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Olena | Ukraine Galleries: 2
Photo of Olena


Photo of Olena
Name: Olena
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 45kg
Height: 165cm
Age: 20

Blonde Party Girl

Olena has all the looks to be the next big super-model and absolutely none of the desire.

SHE WILL be the first to announce that she has over five boyfriends; a fact that keeps her cell phone ringing non-stop at all times during the day or night. With gorgeous full bodied hair and a killer figure, Olena knows she is desirable and has no interest in settling down anytime soon.

Unfortunately, Olena’s social habits kept her from experiencing a successful shoot with Petter Hegre. After interrupting the creative atmosphere several times to answer her phone, Petter was eventually forced to give up on her, cancel the shoot, and escorted her out of the studio.

She has not been heard from since.

Olena Galleries COMMENTS

Olena and Viktoria T. duo | June 10th, 2006
Olena and Viktoria T. duo
ben United States

olena and viktoria could be a dynamic duo.. both have excellent features but the two together a bit of sensory overload I think both looked better ontheir separate galleries would like to see each of them but only on individual galleries

gerry United Kingdom

nice contrast great to see the return of Olena more please Excellent double feature they contrast well

Pete United Kingdom

Great contrast Great skin tone contrasts make for an interesting gallery and I have no problem seeing alot more of Olena and Viktoria together

ben United States

the duo This is hot lets see alot more of olena amazin gallery

sirstefanofb Australia

The site of these two gorgeous girls standing totaaly naked on blocks, brought fantasies to mind of an ancient egyption slave market... my mind took me back through time, where I was fortunate to out-bid the opposition and purchased both girls for my private 'collection'. I had better stop there as I'm sure you dont want to read what happened to them, once we arrived home, now do you?... Sir Stefan

don Canada

two beauties . . . . Viktoria looks sweet and innocent and Olena looks hot and . . . . . well . . . . not innocent!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Olena and Viktoria T. duo A MEMO TO PETTER:I and many like I has only got 2 I's which R not enough for us(as in bus,not shoes)to take in all that's lovely about this set. Now those in HawaII have a couple spare I's and if I get glasses, I will have 4 I's. So, I'm getting glasses and moving to HawaII THEN eye'll be happy.

Mark United States

Olena and Viktoria Olena and Viktoria are a fantastic duo! Fabulous pairing of the duo as they provide a beautiful compliment to one another. Art at its finest! Each are exhibited on those blocks as true works of art. Nudity in a pure and artistic form. Absolutely wonderful!

Olena poses | December 28th, 2005
Olena poses
Nick Thailand

Olena Can we please have lots more of Olena - she is sensational!!!

TigoMan United States

Olena Poses Fresh, sweet, healthy, beautiful. For me, about as close as one can get to perfect breasts and nipples. The realization of fantasy.

pseudonym Canada

olena poses She was escorted out of the studio?!! You're quite mad - Olena is truly magnificent. I would earnestly recommend another session at once.

maho Turkey

very well

Pete United Kingdom

Escorted from Studio! Petter you are mad. She is a gorgeous lady!

sirstefanofb Australia

Sacre bleu... this is sheer madness Petter, if she is a woman without discipline do not in future dismiss her so readily, instead, refer her to me, and with the aid of my crop I be certain to amend her behavior!... Sir Stefan

laurie goodison United Kingdom

Olena A great set of pictures of a stunning girl. Olena is so scrumptious Petter you must tempt her back. Take her phone and drop it in a bucket of water and watch her sizzle. Then shoot away before she thumps you. The results should be explosive.

Laurie United Kingdom

Oyes Olena What is life without a Challenge Eh! This is a girl with character. Edgy, unpredicable but great fun. I like her. Phew. Laurie

Erik Spaan Netherlands

Great girl and shots This girl looks amazing. She's really attractive. Please try to get another serie.

Laurie United Kingdom

Sex Appeal Olena has so much she would glow in the dark.

Laurie United Kingdom

Girls with Attitude I still highly rate this gallery and especially Olena. She is stunning and would make a dream pairing with Marlene. Oh well!