, but her rather innocent face is what really grabs me.
Yay ... yanka has been a little reluctant with the full on poses in other sets - but not here and she's gorgeous.
Yanka on the corner March 1st, 2007
more of Yanka please - she is very easy to look at. very beautiful and natural, unlike some of the other models who hide/guard themselves behind over the top hand gestures type poses & pouting- you all know what i mean. more natural pics with the girls in natural poses and SMILING. Yanka is wonderful. Im sure she is very sweet in person. Yanka week for sure. thanks.
great body and pussy
GREAT!!!!!!! more of here please!!! make a Yanka Week Please!!!!
Petter, thank you for more of wonderful Yanka in 6000 pxls.I love her eyes, and lovely mouth, but her breasts/nipples are possibly the best on your site. Yanka makes me think of marriage and children. She is such a natural, wholesome beauty.
I LOVE Yanka's pictures since the very first shooting. In an uncomparable and natural way she knows how to work the mojo. Thanks Petter for presenting this charming beauty on the screen.
Yanka on the corner
Yanka, another one of your NEW beautiful models is wonderful. Check our her eyes in the last photo! GREAT!
Yanka red and yellow January 4th, 2007
oh boy ! FE like yanka galeries alot
Why do we need to wait page 4 to see all of her nice body?
A little light
Pretty girl, but this gallery was a little light. A gallery a little more bold would be better.
more Yanka!!!!!!!
Very beautiful! The lingerie shots were very enticing.
one gets get mesmerized with her face captivating beauty
What a perfect body...
Much too safe
I feel sorry for Yanka having to follow the amazing Yanna but these picture are much too safe for my liking with only Page 4 showing Yanka to her potential
Mona and Yanka first nudes December 27th, 2006
It would have been more interesting with a little more touching of breasts and the odd kiss to give it more life!
I woul like to be part of this trio
looks lioke this was a fun shoot
how about a part 2 of this photo set???
mona yanka... yanka mona ... bet ya cant pic just one... sooo nice sooo good
First Nudes
There's a lovely innocent quality about these photos. The girls are very natural and sweet looking. Nice work.
Mona and Yanka
Very sexy girls
Not too sure about the camoflauge panties but apart from that very cute!