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名前: イアンカ
国: スロバキア
体重: 48kg
身長: 168cm
年齢: 19






イアンカギャラリー コメント

イアンカ シャイな学校の先生 | October 14th, 2007
イアンカ シャイな学校の先生
sirstefanofb オーストラリア

Damn.... Another 'landing strip' to spoil the view of an otherwise pretty girl.

Ortis 英国

Yanka Lovely, sweet girl.

Will 英国

I would love to wake up with Yanka!

osci メキシコ

please petter more of her!!! she is my favorite model !!!! do a yanka week!!!!!

Luclaf カナダ

Yanka shaving Cute girl, but awfull shaving !

Jim アメリカ

Yanka Could be the best smile of all your girls (although Naomi's is amazing).

イアンカ イエロー | November 30th, 2006
イアンカ イエロー
AJ 英国

i have to say my two fav models are yanka and gislane.... soo lovely... something about the person behind the smile and the body that enhances the them beyong others.

ben アメリカ

Nice presentation... irresistable, tantalizing,yanka as always !!!!

Julian Parsons ケイマン諸島

Yanka So playful, so beautiful. She's beautiful and she knows it. She's merely showing off the greatest template for a piece of art that was ever made. GOD made the mold, and here's a sample of what the finished product looks like. Wonderful work. 英国

can we have more open labia photos please

Scott Salbo アメリカ

Yanka yellow Your photo's and your models never cease to amaze and remind me how beautiful the female form is. Your pictures make me look at all women as evolutionary works of art.

jake カナダ

thank you! Thank you Yanka for sharing your incredible beauty! Fantastic images petter!

elciel 英国

Yanka Good posing of a lithe and beautiful body —one that is in its element when naked.

ardunbye 英国

Yanka yellow Pretty and I love the shape of her but 'Yank her yellow' what?

Mark アメリカ

Yanka Yanka is one of my favorite models. A truly beautiful woman. I love this set with her seated as it accentuates Yanka's soft and delicate curves. She has such a beautiful and natural body. A wonderful model shown very artistically and beautifully.

イアンカ 赤い情熱 | October 18th, 2006
イアンカ 赤い情熱
Micaehl アメリカ

Yanka so beautiful Yanka is the prettiest girl I've seen in a long time. Thanks for sharing so many pictures of her.

Jorge Murguia メキシコ

Yanka red passion Excelent quality of pictures. The are so good that you can see a moustache in the model. The model is so sexy and personaly a love that the women have hair in the anuss.

alex 英国

yanka red hot set of pictures,yanka is just beautiful.

alex メキシコ

Yanka is the best!! WOW!!!!! please more series and closeup shots from here!!!! PLEASE!!! shes breathetaking!!

Gary アメリカ

Yanka Outstanding gallery! Yanka is a beautiful woman and the setting was classy and very elegant. I would love to see additional photos in the coming weeks...

Dave グレナダ

Yanka red passion Wow - she is trully breathtaking!!! Please give us more - especially shots up close of her striking face!


Wonderful set of a breathtaking girl! Give us more and some more close up of this beauty.

イアンカ コーナーで | March 1st, 2007
イアンカ コーナーで
Dan アメリカ

Yanka on the corner Yanka, another one of your NEW beautiful models is wonderful. Check our her eyes in the last photo! GREAT!

geroki ドイツ

charming I LOVE Yanka's pictures since the very first shooting. In an uncomparable and natural way she knows how to work the mojo. Thanks Petter for presenting this charming beauty on the screen.

Ted カナダ

Yanka Petter, thank you for more of wonderful Yanka in 6000 pxls.I love her eyes, and lovely mouth, but her breasts/nipples are possibly the best on your site. Yanka makes me think of marriage and children. She is such a natural, wholesome beauty.

alex メキシコ

GREAT!!!!!!! more of here please!!! make a Yanka Week Please!!!!

steve 英国

great body and pussy

JA 英国

more of Yanka please - she is very easy to look at. very beautiful and natural, unlike some of the other models who hide/guard themselves behind over the top hand gestures type poses & pouting- you all know what i mean. more natural pics with the girls in natural poses and SMILING. Yanka is wonderful. Im sure she is very sweet in person. Yanka week for sure. thanks.

イアンカ 赤と黄色 | January 4th, 2007
イアンカ 赤と黄色
Pete 英国

Much too safe I feel sorry for Yanka having to follow the amazing Yanna but these picture are much too safe for my liking with only Page 4 showing Yanka to her potential

Larry アメリカ

Yanka What a perfect body...

ben アメリカ

one gets get mesmerized with her face captivating beauty

Jake カナダ

beautiful! Very beautiful! The lingerie shots were very enticing.

alex メキシコ

more Yanka!!!!!!!

Ralph アメリカ

A little light Pretty girl, but this gallery was a little light. A gallery a little more bold would be better.


Why do we need to wait page 4 to see all of her nice body?

FastEddie アメリカ

oh boy ! FE like yanka galeries alot

モナ&イアンカ 初ヌード | December 27th, 2006
モナ&イアンカ 初ヌード
Raymond 英国

Not too sure about the camoflauge panties but apart from that very cute!

Dirk 英国

Mona and Yanka Very sexy girls

PhotoBob 英国

First Nudes There's a lovely innocent quality about these photos. The girls are very natural and sweet looking. Nice work.

ben アメリカ

mona yanka... yanka mona ... bet ya cant pic just one... sooo nice sooo good

osci メキシコ

how about a part 2 of this photo set???

ben アメリカ

looks lioke this was a fun shoot

Virginia Alzina アメリカ

mona I woul like to be part of this trio

イアンカ スタジオヌード | June 9th, 2007
イアンカ スタジオヌード
Igor 英国

Yay ... yanka has been a little reluctant with the full on poses in other sets - but not here and she's gorgeous.

WilliamQ オランダ

Innocent I don't know why, but Yanka is one of my favourites. At first sight an average girl, but her rather innocent face is what really grabs me.

alex 英国

yanka a simple elegant set of pictures,of a beautiful woman.

alexo メキシコ

The best Hegre Model! this is the reason i renewed my subscription to this site again... please make a Yanka Week!!!

Sean アメリカ

HER PICS Yanka, I am a man who loves legs and butts of ladies, especially those that are firm like yous.

Leatherneck アメリカ

Great set! I love the plain background because there is no clutter and it brings the focus to the model. Yanka is definitely one of my favorites!

Mark アメリカ

Yanka studio nudes Perfect and elegant nude figure study! Love Yanka on that pedestal. She is being shown like a beautiful nude work of art. Shows the beauty of a naked woman in a pure form. Absolutely beautiful nudes!

イアンカ 絹のようなヌード | May 18th, 2006
イアンカ 絹のようなヌード
Jorge Murguia メキシコ

yanka silky nudes I know it is important to search diferent models. But in my opinion most of the new faces are avarege models, but yanka stole my heart this new face really have excelent body a beutiful smile and also the pictures are great. I hope you search new faces like Yanka

Herbert ドイツ

Yanka silky nudes Hi Petter, one of the best quality sets ever !!! Please go on this way ! Herbert

Les フランス

A very nice gallery. Yanka is exquisite. I like the movement in the first three photos and how, despite that, the images remain crystal clear. Great stuff!

J Chang アメリカ

Very good pictures You really can tell the difference if you look closely between the 4000 megapx versus 6000 megapx. At first, I thought I was not going to expect 6000 megapx because it only had 4000 megapx. Then the 6000 px came the following day, and you really surprised me. I love all the 6000 megapx. Yanka was beautiful from the past 3000 megapx, but I did not know I can see that close now.

p Montagne フランス

Yanka very pretty model and good photos Yanka is a very pretty model. Photogrophies of her show her beauty. She's very natural. That is a natural beauty.

timatits アメリカ

Subtle aureole A woman on a pedestal? Hum? This raises many issues to a reflective, 21st century man, particularly when the woman is nude. Yanka is not an inaccessible centerfold, but she is very much above average. So Petter puts her up a bit higher then we might expect, highlights her breasts after the first few photos, and asks us to “deal with it”. There is no other prop or set here, she has to carry the composition by herself. This is a tough, maybe unfair challenge for Yanka, but, interestingly, her breasts’ aureole emerge as the subtle but distinctive drivers of her eroticism, and the highlight of her essay that carrier her through. The photo series rarely gives us a straight on shot of Yanka’s breasts let alone her pubis (although on page three there seems to be a few shots where she is saying, “here is my vagina, hope you are satisfied, now enough of that, back to my breasts”). But by then you notice, the aureole are a bit larger then most women with this size breasts (and her breasts ARE a nice size). But these aureole are not some over-the-top pancakes; the distinctiveness is slight, but after the whole series of photos it is hard to miss. In the end you notice this—and you long for her. But she is only there for the photographer. In the final shot she looks straight out, with only one breast clearly exposed, and seems to say. “Take a look. Satisfied?” Well, no, I’m not.

Marek ポーランド

Yanka Yanka is the nicest and most natural girl. I always wait for pictures of her. Please don't put shoes on her feet any more.

イアンカ ペルシャカーペット | June 11th, 2006
イアンカ ペルシャカーペット
Jason Chang アメリカ

Excellent Pictures Worth Living These pictures are what makes me worth living. Seeing perfect models with excellent clarity of the skin. Capturing skin clarity of the arm is harder than the legs because the arm piece is smaller, but you folks did it. I am so amazed of your technology. I love this site. I even asked how I can subscribe to future months since my subscription is not up yet, but Hegre said I have to wait till my subscription is up.

Larry アメリカ

A perfect 10.....

glenn アメリカ

yanka on persian carpet perfection ! ! ! Yanka, you are an absolute beauty !

timastits アメリカ

the endless shapes of breasts One of the beauties of a woman’s breasts is the way that gravity reshapes them as she moves. This is most evident when lying down. An endless variety of symmetrical shapes emerge, each with its own curves and lines. When on her back with her arms up, even the largest pair of tits flattens against the chest and the aureole seem to spread larger. Ever angle brings a new shape. Yes, I really like what Petter has done with this series. Yanka’s breasts are perfect for showing these endless, lovely variations in shape. The carpet that is the background is perfect. Its repeated but irregularly shaped pattern contrasts with the smooth lines oh her body. The colours bring the perfect contrast to the photos. But what I like best is the way in which Petter varies the angles as she moves about to change shapes and lines Yanka’s tits form. For two photos in the center she is sitting up, showing us the breasts as we would most often expect to see them. But lying back down gain we return to the varying topography that results from gravity and arm movement. Finally, I like this series because of the face that is shown in close-up. Only the face; but in the super-high quality her eyes are awesome. We get so caught up in the lines and curves of Yanka’s breasts that we run the risk of forgetting that they are attaché to Yanka! Peter really humanizes the photos and makes the whole series more sensuous with these shots.

ben アメリカ

okay okay all accolades aside heres what i see a model who appears to be comfortable in the nude but she doesnt appear to be naked...yanka has all the attributes to being an angel in the kitchen and vamp in bed.. but this is not projected in any of her galleries the first image and the face kinda does i dont know what im saying but that she is great looking but it seems like i would sit down with her and read a book or play chess with her rather than lust after her beauty... perhaps its the definition of her body that is lacking... a 10 no way beautiful breasts sure but the inner sexuality is not projecting maybe she should try for vanity fair... etc and too get more tone to her body

isotonic オーストラリア

Well you can call us both 'yanker' now.

Ted カナダ

Yanka's EYES WOW! I just looked at photo 15 in this set, and almost fell off my chair. Yanka has fantastic eyes, a real pretty face and a nice body. I wish I could wake up each day of the rest of my life and look into those green eyes. My knees are weak.

steve 英国

i would like to see her smile more

FastEddie アメリカ

i dont think i can wax as eloquenty as say glenn or larry but hey ditto works for me

イアンカ  | October 8th, 2005
steve 英国

like to see more explicit pictures of yanka pussy

jim アイルランド

yanka gentle face, beautiful breasts, lovely pussy; would love to see her again

モナ&イアンカ ベッドで | July 16th, 2005
モナ&イアンカ ベッドで
ben アメリカ

for the very best in bed and btw who needs covers !!!!!!!

AZ1 英国

These girls both have the hottest shaven cameltoe pussies ever! Gorgeous

イアンカ ベッドで | July 7th, 2005
イアンカ ベッドで
ben アメリカ

I have 2 words that describes this models perfection the face

steve 英国

nice facial close ups


When a girl has so nice boobs, I understand that she wants to show her only her boobs. As far as I'm concerned, I would have also liked to see some close up of the rear face.

モナ&イアンカ 均整美 | August 20th, 2005
モナ&イアンカ 均整美
ben アメリカ

the two of them together ... way too much for one man to bear

Michael ニュージーランド

So very, very nice !!

Roger アメリカ

Mona with her killer look steals the show in this charming series. How pleasant it is to look on her so naturally and totally nude. A fantastic bonus of this series of course is three peeks at Mona's asshole, a most rare and wondrous sight! I welcome fellow Mona fans to start an intelligent dialogue about her...I can't be the only one looking at these photos!

Mark アメリカ

Mona and Yanka What a great set of nudes! The ladies both look so beautiful nude with their high heels on. I think it is important that they both were kept in high heels as it keeps with the theme of symmetry that the ladies have in their poses. As you know, I love the naked ladies in heels, especially a killer pair of pumps!

Roger アメリカ

Mark, I am a Mona fan, so any photo with Mona in it I love. Mona is a most natural nude. There is in all her pictures the exquisite eroticism of the newly nude young girl! Love it and love her look. Lets start a dialogue on Mona!

Mark アメリカ

Dialogue on Mona Roger-Mona looks so amazing in this set. She has that shy, innocent look but you can see her gaining confidence in herself with these nudes. She is comfortable with herself in growing into a beautiful woman.

Roger アメリカ

Dialogue on Mona Mark-Mona's look has both the virginal young girl who cannot believe she is showing herself nude and the temptress who knows full well she is driving men wild with her nudity. An overpowering combination. "Mona in bed" is another fantastic series and my favorite.

イアンカフィルム コメント

イアンカ ポーズ | September 5th, 2006
イアンカ ポーズ
Robert 英国

Yanka has a drop-dead gorgeous pout. If all the girls from the Czech republic are like Yanka and the others on your site, I want to move there!!!

Robert 英国

Lovely "gentle breeze" effect too!

Dan from Texas アメリカ

Yanka Poses ... Dear Petter ..... I loved this film! The wonderful golden color of Yanka's skin, the lighting, and especially the "cut-aways" interspersed with her smiling and laughing. This film was great work! Thanks, I will remember this short film for a long time.

ben アメリカ

very nice

ben アメリカ

yanka okay yanka perfect face,intriging mood, perfect body ,graceful movement so this is captured in a skillful way i am amazed how well all of ths is framed in this film and also in the several gallery shots very very nice compliments to "the photographer" and thanks to yanka for sharing her beauty .. remarkable just plain remarkable

alex 英国

yanka elegant,beautiful.

Giuseppe イタリア

Mitica! Please, give me a nasty Yanka! Yanka, grazie di esistere.

Chris アメリカ

More Yanka! She's a goddess! More Yanka videos please!

Walt7000 アメリカ

Nice Model Excellent photo shoot

Mark アメリカ

Yanka This is an exquisite female nude figure study and Yanka does it to perfection. I absolutely love female nude figure studies!! This film definitely reminds me of why I fell in love with the female nude!! Yanka, my darling you are a perfect subject and certainly are a special kind of woman!!